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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 117 - Glanthur Dings

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Found out about the DK flying mount. Spent almost 2k to get it on my two DK's on ER, Love it.

Still grinding professions on PVP DK

Elune's Grace Podcast has done their last episode.

Made [Titanium Earthguard Ring] on JC on ER, sold for over 800g, nice.

Friday ran 4 DK on pvp server through WC. Got achievement, skinning up and some herbs and greens.


Oracles: 2 x Tickbird Hatchling, White Tickbird Hatchling, Cobra Hatchling

Jekle healed the end of Heroic CoS - just the gauntlet and Malgannis. Nice epic leather wrist - actual healing gear! And got the [Needy] achievement! Felt a bit bad for the Boomkin druid that had done the whole instance.

Shadowthrone - Ding 63 ; ran Ramparts and Blood furnace with 3 other DK's - massively overpowered. Later ran 5 man DK Ramparts - no healer!
Headed back to Thrallmar to find an alliance attacking the town. Mowed him down ... twice.

Ashayo - 10 man raiding ; tried Malygos - got to phase3 a couple of times, but couldn't beat him. Also tried 1 drake OS, but couldn't manage that either.

Naxx 25 - Asheal; nice offhand healing , and boots - [superior] achievement.
Cleared it! 1 shot sapphiron, 3 shot KT
Won priest tier head peice :)

- 1 shot Flame Leviathan
- Xt-002 deconstructor ; 6million left out 22.5million 1st shot, down 2nd shot. Achievement [Heroic: Nerf gravity bombs] (no one died from gravity bomb)
- Ignis the Furnace Master, few wipes, down to 45%. Loose adds causing the most issues.
- Kologarn; only two attempts, also unsuccessful

Jekle healed Heroic UP - great run with Retsmile, Solador, Ostira and Deadlyvyv

Pally Healing! ?


Have been leveling Arlaerum when I can. Still only level 60. Man, Death Knights are POWERFUL.
Have been doing the Argent Tournament dailies on Arlaerus and am now done with them on Glanthur
Glan got the Elywnn Lamb pet. Tragic. Awesome. Tragically awesome.
Ulduar Progression: Flame Leviathon, Razorscale, XT-002, and Kologarn are down.

Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Zebestes

The large wooden structure in the valley of wisdom next to Thrall's building is a recreation of Mannaroth, a demon that was killed by Grom Hellscream in The Third War just south of Ashenvale. The event occured in Warcraft 3 in the orc campaign. Grom and Thrall were alone facing the demon that enslaved the orcs to the demons in the first place. Grom takes a valiant swing and pierces Mannaroth's armor, killing him, but also mortally wounding Grom. In honor of his fallen comrade, Thrall erected the structure and hung the broken armor from it.

I haven't heard anyone answer the question yet, so I hope it helps!

Zebestes- Earthen Ring-US

P.S. I rerolled on Earthen Ring and I'm leveling this druid. I hope to be in AIE soon!



Email #2 from Thundyr

Hey again guys!

Well in reference to your responses from last week, it seems that with the over all view of how I left my guild was a poor departure, and I would probably agree for the most part perhaps it is why I asked the question. In my defense I would like to offer you a explanation, but in the efforts to keep this short I will spare you many specific in depth details.

Needless to say there were recent changes in the guild that were from my opinion something we had previously discussed would never happen, a guild alliance for one. I can not say that this was the catalyst, but contributed to a change of the overall feeling of the guild, and its direction. I would also add the reason for me leaving on my own was to avoid the tendency I have been become a custom to seeing in the recent past with the leadership, that would be the difference of /gquiting on my terms or being /gkicked on theirs.

I think I would have stayed, or posted my feelings if there were core of people I had connections to, though due to the a major departure of officers & guildies weeks earlier there was really no one left that I could connect to, or at least didn't know I was leaving already.

One thing I feel confident in, or at least I have a good feeling about being a fan of BOP as well, and hearing some of the goings on from Temp & their drama is if she was more aware of specific details perhaps it would not seemed such a drastic measure.

I guess it is really a error on my behalf in the way I posed the question in the first place, because the answers both Ashayo, and Temp delivered are probably more in line with opinions on what should happen, of course where I went wrong is I asked having all the history behind me.

