Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 156 - Drowning in Lucky Red Envelopes

Aprillian, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Got a cape with my Frost Badges. Riding through Dalaran I clicked on a sign in the square. Then I went to the Kirin Tor vendor to find that awesome ring and accidentally sold back my cape. Couldn't buy it back, but I did get my Frost badges returned. Repurchased Cape and got a Resilence gem.

Decided, with less than an hour to spare, to give the Zhevra to Prilly, level 60 hunter, load her up with stuff and transfer her to JB. Decided to quest with her in Outland. Took her through to the portal in og, brought Tiiaa with her. We rode right up to it and Tiiaa went through, Prilly didn't.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Ran Gnomeran on JB and ER.


Virinya to 65. Questing in Zangamarsh. Finished two tiers of Hellfire Penninsula. Lost my Zhevra ? You're right Ashayo, it NEVER gets old.


10 man Raiding
- DwP had an ALT night in ToC. Took Jekle along as boomkin and we got down Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxus. Also went and took down Onyxia.
- Crazy Train is also in ToC. Got down Faction Champs after 3-4 tries, Twins down after 3 attempts and we oneshot Anub.
- DwP in ICC, where we one-shot Festergut, but are still struggling to get down Rotface. Getting very nice upgrades though
Marrowgar - [sliver of pure ice]
Deathwhisper - [bracers of dark blessings]
Festergut - [signet of putrefaction]

25 man Raiding
- DwP had a frustrating night wiping on Saurfang - getting as low as 3%. Bought the frost emblem cloak to make me feel better!
- Pants on Head had a go at ToC. Got down Northrend beasts and Jaraxxus. Had a couple of goes at Faction Champs, but wasn't successful.


Bought a Battered Hilt for Pud
- Take to Quel'Delar's Rest south of Argent Tournament grounds
- Travel to Wymrest, back to Dal. Need to get a book.
- Get the Silver Covenant Orders from a member in the sewers
- Get a Silver Covenant tabard from shandy Glossgleam ; need to help with laundry
- Get to go into the Alliance area of Dalaran
- Pit of saron to forge blade
- Halls of reflection to kill the sword. Just needed a healer
- Off to Isle to Qual'Danas
- Have to enter the Sunwell Plateau

Elders in Dungeons. Elder Pudendal

Ashariss couldn't get the quest in Org for the Gnomer Transponder. Maybe because he was alliance? Opened a ticket, which got escalated. The GM fixed it up and signed off with "Keep opening tickets for help, because you know, for every ticket opened, a gnome gets punted." Strangely, after that the corehound pup arrived in his mail.

- Finally got [The incredible hulk] in Utgarde Pinnacle.
- Many heroics on Pud - up to 250 emblems of triumph


I had an absolute fun filled week - playing the Starcraft 2 beta - doh!


Email #1 from Jonathan

Hey guys! I’d like to say you’re an awesome podcast. :D I play on Blackrock (US), with a level 80 NE Druid/Human Death Knight/Human Paladin.I have a gearscore of 5084, but I find it hard enough to find raids. L Haha. My guild only has 1 raid up for ICC (10 Man). I’ve been thinking of transferring servers to Barthilias (Oceanic), and faction changing it. What do you guys suggest?

I currently am not playing because I have no money… Haha, and I have school.

If I win the draw could I receive the game card!


Email #2 Xomat

Hey there CAW Crew! Hope your days in Azeroth have been plentiful.

