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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 192 - Cataclysm Day One

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 192 -

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator. - CAW iPhone 4 Clear Case - CAW Christmas Ornaments

What We've Been Doing:


Hunter Trainer in Crossroads?
Deviate hides are lootable for everyone
Torn between getting my warlocks to 42
Monday morning, wow, IF is deserted
Maps inside the instances!!!!!!
Anyone can use the AH in Dal!!
Running my Level 36 warlock on WH through Uldaman with my level 68 Pally
Wasn't getting gnome rep, but then Tues evening started getting it.
Leaving my mages and some of my toons hearthed in dal
RAF summoning reduced to 30mins

And CATA drops

Can fly a non cata account in a rocket in old world
love the duality of worgen create screen

Horde on Winterhoof
Aprillian & Vrishna

Day & a half to download new client .... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH !!!!!!




Email #1

Heya folks:

Do you guys know about this addon called Altaholic? It's for tracking everything about all your alts. I haven't heard you talk about anything like it but it sure sounds like something you could all use. Here's a link:


Email #2 Audio

So I got into playing again, then recorded this. Hope you enjoy :)

2 side-notes:
1. Smack Vrishna (I sure hope that's spelled right) less. I cringe every time I hear that sound.
2. I heard on one of the shows that I listened to that you missed me. Awwwwwww.... I feel so loved :D

See ya soon!
80 Boomkin
Earthen Ring

Email #B from Kurly

Good afternoon all. I know its been a while and I am most apologetic. My job stinks and Its been really busy and I let myself get dragged down into the yuck. Anywho, I hope you have all been having a great time post Sundering. I know that I have....maybe too much. I created an undead female hunter and got her invited into the GLBT guild "The Spreading Taint" and I am very excited to meet and run with all of those wonderful folks. My own personal Horde guild, Living Dead Gurls, is now packed (minus a goblin) with the addition of a Troll Druid, and Tauren Priest and Paladin.....HOOORAY
I created a Gnome Priest for CAW, and have had so much fun leveling her as well. I cant say enough good things about this WOW. I have been taking flight points at the northern most part of each contient all the way down to the south. Its a great way to see all of the new stuff!!

I found out this morning that Gilneas is open for business. I sent my level 80 hunter down there looking for new pets to tame and saw that not only is the gate open...but....but....oh shucks...I wont tell...go and see for yourself!!


Email #2 from Eatchu

Just a quick email to say, your show has very quickly become a favourite of mine. I love the fact that your podcast is so conversational, in that it feels like I’m sitting down as part of a conversation rather than have someone speak at me for an hour or so. You are one of the many wow podcast’s I listen to (Tv in Australia is useless, and books can be very expensive) while I play, but I always look forward to a new CAW (omg did Jeppy just a get new vauxhall) more than the rest.

Yours Truly
Eatchu, Warlock of Barthilias

(Oh, if any words are simply missing, my main window keeps losing focus so it’s more than likely Bill’s fault)

Email #3 Xenfoo

What thuh?
Hey there C.A.W crew! So what are your feelings of the pre-event for Cataclysm? It's over already, man I feel it was really a let down as a whole. The attacks were interesting but just didn't feel as epic as they could have been. All of the elementals that spawned through the world were fun for a few run-ins but as a whole just didn't feel as complete as the Wrath or BS pre-event. Also I would think that the whole "Shattering" thing with the world that happened with 4.0.3a they would release Deathwing upon us and have him flying through the world at that time, give some significance to the extreme damage and not just have a switch flipped and wham it's destruction. What would have been cool would be to have Deathwing now fly randomly over zones, randomly clearing areas out, as well as maybe some random world elites for 5 to 10 people groups that spawned in random zones. Include like they did with the world map for the Wrath invasion thingy an icon would show where the elites currently are. I just feel it wasn't so thought out... I don't know maybe it's just me :)

Well I've been busy and have been leveling a new Blood Elf mage and should be level 70 by the time the next show is released. I started this Mage shortly before the whole Cataclysm events began. I tell you I love leveling with the heirloom chest and shoulders in combination with dungeons. I have basically leveled this toon by running the LFG and then a quest or 2 before the next LFG was set to go. It's an insane way to level fast. Now on all my other toons I have strictly leveled by questing but I've seen all of the quests so many times I just couldn't do it again. I've seen more old world and BC dungeons on this toon than any other toon I've leveled. Oh and can I exclaim, why have I never leveled a mage before I love this class. Nuke'm high I say :) 5yrs of playing and just now started a mage :)

Well guys I now have another member of my stable of alts, now I'm at 8 80's

Thymr - Resto/Ele Shaman (Alliance)
Themisto - Unholy DK (Alliance)
Damaros - Marks/Surv Hunter (Horde)
Elunastron - Fury/Prot Warrior (Horde)
Elunadin - Ret/Holy Paladin (Horde)
Elunadeath - Unholy DK (Horde)
Elunalim - Aff/Destro Warlock (Horde)
Deathheal - Holy/Shadow Priest (Horde)

