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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 234 - CoD dings 21 & Is Legally Able to Drink at Brewfest

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a Wow Pet or an Authenticator.
State of Ctrl Alt Wow Podcast
Gave out 3 Moonkins and a Path of Cenarius Loot card.

Loving all the contributions from Episode 233. Aprillian's dreams are realized.

Nice iTunes Review! Thanks Dreams!

Juuno's Corner

We have a Juuno Video

What We've Been Doing:


Ran Sthroholme with Elyte, Nevahoof & Darshi (Highest RAF pair). Then thanks to Jeppy, decided to go to BRD.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Went back to ER to hang with Clan of Darkness. It was fun being on the old server, but Aprillian couldn't remember where her heirlooms were. Took some 70's in to Halls of Stone

Actually did Tol Barad again ! Narrowing down on Mass Summoning ! Whoo Hoo !

Ran Coren Direbrew with Keelhaul and Clay joined us.


Had a great time with Xcronose ! We ran Halls of Stone and then Lightning !

Been doing Scholomance with my hunters. Found a vendor/repair guy on the island.


- maxed out Blacksmithing by making [Elementium Stormshield]  - niice resto pally shield

- couldn't look quest barrel
- Ram on Ashayo on 1st run - already known

- Another couple of levels from dungeons



way too long/wall of text

Hey guys. It's been a long time since I last emailed, but with all the great updates you get each week, I wanted to wait until I had something worth talking about. :)
Since Blizz announced gear customization, I have been farming Heroic Burning Crusade dungeons to piece a set together for my warrior. That project is complete and after running Heroic Ramparts many, many times I finally have my last plate item. Here is a link of my Undead Warrior in his new gear:
I can’t wait for 4.3
I decided to work on Segard my long neglected Dwarf hunter on Nevikhoof. After a couple of days I have leveled him from 10 to 32. Surprisingly quick considering I do not have any heirlooms on that server. I have been leveling by questing and mixing in the occasional dungeon and battleground. My last battleground was epic!
It was Warsong Gulch and the horde team capped the first flag. I was shocked when 1/2 of the alliance team did not disband or start complaining about how bad the alliance is in PvP. Instead my team was very horde like and pushed ahead. I managed to stop a Tauren Druid just before he was able to cap a second flag. A quick stun to slow him in the tunnel to the flag room along with my trust wolf gnawing on him was enough for me to bring him down and return the flag to our base.
Now the tide was beginning to change and we were slowing gaining some momentum. We managed to cap a flag to tie the game with 10 minutes left. An epic battle ensued and the struggle to hold the center of the field went back and forth and at least a half a dozen flags were picked up and returned by each side. The clock was ticking and even though it was tied, the team that scores first wins the battleground in the event of a tie.
Two minutes left. 

There I was with my trusty wolf in the enemy base. I just took out a rogue that was hiding near the flag and the room was empty. I decided to grab the horde flag and run as fast as I could back to our base. The horde also picked up our flag but their carrier decided to try and plow his way down the middle of the field. He was quickly taken down and our flag was returned to our base. I decided to run long the right side to avoid bloodbath at midfield.
The rogue that I killed moments ago respawned and was hot on my heels. She hit sprint and I was in aspect of the cheetah. One hit and I would be dazed! Just before she closed into range, my trusty wolf stunned her. She popped her trinket and continued to close in. My heart pounded and I swear I could see the venom dripping from her blades.
Less than a minute to go. 

I rounded the top of our base and pulled off the best jump shot I have ever attempted. Honestly I have no idea where that came from :)  My barrage smashed into her and she slowed her to a crawl. I sped along the tunnel as the few remaining seconds ticked down. I dove for the cap point and we received our second point just as time expired. Alliance Win!!!
My friends I have played this game since launch in 2004 and I have had many great times in this game. That battleground is one of my favorites! If you are bored and even if you do not have the best gear or not a fan of pvp, I urge you to level an alt and give it a go. You might surprise yourself how much you enjoy it.
-Keelhaul         -AIE
Wildkingdom - CoD
Segard - Ctrl Alt WoW on Nevikhoof

quick note about the hyjal blah blah blahs

Once you open all three vendors there is actually a guy in the first tree that will take 30 of the marks of the world tree for a bag.   Inside the bag well who knows what you may find.  I got three greens and gave up but a guildie got a pet.

Love the show, 
Mattief, Crilherin, Bhandayd, Leseig, Mieren, and enough alts to i hope make Aprillian proud:
Crîl, Crïl, Críl, Crìl, Heghaka, Fivehole, Caryatid, Boyardee, Sinthvia, Ehmoneehone, feathermee, collector, fridgidaire, xtrabank, loomtender, Aanallein, anansï, im pretty sure thats not all but names escape me.  Arygos and Jubei'thos servers.

Thanks for all ya'lls humor and recording it so we can share a bit in your fun.  *S*

Kadak submission 234

and as always  :)

It's been a long while...

Hail and well-met fellow guildmates!

It’s been a long while since I last sent a missive.  But, now I have some questions for the content guy(s)!  So, if Ashayo or Brew Dog would give me their input to a simple question, I would be thankful.

