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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 177 -And The Winners Are

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Trying to get Shaasha to Outland to ride her rocket. Dual & Triple boxed in BRD Blackspire & Strat & Scholo . Kept a pally at the front door. Loving my bike. Took Valeena for a ride.
Aprillian & Vrishna
Randoms with 20 something

Actually getting to the point where monoboxing FEELS WEIRD ! Aprillian needed one of my level 50ish toons to get the raf credit so I found myself playing only one toon. Never thought dualboxing would come to be the norm for me. 3 more days of raf for us. We’ll let you know next week if we distributed our levels properly
Wow, is it hard to keep the xp even whilst dual boxing. Here’s a salute to eljeppy. I TRIED, I REALLY TRIED ! The divergence is inexplicable. Don’t know how they first got off track. Second time I noticed, one toon died and the other was still fighting for it’s life, and while trying to run the other toon back, the xp was not shared. And a couple of times I forgot to group first reulting in minor deviations in their xp. Well all in all, it’s work. Someday, I’ll get it right. So I had to ungroup, deal with the spirit healer debuff, and work in aout 2000 xp to bring them back to within 50 xp of eachother. WHEW !!

Been doing all the quests on Bloodmyst Isle. Got ALL the way to the top of the Vector Coil escort quest and had my first death in the process of an escort. Actually got back before whatshisname died and almost pulled ouy a heal to finish, but alas, no. Gonna try that one again later today !


Raiding - Crazy Train : Getting Sindy into the low 20’s but being beaten by the lag boss. Reset and clearing again, which scored me new tanking bracers off Saurfang and a new dps waist off Rotface

Raiding - DwP - Made out VERY well on Jekle again this week. Did the Gunship fight in Heroic mode (won dagger - Midnight Sun), Saurfang ( won head piece ), Festergut (new ring), Rotface, Putricide and got the
Achievement [The Plagueworks]. Blood Princes (Heartsick Mender's Cape)
We oneshot Dreamwalker despite me not focusing and missing the first portal and just healing the raid. (Ssssh, don’t tell Solador)
Ruby Sanctum - won *leather* gloves - changling gloves - i258

Raiding - Weekly - Flame Leviathon in 36 seconds on Jekle/Ano

- Levelled the last 10 points in Blacksmithing - an expensive 30 titansteel bars
- Oracles report - Pud got 2nd drake
- Levelling mage the old fashioned way in STV, - randomed into Razorfen Downs
- Some more heroics on Ano for gear (still lots of greens, despite being def capped)
- Running normals on Pud to help level Molly & Vyv - nice to relax and run when overgeared.
- Not a lot of beta time - had to re-download the whole game - 15GB ; they are testing out a new feature where you can start to play before the whole patch is downloaded.



Email #1 Nightlion
Hi Java!

If you are reading this before doing this weeks show then please ignore my other email from last week. I was so happy this week to hear Aprilian read my short story. You did a wonderful job and was pritty close in prenouning my palidan's name. It is prenouns Hoh-tar-ro and it is a Japanese name that means Firefly. But please don't feel bad... when guilds or anyone try to say my palidains name for the 1st time they either bucher it or just call me pally so I'm the one who prenouns it. Though I just found out that half the time I prenoun it wrong by saying Hot-tar-oo (thank you to the english dubbing of Sailor Moon and Dot Hack). But anyways I digress...

This week I started playing my draenei hunter more than I did last week. He is almost level 79 so I have to start thinking about a raiding spec and gear that he will need. I also need to think about leveling his JC again but I haven't been available during the good hours to mine for titanium so everything has been at a stand still. I'm think of just making the Icy Prisms until I hit 450 but I have noticed a few rings and a trinket that would look nice on him so I guess I'll make those 1st. Also while I'm thinking about it, I just want you to give a quick shout out to two Hordies that helped me complete a quest, Solomash and Acin. I had died from one of the eliete mobs out in Sholizar Basin. When I had recovered my corspe I saw those two Hordies take out elite guy (I really wish I remembered what the mob's name was... I guess he isn't really that important). I decided to help them out after they pull him already and when they were done they waited for the eliete mob to respawn then helped me take him down. You two are so nice for doing that thank you. Anyways, back to my week....

