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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 113 - From Bunnies to Orphans

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s great MMORPG.

Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Noblegarden - Decided I want to be Aprillian the Noble. Renata from Warcast has inspired me to do the daily on a couple of my low level toons 5 days in a row to get that achievement/

ZF - Tiiaa is out of rested XP. Funny run on Monday night. Got Veyle and Tiiaa down to Tanaris, Brought in Elyte. Got a fwhisper rom a leven 70 DK to Veyle asking if she wanted to run ZF. Told them Elyte was running the three through and he said he would join and would I invite Gladus. At first I thought it was someone I knew, but then realized it was a guy getting a runthrough. At first I was concerned about the XP

New DK, Undead Beaste Finishted the DK quest, was able to mail her glyphs, nice. Took her to og for Thrall's forgiveness and then hit the AH for mats for engineering. While Aprillian opened eggs in Silvermoon. "AIE figures"

Used an online levelling guide and got all the mats, then headed to Org. Good place for training and equipment but a long run back to to AH. Then I found UC was even better.

Aprillian got the title the Noble and my Bank Alt got the title Theeapril the Noble.

Children's week

Auruk got [Runed Stormjewel] a purple, from the fishing daily


Got an iPhone ; very next, breaking news of Blizzard issuing C&D on iPhone apps using armory. Are they *that* scared of my overuse?!

Oracles : Proto drake welp

Jekle hit 78 from JC daily.

- Naxx 10 man - wrist upgrade - last blue item replaced. Yay!
- 7 manned Thaddius. 3 quarters in one night. new record for us, so scheduled an extra night to complete.
- Naxx 10 man - extra night to try and clear. Sapphiron's Demise (2 shot), Kel'Thuzad's Defeat (, The Fall of Naxxramas

- Naxx 25 - priest shoulder upgrade. Not quite together enough to defeat Thaddius

- Tried 10-man Ulduar - Flame Leviathan vehicle fight. Pretty fun. I was launched onto the boss to take out the turrets. So close on many tries., finally got him.

Argent Tournament Dailies
- Make sure you pick up all Valiant and Champion quests, as there are overlaps.
- Got Exalted with Darkspear Trolls just by doing dailies - and the Ambassador title!
- Try to calculate how many writs you need to get exalted, taking into account the rep you get from doing the daily quests.
- Champion of Sen'jin, Exalted Champion of Sen'jin, Ashayo of Sen'jin title

Childrens's week
(The change to queue for PvP from anywhere was probably done to stop Dalaran being killled by lag)
- Delicious chocolate cake selling for 100g on 1st day
- Home alone was bugged - got it 4 times on first day
- You need to do the Orphan quests out of Shattrath for Veteran Nanny. Had me confuzzled for a while
- PVP - tried assaulting tower ; suspect latency causing me to be beaten. Assaulted a flag in AB and got it.
- EotS - guild group to help each other pick up flag and run to base. Shojobeat healing FTW!
- Daily Chores tool tip wrong. 5 dailies, not 1 for 5 consecutive days.
- Finally got AV flag - run straight for 2nd alliance controlled bunker
- Ran Utguarde Pinacle on Jekle (78 in 80 instance) to get some guildies [Hail to the King, Baby]
- Run again up to last boss then swapped to Ashayo ; Matron Ashayo. Children's week complete!
- AV healing & trying to help guildies get achievement


Got Glanthur the Noble title
Have only [Hail to the King, Baby] and [School of Hard Knocks] to go on Glanthur
Will continue to do tournament dailies on Arlaerus
ATI problem with my computer has been fixed as of Saturday. Hopefully I'll be able to raid again soon.