Well I recently had a conversation with a co-worker about WoW. He recently transferred and faction changed 2 of his characters and plans on doing more. Those 2 characters cost him roughly $110 and for him to transfer his DK, Hunter and Rogue will cost him a pretty penny. I recently, as I emailed you about before, transferred one of my characters a lvl 75 Shaman and faction changed him as well. I really had a hard time doing that because of the cost, not to mention the wife aggro it generated J But his main reason to transfer his characters was because he didn’t want to experience the level grind again and this brought up a good question. With the introduction of the Death Knight in WotLK, why couldn’t Blizzard implement something like this for all classes. Now I’m not talking about starter zones for all classes etc.. but give us the ability or option to start a character at 55. Maybe they could make this a cost if that’s an incentive, maybe $5 or $10 to start a character at lvl 55. My thought would be to maybe charge $5 to $10 and you can then start a character at 55, but there’s 3 things that are associated with this. In order to do this you also must have at least one max level character before you are able to do this. Also my thought would be the character you choose to create will start in their home city and with no gear at all just pants and shirt and a pool of talent points up to lvl 55. That would force you to go to the Auction House and buy some gear to start your leveling at 55. If they force the “must have max level character” prerequisite then you’ll have enough money to buy some starter gear.

So what do you think if Blizzard was to implement something like this? Would you take advantage of a feature like this?

Well this was just a quick question to see what you’re thoughts are. Take care everyone and keep on exploring!

For the Alliance! (Did I just say that?) =)

Thymr (formally Xamot, lvl 75 Orc Shaman)

Lvl 76 Draineye Shaman

Email #A from Falkork

Hello ctrlaltwow crew,

Falkork here or was as I have now joined the ranks of the Hoard, my once noble nightelf falkork is now a proud Tauran falkai.

Anyway sorry for not emailing in for a while as well real life bites at times but I'm back and all is well.

It puts a smile on my face to hear of your adventures now that you are 80. It just takes me back to when I got there on my first toon.

So much so that I am now working on a warlock tri-boxing team.

Love the show and as always keep up the good work.

For the Ali... Oh wait for the hoard!!!

Falkai 80 resto druid
Quel'thalas eu

P.s. The ganking in wintergrasp is just as bad on both sides on my server lol!!

Email #B from Kurly

Hey all...its your good bud Kurly!
Sorry that the names of my toon flummoxed Jeppy. They are, ah, a little odd but Aprillian was correct!! Mizezdanviz = Mrs. Danvers. Mrs. Danvers is a character from the movie Rebecca, released in 1940 starring Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine. Mrs. Danvers was creepy, and crazy, and I happened to be watching it when I made a female undead DK....seemed to fit in my mind.
Ahbygsissie = A big sissie. Which is kind of like me! I am 6'3", weigh in at a beefy 230, and since I am gay American (got to be PC!) I through the sissie on there. (can you say Gay on your show?)
Sizzawakyra is just hidden meaning in there...just something I thought was a cool sounding name. Speaking of her, being a priest at low level STINKS!!! My main is a level 80 priest but he's been 80 for so long I have forgotten how difficult it can be to play one. I am leveling her using the LFG and in BG's only, and she runs out of mana every three seconds. I am doing the same thing with a Shaman on another server and her mana seems to work out fine, you would think a know....PURE HEALS....would have better mana management talents...JEEZ!
Anywho..its fun being in POH, those Aussie's are just filthy....its so hot!
Peace and hugs!!
Email #C from Makiling
hey guys, makiling here.

i had just listened to your last episode and i have to say that i share the same sentiments with the end of Love is in the Air. i had been taking advantage of the easy dailies on alts in different realm. but some thing had dawned to me as the holiday was ending. i had been doing the dailies on alliance toons a different realm when it hit me: instead of doing it on another realm, i can level an alliance toon on the same realm as my lvl 80 horde toons! but i was running out of slots on their realm, so i decided to delete my lvl 5 troll rogue and gave the leather heirlooms to my new night elf druid. i am finding that because of their diverse abilities, druids are quite easy to pick up and level in any spec that may bee needed in a group. my only regret is that i wish i had thought of it earlier so that i would have had the most benefit form the holiday dailies.

