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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 165 - I've Got a Rocket to ride

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Logged off Tiiaa, on to Mi, then back to Tiiaa and stuff she had sold was still available for buyback

Leveling a mage is fun. They aren't just taxis & food vendors. Tiiaa hit 65 and now has the portal to Shat.

Levelled Engineering on Tiiaa, got to 375 on Wed afternoon. Lo & behold there's an AH. Used Epril to do mining stuff, making [Mining: Smelt Adamantite] [Mining: Smelt Felsteel] [Mining: Smelt Hardened Adamantite]

By Friday Tiiaa was 405 in Engineering and I'm broke. made [Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer] for an enormous amount of money.

Did HoR, Why the corner?

Got Don't Look Up Achievement - Clear the hallway before Scourgelord Tyrannus in The Pit of Saron on Heroic Difficulty without anyone taking icicle damage on the first try.

Heard about first on the Instance at

Aprillian & Vrishna
Dualed boxed with Tiiaa/Sebastian and Vrishna in Outland. Funniest thing was when we wiped, I laid there while V ran back and waited for her to rez me.

Ran beginning of Hellfire Citidal, great xp for Tiiaa. Took Elyte, level 75 DK as tank. Later took Tiiaa through Slave Pens, did pretty
Hellfire again. Sorry Sanman. Ashayo's invite to Naxxrammas. My first raid. WOOT WOOT !! Healbot & the understudies.

Crazy Train
- Saurfang down before 2nd mark.
- Two shot Festergut
- Couple of practise runs on Rotface
After reset - hit revered with Ashen Verdict.
- Marrowgar - tank neck upgrade
- One shot deathwhisper
- Gunship - lost a tank twice, two dps, still won
- One shot Saurfang after only 1 mark
- Festergut - wipe at 20k

- 2shot Dreamwalker. Asheal won off-spec staff (has hit, and 2 gem sockets)
- Blood princes down - Ashayo wins new chestpeice
- Blood Queen down - this week on Asheal
- Cleared trash to Sindragosa ; was told we could move out to reset - she came through a door to wipe us. Got her to 27% on first attempt
After reset ICC - 15% buff
- Weekly was to keep Donavan alive on Deathwhisper fight.
- 1st wing + Festergut, Rotface, Dreamwalker. Attempt at Putricide (main healer out) - Got him down to 3%

- H ToC, OK

- H PoS - very fast run with Temp, Kealar, Tallon, Wing
- UK, UP, CoS, HoL, Gundrak

Other Dungeons
Ashield - Gundrak pug - lost tank and a dps before 1st boss

Other Raids
Asheal - weekly Instructor Razuvious,
Asheal - Won t-10 gloves - again (both pvp and pve this time!)
Ashayo - weekly Instructor Razuvious - with Vrishna!!
Pud & Ashariss - Noth
Noth (weekly) on Shadowthrone (to fill numbers)
Tried Sarth +1 drake ; wipage

Pud - PoS ; hate it when puggers refer to you by class "hey dk, you gunna roll on that trinket"
Ashariss - proc'ed 5 x Kings Amber transmute - woot!
Ashayo - Gear shuffle and re-spec. Bought the triumph hit trinket and had over 500 hit. Respecced back to destruction from affliction without taking 3 points in suppression.
Levelling BS on Pud - up to 400 - can make socket for hands and bracers. Nice little increase on gear score.

Doing oracle chain on Ashield - dinged 77 when I saved the injured rainspeaker Oracle
Soloed Artruis the Heartless and Zepik the Gorloc Hunter - took 8 minutes

T-11 Days of RAF. Levelling and griefing.

Email #1 from Vern

hey all

I was listening to the latest show and wanted to write in again. First off GRATS to Vrishna on his first 80. I think its great you healed H halls of stone. I am a healer and been running heroics since back when you got emblems of heroism for it. I have to say the fight in HoS when you fight the computer with Brann is one of love and hate. I've wiped at the last minute multiple times there. sometimes even after dying we would find we had lived long enough to complete the encounter.But I love the lore part and the fact that Brann is hacking an ancient computer, whats not to love.
I am also interested in what happens with multi player mounts in phased areas.Most of my problems with phasing right now happen when I try to summon people to ICC using the stone.I'm sure Ashayo knows what I mean. I have a mammoth mount so I am going to see what happens this week.

