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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 175 - One Hundred Seventy Five Beers On the Wall

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Thanks to Nevikjames for the prizes for his "Pet Story" Contest. I don't know if we've mentioned but Nevijames has a very informative blog at We are all amazed at the brilliance that is Nevikjames and thank him for his contributions to Ctrl Alt WoW.

What We've Been Doing:
Did you know you can level combat skills by killing bunnies?
Thank you Jeppy for showing me how I can see my toons in the Armory. Once you’ve signed in, and
Ran my level 27 Pally Palapril in ER through SM with Auruk Level 80 Hunter. Was a blast. Palapril got a level and a half. Decided to do some cloth turn ins after Palapril got into unrested xp. Needed flight paths but only mage on same account. Grouped with mage, Auruk & Palapril. Logged off of Palapril, onto Tiiaa and move her to where I last had Palapril. Then I create a Portal, log off Tiiaa and onto Palapril. She clicks on the portal and bamm, she’s at the next city.

New interface for accounts at
Loving my new spreadsheet. Just have to be aware that the toons checked at the top of the list in the armory aren’t in the list on the tabs.

Used some Triumph badges to buy heirlooms
In random Heroic with Mage. Flying winged things seemed to be fighting for mage?
Used Auruk to run Palapril through SM over and over again. Then looked at loot table and thought it was silly. Listing to Outlandish, think I should farm for runecloth.
Aprillian & Vrishna
Finally got to play Thursday, ran DM twice, trying to get lower level RAF toons to 15 so they can Random. Lots of dingage
2 sets of pally twins are so much fun ! But I need to refer MYSELF!!!!


Crazy Train - Blood Princes 1-shot, 3% wipe on Blood Queen then downed her.
After reset, ICC buff now at 30%
Got [The Plagueworks] - downed Putricide

DwP ventured back into Ruby Sanctum and got our first kill of Halion. Won [Misbegotten Belt]

"Dual-boxed" FL on Ashayo/Anomander - not really, since I just drove a bike

Dual-boxed VoA on Ashayo/Asheal - won shadow priest gloves


Ano tanked Nexus and despite chatting and apologising for deaths and being undergeared, the rest of the party did not utter a single word.

Pud tanked CoS and Storme was having trouble not pulling aggro and died. A little another dps died after pulling aggro. On the timelord boss, Storme had to ice block after pulling aggro again. It was at this point that I realised I was not in frost presence!


Got exalted with Horde Expedition and bought MechanoHog schematic. Had no idea there was an upstairs at the Inn at Vengeance Landing

Jekle doing PvP to get the neckpiece in prep for raiding! WG - win ; AB - loss, AV - loss, WSG - loss, WG - win. Then remembered that Wintergrasp Commendations are BoA and Ashayo had heaps of stonekeeper shards. After consideration of haste vs spirit vs mp5, went with haste. Got the [Epic] achievement! (min 213)

Beta-ing. Started in Mount Hyjal, delved into some of the starter areas to see what’s changed. Took a poke at the guild changes, but still VERY buggy


Asheal - 258 belt from Ruby Sanctum. Tier-10 shoulder and chest - now has 4 set tier bonus
Jekle - had i245 chest made to prep for raiding. Bought t10 shoulders with frost emblems.


Email #1 from Mike
Howdy fine people of ctrlaltwow, it's you friend and humor bringer, Mike again.

This email is a bit of corrections from what was said last week. First and foremost... my death knight's name.

It is spelled I K I T S U K E N E and pronounced Eh-kit-skin-ay. NOT I-kite-zucchinis.

Second was a fault of my own. I gave you the wrong name for the power leveling option. What I said was "power level her in Icecrown on the Fallen Heroes." What I should have said was power level her in Icecrown on the Converted Heroes which are just slightly left of the center of Icecrown. Really quite a nice place to level as the mobs are all lvl 78-79, have little hp, and come in packs of 7-8 mobs per group with the ability to pull 3-4 groups at once. There are bad sides to this, as they do have the ability to use Mortal Strike, and their Demoralizing Shout also reduces movement speed by 50%, so between daze and DShout you're always running at 50% speed. Tedious yes but they do grant quite a bit of experience per kill and are not hard at all to tank as well as give quite a large amount of Frostweave Cloth, grey items, and gold. Best done with the vendor mount (16kg) but doable with any regular 100% speed land mount.

Considering she enjoyed your response so much I'm going to try to attach an audio response to this email so that you can hear the voices behind the "shiny bubble buttons". More on that at the end of the email.

