Monday, September 10, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 037 Casual vs Hardcore

Glanthur is out of town, and Ashayo graciously steps in to cohost.

Casual vs Hardcore?
Fun vs. Method?
Just what constitutes a casual player? Are there different layers of casualness? Aprillian plays around 40 hours a week. But still plays in a casual manner. How does a casual casual player play.

What we've been doing this week.

All of my alts have been sending greens to Aprillian and Veyle to DE. Have also moved some alts around to use for storage. Bought Enchanter's Satchels in Thrallmar, 20 slot enchanting supply bags for several storage alts. They are BOE but worth it for the extra room.

I've re-specced Jekle to resto. He was feral, but he hardly ever gets into actual battle, and in tough battles I was running out of mana too quickly to heal efficiently.

I tried it out in Stromgarde last week. We went in there to knock over all the quests with Albinobull, who is a mighty fine warrior in the guild, and Jekle was cruising with healing.

Even though Ashayo is exalted with the Netherwing, Ogri'la and Sha'ari Skyguard she still does some of the daily quests because they are both fun and good money earners. You get about 12g per quest. And they can take as little as 2 minutes in the case of bombing runs.

And Ashayo has also been taking Asheal, which is my level teen-level undead priest, through wailing caverns. I'm sure Blizz has it in for me. When I was taking my rogue through deadmines to get the leather defias chestpiece, the cloth vest would drop - about 14 times in a row. And now that I'm running a clothy through wailing caverns, I'm getting mail and shields and other stuff useless to a priest.
Anyway, I got her to 20 last night, so that I can artisan tailor training. Hopefully I can level her a bit further during the faire next weekend.

And I've levelled Hiide to 300 alchemy so he can start doing arcanite transmutes for the faire.

And I did some farming with Ashayo. One of our guildies is trying to level enchanting, and needed some nightmare vine for making wizard oil. And that's only found in Shadowmoon valley. Farming with a flying mount is alot easier, because you can literally drop in on the node, and if you draw aggro, take off again before dismounting. So you know if you have to clear to get to a herb or ore.

We close with Episode 5 of Ashayo's Dual Boxing Tips. Thanks Ashayo.

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