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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 467 - Darkmoon Boondoggle

Aprillian, Tedrah, Vrishna, Marzana and guest hosts discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners.
If you want to join the conversations on the show, we have a live chatroom with in-game giveaways moderated by chatroom-chick Tedrah. We record every Saturday at 6 p.m. EST / 8 a.m. (Sun. Australia’s time), on our Ustream page!
We also have an ongoing contest. Send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altoholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

For Jeppy:
Friday night noobs will happen if we MAKE it happen ! Send an email to telling me what your availability is. I’ll coordinate, and post in the guild calendar, a time where the most of us can play !

Juuno’s delightful adventures

What We've Been Doing:


Helloooo sweeties!

Big group huggles!

Here's my audio for this week!

Take care xoxo


PS - I got myself a shiny new keyboard and OH EM GEE!!! It is pretty awesome! It has mechanical keys and lots of pretty colours! :D Not fully tested it out in WoW yet however I will hehe

PPS - Quick shout out to Fracta from AIE for being awesome! Gave me a new shiny pet - Seaborne Spore!! It was a very sweet gesture and big thanks to him!

Be Careful - Duskwood can be tricky
Leeta yeah


Screenshot 2016-04-10 18.40.39.png


As an Uber-Noober, I’m not much for current content. But I do like to go where I suspect few have bothered to go before !

The hill to the left of the bridge between Sunstrider Isle and the Ruins of Silvermoon

Ruins of Silvermoon, the Commons Hall ….. Who knew ?


But, …. I’m hungry, need a new hearth, first aid , …. Maybe bio ….
Just a big ass tree


I see a platform or porch …. And I think, there HAS to be a way !!

Clap on, Clap off !!

You’ll NEVER guess where I died again !

RAIN !!!! Stop ! Wait ! It’s me ! I’m harmless !     Well, MOSTLY.WoWScrnShot_040416_231232.jpg

Look at the difference in our auction prices ! (I’m Silverbella !)


Screenshot 2016-04-05 21.35.56.jpg
Screenshot 2016-04-09 14.09.06.jpgScreenshot 2016-04-09 14.12.08.jpg
Screenshot 2016-04-09 14.14.03.jpg
Screenshot 2016-04-10 15.43.03.jpg


Hello All!
Hello CAW crew! Hope everyone is doing well in game and out. My name is Kyn and I’ve been listening and loving your podcasts for several months. I’m relatively new to the game as I have only been playing since June of 2015.
I’ve always loved video games but had a hard time with console games and mastering the use of controllers. Things have changed tremendously since the original Nintendo came out and my almost 40 year old self has had a hard time keeping up. My boyfriend and son are constantly playing something and I always wanted to join in because it looked like fun so I did a little research and found that World of Warcraft was right up my fantasy loving alley! I bought a gaming computer so I would have the specs to run the game smoothly and I haven’t looked back since!
My main toon is a Night Elf Hunter who is maxed out and currently working on achievements and mount collecting but I’ve been curious to try other classes and races in the game. After listening to your show and hearing how you guys all play and that possibly a group may be formed to raid in a casual fun way, I decided to create a toon on Earthen Ring in the hopes that I could possibly join the guild and learn the ways of the raid and have lots of fun along the way.  So Kynzul my troll shaman was born and I’m really enjoying leveling her up and learning the ways of the Horde.
Anyway, that’s enough about me, I look forward to the days when a new episode is available to listen to and to hear all your stories of in game and out.
Hope everyone has a great week!
Sent from Windows Mail

Hello again CAW crew!
Vexito here, I thought I would write in to the show again after my last email submission! I was so heartbroken to find out that Leeta and Rogueslayer are no longer on the show. I hope they continue to send in audio submissions because they are two truly great personalities and I love getting to hear how their in-game adventures are going! I’ve recently decided to get back into the game after kind of being away from it for a few weeks, and I decided to make this “affluenza” priest, Luxette. She’s level 40 now and I’ve attached a silly screenshot of her riding on one of the Darkmoon Faire nightsabers. I’ve been having so much fun on her! Well I guess I’ll shut up now, I know that you guys hate reading long emails lol :)

P.S. - Aprillian, you have a really contagious laugh! Don’t get creeped out by me saying that though, I am gay.

Until next time,

- Vexito / Luxette, Moon Guard
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.31.59 PM.png

She liiiiiiiives!
So, I've been out of the game for a bit now.  Back in August of last year someone convinced me to get into Steam, which is something I had been really trying to avoid doing.  I know me, I know that I'm going to have to
in Steam.  I've already got too many games.  (side note:  I need a credit card like that now!)

Anyway, I was feeling something missing in my life lately.  It was WoW.  So I put down the Steam and decided to get my WoW account active again.  I was poking around WoWhead and found out how close I am to Draenor flying.  Seriously - I have to get started on this.  Unfortunately, the alliance priest is closer to exalted with those new factions, and she's done a bunch of the apexis dailies as well.  Kinda sucks, since I want to be in CoD!  It's Kurly's guild on Norgannon, so it has that going for it, but I'm usually the only one online.  :(  So if anyone has any level 100 ally toons and want to team up, it's Tharys - Norgannon.  Send me an invite and tell me you're from CAW!