One more thing. some of you were discussing the crappy system in place to exchange BG marks for honor. Heres what I did. After you buy at least one token, put it on your hot bar. then you open the vendor window and buy more, but use the hotbar button to consume them.
This way you don't have to close the vendor window to use them up and its just a matter of how fast you click and button push.

Thank you for a wonderful podcast.


Verneesha -Ally priest on Runetotem
Menasor- holy pally PoH

Email #2 from Makiling

hey guys, makiling here

i just listened to your latest episode i thought i would chime in with you guys with what i've been doing int he world of warcraft. a few days ago i was listening to one of nicole spag's podcast when i heard her talk about her several lvl 80 pallies. couple that with virinya's trek to 80, i suddenly thought to myself "maybe i should try leveling a pally." before that thought came to me, i was enjoying leveling my night elf druid who is now lvl 43 (yay for epic land travel). i'm still playing her as Bear Form in random dungeons, so i decided i would play my pally as a tank too. it was a good thing i had 1 slot left in the realm where my lvl 80's were. but when it came to choosing what race my pally would be, i knew i didnt want to play another blood elf, so i had to play alliance. and among all the races i had to choose from, the draenei were the ones who caught my fancy. i made a pretty draenei pally female, and named her Kagandahan (filipino for "quite pretty").

it wasnt to say that i've been neglecting my horde toons. on the contrary, they were of great help in gearing her up with heirloom plate and a 1-handed sword (for when the time comes that she will be wielding a shield). and most importantly, i needed my mage to enchant her gear. through my research, i found that there was a +strength to weapon enchant from the thorium brotherhood, but i needed to be friendly with them. so i spent some time doing quests around searing gorge and opening up the turn ins for increasing my rep with the brotherhood. it was a good thing the mats to turn in were relatively cheap in our AH, but when i got to friendly, i found that the vendor for the enchant was in the Grim Guzzler in BRD. so i trekked down the instance, bought the recipe, and bought the mats for the weapon enchant for my baby pally.

i wasnt really not a big fan of the melee classes, and before this toon, i had never played a pally. but after playing her for 10 levels, i have to say: PALLIES ARE OVERPOWERED! mobs going down in 2 hits? i had never experienced such a thing with my mage, lock, or druid! (especially not my druid) well, it could be also due to my gear, but i finally understand vrishna's excitement with the class.

the "buffs" pallies cast are in general quite confusing at first, but i hope my excitement for them will continue as enthusiasm for learning more about the class. she is lvl 11 as of writing, and i hope to get into my first random dungeon as soon as she hits lvl 15.

thats it from me for now. i look forward to your next show as always

for the pallies!

Email #3 from Lidaron

Hi VAAJ, (Virshna, Aprillian, Ashayo and Jeppy. sounds like Badge)

I have been listening to ctrlaltwow for a while, and remember when it was just Aprillain and Ashayo. I think Virshna and Jeppy are the icing on what could be described as a yummy cake (or the choc chips in your cookies April). The dynamic you have between the 4 of you is really fantastic. It is nice to see you have loads of fun playing wow and making the podcast. I have just listened to Episode 163 with Tempeste and would hate to see you loose your clean tag. Maybe Temp is a bad influence on you April or you just can't help yourself as it makes for loads of fun.

More Ctrlaltwow

More fun

65 Blood Elf Warlock

80 Undead Rogue

Pants on Head Guild

PS here is a little sound grab I made for the Plushy comp (Yes I know its too late ; ). I tried to turn my Aussie accent up to 11. Thats 1 more than the rest.


Email #4 from Acaldraa

Hey guys, Acaldraa here again with a few quick tips.

I took a look at Virinya armory and I have a few quick suggestions, change your glyph of Seal of Light to Glyph of Beacon of Light. When healing, always have Seal of Wisdom up. Make sure to judge a mob with seal of light every 20 seconds. This way your passive 15 percent haste buff will stay up and you will be rocking some raid healing. Also, gem 16 int in every slot. My policy is to never use epic gems if the item is below level 219. Lastly, here is a revised talent build that I suggest you use-
This will improve your healing by a good amount. On a more technical note, I took the extra crit in order to help with illumination procs.

