Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 63 - Learning Your Alts

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Another Fun Week in Azeroth. Glanthur pipes in with a segment. Full Show Notes at

Episode 63 - Learning Your Alts

Some of the ways to learn your alt, most are very obvious. But we'll discuss the ones we've used including some pay ones.

New/Old Video on the YouTube Channel

What We've Been Doing:


Decided to triple box Maradon. This was my first time there and I loved it. There's nothing like seeing an instance for the first time.

Aprillian went to Outland to train tailoring and there was a ! for her. It was Report to Nazgrel, she couldn't get the next quest but she got 4750 for that much, cool. Grinding in the crater.

Neutral AH - Tokimasha stole netherweave.

Full inventory, put stuff on AH, made some money

Email for Glanthur

Dear Glanthur,

I listened to episode 58 today while questing on my Orc Hunter and I heard you speak about bad pugs and good pugs. I feel I have to take issue with a couple of the things that were said.

First of all the myth of the predominantly adolescent Alliance is just that, a myth. There are just as many children playing on the Horde side as there are on the Alliance side. I play on both sides. You can easily have a good or bad experience on both sides. That good or bad experience can be brought on by adults or adolescents.

What you have to keep in mind is that even though we all know "it's a game," it requires a great deal of time. It's more of a hobby or pass time than a game of checkers. Time is something of value to almost everyone and should be respected. Though WoW is "just a game," many people become extremely serious about how their time is spent. Some people, in particular children, have limited amounts of time they can play, and as such get really harsh when they feel someone is wasting that time.

Second, we hunters are often some of the worst players in the game. People will call you huntard and boot you on the Horde side just as quickly as they will on the Alliance side. There's lots of us hunters and the vast majority SUCK. Playing a hunter is very easy. Playing a hunter well is *extremely* difficult. There is a reason the word "Huntard" exists.

Few hunters understand the mechanics of their pets, and fewer still actively manage their pets during gameplay. Most hunters use the same pet for everything. I keep a black lion for PvP and a white lion for raiding, specced very differently. One of the things I am extremely careful about is pulling aggro off a tank. You need to develop a feel for it. Wait for the tank to get multiple sunders in before allowing your pet to join the fight. Get an aggro monitoring tool like Omen to watch, and if you and/or your pet start to creep up there in aggro, back off. Feign death. Pull the pet back. Also as you indicated, in an instance turn Growl off.

Since Burning Crusade, we have a great talent called Misdirection that can be used to dump even more aggro on the tank as well. Let the tank gain aggro, cast Misdirection on the tank, then send your pet and fire.

Though it may have seemed like a rude comment from your PUG leader, learning to trap, chain trap, and kite is best done outside of an instance. It's more fun, no pressure, and you don't risk screwing up the instance run for everyone else. For fun, see how far you can kite some wacky mob out in the "non-instance" world. It's great practice. Just the other day I kited Volchon, a 60 elite monster, and a 58 elite dragon out of the Burning Steeps and into Redridge. I was in no danger of dying from the two, but the idea wasn't about defeating them and surviving. The exercise was to see how long I could keep them both on the kite string, how far I could bring them, and managing their aggro. The fun part is when all the lowbies look up and see the giant monsters show up in Redridge.

The hunter is one of the few classes you don't learn to play in a week or a month. You don't know how to play it just because you made it to 70. The hunter's abilities are subtle.

Be prepared to be criticized repeatedly as you learn to play your hunter. If you want easy mode, roll a lock. When you see a good hunter, it's a thing of beauty.


Glanthur submits his segment. Let's hear it for the Alliance.

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