Draenor Flying.PNG

On the personal front, I'm back working at home.  I got another promotion in November and now I'm writing programs and macros for my company...and what got me the job was the fact that I build macros in WoW and understand how they work (along with teaching myself coding for fun...because I'm that kind of nerd.)  I love it - I no longer have to punch a clock and it's extremely easy to meet my base performance metrics.  (I had done it halfway through March for the whole year.)

I've been really bad about keeping up with things....TV shows, podcasts, games (well, ok, not games, just social games.)  I'm currently catching up on CAW - from back in October: The Iron Toons!  Wow...I think I got the inoculation the same time Big G did.  I have NO desire to do any kind of challenge toon.  I never catch up on content, why would I go back to do old content in a more difficult way!?  And yes, I realize that is the pot calling the kettle black since I started toons on a PvP server.  I've never done PvP in WoW....and only once otherwise in another game.  I figure it's time I learn how.  

Ok.  I think that's enough rambling on.  Time to get back to grinding rep!


Good day CAW crew. Kep Gnome Mage here!
Hope you are all well?
My week in Wow:
I attended a Goblin birthday party at Gallywix pleasure palace hosted by Gearfist IBS. It was a great and fun event! So thank you to them guys for organizing.
Still farming Invincible reins, Mimiron’s head and the Zul’Gurub mounts, but had no luck so far! I did however obtain the Amani war bear, wild goretusk, the armored frost boar, the title ‘Talon King’ and I am now exalted with all the Tannanananan jungle reps.
I also decided to splash-out some cash and make the two engineering mounts - the ‘Depleted-Kyparium Rocket’ and the ‘Geosynchronous World Spinner’ - both very cool mounts!
I decided to start farming random achievements, mounts, armor and reps etc with Kep and Kuhok: I am slowly farming the ‘Predator’ and ‘of the jungle’ titles also - although this is proving quite time consuming, so still haven’t started the Nemesis quests yet!!
I did start a US account, however it became a little daunting after realizing i had no gold, bags, mounts, titles or heirlooms! So didn’t really do much apart from run to Razor hill and collect a few eggs...
And that’s pretty much been my week.
Some random info and tips:
1. Complete the ‘Pathfinder’ achievement ASAP: it makes life in Draenor (especially Tannananan) MUCH better and A LOT easier! I spent many an hour running round trying to get on top of hills, mountains and trees - NOT fun!
2. When in Tannananan jungle dip yourself in the fel sludge as it gives you a nice damage bonus of 5% each dip. However, this also increases damage taken by 5% but it is well worth doing, making the dailies a little faster to complete. (I recommend 8 dips) (10 will kill you!)).
3. A great place to farm Ogre Waystones (for Mage tower/Spirit lodge) is in Frostridge: Grimfrost Hill (sort of southwest of the cracking plains, right near to the Ogre way point). You can fly through the area very quickly and AOE everything down easily. Also the ogres drop a nice chunk of gold and gear. (There are also a few mining nodes around too).
4. When farming for Invincible’s Reins start the raid in 10 man normal, kill all bosses (except Valithria Dreamwalker, just carefully move around her). After Sindragosa teleport out of the raid, reset to 25 man, re-enter and change to Heroic, make your way to the Lich King and nuke him down!
5. X2 very easy obtainable mounts through garrison mission rewards are the ‘Reins of the Dark Riding Talbuk’ and the ‘Reins of Dark War Talbuk’. All you need to do is collect Halaa battle tokens and Halaa research tokens from the garrison missions, fly to Halaa in Outland (re-take if needed by killing the guards), the vendor will spawn and exchange tokens for mounts! Easy!
Kep: Gnome Mage of the Fat Frog Conspiracy and Kuhok Goblin Mage of the Blood Dog Company - Argent Dawn EU (and a small army of Mages!).
P.S. Just thought i’d explain how I got the Sea Turtle mount through a garrison naval mission. What you need to do is buy the blue prints for the Tuskarr fishing net from Shadow Hunter Denjai (H) or Vindicator Krethos (A) in Tannananan. Learn print, buy and attach to ship, then send ship on missions. It will bring back fish after every successful mission (which is also great for doing the garrison fishing daily and leveling your skill up by 15 points a day). As well as the fish there is a small chance the sea turtle will be fished up also! And that’s how I got mine :)
P.P.S I found a plugin for the Handy Notes addon called ‘handy notes achievements’ - it adds icons to zones and displays achievements needed in that area. It can also be individualized to each character. Once achieved the tool tip updates and achievement is removed. However, you can have all achievements displayed still after completion, if you wish. (downloaded from
P.P.P.S. After using this addon for a little while I can say its awesome! However, be warned you WILL find yourself running round doing random achievements, here, there and everywhere!
See ya! “I’ll miss you” - Kep

Grinding & Leveling
Hello CAW crew,
No audio this week, the real life boss is taking me into round 8 of a boxing title bout. I visited hospital 3 times this week with my spouse and the surgery went perfect on Friday...