For now, let us discuss the difficulties of leveling a caster with no self healing abilities. My favorite target for this conversation... the Mage. Yes, I know that mages can glyph for a self-healing Evocation, but that's a 3 min cd that doesn't always make itself available when you need it. Blizz needs to stop forcing mages to level first aid to have combat healing! It's so annoying, especially since wool cloth is like 20g a stack on LS! Would it kill them to allow mages to have an armor that heals them when they take a certain amount of damage? They have one that freezes enemies... on that restores mana quickly, one that increases crit, and one that absorbs elemental damage. Why not have an absorbing shield that heals you after it absorbs a couple thousand points of damage? It sorta makes sense... absorbing damage and turning it into an invigorating stream of magic.

Or we could speak of the vastly under-represented Female Tauren Warriors. I don't think there's a level 80 Female Tauren Warrior on Laughing Skull at all. It's pitiful... however I cannot bring myself to make one because I am a guy.

Anyway, this email has become almost as long as my last and I feel that it is now time to stop typing and start my little voice recording.

Unfortunately, I cannot locate a suitable voice recording software and I also do not know which format you would wish to be sent a sound recording in. Alas, you shall have to wait until I find such details out.

As always FOR THE HORDE!!!

This message brought to you by your favorite neighborhood resto Shammy, Mike of Laughing Skull.

Live long and punt gnomes!

Email #A from Makiling
Hey guys, makiling here

I just listened to your latest episode, and I just want to send everyone a big grats for all your in game achievements!

I haven't been playing a lot of wow in the past few weeks because my wife decided to buy a wii after she saw that it had wii fit and that you can use it to exercise indoors when the weather is bad. Naturally, I saw it as an opportunity to try out the rpg and arcade games on the console, so I went and picked up a couple of games for it. Also, playing the mario games is a nice way of spending time with the wifey :)

But my wow toons haven't been completely neglected. Earlier this month I made a mage on earthen ring and got her in AIE! Meanwhile my Lvl 80 mage is 5 achievements short of getting the red proto drake after knocking out the remaining occulus achievements the other day. Will I be able to get the drake anytime soon? Only time Wiill tell..

I personally got bummed out with the blue post saying that blizzard isn't planning on making bind on account items mailable across realms anytime soon. But I'm really excited with all the other changes coming in cataclysm, particularly with the changes in the talent trees.

So that's it from me for now. I may not be playing much wow, but I'm really enjoying all the wow podcasts. Keep up the good work!
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld

Email # One / Chocobo Contest

I’m hiding in the back of Kael'thas Sunstrider’s chambers, watching the battle. 2 noble elves, fighting the insanity of Kael’thas. He is a crazed madman. He doesn’t realize that his thoughts that he is helping his “people” are only bringing about their destruction. He has torn The Blood Elves (which he named) apart and there were few enough of them as it is.

These 2 - they must be Blood Elves - Kalem & Allecia are here to rectify his wrongs; with his life!

They have engaged; 2 puny elves against Kael’thas Sunstrider, Lord of the Elves. How do they think they can beat him? They are battling mightily though…

Oh no, He has summoned my Mother to the fray! I don’t want her to die, but Kael’thas cannot win. MUST not win! My heart mourns for her as she goes down. I know she will be back, but it is never easy to see your parent struck down in battle.

The mighty heroes are battling fiercely! Maybe these 2 noble Blood Elves will be victorious! Kael’thas is harsh, there is never any mercy, only dying. I have seen so much dying…

Oh look out, he has summoned his magical fire & changed the gravity. Look out, those orbs will BURN!

I can’t watch…

What’s this? Kael’thas is getting tired? Can it be? He’s on his knees, he’s exhausted… PUSH TO END HIM, pull out all of your reserves Noble Kalem and Gracious Allecia!

They did it, he’s down! Kalem & Allecia have won! We are no longer tied to Kael’thas and the Isle of Quel’Danas. We are FREE!

“Kalem, take me with you, it would be my honor to travel with you and be your companion for all of eternity. You have done a huge service for your people and for me who has been trapped here all this time. I am a phoenix and I will always be here”

Thus ends the story of Kalem’s (and Allecia’s truth be known) favorite companion pet, the Phoenix Hatchling.

Should I be lucky enough to win, I would like the little horde baby windrider. They are both cute as all heck, but we are “For the Horde” after all. ;)

Big hugs and kisses,


P.S. (Again, if I am lucky/honored enough to win) I will be gifting the pet to my husband (Kalem) who is an avid pet collector. He loves having pets and is always pulling various ones out to match whatever situation. It’s adorable!

Email # B from Chol

Hey... can I please have the in-game pet?



