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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 158 - Northrend Bound Baybee

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 158 - Northrend Bound Baybee

Aprillian, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Did Forge of Souls with guildies and one non-guildie, who was the healer. It was my first time experiencing a bad healer.

Ran Gundrak. Did VH during my lunch hour, got the heroics.

Wed I realized Tiiaa was only 17 points from building her own Flying Machine. Oh My Goodness, it is so awesome I love it.

Been doing dailies: see
And Daily Heroics. Then did some additional Heroics, including Occulus.
Got 50 Triumph badges and can't figure out what to buy for Aprillian. Made a Glacial bag to replace soulstone bag. Kept running out of space. Do I really need to have 28 shards?

Aprillian & Vrishna

Multiboxed Epril, Elyte, Auruk, Primal & Tiiaa with Virinya. Working to get Virinya to 80.


Brrrr ... it's cold out there today ... it's cold out there EVERY day ! Northrend mobs @ 2000 xp a piece make for fine eating. Finally dual specced Virinya and was Aprillian too happy.aa


Crazy Train 10 man Raid
- Faction champs, Twin Val'kyr, Anub
- VoA - Got down Toravon the Ice Watcher - was in the middle of a white-out cast that would've wiped the raid :)
- Reset ToC and cleared it in one night, with only 3 goes at the faction champs (tough group with lots of interrupts and dispells)

DwP 10 - Spent the night practising Blood Prince council.
After the reset ventured into ICC on Asheal. First night without Ravanna on his DK tank. One shot marrowgar, deathwhisper, gunship, saurfang (new boots)
Oneshot festergut, 3-shot rotface (new gloves)

DwP 25 - Consistently clearing first wing of ICC, but stuck on Festergut.

Weekly raid was Razuvious on both Earthen Ring and Jubei'thos - completed twice on 10 man and once on 25 man.

Ashariss randoms - dings 77. Also started Oracles quest chain. Started doing Argent Dailies and dinged 78
Still running plenty of random heroics on Pud and only just now got [Looking for many] - 50 random people in dungeons.
Finally got [Share The Love] in Gundrak. Took ages to get everyone impaled. Less-rabi still eludes me.
For the Horde - SW



Email #1 from Jake Daniels

My name is Jake Daniels... (It's not)

I'm new to WoW, and I've upgraded all the expansions.
So Currently I have a 19 shaman with 9 more days.
And I strolled onto your podcast, and you've helped me play this game with your
giggles, and very very corny jokes! :) That DO make me laugh!
But let's get to the meat

I've heard that Blizzard never buffs Shamans, is this true?

Thanks love the show! <3

Jake Daniels (Is A LIE)

Email # 2 from sjfo FEOJF

Hey crew!
Final Fantasy 13 is out!

I'd like to ask are you guys playing?

But WoW related

In Cataclysm will we have to level differently since they're destroying all the zones?
Like half the barrens will be gone.

I'm not sure if that made sense, but yeah...

Email #3 Darkwithin

Hey there Ctrl alt wow crew!
I am a 80 Death Knight on the Ner'zhul US server and i am an altaholic and a huge fan of raiding, having a character of every single class on my realm besides a rouge and a few on other servers. My main the Death Knight Darkwithin has 5200 gearscore and i have been extremely lucky with tank drops this week such as getting the Onyxia 25 man Death knight tank helm, my ilevel 245 cloak from Lord Jaraxus and my bear from doing the FOR THE HORDE achievement. Even though i am a huge fan of raiding i have a huge disatvantage but still manage to keep my gear at a ToC25/ICC10 level. The disadvantage is the time zones... When maintinence is on it starts at 5:00pm and ends at 11pm! Most raiding guilds on my realm raid at 6pm and so i will have to get up at 6 in the morning to join in so most raiding guilds will not accept me and have to PUG most of the time. My friend who recently hit 80 gave me a laugh after he said he grinded 200 trimph emblems for tanking and then quit dungeons and raiding. Anyways do you think i should start my own Midday/Morning raiding guild or live my raiding time as a PUGGER.Anyways have a great week and may your repairs be cheap ,your rolls high and your drops often.
DARKWITHIN 80 DK on Ner'zhul US
KAELTHES 27 MAGE on Ner'zhul US
JOFELK 17 PRIEST on Ner'zhul US
BEZERKY 13 SHAMAN on Ner'zhul US
DOOMFORU 62 DK on Silvermoon US
SAYOS 15 WARRIOR on Ner'zhul US
Naibo 11 WARLOCK on Ner'zhul US
I know... its a lot.

Email #A from Heatly

Hey CTRL ALT WOW homies!

Heatly here sorry I missed you last week but late is better then never right?
First off I just wanted to thank you so much for the 30 day game card although I'm a bit confused on how I get it, is it digital or do you mail to me? I never win anything so I was nice to hear my name, I actually plan on doing a RAF when things calm down a bit here so that free month will defiantly help.

Any who since I always ask you guys questions this week I'm gonna talk about me!

Well not really I still have a question but just a little about me.
This week I didn't really play much. Tuesday did the first 10 bosses in ICC 25 and then got stuck on that damn dragon AGAIN! That was on my main heatly the holy pally. Wednesday we had seven healers on so I offered to sit and then Thursday I had a friend stop by so no raiding for me. During all this Blizzard announced that Darrowmere would be changing to a PvE server so the entire guild transfered AGAIN to a new server this one being vashj two server changes in about two months thats no fun.

