Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 029 Instances Galore

Episode 29 Show Notes

What We've Been Doing

  • Leveling crafts - there's something almost hypnotic about it. I keep thinking of that game that was played on ST TNG, the one Riker brought back from Risa that rewarded the player when they got a ball in a hole.
    • Treshel is leveling alchemy
    • Rilfire is leveling LW - She got to Thrallmar
    • Getting caught up on making a particular item. Veyle, the BS, is basically a tool
    Ran lots of instances
    • BFD
    • SFK
    • RFK
      • Did a silly thing. After doing all the quest we had

- Haven't been playing my Alliance alts at all. I'm thinking about moving over Arlaerus and Glanthur to Earthen Ring so I can be on the same server. BEs are mean and nasty - very bitter. But, oh so pretty and I love the game art surrounding them.
- Currently level 23, and have a succubus (coolest minion ever!)
- Feel good about Horde now. I like double-dipping
- Not too sure if enchanting is all it's cracked up to be. I'm guessing it only really pays off at the highest levels.

Game play

Auntrillia is level 59 and she got to Outland and saw it and said, this is good. But she has all these quests in "Vanilla WoW" and she wants to finish them. There are two schools of thought on this subject:
  1. You've been to Outland, you've seen the quests out there, they award more xp and more gold. Abandon the legacy quests you have and seek your fortune in Outland
  2. Play all the content you can, so what if you don't get as much xp and gold. You pay to play a game, isn't it more important to have fun it really that important? I've been playing for a while now, and I know you can get mounts from other factions with exalted rank, but what else is it in for you to get such a high level or reputation?

Thanks to for reminding me to put up show notes!

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