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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 198 - Hello, It's Called A Lance

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Drawing for Episode 197

Audio from Juuno

Sparkly Pony contest closing for Episode 200
What We've Been Doing:

Asking level 85's to buy meat for me
Flew Epril around Mt Hyjal getting the finally Uldum, beautiful
Want to get Tiiaa to 80
Got 3 80's to 81
Got AT dailies for Aspirants done on Auruk & Epril
Aprillian tried to help Epril & Auruk with the 3 Commanders and she couldn't see the town
Getting used to rested xp again
Champion's Seal in every Champion's Purse? But Commendation Writ can be used on Exalted faction to overflow to Goblin rep
Tiiaa dinged 71 just doing Archeology and cooking dailies. She's not getting xp each time she digs. She's at 91 and has over 250 fragments.

Epril gets her dailie

Aprillian & Vrishna
Met Cypher in Boston

Dailies in Grizzly Hills and the Argent Tournament
Helped me with Chillmmaw and we did the lts/Comm & Stuff

Flying to landing

Did Violet Hold and it went very well.

Tried the Obsidian Sanctum under Wyrmrest Temple. BIG MISTAKE ! But extremely funny.
Dailies dailies and more dailies ! Including the Argent Tournament ! (hence the LANCE comment) What's up with the Black Knight quest ? Got his orders and the stolen invite and then nothing ! Up to 7% , on the cusp of 8% for the first guild achievement. Auruk and Virinya together making that go up pretty fast I think for only 2 people.

Virinya hit 82 doing dailies and archaeology ! Started doing the Hodir dailies in the Storm Peaks after the Grizzly Hills dailies.

Reilana , my rogue dinged 60.

Karinya, RET Pally on my #2 acct. , got to 10 and can now do the cooking daily in Orgrimar ! Speaking of which, the snipers doin' that daily are brutal !

Alas, poor Winterhoof. Perhaps this coming week.

No Ashayo
Caoboi & Iceflow
Iceflow - finished Worgen starting area. Underwhelmed. Raiding on a regular basis. LOVING it. Farming on hunter and sending ore to prospect to Iceflow and rest to the bank. 17 on goblins in azshara. 100,000 Critters. (Secret of how it was done.)

5 not 10

Email #A from Zebestes
So here's that non-lore one. I re-recorded it and it is a little under 6 mins.

Email #B Gravenau audio

Hey peeps sorry I missed last week I was dead dog tired so I sleept when I should have recorded and now my main system has decided to play dead well it better be playing or its going to pay dearly hopefully this audio submission lives up to my normal level of skill. Sending from Gmail again due to foremention pc maybe death well I hope you all are fine and I hope my grammar has held up long enough to be read.

Email #1 from Lighthearted

Greetings JAI VAC! Okay, that acronym didn't really work, but I didn't want to leave out the guests.

I think you all are already rolling on the show, so I may be a little late with this email, but I thought I would give it a shot since your guests happen to be from my hometown and can probably pronounce Louisville correctly (at least to those of us who are from there).

It's been a super busy week, so I didn't get to play as much as I might have liked. Tomorrow is a day off, but looks like it will probably be a day off from WoW also (mostly).

Last week I was disappointed when my paladin had honored with our guild and hit 525 jc to fill in the last block on the "working together" achievement, but not be awarded it. Come to find out, as I think you all mentioned, you have to have 535 for a dranei. :( That was after I spent 2k on mats to level it to 525. So, another 2-3k later, with some help from a guildie (working together), I finally reached 535 and our guild got the achievement along with the award banner. Then I noticed I was eligible to buy heirloom cloaks and I spent the rest of my money, leaving my poor level 85 totally destitute. However, thanks to ah sales, I am back up to around 1500. I know Jeppy makes that much in less than an hour, but I'm too busy with my lower level toons.

I finally got Homd (Husband of my dreams) leveled up enough to join my Fwote (Favorite Woman on the Earth) only to realize that I was out of rested xp and she was fully rested. I guess we'll give it a couple more days. Ironically, the reason I'm having so much trouble keeping up is that my noob wife is already dual-boxing and I am struggling away monoboxing with (now) three heirloom pieces. She decided to take a few days off to let me catch up.

In the meantime, we did some questing through Outlands with our toons on an alt server where her friend plays and her highest level toon resides. Unfortunately, I don't have any heirloom gear there. I'm still debating whether it's worth it to me to switch over a low-level toon with heirloom gear, but I can't seem to justify spending the $25.

