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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 71 - Authenticator FTW

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Full Show Notes at http://ctrlaltwow.com

Episode 71 - Authenticator FTW

What We've Been Doing


Triple Boxing in Outland - Farming Voidwalkers on Aprillian

Making loads of money on Horde Pets with my Ally Bank Alt

Sold another Primal mooncloth bag/need to make Shadow cloth Need to get to netherstorm

Did Broken Alliance for Iwari, level 47 Warlock, want to get her to 50, she's my engineer. Brought in Rilfire, level 61 Hunter/Skinner, and it was a piece of cake.

Friday, got the Blizzard Authenticator, easy to use. Started a 4th account I can summon! Started a couple of level 1's but I want to level them.

Bought Primal life on ah, noticed motes of life cheap on ah

Spent Saturday at work farming netherweave cloth in HFP with Aprillian. then at home had Rilfire and Aprillian doing the Stonebreaker quests. Rilfire is now behind Aprillian.

Can't get the hang of twobox
Took Aprillian back to tb to do marrowgrain and runecloth, still halfway to exalted

Sunday, did Shambling
Monday, back in Hellfire with Aprillian, Rilfire and Auntrillian fire bombing quest, failed miserable because of the time restriction

Monday night spent tons


Asheal and Ashield have been making their way through all the Shadowmoon Valley quests. Completed all but two
Gorefiend's Armor, which requires a group that is on the same quest (as it comes with an item that is required to see the mob - Vhel'kur).
Final step of "The Cipher of Damnation"

Spent 1.5hrs in Coilskar Cistern for one quest item for "The Cipher of Damnation". The quest requires an item from a chest that is a low drop rate. Worse, the chests are locked and requires a key which is also a random drop. And the key is one-use only.

Has been great for Scryer Rep. 3000 into Honoured, and haven't done any signet or arcane tome hand-ins.

Managed to solo "The Path of Conquest" group chain. The last part involved a timed quest to kill elite giants.

Ashayo did some more Arena PvP. Actually have enough points to buy a couple of items. Actually only won a couple of "real" fights. Came up against a 5-box shaman team (ouch), and a team called "loseforpoints" that just quit as soon as battle started.

Ashield got a world drop for [Ragesteel Shoulders] which was enough to prompt mass farming of ore to get Blacksmithing up to 375
Asheal had enough shadow cloth to make all of the Frozen Shadoweave set - more farming this time for primals, and levelled Tailoring to 375

Levelling one mage with Asheal. Much more fun!
When ungrouped, get majority of XP on the mage even if priest helps by healing.

Levelling Shaman - still getting scaled XP depending on amount of damage done when ungrouped.


1st Email:

Hey again Aprillian and Ashayo, Its Triaa again with a very long email. Well after the emails following mine suggested a majority of the addons I had planned to talk about I had to go digging through my 300+ addons, yes I spend way to much time looking on addon sites, to find one that I thought would be a great addition to any character. The Addon I decided on is Bongos 3 and Xperl Unit Frames. Bongos is an addon which removes the blizzard action bars and allows you to place action bars in any size or area of your screen which you desire, as well as simply then mousing over the bar and pressing the key(s) you would like to bind that action bar slot to if you use the keyboard to play. Although it may take two hours to configure, which seams like a long time the fact that you will more than likely enjoy the look of it so much that you never touch it again.(unless you are me, I am never satisfied with my UI and need to constantly change things) And Ashayo it too allows you to move and change the minimap :). Along with bongos I use a unit frames addon called Xperl Unit Frames. This addon takes the normal bars showing your health and mana and puts them in a sleeker, movable square format which makes your view a lot less crowded, the best part is, it allows you to have a moving 3D image of your character instead of a picture. Both of these addons are full of options that you can change. I will link to some of the pictures of my UI so that you can see examples. These can both be found on wowui.worldofwar.net the website I recommend for addons when getting it straight from the addon author is not possible.
xperl- http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5248-X-PerlUnitFrames.html

To answer the question of why I do not prefer curse.com is because after being hacked a few months back, I take extreme precautions in everything I do. After scanning many of the addons downloaded off of curse.com I found them to contain key loggers and viruses.

And lastly here is my story about what I have done with my alts for the contest. A few weeks ago in a Karazhan raid I spent time switching between Triaa and Thayloo. Not only did I run both characters to the instance, I switched characters after almost every boss because of what each character needed off of the bosses. And a little side note, running into Orgrimar and sheeping people is quite a fen experience.

And here are the screenshot links:

http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn274/wowwarlock2/WoWScrnShot_050908_100926.jpg - UI showing bongos and Xperl
I couldn't leave out a pic on my Drake after seeing the shining moment of me hitting exalted now could I?
http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn274/wowwarlock2/WoWScrnShot_050908_155045.jpg - Me on my Drake :)
http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn274/wowwarlock2/WoWScrnShot_070208_215442.jpg - Lastly my current UI

As you can see bongos and xperl allow for many options the default blizzard UI doesn't.