Soon to add Xenfoo Fire/Frost Mage (Horde)

And numerous low level goof offs... guys do I have a problem? And all of these are from someone with 2 kids and a wife. ;-)

Take care guys.. and have fun in Cataclysm

-Xenfoo (my current main, till I level my worgen MAGE hehehe)

Email #4 from Nabboo

Hi Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy

Sorry about this but nabboo here yet again as you can see i missed one person out as she left the room as my email was read last week, (Bad Aprillian) when i got home i almost deleted my lvl 60 mage aprillian grrrrr, but then i forgave her how can you stay mad at a voice like that,
Anyway last week i wrote into the show a little too early and didnt explain how fudged up.
Well the night before the new patch i was doing quests in searing gorge i did about 20 quests and couldnt be bothered to hand them all in so i said to myself i will wait till tommorrow, BIG mistake as when i loged in my quest logs were empty gutted, luckily pilgrams bounty was going and managed to get a good chunk of xp of that. Then one night i was on my new set of druids at 44 now and was in the LFD queue for 1 hour before i got in, then when i got in the tank left and the group slowly fizzled away i was mad so i thought how hard can dual boxing a tank and healer together? i then respecced my main toon to the bear and the other toon to a healer (all i know how to play is it balance the range dps spec) any ways i clicked lfd and got into a dungeon instantly sweeeeeet :d my tanking buttons were 1-6 and healing 7 to +
i charged in and lasted a whole 3 seconds before i died i left grp:( i think one of the main reasons was my druid was in all cloth intellect gear i forgot druids cn wear leather) so i then bought leather gear and went tank dps and everything went great not 1 wipe. Also would like to thank again for the shout out to my girlfriend almost slipped up and let the podcast play a lil too long luckily i stopped it in time :D
So just wanted you to know how my week was going so far Keep up the great show guys
Nabboo Hellfire EU
P.S still having trouble with pronouncing tribalh it sounds like tribalhaitch tribalH
PPS sorry for been mad at u aprillian :D
LOve YoU GuYS ByEeeeee

Email #5 from McFluffy

the mining pick is greater than the sword...hopefully

Hey all,

so before i get started let it be known that I never recieved a beta invite on any of my accounts. theres a whole different 'one of us' going on here, and because theres so few of us it just makes us all that more special!

anyway... What has Mcfluffy and his various alts been doing of late? Well our guild has been going into raid overdrive trying to get everyone that wants it the Kingslayer title, probably got it for around 30 guildies in the past month. Then there has been the distraction the Auction House, my futile efforts to sustain the high prices on glyphs has wasted a lot of time and reaped little reward.

These two factors combined has limited my levelling time significantly with only my deathknight Doomflower advancing at all as he struggles towards 80. So sadly not much altaholic behaviour to report.

I have however hatched a plan for my next RAF which I will set up when Cataclysm arrives. Its probably a daft idea but im looking forward to it greatly and this is how it goes -

2 characters, one for fighting, one for gathering.The objective will be to do as much leveling as possible just through the gathering proffesions with the gathering character having to do as little fighting as possible and the other character doing bodyguard duties. So basically I want to level as a pacifist. Any thoughts on just how dumb an idea this is?

keep up the good work,

Mcfluffy (Saurfang EU)

Email #6 from Grim

G'day everyone!

I'm just writing to let you know that the goal you all inspired some months ago has finally been realised...

I now have an level 80 toon of each class to play with :-)

Even though I can't raid I have had fun getting to know a bit about all the classes while, in true CtrlAltWOW fashion, covering all the professions at the same time.

Thanks goes to all four of you for keeping the journey fun,

- Grim.

Email #C from our fav Wow Couple
Hey CAW crew!

Iceflow and Caoboi here to tell you what we've been up to in the last two weeks. Since we were traveling last weekend I neglected to send you an email and this is why this one is so long. I did promise you a Jeppy sized email Aprillian and I'm not sure if it's Jeppy sized but I'll do my best.

Our alts made sure to shoot turkeys and run from city to city cooking up a storm. I truly do love Pilgrim's Bounty.

We've been logging onto our various toons to get the 6th anniversary feat of strength. Yes it would have been nice to get a pet with it but I'm not being too greedy.

Now for the big news: Caoboi's warrior and my shaman hit 80 last Saturday after we got back from out of town. *cheer* We immediately hit the heroic dungeons and I realized how much of a blast I was having on my enhancement shaman. If I wasn't so committed to Iceflow, I would change it to my main. Our raid group has a lot of alts they've been working on so we decided to take our ragtag group into ICC on Tuesday. We cleared up through the Blood Princes on Tuesday with a minimal amount of trouble and I managed to get some nice gear. On Friday, we cleared up through Sindragosa which I think is good for our first time in ICC. It was kind of sad because I knew that's the last time I would go into ICC for a long time.