In other news, I had a good week in game and out. In game wise, I have been doing my daily X-Mute and have gotten 16 gems in 7 days just from some lucky procs. On the raiding front, I solo healed Festergut. An extremely traumatic experience but we got through it and the 11k HPS was amazing for my ego.
A quick note to the crazy train raid group, I hear y'all keep wiping at >1%? Well here's what you need to do to get that last little boost. Make sure everyone is flasked and uses potions during the fight.

Thats all for now,

Acaldra, Champion of the Frozen Wastes
Alea Iacta Est

P.S. Keep the podcast long! I love long shows. Please however, keep 'em under 4 hours, I cannot do more than that.

P.P.S. Aprillian and Virshna, we need to go on a raid at some point, Aprillian can be the leet dps and Virinya and I can heal it. Maybe a VOA and/or TOC 10 man.

Email #5 Gamlix

Hi guys,

Grats Vrishna, first of many I don't doubt.

Thanks for reading my email a couple of weeks ago, it was great to hear that some people are making an effort to catalogue from a player perspective Azeroth pre-Cataclysm.

In answer to some of Juuno's points, I have an 80 Death Knight Tank, not great gear any more, but I ran Naxx quite a bit pre-Ulduar. I Tank in Blood and faced a lot of criticism from people who should know better that it's possible, back then everyone tanked in Frost because the original plan for the talent trees was Blood single target dps, Frost Tank, Unholy AoE dps, at least as far as the beta leaks said. This seems to have stayed in the collective unconsciousness of the wow community and you will face some prejudice based on their misguided views of the trees. You can tank in any DK tree, but each one will use different abilities. It is not necessary in this game for everyone playing to run the optimal spec as dictated by stats monkeys, play the game the way you want to.

As a sole point on that tank's side, not that he was entirely right, but Frost dps is tailored for PvP burst damage, so it is entirely possible that you pulled off an awesome combo, maximised your dps, pulled threat and the facerolling tank couldn't keep up, it's him that should L2P, not dear Juuno.

I loooooooove the dungeon finder. Having come back after a few months away a couple weeks ago I am finding levelling now to be a string of dungeons, which I love, rather than a grind, which can be a bit dull.

Thank you for your time again folks,

For the Horde!!!
Gamlix of The Sha'tar

Email #A Johnathan

Hi there again sorry for the late reply
One week of wow wow where can I biu that!!!!

How about the plushie it's edible nom nom nom i'm kidding I love across from you PST Asia jk

Uh I already I have 2 month gamecard
If u hve anymore I tunes card i'd be happy but in other's it urcchoicr

Sent from my iPod or my fake iPad

Email #B from Tedrah

Hello Ctrl-Alt-WoW,

Just wanted to drop a line to my favorite podcasters, the ever effervescent Aprillian, her Healer-in-waiting, Vrishna, the charming, El Jeppy and the awesome, Ashayo.

First and foremost-- Congratulations to Vrishna!! Yay for 80. Fantastic achievement. You'll like life as an 80 and I really enjoyed hearing about your PvP defense of Tranquillien. You did great to only die once during the skirmish.

Second, I really enjoy the audio messages from Juno and completely understand her obsession with Jeppy. You might want to add a segment at the very end where silver tongued El Jeppy could read the ladies a bed time story, lol.

Grats to Ashayo for exalted with The Ashen Verdict. You had lots of fun raiding recently. How you manage raiding on more than one toon I'll never know.

Lovely Aprillian, I am so jealous of your new rocket. Saw the twitpic and had to suppress the urge to start a new RAF account. Also, I'm enjoying your Ctrl-Alt-Trek high jinx as well. ( don't tell anyone I've strayed a little, lol )

My week in WoW has been kind of exciting. After Friday's 25 man raid with Unbroken on Sisters of Elune I had enough frost emblems to get my four piece set bonus.

I gave in and bought a Celestial Steed. I love my sparkly pony.

Going to be trying out Arena Tournament play with a couple of friends. That should be interesting.

I'm working on trying to get my alliance hunter, Teodora, to level 75 before the Gnomeregan event. She hit 68 and is now in Northrend.

