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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 121 - Baby Come Desecrate My Fire

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Respecced Jyz, got tired of her lagging behind. Found it was better to have them all have the horsey thing.

Ran around getting fires, completed Eastern Kingdom with Quad. Got ganked coming off the Grom Gol Zeppelin

Took Epril for JC & Fishing Dailies.

Decided to use my RAF for a bit. Took Tiiaa the 47 mage and Drame out for Flamage. They were in BB went to FP and saw Drame didn't have Stonard. Tiia hadn't trained Stonard portal yet. She got it and was able to bring Drame there who didn't have the FP. Spent break time get Drame and Tiiaa fires. Road from Razor Hill to Crossroads. Ally was killing FP over and over again.

Went to BlackRock spire.


Oracles - 2 x White Tickbird, Protodrake whelp, aged yolk

Spending alot of time on Midsummer Festival
- Experience points are *much* better at 71 than 70
Level 71 pally - 10050 exp for honoring horde flame / 20100 for desecrating
Level 70 DK - 6250 exp / 12640 for desecrating
- Ashield dinged 72 putting out fires
- With ones in Azeroth that I missed last year, and the fires in Northrend, Ashayo had enough blossoms to buy the clothes for the pole dance.
- Sold the shoulders back for 100 blossoms. (With the change that lets you get a refund for 1hr)
- You don't need to buy 40 Juggling Torch's. They are not consumed, so 10 is ample.
- When Midsummer started, I completed "A Thief's Reward" again (did it last year) and got [Crown of the fire festival]
- After they reset the quests, completed it again (without actually doing anything), and now have 3 of them!
- The bug fix reset all fires, even the ones I'd already done this year, so Ashayo went around and got another 350 to get the pet.
- You have to do the torch tossing and torch catching before you can use [Juggling Torch]
- Dual boxing fires - one on ER and one on Jube'thos
- Shadowthrone (PoH DK) did all the fires, and went that extra bit more and got the Flame Keeper title. 1st Title. 1st Tabard!

Argent Tournament
- Asheal - Exalted Champion of Sen'jin (Makes 10 Exalted reps) Just TB to go.

Ulduar - Won a new head peice! [Collar of the Wyrmhunter]
Naxx 25 full clear


Quiet week
Respeced to Blood on Arlaerum again. Going to stick with it this time
Had a guild meeting on the burning ship dangling in Howling Fjord
Still doing Argent Tournament dailies on Arlaerus
Got ganked on Glanthur while doing the fishing daily
Coryenne, a guild mate, pointed out a place to fish in Wintergrasp that's TECHNICALLY in Dragonblight 12, 40

Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Inacan

Hello fine people of C-A-W.

Just a lil note to help April with her fishing.

When I fish I shrink down my screen for WOW and then watch TV on or something in another small window.

As long as you can click when u hear the bobber sound your golden.

I was able to watch the entire 2nd season of "The Guild" while leveling my Pali's fishing.

It kind of takes the boring out of leveling fishing.

Happy Fishing,


Email #2 from LANVAL

Good morning Aprillian and Glanthur. Good afternoon Ashayo :P
My name is Lanval and I am a Human Paladin from the Durotan server.
I send you this email in response to Aprillian's request for the listeners to share their raid's looting rules. Well, I believe that my guild has a very successful looting system. Keep in mind we are a Casual Raiding guild. I don't think it has a fancy name or anything but it goes like this:
You are allowed to /roll on 2 pieces for Main Set, 2 for Off Set and 1 Tier Set. If the gear reaches to last call (meaning no one rolls main or offset) then anyone is free to roll as long as you can use it. If not, it is then disenchanted and the crystal is thrown into the guild bank. Now, some classes do NOT have an off spec like almost all strict DPS classes which include rogues, hunters, mages, etc. so, they get 2 Main Set and 1 Tier Set. For the most part we are all friends and dont argue with loot so if a DPS wants to roll on a third piece, they are usually given permisson to roll in order compensate for their non off-spec-ness? Sure I'll make up that word. BUT, others are given priority over the item if its a main set.
So, in conclusion, DKP sucks :P

Keep up the awesome job. Love the podcast!