Email #C from Acaldraa
Hello ctrl alt wowers,

Acaldraa here with my email that I have finally gotten around to. It's been quite a while (3 weeks gasp). I have been in another country, raiding ICC 10/25 on two toons and all sorts of other things! The Dominican Republic was pretty amazing. It was really an eye opener about what people are going through and how amazingly privileged I am to be able to spend upwards or 20 hours a week playing a video game while kids my age spend that time getting water from a river 2 hours away. I really gave me a different perspective of the world and how us, the privileged minority lives.
On a less sobering note, I raided ICC 25 with Cloudy with a Chance of Purples on the paladin and Could never reach the Top Shelve of my DK. Then pugged 10's by myself. Pretty successful with both pugs getting down Professor Putrid and Princes. In other in-game news, I bought myself the 16k gold vendor Mammoth. It was a big investment but worth it for sure! Found many a time to use it so far in raids and in general. Lastly, I recently started a hunter, "Sandorson" and decked him out in every heirloom around!
With a slight touch of real life to finish it out, I am/have been on vacation through the end of July. No Warcraft has been quite interesting. Missing 6 raids one of which might be a Lich King kill is pretty frustrating but being some where warm is nice :)
Well that's all for now and it has really been a pleasure catching up with all of you in-game and on the podcast


P.S. Ashayo, can't wait to start raiding with y'all on DwP on my DK starting in August :)

P.P.S. Chipped teeth are never fun :(

Sent from my iPod, sorry for any spelling errors.

Email #2 from Tuggboat


Tuggboat here- I've been leveking a 35 nelf druid and have been having a blast!
I've been questing and also using the random dungeon finder to lvl, but have run into a big problem: Lots of times I do farming or 2-3 dungeons in a row and my bags will be stuffed full of junk. I sell it all to the vendor but then he is full for a long time too. You used to just be able to log out and clear it, but now that junk hangs around for hours. How does the Ctrl alt wow crew handle this hurdle to big $$ making?? I dont like to use a lot of mods but I hope you guys know what I can do.


Email #D from Kurly
I hope all is well and that you have all had a great week!! As Aprillian knows its been hot as all hell here in New England.....all the more reason to hide in an air conditioned room with all the shades down, playing WOW like trog in a cave....WORKS FOR ME!!

I while ago I transferred on of my Alliance 80's to a PVP server and and faction changed her to Horde. of my founding toons.....the Night Elf female, Viranelda, is now a Tauren on Ysondre. I have been using her to outfit my toonlings on my guild over there and and it has been a very different experience as far as PVP have been winning, however, the queue for a random battleground can be a long as 12 - 16 minutes....where on the Alliance its fairly instant.

My Palladin, Annamia, is about 50% through 79, and I had respec'd her prot and heals, and I have to say that am not sure tanking is my thing. I have been told by some of my guildees that I tank just fine and that any issue I would have would be DPS attacking the wrong target.....maybe I should be marking them?.....Lord

I am still holding out hope that I get selected for the Beeta. I (like a fool) have been watching a lot of Cataclysm video on youtube and I would really like to dig in!! I have a compulsive need to know what each races' starting pet is going be.

Thanks so much to Ashayo for throwing the guild invite to my little rogue, Bootlika, on Earthen ring....I have three other toons I want in there but they are all under level 10, so I have a mission to level them all by August.

You all have a wonderful day....LOVENHUGS!!


Email #3 from Ruker

Hello Control Alt Wow crew. Last week my realm had a 24 hour plus plus plus maintenance package. I decided to roll a Horde character, since I have never played non-Alliance. I rolled a troll priest on the Jellybean realm. What a cool place, day is night and night is day. I live in Virginia near Washington DC, by the way. A lot of crude character names and beer talk in chat. My kind of place. Although I feel sorry for all the Aussies with broken keyboards, you know with Caps-Lock stuck on. I'm getting used to earthtones and the grunting NPCs of the Horde. I'll keep at it and hopefully one day I will be honored with the privilege of wearing my pants on my head. Thanks. I love the show. For the Horde...this time. Ruker Dwarf priest and Rucker Troll priest.

Email Pet Story B from LizTailor

Hello fellow altaholics!
When I first went to Dalaran, I was in the sewers and saw that poor little rat sniffing behind the grate. I asked my honey Melchezadek, "I want that rat! How do i get him outta there?"
She said you fished him up..Okay, I thought , and started trying to cast my fishing line through the luck! She then informed me that No, you have to sit there and fish and it's a rare drop.
Oh, right. Of course it is..SO..after that i would randomly try cast after cast wishing and didnt help that I would see that rat behind the grate when i would pass by. OOOhhhhh I wanted that rat!
So months went by and I kinda gave up. We started playing our horde toons and they hadnt made it to Dal yet, so more time went by. So a few weeks ago, we started playing those toons..I love playing Liz (a night elf rogue), but it wasnt easy leveling her! I usually play casters and getting right in there fighting kinda freaks me out. Anyways, I believe we took the fishing quest, and it was "jewel of the sewers" I drop my line in the water. Sewer carp. great. Driftwood. sigh.
And happened. I couldnt believe it! It cant be true! "GASP! Oh MY GAWD!" I think Melchezedek jumped a mile.( I usually do that when were about to die.) Ta-DAA! giant sewer rat!
Oh Happy Day!
SO now i love my rat..i also give him those papa hummels pet biscuits and make him Gigantic. Its hysterical. He's huge. Recently, I bought him a leash. lol. I dont know, its just those little things that makes it fun to play WoW. Someone in Stormwind said "what's his name?"
Richard Burton, of course!

