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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 94 - Winter's Veil's is Here Again

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 94 - Winter's Veil's is Here Again

Listen to the Podcast to see who won the choice of a free month of WoW or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Had 2 sex changes - Theardrion became Epril and Rifire became Auruk

Brought Death Knights to Nagrand and did some other fp's in Outland with Aprillian

DK can kill mobs 4 or 5 levels above them.

Decided I wanted to do some instances with my DK's, tried Hellfire Citadel, doable but lots of time is needed and concentration. Then I tried upper and lower Black Rock and then Strolohome in EP. It was fun, but then I went back to Nagrand with Aprillian and Auruku

Got Ding Recorder Addon and Epril dinged 63 but it didn't show the interface so all you see is her in a could of ding dust. Read the info and found out how to turn on "show interface"

Got my Figure Print of Aprillian:

Bought a Sun Scope +40 Haste for Auruku and found out he couldn't equip it, needed a level 70 or above. Been carrying the crossbow from Nessingwary in Nagrand. Shoutout to Mollyshot for putting the scope on for me.

Got TheJasper up to 275 in Enchanting and now can de Outland Greens


Finally got to exalted with Kalu'ak. I love the penguin! Now I need to farm fishing. I also got ALL of my weapon skills to 400 that I had - including unarmed. I got the "Knuckle Sandwich" achievement. Also got "Ultimate Triage" which was unexpected and cool.

Disappointed about lack of dailies for Argent Crusade. I want the gun, but it'll be forever until I get enough rep through the dailies to get it.

Should be exalted with The Oracles within 12 days. I have a Mysterious Egg that I'm hoping will hatch into a Green Proto-Drake. I doubt that it will.

Respeced my Unholy Death Knight, Herid, to Blood and my Frost Mage, Palanor, to Arcane.

Working on getting my pet bear, Dov, to 80 on Glanthur.

Got all confused with my DK in Hellfire. I kept wanting to ride into Honor Hold - but they don't like Horde very much there. Old habits die hard.

Also, will be getting a better microphone after Christmas with expected Christmas cash. I'm having an inferiority complex compared to Ashayo and Aprillian's sound quality.

I was affected by the Comcast/Verizon issue. It was so frustrating! I hope that they figure out what the cause was. Yeah, Comcast. .


Ran Violet Hold on both Asheal (as healer) and Ashayo (as dps)
Ran Oculus on Ashayo - lots of fun doing the last boss while flying!

Ashayo dinged 80 in Sholazar Basin (shortly after getting the Nessingwary achievements)

Levelling Mining to 450 on two miners for titansteel cooldown. Fairly easy in Sholazar Basin.

Death Knights questing in Outlands - ran Ramparts & Blood Furnace

Levelling Jewelcrafting - tough around 410-420

Levelling Alchemy - research once a week
- nice trinket for level 75
- tough at 420 - green to 425, then can transmute earthsiege diamond (no cooldown!)

Levelling Inscription - learnt epic offhand at 400, but can't use till 425 :(

Ashayo just waiting on Crashin' Thrashin' Racer to complete Winter's Veil achievements

Winter's Veil questing is resulting in some nice presents in the mail!
- tailor green suit
- enchanting frost weapon
- lw gloves
- green holiday shirt
- elixir of frost power


Email 1 - From Blade
Hey April!

Feel free to edit as necessary... I did this one a bit 'on the fly' and grabbed a bunch of screenshots.
Let me know when it's 'too much'... lol


Hey guys... Blade here...

Congrats to all the winners of the contest (and kudos to those who contributed)... it's always interesting to see the variance in lifestyles of Warcraft players...
Now... Ol' Blade's been doing some looking around... and has decided - for all you folks that have found your way to Dalaran and are less than impressed at how laggy it is... - to take you on a tour of the sewers...
It's a little less congested with mindless drones running around bogging up the server... and THAT's just the NPCs!
(See? I didn't say ANYthing nasty about Alliance players there at all! "Diplomacy" for the win!)

So... find the stairs up to the flightpath... see the hole-in-the-wall beside it?
That leads down. There's a few of these tunnels scattered around Dalaran...
Beneath the hustle-bustle of the lag-infested metropolis that is Dalaran, there is a different place...
Lots of darker-looking wizardy types like these guys... personally I think they've read one too many Harry Potter books (whatsit... "Nock-Turn Alley?")... but that's just me... they're dressing to fit in, you see...
The Dalaran sewers is a darker, quieter place where Ol' Blade and other rogues and nefarious ne'er-do-wells like me can relax... kick back... and not have to pretend we're 'For the Light' or other such nonsense...
We're creatures of shadows... and the sewers is a nice dark place...
You'll want to be aware of where you step in the sewers... there's enough water here to hold a shark (probably for any unwary goodie-goodies that stray too far in the wrong direction... or maybe someone needs to 'get rid' of something... either way... Segacedi's been here long enough that the locals NAMED him...
There's huge sewer rats... and alligators waiting to take a snap at you...
Dunno what's in that area with the big chunks of meat... maybe it's something we use to spook the tourists...