Bladed Edge

The Bladed Edge

Hey all... Blade here...
Things are moving ever-onwards for Ol' Blade... a level on an alt here, a few daily quests there...
Noblegarden has come and gone... and now it's 'Bring an orphaned child to work' week...
Anyone *else* find it a little cruel to drag an orphan across the countryside, eat sweet treats in front of them (but not give them any), place them in hazardous combat situations (both trying to attain specific (ridiculous) feats in various battlegrounds and taking down King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle) then taking the orphan *back* to the orphanage to say 'Thanks for the achievements! See ya next year, squirt!'
Personally, I think that we should at least have to pay gold for the privelage.
Also... what about choosing your orphan's race for a little faction rep at the end? Maybe letting people do it once for each race for the rep reward?
I mean... why is it always an orc kid? Three years in a row I've dragged an orc kid around Azeroth... Are there really no Tauren orphans? All the troll kids are safely tucked in their voodoo beds, then, are they?
Are you telling me that there are no Gnome children orphaned refugees from Gnomeregan?
(Not that we'd know... they're probably small enough that Ol' Blade might have used them for floss to clean the Stormwind Canal grit from between his toes! Or maybe THAT's what those two Deeprun Tram NPCs (Monty and Nipsy) have got in those boxes of theirs... they aren't Deeprun Rat Kebobs at all!
By the Beard of my old Uncle Throgg!
Gnome Kebabs are *real*!
I *KNEW* it!

Oh... and Glanthur... you were wondering why we were so 'vicious' to each other, Aprillian, Ashayo and I...
We call it: 'rolling Horde'.
See... Ol' Blade thinks of the two factions (Alliance and Horde) as rather like 'civilization versus wild'... in the civilization, one has pedicured poodles and pampered kittens with little bows around their necks all prim and proper... while in the wild, one has wolf packs and dens of mountain lions - savage, brutal creatures - beautiful in their ferocity...
The wolves in the pack fight amongst themselves to keep the pack strong... the lions in the den attack each other in 'mock play' to hone their hunting skills.
We Horde snipe at each other because it's what keeps us vigilant and hungry for victory...
If we were to stop, we'd most likely settle in one area, build a city... call it 'Stormwind' or some such and open up a variety of cheese shops...
Oh wait... that's been done already...

All kidding aside... Ol' Blade already knows the answer to your question: We don't look at you as an Alliance who has Horde characters... we look at you as a Horde who has the 'dirty little secret' of playing Alliance.

Moving on...

From the Dirty Little Tricks Department...
Something for Warlocks... these are mainly for pvp... 'cause a little bug in my ear told me that Warlock is one of the more-desirable classes in a 3v3 arena team... whether I'll get around to pushing my warlock to 80 is anyone's guess, tho...
Not having actually *done* any arenas on any characters to any success (one failed attempt at 70 with a mage was more than enough to leave a discernably bad taste in my mouth for it), I can only speculate, but these macros should help you whether you're in a 3v3, any *other* arena team combination, battlegrounds or in pve:
/cast Corruption
/cast [pet:Felhunter, target=teammate]Devour Magic
/cast [pet:Felhunter, target=yourname]Devour Magic
/cast [pet:Felhunter]Devour Magic
This one is fun... we're taking advantage of multiple cooldown factors here again... one press casts Corruption on your target and either causes your Felhunter to devour one magic debuff affecting a teammate (useful for getting rid of a polymorph, hammer of justice or similar spells in arena combat... if you're not a fan, take the line out) if your teammate isn't suffering any magical malady, it will turn your Felhunter in *your* direction and consume any debuff that *you* may be suffering from... and if *you're* not 'under the influence' of a magic effect, the Felhunter will devour a beneficial buff that currently affects your target.

This one's for anyone with a pet... and Ol' Blade's probably gonna get a /slap from some Shamans for this one...
/petattack [target=Healing Stream Totem]
/petattack [target=Mana]
/petattack [target=Tremor Totem]
/petattack [target=Grounding Totem]

In a nutshell? Substitute whatever names of Totems you like... add as many lines as necessary to fill out the list and put your highest priority at the bottom.
What's it do? Aims your pet at the ever-so-irritating totem(s) and lets you focus on the task of dotting your target down.
The nice part about this one is that *any* class with an attacking pet can use it... so not only Warlocks, but Hunters and Death Knights as well.
... and you lot thought that Ol' Blade /hated DKs... not so! With this totem-smashing macro, it might even free up a spot on your action bar so that you can add *another* skill or talent to your /facerolling auto-success!
Feel the love?