My druid, Nightlion, didn't get to raid this week mostly because I was hanging out with RL friends. She did however work a little bit on her leather working since I had to make a few pieces for my Hunter to wear when he hit level 80.

My paladin, Hotaru, raided last night and will hopefully get to continue the push into 10 man ICC. Surprisingly, my pally isn't a Kingslayer nor have I ever seen the Lich King before on any of my toons (as a boss anyways...). But I know so much about the fights from listening to Ashayo discribe the fights and my own research on the side. One day when the servers were down, I spent hours watching every fight video in ICC 10 and 25 man as well as ToC 10 and 25 man videos on So I feel as I know too much about the fights for my own good. Though it is rule number one for a creative writer to have his or her facts straight before writing something in a story. If I has said that the Lich King has a flower for a sword someone would have called me out on that. :) so I guess I need to come to the realization that I know too much and that I need to sign up for WoW altaholics anoymous... but then again I don't think I have a problem do I?... I'm just a curious fellow.

Anyways back to my pally, Hotaru also got a new shield from Regular Pit of Saron. For any newly level 80 healing pally or shammy the regular pit of saron will drop a shield for you on the final boss that is better than the badge one. Just a tip for everyone thats out there. After that, me and my four guild mates that were with me just started running dugeons trying to help fill out some slots on my paly's gear and the dk's gear that is in my guild and was tanking for us. We would pug an extra slot in the regulars even though I think we could have taken the dungeon down all on our own. Hopefully we made a few people happy with some nice fat loots.

So I has one question before I go. A,ayo can you share with me some helpful tips for taking down either Rotface or Dreamwalker. As I said before my guild hasn't down the Lich King yet and what stands in our way of progression is both of those bosses. We are working on both but maybe you can help us make things easier. We are close to killing both those bosses but the crap hits the fan about 20% left on both those bosses so I wonder if there is a way to pull out alittle more dps to simplify the fights to make them both easier...

Just so you know our set up for the raid is:
Tanks: 2 paladins
Healers: shammy, druid, pally
Dps: Warlock, 2 Hunters, Priest, and either a Balance druid or a dk/pally
Pets: Imp, Cat, Wolf

So what do you think? If anyone else has any ideas feel free to throw them out there. Any help is appreciated.

Anyways, keep of the good work and good luck questing inside and outside of the game this week.
Nightlion- Undermine U.S.

P.S. Since my other email is being ignored, hopefully, I just writing the p.s. for fun :p
P.P.S. Wait I accually have something... all those who like creative writing, Blizzard is holding a creative writing contest. 1st place prize is a Frostmourne replica... can't pass that up... oh yeah and you get to meet the story writers at Blizzard too... though I think the sword is way cool.

Email #A - Big Blue Dragon
Hello Almighty Hosts of Ctrl Alt Wow!

I am very happy to take this time to write in to the show. A lot has happened since the last e-mail: I've graduated from my local community college and now am enrolled in the University of Arizona (Woohoo, one hurdle down, a ton more to go!) I've taken in two little kittens: one paralyzed by a dog and the other starved. They're both coming along quite well and hope to find homes for them soon. So, it is summer and like I said last time almost every spare minute I have is spent in wow.

I of course RAF'd myself into a neat rocket mount. I gave it to my druid main. I know, I know, he has epic flight form. "Why give it to him?" You might say. Well, because I want to level this toon with my brother in Cataclysm. He's level 80 and has epic flying too, but nothing beats being able to give a buddy or brother a ride, Right? Only thing better would be if the passenger were allowed to dps. Especially if they could use a rocket mounted machine gun. He he he, I think I would pay for that. "Starting strafing run on Orgrimmar, fire at will!" Anyway... he he he.

