Monday, August 25, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 77 - Why Didn't I Think of That

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World
of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

Episode 77 - Why didn't I think of that

Technical Difficulties

What We've Been Doing


So back in WSG with Primall when someone asks again, why I'm in there at level 14. "Why don't you go level to 19" and I thought well I do have unitl August 24th. Plus, I have the extra speed from the refer a friend. So I had Treshel take Primal, Pri level 20 Rogue, and Suyna level 13 Warlock into RFC and by the time we were done we were 16. Tonight I'll go to WC and get to 19. I only took Pri for the bag space.

Now that I have the gbank for my allie alts, I thought I would move my main bank alt to SW and pulled another alt to BB so Relaq can play more.

Got up early tuesday morning to see if there was no maintenance and ended up running part of the way into WC. BTW Refer A Friend, or RAF can summon into instances. Very nice. I knowI 've gotten overly obsessed with RAF. Cleared WC did all the quest except the bottle one. Had to summon Pri in to get stuff so I didn't have to destroy anything. Got tons on greens, it was amazing. Had to leave for work right after finishing the 3 quests and getting a white croc for Primall to tame. Dual boxed on my Macbook Air at work. Got Primall and Suyna to the quest givers in the cave a the top of the entrance to WC. Both Dinged 19.

Spent time with Pri to enchant Primall and plan to take Primall to WSG. But first I spent almost an hour getting her a cool 2h axe and enhancements. Pulled Iwari to UC to make the standard scope and after 3 matches, 2 losses and one W, Primall got her Gold Medallion.

Gold Medallion winners: Aprillian, of course, Ardrion, Primall, Trexrar(alli alt) and Auntrillia. I suppose that's enough for now.

I found Mor'shan Base Camp and the rings for level 18. I have 18 wsg marks on Primall so I guess it's back to the bg one more time and then I ended up buying her a necklace.

I wanted to get Iwari up so I took her to get her to 50 with Aprillian and realized she doesn't get any of the bonuses because Aprillian is over 60. So now I'm using Iwari with my level 20.

Took Suyna into Scarlet monas


Decided to get the Gold Medal on Ashayo. Hit EotS with Tarrq, Clayman and Johnni and got it after the second battle!

Ashield tanks Karazhan - 3 bosses in an hour first night, and another two the next night. Crazy stuff for a pally in quest greens/blues. Props to Tarqq and the gang!

- completes STV! Quest chain ending in "Saving Yenniku" gives nice staff - Nimboya's Mystical Staff
- gets his Carrot-on-a-stick after a ZF run with Mata triple boxing
- Runs Jintha'lor in Hinterlands with Mata's Shaman/Hunter
- Finally ran Maraudon ; very long instance, and no clothie drops at all!

Sharman hits 30 and I get my first raptor mount - feels like a Kangaroo.

Started a warrior and levelled to 10 with another newbie!

Confirmed with GM - corpses get 'cleared' which causes rez at GY


Email 1

Hel'o April and Ashayo,

This is Marrly (Pronounced Like Bob Marley) , level 58 Troll shaman from The Eonar realm. On
Episode 76 you mentioned the Lunar sphere addon. Personally I am addicted to it. I have it set up on each of my characters. You asked if the boards that you found the addon on was the point of origin, then the answer is yes.
That is the point of origin....

And one to April: What Is the mod that creates the long bar below the bottom task bar that is shown on your pictures of the deserter Primall?
Also Is the fact you can see the full gryphons on the side of the bottom taskbar due to the size of your screen (The HD TV?) or is it a mod.
In general would you be kind enough to list of Most of your addons and where you got them?

Um.... Thanks In advance
Oh... And


Marrly, (more dots...............)

Email 2


to me
show details Aug 20 (4 days ago)

both of you are very cool and appreciate your great work on teh podcast

thank you

Mohammad Ouranos


  1. Thank you guys for Reading my email on the show. I only have one problem with it. I accidentally typed 58 instead of 48. Opps... (Now up to 52)
    Again thank you for pointing out Titan panel and UI scaling..

    Great show! WOO!

  2. It was our pleasure, we enjoyed hearing from you. Wading your way through them all, very impressive and thanks.