Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 042 The Answer

Episode 42 - The Answer

What is the question?

Welcome to listeners who found us via Podcast Alley.


Got a little big hung up on the Brewfest. I want the Ram for Rilfire, level 51 Tauren so she can't leave the Kodos behind. She and Auntrillia went back to the Hinterlands. Tons of Quests there
Quea rode the Barker Ram almost all the way to Crossroads. Then rode it back to Senjin Village.

Making cool videos using the built in video capture for the mac.


Didn't have a lot of time to play. But, I did manage to level Palanor, Mortlente, and Arlaerus. Arlaerus is now level 44. Only 26 more levels to go. Ugh. Why does grinding have to be so tedious some times?

Subjects to talk about
Grinding vs not Grinding

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