Email #3 from Kurly

Hello boys and gurl. Sorry I have not been in touch. You havent seen me on POH for awhile (Kurliemoo and Ahbygsissie) as I have been leveling a Druid on another sever. She is one of my oldest toons and after my priest hit 80 I spent a lot of time playing all kinds of toons, and had a great time. For the time being I have focused my efforts on her and I have been having a lot of fun!
My Priest was able to purchase her the shoulders found in Wintergrasp (the ones that are bind on account and its stats go up with each level), and between thost, being rested, and the Summer Flame Festival exp boost are managing to get about 50% of exp each time I play. I have spec'd her Feral, and are looking forward to dual spec'ing resto.! This, of course, would require that I make and are able to hold on to more than the 100g I have thus far. I had about 600 when I hit 60, but used it purchase a "very fat mount" much for using the Druid travel form...bummer...I like that cheetah but its not fast enough as of now.

I am also having a lot of fun in Battle grounds on my priest! I have racked up about 760 points of resilience and tend to annoy the stuffing out of rogues who can no longer kill him in two shots. Now, I am able to fend a rogue off long enough to get help or irk them enough to move on...great fun! I am wicked excited for the new battle ground the recent purchase of a video card had completely changed the way I play the game, and I cant believe how gorgeous it is!!

Anywho...enough of my WOW for now. You guys are the best!!

So long now from another New Englander!!!


Email #A from Turbos

Hey everybody!!

I got my Ctrl Alt WoW contest prize in the mail today!! I have to admit, I did check the mail practically everyday since I won, but you all have such great timing. The day I got my prize was the day I got the last part I needed to finish building my new computer!!

Thanks for the advice Ashayo. I got the ati card and its working perfectly. I'm also running wow on windows 7 and it runs much smoother than it did on vista! I am a mac person at heart, but it seems my wallet usually leans towards the pc ><

I also wanted to thank you April. In the last two weeks I started selling pets on the neutral AH and have made 500g already!!

I'm still working my way through all the archives. I'm almost exactly 1 year behind, and I have to say the show is tons better with Ashayo, but it I miss Glanthur so much, I'm glad he's back full time now in the current podcasts Okay, I almost like you that much Glanthur.

I did have one quick question though for you all though, I did just finish building my new computer, but I haven't decided which kvm switch to get or if I should just keep my current set up with 2 keyboards and 2 mice .... mouses ... ??? Any suggestions?

Email #4 from Saakin

Hello ctraltwow crew!

I have been listening to the show for a while now and I love it. When you guys talk about what you guys do in game is awesome. If you guys could talk for hours and hours I would listen to it. Since work is so mundane I would really enjoy an 8 hour show :). I could always dream. And BAH! To the person who said your show is too long. Hey, there is a thing called pause. I have a couple stories to share with you that may bring a smile to your faces :).

When you guys said in the future that people would be talking about downing what boss at the water cooler and look away to the person who watches TV. Interesting enough this is similar to my present. At work there is a group of us who would sit at lunch and talk about our wow stories, talents and theorycraft. We are all at different levels of play casual, casual raiding and hardcore raiding. The funny thing is we all play priests on all different servers :D. Sometimes other people who aren't in the know would tag along with us to lunch and stare at us blankly when we talked about wow. Ya know we would try to include them into our conversations about sports and tv but that would only go so far and the topic would always go back to wow. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the we don't feel weird that we are gamers it's who we are. And no one can change that.

My next story is about my wife. I have been playing wow since day 1. I met my wife, my girlfriend then, a year after wow came out. I couldn't play as much as wanted to since my attentions changed to her. She knew of my addiction and learned to deal with it. In those first couple of years on nights when she would come over and hang out she would understand that it was raid time and whatnot. She would just chill on the couch and watch tv while I played. Over the years it was stream of balances between her and wow. More attentions to her of course. Until the inevitable happened I bought her an account. We decided to level together and I would help her through it. I picked a priest and she, a hunter. We leveled and leveled and soon she was addicted. So addicted in fact, she passed me in leveling. I think it was at the moment she picked up Giggity, the original tiger skin from stv and has kept him through many battles in Kara,Tempest keep, Ulduar,
Bgs and Arenas. Giggity has always been at her side. There many other pets she would say but there is only one Giggity. The funnest moments i have in wow is with her. I smile everytime when we run things together and hear, "Wheres my heals? Where's Giggity's heals? Oh if you let Giggity die your sleeping on the couch!" And now she is leveling an alt Mage that is level 79. And i know laughter and fun times will ensue. I have created a monster and I love it. She won't admit that she is a gamer but come on. What do you guys think?

Sorry for the wall of text. I would like to give a shoutout to my wife Unaa 80 Draenei survival hunter on Deathwing - US. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on June 22. I love and thank her everyday for being with me. If you can just read the shoutout, she would get a kick out of it.

Holy Priest Deathwing US of

Shout Outs & itunes Reviews

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