Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 025 Am I an Imaginary Friend?

Show Notes Episode 25 - Spring Cleaning

What's been going on:
  • Multiboxing Galore - Triple boxed Wailing Cavern with Ashayo dual boxing.
    • Me on Treshel, Aprillian and Ardrion; Ashayo on Jenkle and Hiide
  • Obsessed with Cooking
    • Levelling up Treshel to 300 and Rilfire to 333. Making choices on whether to keep cooking the items I could make and might not get skill points or passing objects on to Treshel
  • Auntrillia doing silly Crater quests just for fun and buffs.
    • Crystals
    • Bloodpetal Pods to get healing pots
    • Morrowgrain to get weird potions and rep with Thunder Bluff
      • Does she really want a Kodo? At least it will be relatively inexpensive.

Contest and emails
  • Two really good submissions
    • Austin
      • over 40 minutes have past
        this is the end of this pod-cast
        i love making alts, what can i say
        so to all of you, i bid you GOOD DAY.
        • Closing with a gnome cheer, I substitued a Troll cheer
    • Ron who plays a character named Karbiziz
      • "Of all the podcasts I've ever done....this..was the most recent"
  • I've actually decided to go with one I created. But I thank these two submissions. I will be contacting them and sending Austin the upgrade to Burning Crusade key and Ron will get the Landro Longshot Tabard


  • Someone brought Taverncast After Hours #3 to my attention. http://www.taverncast.com/ The guy running the show did a trial
  • I want to counter his view point. He made several assumption that:
    • Someone being on were being irresponsible, just because he was.
    • No one said anything about being total divorced from the real world
    • Not everyone is rushing to 60
    • His experiment was not a reflection of real gameplay
    • They took a valid and interaction and focused on the worse parts

  • Why do we have friends?
    • To hang out with
    • have fun with
    • help when you need it.
  • How do you pick friends
    • When I moved from an all Black neighborhood to a mostly White on in 1976, I had to make a choice. Do I hang ... I chose to hang out with people I had something in common with
    • In WoW
      • By guild affilliation
      • Needs
      • WoW is less subjective to physical judging (is this good or bad?)

I think the hardest thing for the non WoW players to understand is the complexity of the game. The viewpoint is that it is merely a shootem up game and we as players are spending hours firing weapons and killing things. While there is a large amount of this going on, a lot of time is spent doing so many other things.
  • Interacting with others
  • AH - figuring strategies, doing research.
  • The dynamics change

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