Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 51 - Hey You've got Valentine's Day in my Lunar Festival, Hey you've got Lunar Festival in my Valentine's Day

Episode 51 - Hey You've got Valentine's Day in my Lunar Festival, Hey you've got Lunar Festival in my Valentine's Day (February 20, 2008)

What a crazy week.


I spent the whole week running around Azeroth. I didn't get to do any quests. All of my alts have major exp. We all know the main point of Lunar Festival, to get flight paths for lower level alts. And in the middle of it, I got Valentine's Day Fever.


Hey Aprillian and Glanthur, its triaa again (70 lock) I don't know if you had this answer questioned yet, but in episode 48 the question of what the choice between infernal or felhound was raised. Waht the choice in these quests is the choice of one of the two different offhand items, if i remember correctly, the infernal is for increasing the damage of fire soells in the destruction tree, what the felhunter choice gives you is an increase in shadow damage, such as those in the affliction tree. However in my opinion what you get from outland easily outdoes these quickly, unless you really need the experience I recomend skipping them. They are a very long and almost now pointless chain. Well thanks guys keep up the good work on the podcast.
2nd Email

Hey Aprillian and Glanthur, its Triaa again(70 lock). I had an experience this past week where I helped to explain the different talent trees to a 60 lock who did not really understand them. This showed me that no matter how long you have been playing your class you can always learn something new, so I thought I'd give a quick overview of how I personally level a warlock. However I do recommend you play your class however you want, these are just my personal opinions. I personally found for the ranges of 10-49 having an affliction lock is actually the easiest way to go. And then after 50, I respecced to demonology for the Felguard, best choice I ever made on my warlock. The Felguard provides an amazing tank, and some of the spells you get in the demonology tree improve your character's abilities incredibly. I thought I would include a spec that i used at 50 and one i am currently using to farm at 70. If you guys ever have any warlock questions don't be afraid to ask. Keep up the good work.

3rd Email

Welcome to Dual-Boxing Glanthur!

I agree with Aprillian ... FFA FTW, and get the follower to complete the quest first ... ALMOST.

Why "almost"? When doing grinding quests such as "go find me 30 human heads", and you kill 10 humans and only 2 of them turn out to have heads, (go figure) I found that it's faster while both character have the quest. If one character completes the quest, the drop rates seems to drop. I guess it makes sense mathematically. So I get the follower up to 29 heads, then work on the followee, so they both finish about the same time.


Glanthur is leaving. RL sucks sometimes.

Ashayo has graciously accepted to co host with me.

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