I've leveled a pair of RAF toons to 60, warrior and druid. Then I gifted myself a level 60 mage and 55 priest with the levels I earned. I feel a little dirty doing that, but a good kind of dirty. :D I'm working on a pair of shammys now, and finding out that spamming the same spells is a lot easier than running two different classes and managing two rotations. I hope to get those to 60 before summer break ends.

I've also spent a lot of time gearing up my main toons, I've managed to get the druid to a GS of 5400 and the hunter to 5000. I just grind dungeons and do the weekly raid quest when possible. This of course bores me to tears, so I've had to add a new carrot to the stick: I'm trying to collect all of the heirloom items. It's kinda fun, but takes away from gearing the main toons. It is nice, however, to see all my alts in awesome looking heirloom gear at the character select screen.

Okay, two quick stories before I go. The first one involves a pet to go along with the current contest (Don't want to enter, just want to share for fun!) It was in vanilla wow. The friends that got me into the game decided to take me on a pitty run through uldaman. They were level 60 end game raiders and I was only 40 or so. We were breezing through the content pretty quickly. When we got to the hallway before the last boss, we took a quick break to do something, I can't remember. Well my pet, a black haired boar named Linda, had other plans. She decided to take off down the halfway and explore on her own. I can remember it happening in slow motion: linda slowly running to the nearest mob, me shouting "Noooooooo!" as she takes a bite of the stone guardians leg. That of course aggros the entire hallway. We die an amazing death, all the while laughing our butts off. Damn. That. Linda. I'll remember that as one of the best moments I spent with my online pals. They don't play anymore, and I do miss them. Next is a quick adventure with my rocket mount.

I was kidnapping my brother in the rocket after a wintergrasp battle. I wanted to take him to sholazar and he wanted stay and attack the horde hut. He decided that he was going to jump out of the rocket before we left the zone, right onto the mountain on the edge of it in fact. He he he, well he didn't time his jump right and missed the edge entirely. Instead of landing on the mountain, he slid all the way down into the basin and landed flat on his dwarven face. Luckily, I noticed his maneuver and was able to follow him all the way down and watch him splat on the floor. Again, laughs had by all.

Alright, that’s it for now. Thank you all again so so much for all your hard work on the podcast, I really do appreciate it. Out of all the ones I listen to, Ctrl Alt Wow is still the one I look forward to the most.

Lots of love and bearhugs,

Big Blue Dragon

Email #2 from Gufoni

Just listening to the latest show - those Valkyr don't come from the
Beasts of Northrend trinket. That trinket actually transforms its user
into various shapes. What you've been seeing is a staff called
Nibelung, which drops off 25-man Lady Deathwhisper. I would sell my
soul for it, because it looks sooooooo cool. :)


Email #3 - Mørpheus
Recruit A Friend
Hi All,

Up until a few episodes ago I was bummed. I subscribed to your podcast in January. In February iTunes stopped downloading your podcasts. It normally automatically updates. I thought since it was not downloading more podcasts that you folks decided to take a break. Well a few episodes ago I was browsing iTunes and to my most amazing surprise discovered your podcast again with a different logo. I was very happy and quickly downloaded the most recent episode. You 4 rock and keep up the most awesome work!

Anywho, for a while I have been wanting to do recruit a friend so I can get the rocket but I just cannot find anyone who wants to play WoW for the first time or wants to have a 2nd account. I can't talk myself into having a 2nd account. It would be like I was paying for the rocket itself. And I told myself when I began playing WoW that I would only invest $15 per month and no more as you all know how easy it can be to spend money in this game, right Aprillian :)

I heard you were wanting to do recruit a friend again. I wasn't not sure if you were wanting that rocket as well. If not and you just wanted the triple xp then I'm down. I can send you the recruit a friend invite and we can start. I'm on the Thorium Brotherhood realm which is a RP server. I've never RP'd and I think most people don't on my server but it is a very helpful server. My guild is amazing! I am on the Alliance side, 80 gnome Arcane Mage. I love my mage! He rocks! I am a huge mount collector and having the rocket would be a fantastic addition to my collection. If you rather not do recruit a friend with me, do you know anyone including the listeners that would like to do it? My mage's name is Mørpheus. Yes that is a funky zero and I own a Mac so I have no idea how to do that on Windows. For a Mac it is "alt" + "o".