Then last night I was able to fill in an empty spot in the Unbroken Tuesday night 10 man progression raid. They had locked out the raid last week so we started with trash clearing before the Blood Queen. We downed both the Blood Queen and the Dreamwalker encounters for the first time. Took three or four attempts for each. Then we took a quick look at Sindragosa. Made a couple attempts, but that one's going to take some practice. Hopefully I'll be able to ninja a spot in next week's Tuesday night raid.

Well I've gone on long enough. Thanks you guys for the great podcasts. Keep them coming.

This is Tedrah from Unbroken on Sisters of Elune signing off. For the Federation! Oops, For the Horde! (disregard first cheer)

/no need to put this email in contest, just enjoying your banter, no other incentive needed (group hug)

Sent from my iPhone

Email #6 from Riku

Dear Ctrl+Alt+Wow

I'm sure you guys get these all the time but becouse of the no money paradox my Wow account has gone inactive. I seem to think you guys might have had one of those magical one month WOW game time cards and i was cureous if there was something i could do to earn that. If one so exists. i'm a fantasy writer/poet so if you wanted something i would gladly do anything necessary whether it be writing or voicing a segment for the show or some kind of writing.

Main reason i ask is because of my date of birth is in May and i'd love to get a char to 55 before then :) Any way even if your dont have a card i'll still add my writing to the show if you wanted it. Thanks for reading the E-mail i love the show

Sitting and watching from the emerald dream

Email #7 from Alate

Hey ashayo, aprillian, jePpy, and varishna I was listening to the latest podcast. when I heard ashayo read the email of the guy who "corrected" his dk's gems. My main is a pally tank so I can lend an opinion on the subject. Ashayo dks do get mitigation stats from strength however generally gemming all stamina, or mostly all stamina is usually the way to go. In icc eh (effective health) is the way to go, its a little complicated to get into here but in short terms armor+stamina=WIN.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes I wrote this on my blackberry.
Alate, level 80 dwarf prot pally,
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Email #8 from Crash

Hello ctl alt wow crew, crashoveride writing in again. I head that april has a mifi from verizon, and was wondering if you could share your expireance using it for wow. Life has been crazy latly, and I would like to play on my laptop while away from home. Can you please share your thoughts on connecting to wow with the mifi, is it fast enough, do you have a data cap that you go over, and anything else that might help decideing if this is the right choice for me.

Thanx for the great show!!!!


Email #C from Bidcar
Thanks for the donations

Greeting Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna,

Bidcar, level 20 human mage, Winterhoof server here. This week I started a mage and paladin to level with my recruit a friend. I started on Winterhoof by the suggestion of Jeppy. The toons are both level 20 and doing well. I felt like I was moving too slow, but Jeppy twittered he has the same problems on the Horde side, so that made me feel better.

I met a familiar face while passing through Goldshire. I went into the inn and I saw a gnome death knight named April. Just kidding, she was a Dranei. I thought it might be Aprillian but thought probably not, the world is too big for that. Anyway, she offered a gold to sign her guild charter so I did. Later on when I saw that I was kicked out of Ctrl Alt Wow guild I realized it was Aprillian. Aprillian said it was a small Azerothian world and apparently it is. I also started a couple of death knights so I could have back up if I needed it. I don't think I will, paladin and mage are a pretty powerful combo.

The Horde side of things went well. My recruit a friend duo of warrior and shaman are resting up in Orgrimmar after their rapid rise in power. I used the earned levels to take my hunter to 60 and gave the rest of the levels to my second mage. Probably shouldn't have gave the levels to the mage since it separates him further from the new paladin, but live and learn.

I started a blood elf paladin to pair up with my second mage. I haven't been playing them since I am concentrating on the Ally side of things. The only thing I have really been doing on the Horde side are the jewelcrafting daily and the cooking daily. I also have a slight fascination with running my low level paladin through Scarlet Monastery with my level 80 paladin. I love seeing what random loot will drop. I do the fishing daily for the same reason, I love opening the fishing bag and seeing what goodies drop out. I got a epic +30 stamina gem the other day.

