Monday, September 24, 2007

Ctrl Alt Wow Episode 39 - Back to Basics

Episode 39 - Back to Basics

What We've Been Doing This Week


My goal for this week is to start getting all of my lower-level alts up to at least level 10 (and that all-important, first skill point). I figure that doing that will help me get out of the frustration I'm feeling by not having a nice Alliance guild for Glanthur and Arlaerus to join on the Earthen Ring server.

Also, finally got the PTR Test Realm up and running. Created a pre-made hunter, paladin, and druid. It was cool, but after only a few minutes I was overwhelmed. It's like winning $300 million in a lottery drawing. All of a sudden you have all of this stuff, and you're not sure how to use it properly. You think you know what you want, but you feel empty, like nothing of it was actually earned.

I feel like rolling a mage - a BE mage. I'm stuck on the Alliance side without a nice guild for Glanthur and Arlaerus. However, on Horde side, I have Ashayo and Aprillian. So, hopefully I'll be able to level Palanor up quickly. I'm thinking Frost Mage. =)


Clefthide leg armor obsession.

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  1. Sorry I forgot to post Episode 38 Show notes.

    Episode 38 Show Notes WoW Economics

    What We've Been Doing

    I'm a little angry about this situation. I make a little gold selling Dragonhawk Hatchlings from Eversong Woods on the Alliance AH. I think I've mentioned it a few times on the podcast. I buy the Hatchlings for about 45s in Eversong Woods and sell them on the Alliance AH for about 2 to 3 gold. Which is good enough for me. The other day, someone started buying up my Hatchlings as fast as I could put them up. The timing was funny because I just happened to log on for lunch. I always put just one of each color up, Red, Silver and Gold, it makes it seem more rare. This is good for just about every crafted item. Ores and other materials are different but if you have too many of a crafted item, people think oh there's plenty of them and will not snap them up as fast. So when my Hatchlings sold all 3 two times in a row, I was a little bit suspicious. So I checked the AH and the person who bought them had put them back up on AH at 20g.

    Logging started on 09/13/2007 at 12:17:34.
    [12:24:44] [Allie #1] whispers: how much
    [12:26:38] To [Allie #1]: different prices on ah
    [12:27:32] [Allie #2] whispers: move your prices up you willg et more profits trust me
    [12:28:17] [Allie #2] whispers: trust me
    [12:28:34] To [Allie #2]: I won't do that but you can buy me out as much as you want
    [12:28:44] [Allie #2] whispers: why wont you?
    [12:29:11] [Allie #2] whispers: ?
    [12:29:14] To [Allie #2]: it's not fair
    [12:29:27] [Allie #2] whispers: AH isnt fair lol
    [12:29:37] [Allie #2] whispers: you know you could make so much more
    [12:29:37] To [Allie #2]: it can be
    [12:29:44] [Allie #2] whispers: ha not on this realm
    [12:30:20] [Allie #2] whispers: when 19blues and 29 blues are 100gold its not fair
    [12:30:44] To [Allie #2]: and your answer is to do the same thing
    [12:31:29] [Allie #2] whispers: being fair on pets will not make prices go down any where. Ya make as much as you can while you have the opertunity b/c people will catch on to this n drive up prices anyway
    [12:32:01] To [Allie #2]: if that rationality makes it okay for you then okay, I will be happy with the 2g I make
    [12:32:26] [Allie #2] whispers: ya well with you here I can make anything so we have a problem
    [12:32:39] To [Allie #2]: lol
    [12:32:45] [Allie #2] whispers: how about I give you 1/4 of everything I make n you dont put up your 2g buy outs
    [12:33:51] [Allie #2] whispers: or I will just under cut you n sell for 1 gold even though I blew about 15g on your stuff I will still make more then you. Up to you.
    [12:34:10] To [Allie #2]: whatever you want to do hon, it's your world


    From TomiBoy
    I just wanted to tell you before you even consider going through the pain of getting exalted with the any Faction to get there mount. You should really consider gaining:
    30 x Arathi Basin Tokens
    30 x Warsong Gulch Tokens
    30 x Alterac Valley Tokens
    you can get the Horn of the Black War Wolf from Raider Bork the Mount Quartermaster within the Champions Hall.

    Aprillian: Wow, that is one beautiful Wolf. I wish I had gotten your message earlier. Maybe for my Tauren!


    Yes I have another question for your show. Since the question I last
    asked for your show I'm making 5g a day by selling greens that i have
    found and greens that are old on the AH. So my pally is at level 21,
    so I decided to take a break from him for a while. So I made a hunter
    which is at level 6 now and I am going to make a blood elf warlock and
    an undead warrior. The question I have for your show today is, are
    there any good mods/addons for professions and the general interface?
    I'm still smiling (LOL)

    From Marco AKA Dorom