We are gearing up for the expansion and I get more and more excited with each passing day. We will be picking up our Collector's Editions of Cataclysm at midnight and will be ready to play at 3 am. Do you think buying adult diapers would be too much of a stretch? ;)

Well I hope you all have an awesome cataclysm launch and I'll be looking for updates on Twitter.

For the horde!

Iceflow and Caoboi

Email #D from Bidcar the Mage

Hello El Jeppy, Ashayo, Vrishna and Aprillian

Bidcar, level 80 mage on Winterhoof. The past few week I leveled Bidcar on Winterhoof to 80 and moved his Herbalism to 450 and Skinning to 390. I like the side effects of those two professions. They seem well suited to a mage.

Sorry I left out Vrishna's name in my last email. I would like to say that I was prescient and was able to predict him going to bed early, but alas, no. I usually do these emails when I am very tired and just forgot to paste his name in. I doubt that you notice, but I like to sometimes arrange your names in different orders according to different criteria. This week I used shoe size. I like to put patterns in everything and try to see the patterns in everything. Just throw that onto your pile of weird Bidkarisms.

I was disappointed in the Elemental Invasion a bit. I think I would have liked it okay if Blizzard didn't say "it would blow my mind". I expected something more interactive and unpredictable like the Zombie Invasion or the Corrupted Blood Incident. I've been thinking about it, the Elemental Invasion was as good as a holiday event, but not an expansion pack event. I think I expected and have been expecting more than the game can provide. A good example of this is when the players first when into Ice Crown, I thought that Blizzard would have Arthas making random counter attacks in Dalaran. Also, when the Valkyrie come to the Argent Tournament, they would actually attack players. I fly too high in my imaginations and the thud of the reality was a bit hard on me this time.

I think Blizzard also thinks I am a gold farmer or something because they wouldn't sell me the $5 WoW. I tried since day one to get it and even called customer support. They told me the problem was on their end and they would fix it, but they never did. So, no dual boxing RAF all year for me. I probably need to call them again because I still can't buy anything from the store.

I am looking forward to Cataclysm. I think the expansion will make the game more alive as I have been longing for. Everybody must do a worgen, the starting area is EPIC. The storyline drew me in and kept me in.

Another idea for Juno's contest. Maybe have everyone write in with how they started playing WoW and the four of you could pick the most interesting story?

Okay, I am off to work for the second time today. Forgive my poor editing and grammar correction. This email only has a "lick and a promise" as they say.

FOR THE HORDE, for the alliance, and For the CAW

Bidkar and his many alts

Email #7 from Dimented

Hello Ctl-Alt-Wow crew Dimented here just wanted to stop bye and say that it is going to be a sad day for me come the 7th because I will probably be the only person without Cata I know it's bad as everyone around me talking about how great Cata is but then again I can't comeplain to much seeing as I did get a beta invite (Ooops sorry Aprillian :) ) but it's not to bad it was my Birthday on the 3rd. hint hint lol well time for me to go and grovle in the corner talk to you all later.

p.s sorry for the downer of an e-mail.

lvl 80 DK (with the name that must not be said
lvl 80 mage Dimented and Seng and a few other Alts
from the Pants on Head guild

Email #E from Skral

I don't know if Vrishna saw the tweet I wrote to @ctrlaltwow, but I thought I would write again to explain the cryptic license plate / underwear comment in my email last week. It was in fact another Real Genius quote. I have a million of 'em. You could choose to not read this email on the show and let the listeners keep thinking I'm completely insane by not explaining it. :)

I saw the tweet about the new For The CAW guild on Winterhoof. I will be signing up with a new character. That way I can share more Real Genius quotes with other players. Just kidding....well, mostly kidding.

No need to include me in the drawing each week, I'm happy just listening to the great show you provide each week.


Sent from my iPhone from my iBathroom

Shout Outs & Thank You
From Gary

G’day Caw crew it’s Gravenau again hopefully I am not to late to submit some audio again and for the people having trouble with my name it’s pronounced Grave n a u and when I talk about tongs in this clip I mean the kitchen type large metal or plastic type device used to grab and hold things you don’t want to touch. And remember words from a wise man you can say anything you like as long as it has either a smiley face or lol at the end of it.


Hello all,
Happy week before Cataclysm! :)
Hope everyone is doing well.
I unfortunately do not have much to report on my wow playing as, well, this week did not get a chance to play at all :(
With getting home late from work and crashing and internet going out for four hours the one night I was going to play my wow playing was severely non exiting this week.

I am hoping I can fix my wow on my laptop and have my desktop ready on launch night to get some playing time on Wednesday and Thursday as I have those 2 days off.

I hope everyone else is also ready to go and that is all from me, MO

Take care and a shout out to Nevik for his coolness in setting up some more CAW goodness in cafepress store and Juuno with her new podcast which I hope I can listen to today.

For the fans!


Shout out to Indy & Twitter

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