A few weeks ago Bidkar, the life challenged mage, was in Thunderbluff when it was attacked by the Ally. I immediately went to the aid of Cairne as good Hordies do. The only toons that came to help Cairne were me and another mage. I didn't think it was going to go well for us, but I was willing to give it a shot. There were only about 5 ally so it wasn't a big raid or anything. They had a druid, paladin, rogue, warlock and death knight. We made plans to take out the druid first then hope for the best. They started their attack on Cairne. We blasted the druid into the next world then took out the rest of the group quite easily. I didn't see any "resist" pop up so I don't think they had much pvp gear on. When I see "resist", I know I'm done for. I thought we did quite well for two squishies. Cairne was saved and the Tauren rested easy that night.

I picked up my touring rocket like everybody else and took my warrior for a ride around Northrend. He picked up a bit of xp from discovery so it wasn't a complete waste of time. I wanted to see how the phasing would work so I took him over to the Argent place closest to Dalaran. He disappeared after a bit on Bidkar's screen, but Bidkar didn't disappear on the warrior's screen. I wonder if I could dual box with him through the phased areas now?

I really enjoyed hearing Tempeste on the show a few weeks ago. I always enjoy her on Bind on Equip and it was nice hearing her on Ctrl Alt Wow. She's the star of Bind on Equip for me, so it was a nice surprise crossover.

I really enjoy Juno's audio clips. Probably not as much as Jeppy, but close. If you could get Juno and Mo to do guest hosting, I think that would be a really fun show. Just a thought.

For the Horde and as much as it may pain me, For the Alliance!

Bidkar, Bidcar and his many alts

Email #9 from Xesu

Hey guys, Xesu of AIE here.

I was wondering; what alts are you guys planning on making for Cataclysm?

I was thinking Goblin and Worgen priests (I have a problem, I know) but, after 3 endgame priests, I can't get away!

Thanks so much for the awesome show.

Shout Outs & Thank You
The fine crew of Ctrl Alt Wow and listeners.
Hope you are all doing well.
Happy May already!
And Happy RAF!!!!
Oh how fun it is :) Christmas in May until July for me :)
Yes I have started a RAF and my priest Moheal was the recipient of the fine new taxi and has started the Motaxi service. And of course the fun rid of flying straight up in the air and dismounting. That is always fun except when you hear your guildy yelling over vent when they hit the group..."splat!"
That flying mount is really fun, anyone on Feathermoon, if you are hord side, I will give you half off for motaxi ride :) (promotion only good for a limited time, must show id and NO GNOMES! thank you)

In wow, for my priest Moheal last Sunday I was able to some how win the roll for Althor's Abacus!!! It is a shiny awesome healing trinket. I was speechless and thankful :) and I was able to get Purified Lunar Dust with my frosties, it is a nice trinket as well.
Our guild had to cancel Icc10 Friday so some of of my guildies somehow talked me into doing a pug Icc 25, wow if I may say so, do not do it!
What a horrible waste of valuable leveling time!!!

For my RAF I had so much trouble creating my characters, names and class. I always like to have nice mo-creative names and wow this time around it really took me about 20 minutes to create my characters and I am still not happy. I first created a female Blood Elf Pally names Atoosa and a female Orc warrior names Geyah. A little mo-lore for you, Geyah is Thrall's grandmother. (I did say little, so I hope you did not expect more lore than that).
But I did not like the pally/warrior combo and I will be making a mage.
I am sad. Sad because i wasted several days of RAF time :( I have catching up to do and lots of it!.

I also created a pair on Winterhoof so I may bother ElJeppy and Bidcar. I created Rostam, human male warrior and Tahmineh, a human female priest. The two names are from Persian Mythology, checkout wikipedia if you are interested in learning more.

I think I have typed enough and I am sure you are tired of reading. Thank you for reading my emails and I love when Aprillians says "MOMOMOMENTS!!!"
Good times
Thank you as always for your great pod cast and I forgot one thing, the title of my email is from a few tweets I had with our old friend Xandar2112 on twitter, and also Molsan. They were chatting about podcasts and I was informed or I found out that I listen to way! to! many hours of podcasts!
Those two stated they average about 8 hours a week (or so) and I average that in a day sometimes.
So I think I need to join the PAA - podcast addicts anonymous.

So until next week and I will let you now how my treatment goes.

Take care


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