Thank you for your time and I hope you have many more rockin' adventures in WoW.



80 Arcane Mage on the Thorium Brotherhood Realm

Email #4 Ruker
Still Horde

Hello control alt wow crew. Life is good on the jellybean realm. Even though Horde is new to me, my troll priest Rucker is now level 16. I became a skinner and miner to earn a living. After having constant bag storage problems, I decided to make a bank alt. I created Oneone, an undead warrior. The name Eleven was taken. I have always wanted a toon named after a number. Oneone left the undead starting zone and somehow hit a portal to Silvermoon. Such a nice blood elf city, and I have it all to myself. I gathered up stacks of ore, leather, and cloth to sell at auction only to realize that you need money to post an auction. Just a minor setback, I run into facepalm situations in WoW often. Back to my priest Rucker, I took an air boat ride to Stranglethorn. It appeared that I tripped getting off the boat and I died. Upon further investigation, the combat log showed that a paladin hammer to the forehead was the fatal blow. Welcome to a PVP server. So I have not given up yet, I am pushing on with my squishy priest. I am still seeking the pants to wear on my head. Thanks for the awesome podcast.
Ruker Dwarf priest
Rucker Troll priest

Email #5 Tranith
G'day blokes and shiela of the C.A.W crew,

Bonza poddy! Strewth I chuckle me tits off weekly. Fair dinkum ripper cast!

Now to speak English. I'm writing for two reasons. Firstly, I'd love to make an alt and join you on winterhoof but am not a Twitter user. So hopefully this email will suffice.

Secondly last weeks Mo Mo Mo Moments from Mo brought up an issue that is my major pet peeve in Warcraft. The use of meters, in particular healing meters. They are meaningless. Heal meters do not take into account absorbs so disc priests, and other "shield" based healers, always look like they are being slack. Yes there is an additional component of recount (guessed absorbs) but it is not accurate. By the way I play a disc priest and am fortunate to run with an awesome an informed raid team (crazy train) in the POH guild. The misuse of heal meters is the reason I stopped running pug raids as some fools look at the heal meters the same way they look at dps meters. That's just plain wrong. Healing is judged by people being alive, boss being dead without running out mana.

/end rant.

Ahhh much better. Anger subsiding. Blood pressure falling. Pulse slowing.

Love your work guys and hopefully see you on winterhoof.

Tranith, disc priest.

Sent from my iPhone

Email #6 Lunardevil
Dear Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Vrishna,

I love your podcast. I haven't watched that many though. I started watching your podcast on episode 174. And ever since i have just enjoyed all of the rest. Anyway I had a question and I would be so happy if I could get some answers from you. I'm no noob. just wanted to let you know that. My question has to deal with being a tank and i have the basics down but i need to figure out what I need to build up on, because I have died way too many times as a tank. What is some things I need to do to build my level 80 Draenai Blood Death Knight to make him an ok tank? I have done ok on plenty of dungeons but there is no way I am going to become a better tank overnight, unless I stay up all night doing dungeons.Well, enough about that, I just wanted to say that I love you guys and I think you guys are the bomb. But I have to say Ashayo is my favorite. Keep up the awesome podcasts.

From Lunardevil, Nightdevil, and Nightjumper

Email #B from Bob

It was very painful.

Email #7 Evilpurger

Hello all,

it's been at least a dozen or two moons since I wrote last. In fact, the last time I wrote it was to thank Aprillian for the wonderful prize of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion collector's ed. (minus the game - which I already had anyway.) I believe it was the second prize that week. I am still using the mouse pad from that even now so thank you again.