but with the start of the lunar festival, my week in WoW can be described as filled with epic travelling. and i do mean epic, because my earnings from selling the primordial saronite has earned me enough gold to buy a mechano hog and a grand ice mammoth for my mage! i had been riding them around azeroth for the different elders, and all those time i had only been ganked thrice by rogues outside darnassus, stormwind, and the entrance to BRD. i really cant blame them, because the sight of a clothie on a bike must have been incredibly tempting for them to ignore. i had run into alliance pallies, warriors and hunters on the way to the different elders, but none of them took as much interest in me as the rogues. all in all, id have to say that the most difficult town to get to was darnassus simply because it was the one that was out of the way. the tram between ironforge and stormwind is convenient, but i would recommend going to stormwind first.

my exposure to my alliance toons has given me a whole new appreciation of what jeppy is doing with his alliance toons. i remember a time when i would just glaze over podcasters talking about the alliance, but now i have whole new appreciation with their point of view of the game. so i hope to hear more from jeppy and his game, and i hope vrishna feels better by the time of your next show.

for the warcraft!

Email #3 from Aro
Hey ppl!
Aro here long time listener and first time emailer.........and yes I'm an altaholic! Probably not to the extent that I have multiple accounts or utilize recruit a friend but I have stacks of toons over at least 4 servers with toons ranging from lvl 10 - 80 all starting with "Aro" to help my guildies and friends keep track of me. My fav would be my first toon an 80 tauren warrior named Aroghan on Caelestrasz which I made a bit over a year ago when I started playing WoW. However I recently rerolled some new toons on lovely jublies and joined the Pants on Head guild and loving it. They're all a great bunch of people there, really friendly and I must admit I get a little star struck when I realise I'm chatting to someone from the podcasts I listen to!
I love experiencing everything in WoW (hence all the toons), I enjoy questing trying the different professions, the different races and starting areas and especially classes and how each can fit into group situations with dungeons and (when I can find time) raids. I enjoy checking out the holidays in WoW (mainly because I still haven't experienced them all), it helps change things up from time to time when I seem to hit a wall during questing or I'm not sure what toon to play. With Cataclysm coming out soonish I'm a little sad that I may miss a fun bunch of quests somewhere tucked in a corner I havent discovered yet. Would anyone have any suggestions of things I should keep an eye out for in the old school wow areas?
My wife and I both play on our laptops. Originally she didn't play and would complain when I would spend hours on my computer playing "That Game" but after showing her one weekend what it was all about and how you could interact with other people she now plays more than I do! I struggle to find time some weeks to sit down and play for more than 30mins. I'd love to play more and some friends have had "WoW holidays" where they have a day or two off work and have a long weekend playing WoW. If I had more time (and a slightly better net connection to fend off the "lag monster") I'd try my hands more at the higher end content too. With so many toons and so many accounts how do you all find time and better yet keep track of them all?
Keep up the great work guys I'm always looking forward to hear what else "seemed funnier in Aprillian's head"
Aroghan, Arodread, Arogoor, Aromann, Aromagus, Arostrike, Aroprayer, Aroknight, Arorighteous, Arodemonic, Arototem, Arostabb, Arokynn, Arofang, Aroblight.
One day the Aro's will take over the world.

Email # D from anonymous

Subject: no more penile enlargement ads for jeppy!!

hi guys
It's me again, the anonymous one.
I can't believe Jeppy jeopardised my secret identity out in the interweb!! Good thing my social network name isn't the one I use in game, I feel like some kind of super hero who's trying to hide his true identity from the public lol
And as a punishment for Jeppy, he'll never receive anymore tips on penile enlargement bargains from me ever again! You try to be nice to people and this is the thanks you get.
Anyway, still enjoying your show, although am a bit disappointed that certain someone is stealing cookies from the jar and smearing their dirty little fingers on another MMO.
In game wise, my guild is on Sindragosa now and hopefully will get her down and see Arthas in the flesh sometime this week so I can get my hands on some phat loot. Accidentally, I was looking up in wow-heroes yesterday and noticed I have the second highest gearscore for an elemental shaman on the realm, so in your face Aprillian!!!

Keep up the good work and fight the devil that's STO!!