Just so you know I did not move on to a raiding guild, me & my girlfriend have a guild of our own with just the two of us & our alts, and we both are enjoying playing once again.

Thanks guys, as always it is great hearing you!


Email #A from Gareth

Hey hun, just heard the Podcast and was shocked to hear i won again.

Seeing as i have won once i will pass on this but what you can do is next time your out for a walk and go past a flower shop, step inside and buy yourself a rose. And that would be my thank you to you for making a great Podcast.

And yes i am in the alliance but no i don't live in my parents basement, i am 28 years old not a snotty nosed 12 year old kid living in my mothers basement like some people lol

Hugs Gareth

Email #3 from Valathilia

Hello guys
valathilia here
So this past week alot happen...
Valathilia finally did ulduar and it was super hard XD I hate having dps not listening but I gave them a break since it was there and also my first time but seriouly we wiped on each boss more than five times, I am not saying that I wasn't to blame as well but it really just came down to following instructions especially with that boss that's a twist of the saphh and the final Nexsus boss. But in other news my Druid is now 50 and finally got my trents and tree form, I am excited about that. But enough about me I hope you all had a great week and I finally tuned in to BOE and wow they are funny, 5minuets into the show and there talking about a sausage fest LOL well love the podcast and keep it up
-for the horde

Email # 4 from Makiling
hey guys, this is Makiling,

thanks for reading my letter on your episode! i've been writing to the different podcasts that i listen to, but this is the first time one of my letters was read on air. so april, have you tried playing with the WASD keys? do you find it better than using the arrow keys? i guess if you played first person shooters like half life and quake, you would be using the WASD keys for WoW too, but i understand why you would try playing it otherwise. anyway, i just wanted to share that i finally got a death knight out of the starting area this week. im really not into melee classes, and although i have a couple of toons in their late 30's, i mainly focus on my main who is an undead mage. so now im using my death knight to hang around the neutral auction house for when i have some stuff i'd like to sell to the alliance. but the good thing about finishing the ebon hold story line is that i finally understood all the references you make to that quest line =)

thanks again! for the horde!

Email # 5 Kurly

I hope that you are all well! As always your podcasts have been great fun to listen to, and with the BOE Ctrl+Alt+WOW crossover, I am enjoying them all that much more!

I made the grand decision to delete some of the tunes that I knew I was never going to play. I had some duplicate classes that were turning out to be a huge waste of time to play on, so I took a deep breath, typed "D-E-L-E-T-E" and amazingly enough my house did not catch fire, nor did I go spontainiously blind. One of the advantages of being a toon whore is that you really do get a feel for the class or classes that work best for your individual style of play. And, now that I am getting into PVP, having a basic knowledge of how other classes work can certainly be an advantage when you are fighting one.

I rolled a toon on for Pants on Head (Kurliemoo) and having been having a wonderful time chatting and running with those hot messes from down under.

Some other WOW buds of mine (a couple across the country in Washington State [I am in Boston]) have rolled toons on another PVP server and have been having a great time running around together leveling them.

Let me stress that I think you all being guests on BOE is a universal requirment!!

Please keep the podcasts comming. I look forward to listening everyweek. You are all beautiful!



ShoutOuts and Blogs

From Xandarr2112
It has been a while since we have spoken so I thought I would drop you a line and see how things are going!
I got an interesting comment from my wife at lunch yesterday. I was sitting there eating my grilled stuft burrito from Taco Bell when she said "I want you to move forward with your podcast." Talk about my jaw hitting the table. I almost dropped my beefy goodness that is my burrito. This is the first real encouragement I have received from my wife when it comes to "That Game." She said it isn't that she doesn't like the game it is just the time I waste playing it. So cutting time down to weekends has paid off!
I am looking for someone to assist me in doing a podcast. I even extended an offer to our good friend "MO." Please pass the word onto your other listeners that I am looking for a tech erson who knows how to record better than I do, and I am also looking for a female perspective as well.
In addition to that we finally have a Horde Side experiment up and running. Thanks to the Bind on Equip gnomes I have an experimental guild forming using toons without "sugar daddies" and we are running Instances "at level." You are welcome to join us anytime! Guild application is at the bottom of the blog.
Thanks again for all your support and I look forward to joining your ranks!

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