I'm still here and still playing and still listening! I now have a few 80s including the Gnome mage (Amaging) that I used for my name when writing in last, a human priest, and a Draenei Paladin. Currently I'm leveling a Night Elf hunter at 66 and another Gnome, this time a rogue at 45. I have quite a few other alts like the rest of us but they tend to stay behind the scenes a bit more.

I still have never been in a raid outside of Wintergrasp. I have never stepped foot into an arena. Heck, I've never even been in a ten man. The guild I'm in is the same guild I joined 3 months after WoW's launch and we still only have 8 active members. It works for me though. My computer is ancient in tech terms (probably almost 6 years old) so I can't multi-box and I've never done a RAF before. I won't even be able to fit Cataclysm on my computer unless I buy an external hard drive. It's sad.

Changing jobs in this economy was a poor choice and my hours at work have been severely diminished leaving me with a kind of bohemian lifestyle. This has afforded me a lot more time to play WoW now, until about mid-August. I'm enjoying the kind of game play time that I've never experienced before and have been able to see things I hadn't expected too. It's good to find the positive in all situations!

I love how your show has evolved and although I miss Glanthur (Glanther?) I do enjoy the multi-national approach to CtrlAltWow now. As I was listening to this week's podcast I was thinking that your show could use a slight trim on the time - it was literally less than 10 seconds later that you read an email mentioning that someone commented they were happy with the length of the show. It goes to show, that you can't please everyone.

Other than that, please keep up with all the great ideas and commentary. I know this isn't a popular sentiment on this show but here is Evilpurger on Khaz Modan signing off, for the Alliance.


Email #C - Inacan

Hello C A W crew,

Thank you for selecting my email last week. I would like the in game pet please.
Last week must have been my lucky week all the way around.

I was able to farm 2 of the captured firefly pets between random runs. They sell for 2500 gold each on my server and the drop rate is 1 in 1500 so two in a week with a total of about 40 minutes farm time is insanely lucky.

Thank you again for the pet prize!!

May all your hits be crits,

Inacan for the Horde
Anub' Arak Server

Email #D - Makiling

Hay ctrl alt wow crew, makiling here

I just listened to your latest episode, and after hearing all the pet stories I became nostalgic of my pets and the stories behind how I got them. I also remember when and how I got my first vanity pet, it was the pig from childrens week, and the next pet I got was the dragon from the olympics a few years ago.

But I'm here to tell you about a friend of mine whom I met in game a few years ago. We ran her thru dungeons back when we were getting old world achievements, but she stopped playing after 6months. She came back to the game a few weeks ago and she wanted to start fresh in a different realm from her old toons. She started a bllod elf mage, and I joined her as a blood elf pally. Aprillian always mentions how great a combo the mage pally duo is, and it really is a good combo. The random dungeon finder is a new thing for her, and so we chain ran randoms, and now our toons are lvl 22.

Her goal is to get to 80 before the new expansion. And I hope I can be there to help her out.

That's it from me for now. Keep up the good work, and I hope jeppy has good health in all his days. For the horde!

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld

Email #E Leralond

Hi ctrl alt wow team,

i just mailed you from the blizzard store site 2 codes.
1 is for game time. code xxxxxxx

and the other is for lil KT. code xxxxxx
i hope they arrived allright.
Do with them as you wish.

Both codes are for european realms since i only have an european account.

i was glad to hear that you have other european fans besides me.

Leralond of the Evil Wabbits guild on Azjol-nerub EU

ps: since a couple of shows you actually dont deserve these presents anymore, (with all that bunny killing) but thats for later.
i will mail you about that part later.

Email #F from Bidkar

Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna,

Bidkar, manipulator of Frost and Fire here. I have some exciting news! I opened my third Oracles egg on my paladin Jehi and I got the Reins of the Green Protodrake! I could hardly believe my eyes. I was gobsmacked. I always wanted a reason to use that word since I heard it on "Cash in the Attic". Thank you random number generator. I do not have epic flying on my paladin, but I will be purchasing it right after I get done writing you fine folk.