I’ve a Ret Paladin, Wolfbrother.

I’ve been pondering if I should put together a Tank spec for him and that leads me to my question:  What is the differences between a Prot Spec’d Paladin and Ret Paladin when it comes to equipment sets?  Is it that a Ret goes with the 2-handed weapon, typically, and a Prot goes Shield/1-handed weapon?  Or is there more than that to it?  The spec side of it, I can pull off of

There’s some bleak hope that I’ll get to join up with a newly forming group of Day [T]Raiders with Fireland content.  But, if life is as crazy-busy as it has been for the last ..almost 6 weeks now, it may be harder to swing than I thought it would be. :-/

So, aside from my Pally-question, I’ve recently gotten my little, now level 20, Rogue Xirkai (ZIR-kye), “Jepped In” to Clan of Darkness.  Which now means I can see whose actually online and not just those folks in the CAW channel. ;-)

Oh, and look…my game card has expired on the eve of my birthday.  Yay…go me!  Well, or not.  Well, I’m stealing time now to write this while I wait on some things to download and update, so I should get back to that.  I’ll catch y’all online, hopefully sooner than later!

“Be well…”
--Lionchild / Eranth / Wolfbrother / Xirkai

weekly cooking tip *audio submission*

Greetings CAW crew, and Virshna.

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock here

Sorry I missed you guys last week I was busy flying kites with some bunnies, and by flying kites I mean rolling bunnies into the mine field up in K3 to see how far they can fly.  Unfortunately I cant do a video segment like you requested, so here is the next best thing.  This is actual audio of me cooking bunnies.  Hope you enjoy, I know I did............LOL.  Will I get a promotion now for being an audio submitter?

Rigarmorty Audio For Episode 234

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy and the chat room!
Hope you've all had an awsome week! Attached is my audio update as usual.
For the Horde, For the Alliance and for yet another alt.

Good morning, CAW Crew

Kithore and I are very sorry that we were unable to get an audio in this week. It seems every time we had it planned to record, something else just had to get into the way. Generally, it was just life. Life tends to do that.

We hope you have been doing well, in game and out.

I (Dreams) have been working on a few things this week. I finally got up enough honor that every single piece of my armor is either Season 10 or Season 9 PvP gear. My cloak is conquest, as you heard last week. And my weapon and shield are Season 9. They didn't have Season 10 weapons and shields available for honor, so I had to drop down and get the Season 9 things. It was still nice, however, because that weapon was the last piece of gear I needed to be item level 359, and I got my "Cataclysmically Epic" achievement. This is, of course, all on my healing set.

I finally realized that I was wearing crafted PvP gear on my tank spec... that was actually DPS gear that I had reforged to have dodge. So I decided to try Paladin DPS again. I reforged the gear, yet again, to be more appropriate for DPS, and changed my spec back to Retribution. We'll see how it goes. I think I'll have to have a few brave souls willing to test some dungeons out with me to see if I can pull it off.

Both of my 85 toons only need 1 more achievement before receiving their Brewmaster title, so I can be like BrewDawg. I just need to earn those 200 tokens so I can join the Brew of the Month club, and then I'll have it. (Oh yes, and I want that pink elephant pet. So badly!)

Kithore has been getting a little more opportunity to play this week, it seems. Kithleen, his new toon, got all the way to level 20 yesterday. (Woot for no more walking!) Kithorina has been running more and more random heroics, but has been having really bad luck with groups. Something always seemed to go wrong, and people simply kept dropping, or wiping, or whining like little babies. He did finally get her through a few dungeons, however, and he was able to get a few chaos orbs - which is one of the reasons he was running the heroics. She can use them for her tailoring, so he's really liking that added dimension to heroics, since Kithore is just a gatherer, he hadn't gotten the orbs before.

His "English Class" is going incredibly well, and his students are now picking up his form of speaking "English" very quickly and fluently. Very soon, we will have a whole large group of students who speak just like Kithore!

You all have a great week, and we'll hope to see you in game.

Kithore and Dreams

Shout Outs & Thank You

Momomoments - Mofishing and mofun

Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well.
I do actually have some wow time to tell you about besides just dailies, fishing n things.

Of course I have done fishing and cooking dailies on my druid morfin and added a few more achievements for both.
I have been able to loot a few fishing poles with my fishing daily bag and one of them is names bone fishing pole which I think comes with a little aligator pet called Chuck.

I have slowly leveled my pally and shammy as well they are 73 going on 74.  I did take them to a Kara run Saturday with a couple of guildies (dreams, bango, and mr rabit aka peterrabbit)
It was fun, Kara is always fun in my opinion, even when it was the top raid in the game. 
I did go through it on my priest moheal back in the day.

I do still wish to do another raf but I think I will wait when I know I can put in good quality wow time.  I want to experience the fun of leveling on super caffeine mode.

That is all from me.
Hope everyone is ok and having fun in and out of game.
Take care,


Clan of Darkness

Thank you WolfBrother for the wonderful donation, (Talondeep Spaulders, Stonewrought Vambraces, Bluefen Wristwraps)

Broke my finger promoting over 40 Alts for Jeppy !