2nd Email:

Hello again

One of my must have mods aside form the core mods of Gather, Cartographer, Auctioneer is a mod called PricePer.

When looking over auctions in the AH and you see for example a stack of 12 something going for 10 gold, PricePer breaks down the price per each unit in the stack so you know what is the cheapest stack if you looking to buy and what your competition is if you are trying to sell without having to breakout the calculator.

A word of caution on the mod that sells all your gray items at once. Every once in a while I will find a gray item that is in demand in the auction house. So if you mindlessly get use to vendering all grey items, you may miss an opportunity to make a nice profit.



Ctrl Alt WoW Cast!

Thank you very much for answering my question on the most recent podcast! It's was great to have that answer there.

I have managed to figure everything out recently and have my personal account settled and ready to go, so the bright side is that I have my toons back. I have started an alt and kept dual boxing in the back of my mind, but I have decided to just single play my alt with a few friends instead.

I just wanted to submit my story for the WoW authenticator as well in this email. From what I understood you guys are asking for the craziest thing you have ever done an alt.

well I actually have two, but one is more background and one is more the story.

My alt situation in WoW has always been this. I am never able to actually keep an alt as just that. As I make an alt, I make it my main for the time being. Why? Because if I don't do this, In my head, I won't play him as much as I would like to. And since I love exploring classes, I would just make it my main for the time being.

As you can guess, this makes my friends on different servers very frustrated, as every time I would make an alt, I would tell them to send me tells there, and I could change toons anywhere from once a month to once a week! I would hit the toon very hard and be an avid player of that class, and then I would eventually burn out on it and roll something else or roll back onto my other toon!.

Well it eventually got to the point that I would just delete my "old main" (never level 70 at the time, but he would be somewhere in his 30's and I would remove it so that I could focus on this new "main"). As you can see, this creates a problem with progression, I would NEVER get past level 30.

So basically, I have had an alt that has reached level 30 of every class, every horde race and 2 of the alliance races. This basically creates a sort a boredom of the beginning zones, so for me, any alts I start (currently working on a rogue), I basically go crazy doing the first few lands zones because I have done them soo many times!

Now onto the "craziest" story - a few months back I decided to roll a hunter (again to replace my main, but at this point I had a 70 main!). Of course, it never actually replaced my main and remained to be an alt, however, I did manage to be completely into this character and was very serious as far as getting him a pet I loved and good professions and the like.

Now once he hit level 20, I decided to myself I wanted to find the most unique pet for that level to level up with me. This pet was going to be my level 70 pet, he was going to follow me all the way through. I knew I would grab a ravage if I made it to outlands but I would continue to have this pet with me for a long time.

I decided that I would get the ghost saber pet. This pet is available in Darkshore. So I took my female orc hunter, flew her to Barrens, walked myself up to ashenvale, grabbed both horde flightpaths, at which point I crossed the border into Darkshore, walked straight from very south darkshore all the way to the very top of darkshore where this cat could be found. However, if you have ever attempted to get this cat, you'll know that it isn't just a mob that is walking around. In order for this to work, you have to go into this land with a bunch of rubble spread over quite a big mass of land.

I didn't know much about the quest when I started it, so I dismissed my pet before I took off to get this kitty.... big mistake. In this land full of rubble, there are many, many naga's, all around level 20, that you have to pass in order to find a tiny cat figurine on the floor. Only one figurine spawns in this entire area at a time! once you find the figurine, you have to click it, loot it, and hope that a ghost sabre spawns. If it doesn't, you get a cat figurine loot piece, and then you are off to hunt the next figurine. I spent over 2 hours in one sitting trying to get this cat to spawn to no avail, all while sniping down naga's. I was forced to grind level 21 completely in this time due to the amount of nagas.

The next day, I went ahead and decided to give this hunting another stab. For those of you who play hunters, I was using the Hawk Eye spell repeatedly. I was using it to find certain high points to pan my camera around in search for this cat. After another hour of farming for this cat, I was unable to get the cat to spawn, and returned to my main for the time being. The next day, after about half an hour, I noticed that the servers were going down for rolling restarts! In desperation, I frantically searched for more figurines before the server went down. About 5 minutes before the server went down, I spotted one! I scrambled to get to the figurine, killing any naga's as fast as possible, finally reached it! I opened it up and hoped for a cat and there it was! I tamed it and 5 seconds later, the server disconnected me for restart... I waited for the restart, relogged in, and there was my beautiful ghost saber! The only cat that is translucent before you learn the spell prowl.

What really made me mad was when I logged in. Once I knew I had my cat, I noticed that there was a figurine right in front of me. I clicked it just for the fun of it, and another cat spawn! I was soo mad! IT took me over 50 figurines to get this cat to spawn, and then once I have him he spawns agaiin! Rediculous in my opinion! But that's my luck!

Anyways, that's my story, thanks very much for the answer again!

Oh and since I forgot to put a name last time (this is under my initials, I always forget), go ahead and call me Komish ( koh - mish)

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