Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 044 Even Numbered Episode, Time to visit the Trainer

Episode 44 - Even numbered episode, it's time to train!

What We've been doing:

We decided to start over on a PvP server, as alliance.

Patch stuff
Guild banks are cool. Perfect for people with alts. No longer do you have to remember who is holding what or use You can store stuff in the guild bank. Not too much room so you won't be storing silly stuff. It's going to make all the difference for true altaholics. If you have 3 accounts like I do and a bunch of different alts, it's worth it to invest in a guild and guild bank.

Eggs, start collecting small eggs for the Holiday season. You'll need them to make cookies. So will everyone else. You can sell them on the AH right at the start for a few gold.

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