Still gonna remain anonymous, even tho my twitter name has been outted :P

Email #E from Karen

Hey Ctrl-Alt-Wow crew!

My real life situation has calmed down a little, though I'm still very busy, embarking on a new career teaching in higher education (as we like to call it).

And not only am I an altaholic, my alts are divided between horde and alliance on two different servers (because I need 10 horde toons and 10 alliance toons). I've settled into this method (taking Ashayo's advice to concentrate on one alt to heart, but giving it a little twist):

On each side, I have one toon that's instancing and one toon that's leveling.

So, on alliance (where most of my guildies play), my level 80 human warrior is leading the team through all the WOTLK instances and then we'll move on to the heroics. My little gnome dk is leveling so I'll be able to dps an instance run or two if someone else wants to tank.

On horde side, my beloved tauren druid is venturing into random heroic pugs as boomkin, getting his gear together to one day be able to heal in heroics. He's kind of a shy guy, but he wants that pug pet and so far so good. My dps is slowly inching up as I improve my gear and get my rotation down.

My undead rogue is waiting in the wings to level after my dk is at 80.

Even though I'm progressing slowly by most other people's standards (sometimes I don't play at all during the work week), I am progressing and when I sit down to play I just need to decide whether I want to instance or to level.

Works for me.

Great work as usual (and I'm listening to that podcast about that other game that will not be named, enjoying the podcast, and if a real mac client comes out, I'll be sorely tempted to try it)

And, if Ashayo still doesn't have a Starcraft Beta key, here's mine from Blizzcon, I'm not a Starcraft fan (and wouldn't have time anyway):
Insert code here

I just scratched off my card from two years ago, so I guess it should work. It says you should go to enter the code and follow the online instructions.

Good luck!


Email #F from Bidkar

Hello CtrlAltWow Crew,

Bidkar, undead mage here. This will be short and sweet.

My mage and pally merely did the cooking and fishing dailies. The warlock continues on her jewelcrafting dailies. I want to go out and finish up Northrend on them someday, but I was distracted by my new endeavor.

I started a human female warlock, Ashcroft. I tried to copy Aprillian the warlock, but there was only so much I could do with the human female. I really like the look of her warlock. Ashcroft is only level 16 because I keep distracted by my love of exploration. I want to see what the ally side of things look like. I've never had really had a chance to take a gander. Ally have it easy. Beds, not hammocks, hot night elves, not orcs and trolls, etc. I'm based out of Dalaran so I've been checking out the capital cities which was a bit time consuming.

The hunter, priest and druid continue to wait their turn while I explore the ally side of things. It really is like a whole new game. I also started dual boxing this week. I ran a level 2 alt out to Tanaris so I could use the neutral auction house to outfit my ally. It's fun to dual box. I think I'm getting the hang of it. I don't see the triple or quad boxing thing happening though. Two is enough.

As always, great podcast. I really appreciate the work all of you put into the podcast. I realize it isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. I barely have time to write an email much less do a podcast.

For the Horde and for El Jeppy and Glanthur (Welcome back!)

Bidkar and his many alts

P.S. I've enclosed 4 time codes for 4 free months of Wow to give you guys a hand. Thanks for everything!

Email #4 from Heatly

Hello ctrl alt wow people

Heatly here let me start off by saying I am a guy and by planning a wedding I mean pretending I care which color purple the ribbon around the tables is going to be and writing the check.

Thanks for the advice on playing my alts I'm now just gonna play which ever one I'm in the mood for!

You never answered my question from last week on what level vrishna's main is.

Now for my question I've been listening to the podcast "this is outcasted" and it's peaked my interest in DnD I was wondering if any of you have ever played DnD, and if so what were your characters and what were the games like.

Also if you did play do you have any advice to a player that would like to get involved?

Still got many more questions to ask you all so I'm gonna try and write in every week love the show it makes my Monday!


Heatly (Darrowmere)

P.S. Ill take the game card if im lucky enough to win!

Shout Outs & Thank You

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