Lots of rats, though... I caught one unfortunate fella while I was trying my hand at fishing... caught a couple of these Magic Eaters, too... don't know what they do yet...
Oh... while we're on the subject of 'Mysterious Things with Unknown Properties', you may in your visit to the sewers find one of these 'Underbelly Elixirs' sitting around on the ground... they have unknown properties and only work in the city of Dalaran... I've heard they have transformative properties...
Speaking of transformations... I've been meaning to talk to the locals about this level80 rat I saw... it seems he's gathered four level 1 turtles to him and they've all been exposed to whatever oozes are on the ground in the sewers here...
Maybe he'll teach them some form of combat training... and they'll grow up to become master rogues... 'ninja' turtles, if you will...
All he has to do is name them... I'll suggest a list of Renaissance Painters as possible choices for him... Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael come to mind...

Yep... we rogues all stick together... for example... I've been meaning to talk to Nisstina here about her stealthing skill... it's not quite so effective when your pet worg pup is standing out in plain sight for all to see...
But Ol' Blade loves his fellow rogues... which is where I'm leading with my tip... a macro specifically for the more-subtle among the rogues... the Shadow Step.
Now, if you've used Shadow Step, you'll know that it poofs you directly behind your target - the utility of it is clearly of the most benefit for anyone that uses daggers, though I have heard of its use in Garotting someone as well - which is not dagger specific.
You non-dagger folks can adapt this macro to suit your needs.
If you're specc'd enough into the Subtlety tree and use daggers, then Improved Ambush is a must-have due to its fairly massive bonus crit potential... and you will most likely have Premeditation (a talent that adds 2 combo points to your target instantly).
Here's the macro I've been using to a great deal of success:
/cast Premeditation
/cast Shadow Step
/cast Ambush
Seems simple enough... and they're not all on the same timer or global cooldown, so when I pop it, and they're all ready to go, I instantly poof behind my target, and BAM! Ambush them (most likely a crit) for an easy 4 combo points!
Add a final combo point here if you prefer, I do or don't depending on how much health my target has... Kidney Shot, then zip behind them (cause here you should have upwards of 80 or more Energy) and Backstab them twice... if they aren't yet dead, they're pretty darn close!

To sum it up... it's a macro that has helped me immensely... I get awesome burst damage and have MUCH more survivability than I did when I was using two swords in the combat tree. Seriously... I theorycrafted it and attacked combat dummies and everything!

And now...
Something from Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket:

Something I just noticed... when you're in the sewers of Dalaran... pull up your map. It says 'Circle of Wills' in the center... anyone know anything about real-life human anatomy? The 'Circle of Willis' is a collection of arteries at the base of the brain that provides a number of different supply routes for blood (and nutrients) to GET to the brain... Interesting that the circular hub (with lots of fluid) beneath Dalaran is named very similarly... perhaps the 'mind' of Dalaran could not exist without the 'Circle of Wills' in the sewers providing sustenance to it?

This one's for the Hordies out there... if you're an Alliance player (and you know who you are...) you will either have to be really sneaky or roll a lowbie Horde toon to see this. Inside the bank in Undercity the four bankers are named Ophelia, William, Randolf and Mortimer respectively. The sneaky thing here is the fact that they all have the same name: 'Montague'.
Is it a reference to Shakespeare? (You know... the Montague family in 'Romeo and Juliet')
Ah, my friends... that is what we call a 'red herring'... the REAL secret is in their FIRST names...
'Randolf' and 'Mortimer' were the big shot banking brothers in the 1983 movie Trading Places with Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy. 'Ophelia' was the love interest character played by Jamie Lee Curtis. 'William' is a probable reference to Eddie Murphy's character 'Billy Ray'.

That's all for now...

As always, an awesome podcast guys!


Email 2 from MO

blizzard might fix this by the time you record again but for the mistletoe buffs,
if you make a macro you can get double buffs:

just make sure you target a revealer and than another revealer

happy holidays



Message subject: Ctrl Alt WoW show
From: Ponfarr
Sent at: Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:59 am
To: Aprillian
Listened for first time today on my iPod during drive to work.

The free month contest - I may have missed something, but what are you judging the entries on?

Enchanting - Is there a mod or something that can tell me if my bank mats will only make grey enchants, helping me to decide to AH those mats?

Mic Switch - I was looking online to find a gizmo that would allow me to key the mic in ventrilo using a foot switch that would replicate the keystroke. I found many, of a wide price range. Do you know anyone who uses these and could recommend one?



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