From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket...
Mrs. Blade's been challenging your favorite Loremaster again... she said: 'Find me something obscure, yet contemporary..."
After dodging large, heavy cooking implements whilst reading love poetry to her (props to anyone who just got *that* reference), Ol' Blade set to the task of finding her something "obscure".
How's the 'Life-like Mechanical Toad' for obscure?
See... this little engineering wonder (Engineering 265 required to learn the skill, the pattern being a random world drop with the best results from any of the five world dragon bosses of old-world Azeroth) is a reference to the movie Blade Runner...
Well... no... actually it's a reference to the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" by Philip K. Dick which was the *basis* for the movie Blade Runner. In the book, an incredibly life-like toad is found that turns out to be merely an ersatz animal.
(Ersatz meaning 'artificial' or 'synthetic').
While on the subject, when walking by the refugees in Shattrath City's lower gate, one of them can be heard saying "Hey, Man? Got some money? I got five kids to feed!". This is a line uttered by Benny the cab driver in "Total Recall", the movie adaptation of the short story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale". Guess the author of the book! You betcha - Philip K. Dick.


Email # A from Valathilia

Hello Guys
Valathilia here

Well thank you for the advice, once I gather the gold(herbalism) I will be sure to get all those extra enchants and that belt socket. Sadly no I am not a pvp-er, well not anymore I just happen to carry my pvp set so when I go do wintergrasp so I can have resilance. Funny story I healed voa with that it was my noob moment. "reigns of the white polar bear" is a random drop from one of the dailys from the hyldnir ladies which you will have to do If u want to get rep with the sons of the holdir. In other news I am going to start a refer a friend because my best friend is joining :) he wants to role play on the alliance and my old friend treb is dusting her computer to rejoin wow and we shall be the amazing priest duo. And I hate female dwarfs they are a utter myth. Btw I rolled a DK on earthen ring (valathilia is her name so uncreative) and hopefully willbe transfering my 72 lock mardemina there as well. And I am a HE but my guild is convinced other wise
since I never talk on vent( puppy ate mic and haven't bought a new one) well thanks again for the great podcast and the laughs :) you complete my wow week :) and thanks Blade for the lore :)
For the horde?

And I would prefer the month please, thank you

Email #1 from Zooexhibit

Just a quick note for you the fish pools that you occasionally see in Dalaran are actually in the river below Dalaran in the crystalsong woods.



Email #2 Dave (& Erica too)

I am a Egg Ninja and my wife is too!

Where is the fun in camping a egg spawn?! Bah!
They give you a basket with a speed bonus to run around like crazy rabbits for a reason. I don't know if my wife and I, got more or less eggs running amok, but we were cracking up the whole time. Trash talking each other and /violin -ing all the QQ-ing campers, sorry! really I am, but come-on! It's supposed to be fun! I clicked faster! HA!

Oh and being a bunny with aspect of the cheetah FTW!

My wife recently joined me last week playing Warcraft, and with RaF she is up to lvl 22 already on her little gnome warlock (I was shocked by her choice! I keep thinking about they guys at BoE) I had not played WoW for almost 1 1/2 years and started back up in late March. I'm loving being back, still only lvl 48 on my main, but for me it's about having fun and exploring. Now more than ever. It's great spending good quality time with my wonderful wife in WoW (not trying to make you jealous!) It's a whole new game playing with some one you know , I soloed mostly before, never knowing how long I'd get to play. Hope we can find a laid back guild on of these days.