Very little sleep all week and I didn't log into my bloodthirsty cuz I was pretty it would die in the first 5 minutes of play.

I leveled my blood elf paladin to 75 on earthen ring with very little effort. I was tanking a few dungeons and there was a few occasional wipes when my fatigue would neutralize what little reflexes I had left.

I played my Human monk on Thorium Brotherhood  from 80 on Monday to 84 on Saturday, it was a lot of fun except for the fact that I would get the "Weeeeeeee!" Buff and usually die in a dungeon 5 to 10 minutes later, Lol, no way to shed threat: if you top the meter the boss turns around and shortly plows you into the ground...

I hope you had a super fun week and I look forward to the show :)

Don, a.k.a. Constraxxone (constraxxele)

leveling update
Greetings CAW Crew,

It has been a few weeks since last I wrote, so I have been able to do quite a bit of leveling.  Out of the three races remaining to be leveled, I have one left.  Orchidae the gnome is slowing working up to 100, remaining at level 50 this week.  My human, Prudellia is level 100 now.  And Ingride the dwarf joins the group of completed.

Of the classes, the two remaining are warrior and monk.  Uriel, my monk, is currently level 85.  The monk experience buff plus heirlooms makes them zoom through levels.  My warrior Maethil is trotting along at a more reasonable pace and is currently at level 56.

While leveling Ingride, I decided at the Cataclysm levels to work completely through Vashjir, since I had not done so since the first time through.  There have been some quests removed since the first time I ran through the zone.  Still, even with quests removed, with heirlooms Ingride was 36% through level 85 when she completed the first zone.  After opening the remaining portals in Cata, she was at 76% of level 85.  Just skimming the surface of the Jade Forest quest, opening up the farm, the Temple of the White Tiger, and opening the remaining flight points completed her Pandarian experience. You can complete the 5 levels of Pandaria in a matter of a few hours.

On the transmog front, I am still continuing to search for sets from Sunwell Plateau.  As I complete more sets, and continue to upgrade the ilevel of the max level characters, I need to reapply the transmog frequently.  So I decided to splurge, and scraped up a good percentage of the money from all my character on Earthen Ring and bought the Grand Expeditian Yak with the onboard transmog. Worth every copper.

In the interests of being able to learn pieces of plate armor, I have been adding new Death Knights on the main servers I frequent. Polina has joined the CAW guild on Winterhoof, Blossom on Nordrassil, and Idhrenniel on Eitrigg join Clarad on Khaz Modan.  I am still debating on adding a couple more on severs with fewer alts.

For the Horde, and transmog hunting


Rigarmorty audio
Just a quick non wow update.



Not many news
Hello everyone,

this will be a very quick update from me as I was not able to play much WoW this week. Had a lot to take care of in RL and I also switched from Mac to Windows. I finally decided it`s about time to get a more competitive gaming laptop so I bought an MSI GS70 which comes with a NVIDIA GTX970 graphic card. Sorry Apple...I had no choice.
I try not to regret my decision (windows 10 just sucks). Well I have to live and get used to this useless operating system.
Because of the switch to windows I had not the time to configure my machine in time for recording. Still in the process of installing and moving stuff over from the Mac which I have already posted for sale on ebay.
I have opted to perform a clean install of WoW and re-configure all my settings from scratch. I know this might sound crazy but a spring clean was due :P

I hope everyone is doing good, greetings to all the listeners, chatroom, guests and CAW crew!


Big G's have feelings to
So no audio this week as I been busy so my in game time has really been limited mostly just hearthstone   and looking longerly at the new battle net voice chat beta. No noble garden for me for the lack of time in game I'm also behind in the show as my phone has become possessed and after more than a week of back and forth and not to many grey hairs it's now going to be replaced. On the health front I'm now official on anti depressants for I suffer the unholy trinity of depression, anxiety and shocking I know anger issues I have to go see the head shrink later this month. On the positive side one of my grounding things to stop the storm from over running me turns out to be sharp pointy stabby , slashy things it more than likely says a lot about me that weapons are calming to me. On a sad note went back to the Cross last week to attend a memorial to my late nephew it will be 12 months in a week and they tried to light a candle and it kept going out I couldn't help but laugh because I could just see my nephew blowing out the matches as they tried to light it. One of the parents of the kids attending saw me laughing and told me to leave and threatened to inform the family of my poor form I smiled and told her to go ahead she went off and complained to my brother in laws brother he didn't offer to help so she came back and demanded to know how I feel if someone laughed at my nephews memorial service. I looked at her and said properly like I do now as I am his uncle the look on her face was awesome a great mix of horror,shame and straight out disgust. So that's it for my update Seeya.

For the horde

For the alliance

And for Reign the chat room moderator of giggles    

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Soulsista, Matahorn
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