Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 008 What I Wish I Had Known When I First Played WoW

Grab flight paths

Pull mobs

Keep repaired

Greyed out items can be sold – white items maybe be sold on AH

DOT need to bedone once

Mobs are color coded

Everything is color coded

Upgrade your skills, usually at even numbers

Resting – return to an inn or capital city

Kill first Loot after – loot stays around

After you die, you have trun on your tracking stuff

You can change the keys (binding) to suit your needs. Auto run is clear

Up until level 10 there’s no real punishment for accepting return to life

Practice fighting unarmed against lower levels, maybe in a quest you missed – Pril and Zee did at level 14 Vanish the Betrayers it’s a level 7 but we wanted

Sometimes manufactured stuff sells more than the materials – linen bandages

You can outrun some mobs – they have a limited area of “patrol”

All Races are not created equal, all professions are not created equal – find one that fits

Keep space open in your inventory for quest items – get bags as fast as you can

You can jump over some things by pressing the space bar

Ask a question twice. I asked the other day how to get to the Aurestyt myst from a dranei I met in Stormwind

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