I also have a ton of alts that I just play around with, I've always liked starting areas, go figure... working on getting up to 55 so I can pick up WotLK. That will be a while, as most of my time in now spent with my wife, with a lv22 dwarf hunter. Hoping to get her to start an alt on the horde too, as it's not to be missed.

I really enjoy your podcasts, and they sure help during work when I want to play. But, between you guys and the crew at BoE, my co-workers must think I'm a bit daft snickering randomly at work.

Cheers & much Aloha!
Dave (& Erica too)
from Hawaii, playing on Uther

For Horde!? Alliance!? Gadgetzan?! Azeroth!

Email #3 Lite
Hi guys thanks again for a great podcast. You guys prove that even when you think you know this game you can still learn more. I learn something new every week.

Last week my lock buddy 2manned Dire Maul and Scholomance as level 64's. Feeling our Wheaties we upped the bar to attempt Ramparts. We were getting so much XP 2manning 60ish elites that we dinged while in the instance. We were getting on average 1100 XP per kill. So as level 65's we girded our loins and grabbed ALOT of drinks and food and entered.

To our surprise the Dire Maul warmups made us a work as a team better than before. I would hold as much agro as possible while my lock buddy did his beautiful rain of fire. His Healthstones were invaluable and my bubbles for him timely. We cleared the first 2 bosses with relative ease. The 6 mob pulls were challenging but we survived. On the final boss we had a strategy. When the guy (forget his name) riding the dragon was almost dead I dropped him and grabbed the dragon. My buddy Dotdeath burned him down while I kited the dragon around the fires. It was very close (Bet you never saw a prot pally bubble and bandage during a boss fight lol) but in the end we were victorious!

Feeling invincible the next day we attempted Underbog. Luckily Dotdeath could banish the elementals so the first 2 bosses dropped easily too. We unfortunately couldn't come up with a strategy good enough for the hunter/pet boss. They had over 50k hp each.After a couple of wipes we skipped him and went to the final boss but realized that our 2manning had come to an end. This boss would grab someone up in the air (me) and get his health back. So we called it.

We are looking forward to Northrend gear and coming back and hitting Mana Tombs and other mid-60 instances. The XP you get in addition to REALLY learning to play your class is AWESOME! Well thanks again for a great podcast!

Lite from Blood Heretics guild Runtotem Server


Email #4 from Maluz


Great pod cast, you three really compliment each other.

I like your pod cast so much you have inspired me to try out dual boxing wow.

In the casts that I have downloaded from itunes there are some references to a previous pod cast that had details on how to dual or multi box wow.

Could you please provide some links to resources on how to dual box and the best way to locate any previously shows that cover the ctrl alt wow way to dual box?

I have found wow wiki has a lot of information but I was keen to know how you guys are doing it.

Keep up the informative and friendly casts.

For the Horde!


AIE pleb

Earthen Ring

Email #5


Hey Aprill,

I'm a really big fan! I first heard you on the HowIWow podcast and you really inspired me :)
I used to play the sims on line a long time ago, and only played a few hours at most. I don't know how you lasted so long. lol
Ever since wow came out that's the only game I really play.

Anyways you inspired me to try dual boxing! Since hearing you, I referred a friend (myself) and made a new account. Now I have a lvl 36 druid (turb) and a lvl 36 shaman (turby) along with a 76 rogue and a 61 lock. I really love playing two characters at once. My fiance who also plays, really loves to watch me play both at the same time. We even made our own guild. Our goal is to eventually have a lvl 80 of every class between the two of us.

I just wanted to say thanks for your podcast I've been listening every week since around episode 103. Is there anyway I can go back and listen to some of the older shows? The oldest one I came accross was episode 99. I'd really like to hear some of the earlier stuff!

Aprill I love your style.
Ashayo your tips are one of my favorite parts of the show.
Glanthur .... really.... reroll horde already

Seriously though

Much Love to Everyone



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