Well, I was going to mention the adventures in bgs with my kids, but my wife is ready to sign-on, so I better sign off.

For the Alliance!

Thgil, Liteharted, and the many alts.

Email #

Email #

Email #

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
hope you are doing well.
For me this week in game I just did the usual: log on my priest moheal, do a heroic (or try to) than do another random for some more justice points, do some rep quests; log in my one hunter to do jc dailies, ah some things; log in my warrior to do cooking daily. Exciting huh! :) well I have been enjoying the game as usual. my priest is up to 337 item gear level or whatever that is called. I have been able to get a few heroic gears and couple more pieces with justice points. Heroic or regular, I am still hitting some challenges as...well Forest Gump said it best: "random dungeons are like a box of chocolates (please read this in your best Forest voice :) you just dont know what kind of crappy chocolate you are going to get."
I know it has been said and will be said a million times but people are just strange. I still say why cant we all just get along, is it really that hard. I zoned in one day and it was Deadmines and I have not done that on heroics so I say that in party chat. Things are going fine until I life grip the druid as he is dying and you would think he would appreciate that! Nope...he says please dont do that again. I say to myself ok, I guess Ill just let him die next time. We move on and the different heals I have on healbot I sometimes accidently click the spell, which this time turned out to me life grip on the druid lol so he says in party chat "um ya thanks but dont yonk me, I lost threat" now I may be new to this game, I have only played for 6 or so years but since when does the dps need threat!? I tell him it was an accident calm down dude. We move on and I make a few mistakes which they make a point to point out with snide remarks :(
This was not the worse experience this week for me and yes I am going against what I said last week, I will be talking or typing about my bad experiences hope you dont mind.

At least a handful of times I get into a dungeon where the tank and dps zerg through and get mad at me for not being able to keep up. When I am not frustrated I try to compensate for other players incompetence by trying to better my skills. I took the advice of Molsan as he stated on his podcast and installed boss info addon. It basically shows boss info :) for instances and you can show it in party chat too. Not that ingenious but it helps to know what the bosses can do.

I do have to tell you my first heroic was in Shadowfang keep, which was hard but I was in a good group. Tank was being realistic and dps was helpful.

On other news, our guild is as dead as ever, there are days I log in and it is just me. At times I do envy the people that are in guilds like AIE or even guilds only 50 or 100 people in it. I do like to keep to myself at times but the game is more fun when you are interacting with others (well others that are not being idiots of course). Well I just have to deal with it.

My poor raf characters are suffering from a lack of activity. The sad part is that I dont feel bad for wasting valuable raf time. Do you think I should go see a wow Alt-doctor? :)

Hope you are all having fun in game and that is all from mo!

Take care



liteharted Thgil Liteharted @CtrlAltWoW After getting the heirloom cloak and getting w/in 1 lvl of my wife, I just realized she has nearly full rested xp. :( sigh... 12 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply »
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jasonetheridge Teo @CtrlAltWoW Chaos Orbs drop off last boss in heroic dungeons, and are used in top-end crafting recipes. Cata equivalent of Frozen Orbs. 14 Jan Favorite Retweet Reply »
jasonetheridge Teo @CtrlAltWoW @Eljeppy is right, shadowmeld does currently pop you out of your current form. A shame I don't still play my nelf druid. :(
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jasonetheridge Teo @CtrlAltWoW According to devs on last Blizzcast, Uldum is pronounced "Ul-doom". Still calling it "Ul-dum" myself. 14 Jan Favorite Retweet Reply »
Indigored_hot Indigored @jasonetheridge @ctrlaltwow My hunter is 84 1/2 and haven't set foot in one and it's not a chore! 14 Jan Favorite Retweet Reply »
jasonetheridge Teo @CtrlAltWoW You can easily go 80-85 having never stepped foot in a dungeon at 80, with your greens/blues that you got from questing to 80. 14 Jan Favorite Retweet Reply »
bogadh Bogadh @jasonetheridge @ctrlaltwow agreed. Did that with my hunter. Did intro cata quests just fine in wrath heirloom gear. 14 Jan Favorite Retweet Reply »
jasonetheridge Teo @CtrlAltWoW The gate remaining closed in UP sounds like a new, post-Cata bug. Worth putting in a ticket to ensure Blizz knows! 14 Jan Favorite Retweet Reply »
Scoon24 Rowland @CtrlAltWoW AIE Member here looking for a alliance guild to jus casually play with on a worgan ;-)

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