Didn't touch any of my alts until Monday night which I usually raid but we had the night off because one of our tanks didn't switch servers with us, so I finally got time to play a few of my alts 4 of which are 80 and on the server Kil'jaeden. So Monday I did 3 VOA 10's 3 VOA 25's a toc 25 and 4 Ignis weekly kills, it was a pretty busy Monday but I defiantly had a lot of fun doing a bit of raiding on my neglected alts.

I also have a poor horde 80 DK sitting on Dawnbringer that have not touched in about 3 months, I have no idea if I'll ever get to play him again oh well.

That was much longer then I thought it would be so Ill save the question for next week.

Love the show al,l keep it up!

For the alliance!

Heatly currently of Vashj and his friends on Kil'jadean!

Email #B from Makiling

hello ctrlaltwow crew, makiling here

i just listened to your latest show and i just want to say that im really excited for vrishna and i hope he gets to experience northrend soon. i hope you get to play with ashayo and learn more about your class. personally, im not very fond of the pally. i enojoy the clothies more, and im still finding the warrior to be the most fun of the plate wearers. i just want to share my experiences in learning about my class, particularly my mage. a good learning activity is doing dungeons. and with the advent of random dungeons, you can get in a group with other people and ask questions about your class and comments on your play style. i remember the first time i got into outland and did ramps. It was there that i learned that a mage should primarily cast the spels from his spec, because back then, every single spell in my book was part of my rotation. good thing i learned from that! another way to learn your class is to do battlegrounds. it is there that you will see how spells or abilities work in a fast paced situation, and that helped me learn about pvp or play during hectic times in dungeons. and finally i suggest you read the articles in wowwiki on how to play with other players while grouped. before you know it, virinya will be doing dailies for the emblems, and raiding across northrend!

i havent been playing much wow on my lvl 80 toons in the past weeks, except for some dailies here and there. but i have been really enjoying leveling my alliance toons. i got my druid to lvl 15, and decided to buy glyphs. but the glyphs in the alliance AH were really expensive. how i wished i could send glyphs from my horde toons to my poor alliance alts. i decided to make my alliance bank alt get inscription, but that meant leveling her high enough to get the profession. so here i am leveling my human warlock, decked out in heirlooms from my horde mains. i cant wait till the time when we can send heirloms to toons in other realms!

i still dont have time to seriously raid, and grinding rep on one toon can be boring. but im finding that of all the things to do in wow, leveling alts is the thing i am enjoying the most. i'd like to think that its because of your show that im feelnig this way about the game, and for that i'd like to thank you guys.

before i end, i just want to share a discovery i made. while flying near the tournament grounds, i saw someone with a tickbird hatchling flying around with him. i was really surprised because i could have sworn that none of the pets could fly with you! i guess it came in when the plushies came out, but i didnt know that the old pets would fly with you too! not all of the winged pets will fly with you tho (onyxia sadly will stay on the ground), but i made a macro with my mount button to summon a flying pet for when im in outland or in northrend. hopw you guys enjoy this discovery as i did =)

Email #4 from Curme

Hey ctrlaltwow crew,

I wanted to follow-up on my previous email requesting some dual-boxing assistance. I rolled a priest/hunter combo on my home server (Wyrmrest Accord) and their both around 30. The hunter's got heirloom gear, so its even faster. I'm about to swap in my druid for the hunter's spot. As the hunter seems to work so well for dual-boxing, I rolled a hunter/shaman combo on Jubily wubbly and joined POH. hit level 9 in just over an hour's work. RAF is crazy fast. I haven't set up any macro's yet, just switching between windows and tab targeting with the non-hunter. It's been good fun. I'll let you know how it goes, and eventually i'll figure out the simple macros instead of right-click and "follow."

Curme (80 warrior tank, and now a LvL 9 Hunter as well)
Elecurme (lvl 9 Shaman)
Uldor (lvl 29 priest)
Ringwil (lvl 31 hunter)
Tuwanek (lvl 30 druid)

plus a few others.

Email #5 Acaldra

Hi Ctrl Alt Wow crew,

Acaldra a Holy/Prot paladin from AIE here. I wrote to the show once before talking about playing my way to 80 and rolling a few alt's along the way.
Well I have recently found myself losing interest in playing toons other then my Paladin. I have really just gotten the paladin bug and haven't been able to play anything else without getting bored and giving up after a level or two. As a result of said play time I have been able to flesh-out the gear sets for all three specs of the paladin class to a point where I could play any of them confortably in a raiding enviroment. Just as a reference point, about 5.1k GS for my holy set and approximatly 4.5k for my prot and ret specs. Granted my prot and ret set's still need some more work such as filling in a trinket or a ring here or there but overall it's been a lot of fun to be able to comfortably switch roles at the drop of a hat and not have to worry too much about it.
For example I was healing an Ony 10 a few days ago and a tank had to leave so I strapped on my tanking plate and succesfuly main tanked the rest of the raid.

In other slightly less egotistical news, I have been farming for my Darkmoon card, the int version of course! It feels like etting epic flying all over again! Only about 2k gold left and I should have it by the time you guys read this email.

Lastly, thanks Aprillian for coming on a few heroics. If I am forming up a raid and your are on, I'll shoot you an invite for sure!

That's all for now and thank you for reading my email, of course, For the Horde!,
Acaldraa of The Nightfall

Virishna, if you have any questions about paladin healing, feel free to ask me on Twitter or check out my healing guide on the AIE forums under the class section.

Sent from my iPod, sorry for any spelling errors.

Sorry, no Momomoments this week, but we have one for next week.

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