My priest Sagrado dinged 80 last week. Once again, he was well chuffed as Jeppy is wont to say. He started the Argent Tournament and is exalted with the Undercity. Admittedly, he did not have far to go since he is undead, but exalted with anybody is always a bit of a thrill. He's still 426 on his engineering, I'll probably take care of that next week., I just need to build up a bit of saronite.

Joash the druid got 5 King's Amber off of 1 transmute. Probably for other people, this is rather mundane, but I always get a kick out of the extra gems I sometimes get from the transmute. His best transmute was 6 Cardinal Ruby, I don't think that will happen again. Joash picked up exalted with Orgrimmar and now proudly rides about on a wolf. I surely do love the wolf mount.

I started leveling my death knight Altheah again. I took her to Ebon Hold and did fixed her talents. I kept her as Unholy, but spent my points a bit more wisely this time. Since then, she has been much easier to play. Probably will never be my favorite toon, but it's fun to play once in awhile. She went from 72 to 74. A comical note for you - I do not have the plate heirlooms so I just stuck the leather heirlooms on her that I wasn't currently using on any toons. I just stay away from other people and when I group up I just switch to the regular armor I keep on her. I would be embarrassed if anyone noticed what I was doing. I just want the 20 percent xp gain.

My Winterhoof toons, Alehta and Bidcar are doing fairly well. They are both 69 and questing happily in Borean Tundra. I am really enjoying the Alliance quests and have a great time there. I leveled my tailoring to the Northrend level. I am perfectly happy with the netherweave bag, but frostweave bags are nice too. I generally find the more bag space one has, the more junk one carries about with them.

For some reason, when I was out in Terokar Forest and out by Auchindoun, people kept wanting to group with me and quest together. I don't really like doing that since it messes up my dual boxing. I am not coordinated enough to have a third person I am not controlling in the mix. I felt bad, but they were not looking for help with a specific quest so I just turned them down. Just a bit of confession to cleanse the soul. I did feel bad about turning them down. I never do turn down helping others, but like I said, when I am dual boxing, I just can't do it.

I think that's it for this week. I hope Jeppy is feeling more peppy and things are going well for the rest of you.

I really enjoyed the pet story contest and all the audio submissions you have been getting. I was surprised when I heard Acaldra;s voice. I guess I just assumed he was an Aussie because he's on Twitter when the Aussie crew is on.

Have a great week everybody!

Bidkar and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well and had a great week.
I had a slow wow week once again but I was able to get in and get dailies done a few times this week and level my druid mage some more.
Nothing to exciting to report from wow adventures except for the fun cool news that some of my friends and old old old guildmates are back on wow, slowly but they are back.

I started playing wow just after it came out, so what is that November of 05 wow was released? A friend and actually he was also a coworker of mine back in Chicago when we worked in the ER, that is the emergency room :)
He pulled me into this wonderful game in the beginning of 06 (my years may be off because it has been so long!) and I have kept playing where he has not. After I picked up the game and started learning the hard way on pvp server Balanzzar, horde side of course. I started a guild names Uptown Tavern, which is a real tavern in the western Chicago burbs. We grew the guild to about 350 members at its max and we were mainly a leveling fun guild. I did not want to raid and just wanted to have fun. We made some friends with people we helped level and watched people get to 60 and leave onto greated raid pastures I guess :) I was fine with that because many of the good people still stayed in touch with us.
Many people like my friend are in school or in the military so they have been on long, I mean long breaks. So my friend coming back to wow, he has not played a min of Wrath!
So I think it will be fun to get back to the beginning and level with old friends.

Have any of your had any friends come back to wow or are going to come back to wow for Cat.?

Also I would love to join your new guild on Winterhoof but just one question, I hear its part of the alliance so am I allowed to join? And is it real cold in Winterhoof?

Just want to prepared. :)

Well that is all I have for this week, thank you as always and thank you to the emailers, you do have many many great emailers.

Have a great week.

Oh dont forget Madden 11 is coming out Tuesday so get some football time in! :)


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