Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 60 - Insert Title Here

Episode 60 - Insert Title Here

iTunes and What's in a Name. I don't know why but Episode 58 that was entitled let's all grind was removed from iTunes. And Episode 59 was not showing up. I contacted iTunes and was eventually instructed to refresh my rss feed details and a few hours later they both appeared. Oh I did rename Episode 58 to Let's all Level.

What We've Been Doing:


Aprillian got to 50, yeah! in Felwood Kiling Furblogs. She flew to og to train Warlock and then she hearthed Shat. She wasn't sure if she had to run to Thrallmar, or if she could find someone who could summon her there.

Aprillian got Soul Link
Aprillian bought Runecloth off of AH and went to Og, TB, UC and SM to donate 60 RC for 9550 Xp. She went from 65% to 89% just from that. She finished up and then flew from UC to Booty Bay, a little over 13 mins.

Friday I had to go to a funeral, took the day off thinking I could come home and wow

I made a major decision last week. I left AIE. Being an officer in a large guild is a big chore. I would like to give a shout out to AIE and all of its officers. You guys do a wonderful job.


Other Topics to discuss:

Big Giant Scary thing from out of no where. Every zone just about has one. The most popular one is the Devilsaur in Un Goro Crater

Bottom Scanner has made me shy at the Neutral AH

I keep pressing r in AIM


Hi Aprillian and Ashayo:

I just finished listening to episode 59 and it was great. Another fantastic episode! :) I was wondering what you and Ashayo thought about ideal combinations for dual boxing characters.

I have 3 dual boxing teams (Priest/Warlock, Druid/Warrior, and Rogue/Hunter) and am finding the Druid/Warrior combination to be my favorite so far. I'm planning to spec my Warrior Fury and my Druid Resto. I use KeyClone along with custom macros in order to dual box without having to switch between windows.

I rotate between the three teams to maximize the rested XP bonus. I'm tempted to start a fourth team after listening to you discuss Mages. ;)

My teams are currently level 10, and hope to get one team to 15 by next weekend. Thanks for the tips in episode 58 for my professions!


HI Aprillian:

Ashayo had some questions about how to effectively dual box with software that manages your commands and I would be happy to answer any questions he might have. I can send a more detailed email, or even an audio response if you would prefer. I'll also try and find him in-game and chat as well.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help or contribute.


Talking about Multi boxing

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