We have a new officer. Claypidgin has already been taking care of our guild bank and has agreed to be an officer for the guild. Let's welcome Clay !

CoD dinged 21, Have Group, Will Travel


join guild

Hi All
I am sending this e-mail for consideration of being accepted as member of the Clan of Darkness Guild. I listened to the podcast for the last year and enjoyed it alot. I was mainly attracted to the group you've assembled and the fun everyone seems to be having in the guild. I have been a player of both War Craft and the World of Warcraft for a number of years. I have leveled a number of toons. I have 4 level 85s (rogue, priest, mage and a warlock) two of which are raid ready with ilvl >360. Presently I'm leveling a Holy Pally on the earthern ring server and having a lot of fun doing that. This toon is level 65 and his name is Hard. Believe it or not this name came up on the random name generator. Since it seemed unique and short I went with it. I hope I won't regret this choice. I usually play a few hours each day. Therefore if you consider me acceptable to the guild contact me online and send an invite.
Best wishes

An update from Nexbardus of CAW and CoD

Hello CAW crew, Sorry it has been a little while since I sent in an email. I find that when I have free time I spend most of it in game at the expense of everything else. It seems like it has been awhile since Blizzard actually did scheduled maintenance on Tuesday but the servers are down today and it is the perfect opportunity to update you on what my toons have been up to lately.

First off, over on Winterhoof, my Hunter Nexbardus has leveled up to 69. I didnt spend too much time in Outlands, only leveling in Hellfire and Nagrand, and heading over to the Borean Tundra at 68. I got a lot of xp from about 58 to 68 by doing the Fishing and Cooking dailies in Darnassus and the dailies for the Frostsaber mount in Winterspring. I got the Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber after my required 20 days of dailies and it is a very cool looking mount. Also much easier quests for the alliance to get this one than for the horde to get the Venomhide Raptor mount. I also flew down to Booty Bay for Pirate Day and got the Captain's Booty achievement. Will try to send a screenshot or two but no promises on how they will turn out. Been seeing a lot more guildies over on Winterhoof lately which is great.

Over on Earthen Ring, my Shaman Nexbardus has been up to quite a bit. I just finished getting her a full set of Vicious Gladiator's PVP gear a couple days ago. I initially started out doing PVP to convert the Honor Pts to Justice Pts and gear up for PVE. I was having so much fun PVPing though that I decided to just go for a full set of PVP gear instead. I used to PVP a lot during Vanilla and BC on my Gnome Rogue Orcrist which is still stuck at level 70 on Kel'Thuzad PVP server. And I still remember spending entire Saturdays just queuing for Alterac Valley over and over again for gear. Anyway, now that I have a complete set of PVP I will start working on the PVE stuff again. I usually try to get in the Tol Barad battle every time I can and also try to win a Random Battleground every day if possible. I might even try getting back into some Heroic Dungeons eventually eventhough I haven't enjoyed them much in Cataclysm so far.

A couple days ago I finished the Molten Front Offensive and got my Flameward Hippogryph. I am still doing all the dailies in Firelands though to get the Scorchling pet. I am also still doing about 5 dailies at the Argent Tournament. I only need to get Exalted with Silvermoon at this point to open the rest of the quests. I skip the jousting quests though. I do the fishing and cooking dailies and one or two dailies at Tol Barad to finish out my 25 for each day.

I have been soloing a lot of the old dungeons initially to get cloth to raise my First Aid and also for the achievements. I leveled too fast and also have tailoring so there wasn't  enough cloth to also go towards First Aid. But I have a lot of fun soloing the dungeons so I have been doing some BC dungeons and Wrath dungeons. I haven't had any trouble soloing the Wrath dungeons even on Heroic. I also went into Karazhan for the first time ever but had trouble at the chess event as it is possible but tough to solo. Going to go back in there soon to try again. If anybody wants to run in there just let me know.

Also got Exalted with Clan of Darkness at the beginning of this past week and ran down to Booty Bay for Pirates Day yesterday. I am thinking about getting Nexbardus a Race/Sex change but not sure which race to pick. What do you all think? I am tired of her being a Goblin and she looks a little goofy now. I am thinking probably Troll or Orc but racials might be a deciding factor.

On my Druid Nexverto I am almost to level 83. I have mostly been doing Argent Tourney dailies, have them all available but I skip the jousting ones. I have been using Nexverto to get the Argent Tourney Pets for Nexbardus. Just finished getting them all a few days ago. Also did a little bit of questing in Mt. Hyjal just to get better gear. At first I couldnt solo Chillmaw but then I realized I never updated my glyphs when I respeced to Balance so fixed that problem and can solo Threat from Above now. Also killing the Kraken for the extra quest is another one of my favorites. Eventually I will get this toon to 85 and probably try some Druid healing. Some other exciting news for Nexverto is that I finally got the Reins of the Green Proto Drake to drop from the cracked egg after what seems like a couple years of trying.

Just wanted to finish by saying that I got to hear a couple of the live shows. It is quite a difference and a lot of fun to hear. See yall later, Nexbardus

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