Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 93 - Witness Protection Program

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 93 - Witness Protection Scheme

New weekly prize contest - enter a drawing to win one month's play time.

What We've been doing:


Got Aprillian in Nagrand with Rilfire and grabbed every quest I could find. Using Cartographer and Gatherer. Funny thing is when Rilfire arrived, she had no ammo, just had her do hunter's mark and send in her ravager while Aprillian and her Felhunter did the rest. Picked up the Nessingwary quest
Monday morning, off today!! Did some of the Nessingwary quest and Aprillian dinged 66.
Tuesday morning, no maintenance, just server restarts. Sent ThePrimall back to Thrallmar to level up herbalism, she was 300+ but needed 315 for Dreaming glory in FW. Sent Theardrion back to Kalimdor to mine thorium and truesilver for JC. Although I'm sure I could just do quest in Outland and use all the gold I make to buy the mats I need.

I was in Dalaran with TheJasper enchanting DK getting stuff from the WLTS gb. He was leveling by doing the speed enhancement to boots and putting them on scrolls. There was someone in trade chat saying they were giving away all of their mats, he mocked TheJasper for being only 221 in Enchanting

Took Aprillian out in Nagrand solo on Friday, then Rilfire.


Witness Protection Scheme - $15 per toon!

Warlock Spellstone / Firestone - applied to weapon since 3.0.2 !!
Blessed Wizard oil and Superior Wizard Oil (58) can't apply to weapon - "too high"!

Trying to get Asheal to catchup to Ashayo - heal Nexus, dps Azjol-Nerub and Grundrak

Asheal 77 - training + cold weather flying + epic flying + mount 6800 -> 184

Matahorn dinged 80 on hunter - helped with Ring of Anguish in Zul'Drak (Ring of blood achievement)

Matahorn pointed out -explore before you hit 80 for the XP:

Ashayo the Explorer (easy with flyer)

Death Knight overpowered examples:
58 DK vs 55 Elite Devilsaur - hardly lost any health
vs lvl 60 Elite stone guardian - I got down to about 60% health
Soloed Baron Char ( was reasonably tough, but I'm a noob DK )

Ashayo ran Drak'Tharon Keep - FUN - turned into ghouls on last boss ; DK type attacks

Discovered you can JC dailies at 70 ; just need to kill a level 70 mob, plus some green gems.

Wyrmrest daily - can dual box after 77 with flying :)

Fo' Grizzle my Shizzle - 75 Grizzly Hills

Started Sholazar Basin - quest to open flight path

Mining ; 450 at level 70 on Ashield ; saronite ore. Found a titanium at 448 :(

Don't forget to check for reputation rewards:
Kirin Tor - Honoured - Dalaran
Horde Expedition - Borean Tundra / Howling Fjord
Wrymrest Accord - Dragonblight



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