Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 50 - Lunar Festival 2008

Episode 50 - Lunar Festival 2008

What We've been doing

Aprillian dinged 40 and is riding a chicken, she also has a felsteed, but I like the chicken better.

Managing alts during the Lunar festival, tough to get ones on the same level together.

Went to Azhara

My newest account didn't have a higher level alt, so I transfered one over.

Ctrl Alt WoW News
Sagala's prize is on the way.


Lots of dual boxing. Made two new toons (a hunter and a druid - just like Ashayo). I'm loving it. Though, macros are a lot more difficult than I thought they'd be.

Hey Aprillian and Glanthur, its triaa again (70 lock) I don't know if you had this answer questioned yet, but in episode 48 the question of what the choice between infernal or felhound was raised. Waht the choice in these quests is the choice of one of the two different offhand items, if i remember correctly, the infernal is for increasing the damage of fire soells in the destruction tree, what the felhunter choice gives you is an increase in shadow damage, such as those in the affliction tree. However in my opinion what you get from outland easily outdoes these quickly, unless you really need the experience I recomend skipping them. They are a very long and almost now pointless chain. Well thanks guys keep up the good work on the podcast.

Our contest winner, Sagala writes:
I have a quick question about that, you group when you dual box or stay ungrouped since your grouped toons share xp? Thanks. :)

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