for the horde and for the alliance,
night elf rogue
Radikal Faeries guild :)

Email #E from Nevik
o/` One-hundred seventy-five beers on the wall, one-hundred seventy-five beers
... take one down, pass it around, one-hundred seventy-four beers on the wall


Oh hi there JAVA, didn't see you come in.

You'll have to excuse me, you see I've been getting a little too much into playing as a dwarf.

"Waitress, BEER!"

I swear I actually play better as a dwarf rogue while inebriated. The beer helps me be more stealthy.

*Gulp* *Gulp*

/slam empty stein on table

"Waitress, ANOTHER!"

As I was saying, beer in no way hinders my rogue'sh like movethings. It helps me kill faster.
*Gulp* *Gulp*

/slam empty stein on table

You know, I really think you guys are grrrreeeeat. *hic* I love *hic* you guys

*hic* The way you guys talk *hic* about, y'know, that Warcraft stuff *hic* Is really funny.

Hahahahehehe. *hic* You crack me up.

"Waaayyydress, a-nutter bear pwease!"


Ohhhhhhh. When did your twins *hic* come in? There musst be fooour of you.


o/` one-something something beers on the hall, one-something beers ... tack em

down, paste it pound ... >thud< Nevik PS. Remember folks, drink in moderation. This skit was funnier in my head. Email #F Bidcar Greetings fellow travelers of Azeroth, Bidkar formerly living practitioner of magics, here. Last week my druid Joash dinged 80. He was well chuffed as Jeppy would say. I also picked up the epic flying for him. Flying about as a druid simply cannot be put into words. I usually do not buy epic flying since the normal flying speed seems to be adequate since Blizzard bumped it up a bit, but I love flying around as a druid. The investment is well worth it. Joash also hit exalted with the Sons of Hodir, Thunderbluff and Orgrimmar. This week my shadow priest Sagrado went from 72 to 77. I am enjoying the priest experience immensely. He's now hanging out at the Argent Tournament and starting the quests in K3 leading to the Sons of Hodir quest line. He has 450 in mining now and 426 in Engineering. You may have been able to surmise that my fervor for Wrath has been rekindled. I think I must have been burned out on Wrath and just needed the break that RAF provided. I feel sorry for Blizzard that they need to cater to such a fickle customer. I have not done much on my Winterhoof and Jub Jub toons. I did finally pick up flying on my paladin and mage. on Winterhoof. I transferred gold over from all the other toons and sold everything that was not tied down. I am planning on going over to level them once Sagrado hits 80. The pair can then play "sugar daddy and mama" for the rest of the toons on the server. For the Horde and For the Alliance, Bidkar and his numerous alts Shout Outs & Thank You MoMoMoments Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and have had a great week. This past week I was able to play some more, well more than the past week or month. I was actually able to join this raid group I was in, a mix of current and old guildies. Tuesday we went through the beginning part of ICC 10 real fast. Let me tell you the 30% buff definitely helped a lot. I would like to ask you all, what do you think of the buff Blizzard puts out for raids like ICC? Do you think it takes away from the experience or is it good for majority of the people? At this point I dont mind it as we still cannot finish it :( So yes on Thursday we picked up on the Blood Queen but just could not down the dragon before the Lich King. But we will try and try again. It is a fun experience if you can check it out. I still have fun leveling and still have so many characters to level like all of you. My druid/mage combo is still stuck at 72. I will have to move my lock to make room for my goblin, I really want to make a goblin hunter engineer, for me there is nothing better. BUT what about a holy tauren priest!? Holycow! :) Well that is all I have for this week. I may try to sneak into Comicon this weekend even though I dont have tickets and I would like to see Inception, looks great. Have a great weekend and coming week everyone and be prepared for the expansion as I believe it will be here by october 4th, because I have the week after off so that will allow me to play all week :) Take care -- Mo iTunes Reviews Au
From Ctrl Alt WoW - The Podcast...

From Ctrl Alt WoW - The Podcast...

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