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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 122 - Crash & Burn

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 122 - Crash & Burn

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Bunny hopped RAF around Outland's for the fires. Tiiaa the Mage hit 50 & Drame the Druid hit 40.

Got the Porcelain Bell out of the Fishing bag & sold it for 100g-

Ran UBRS with POH, excellent time.

Doing dailies on Epril I got [Mendicant's Robe of Mendacity] from a Revenant, it's blue.

Did Ahune with Ashayo & totally embarrassed him.

Tried hard to get Flamekeeper. Gankage in outland. Got 400


Oracles Report - 1 x Yolk, 3 x Cobra Hatchling

Faction change announcement! Could bring over some ex-alliance toons to PoH
Raid soulbound items tradeable - great for master looter issues!

Ashayo subbed in for an experienced Ulduar 10 man group.
- Plenty of achievments including [Shutout] [Unbroken] [Nerf gravity bombs] , [Nerf engineeering], [The Siege of Ulduar]
- Won Ring and neck, both with hit ; need to regem, as now over the hit cap (Yay!)
- First time fighting Crazy cat lady (Auriaya is too hard to say)
- First time fighting Hodir - awesome fight - alot of moving and watching, but got him down (well, down enough to make him friendly)

Ulduar - DwP 10 man on Asheal. Kologarn and Auriaya (crazy cat lady) took a few tries

Naxx 25 ; last week, heading to Ulduar next week. Loot went to one clothy, or off spec or DE'ed.

Got my mind on a Mechano-Hog
Levelled another miner to get another titansteel c/d
And before you know it ... Ashayo is riding a Mechano-Hog with thanks to Mollyshot

Still doing Argent Tournament most days on the 4 80's.
- Jekle gets [The Winds of the North] - exalted with Horde Expedition, makes 10 Exalted reps

Both Deathknights hit 71 this week. Yay!

Because of 3.2 where titanium ore will be prospectable, miners are farming for the ore ; the result is alot of saronite ore on the market, so it is quite cheap. Used the opportunity to level blacksmithing from 430 to 440. This then allowed Ashield to make Jekle a Titansteel Guardian.

Splashing out on upgrading Jekle ; Actually bought blue chest and epic boots off AH. Bought neckpeice with heroic tokens, made titanium spellshock ring with JC, and another level 200 ring, Wispcloak made by Chinstrap, and enchanted everything (yay for having an enchanter to DE and hoard mats)
Already had an offhander to go with the new 1H mace

Gloves: Exceptional Spellpower (+28) 4 x Infinite dust, 1 x lesser cosmic essence
Boots: Greater Spirit (+18) 10 x Infinite dust, 1 x Greater cosmic essence
Bracers: Greater Spellpower (+23) 8 x Infinite dust, 4 x lesser cosmic essence
Chest: Super Stats (+8) 4 x Infinite dust, 2 x lesser cosmic essence
Main hand: Exceptional Spellpower (+50): 10 x Infinite Dust, 2 x Greater Cosmic essence

Head: Revered with Wrymrest Accord: 30 spell & 8 mp5
Shoulders: Inscription of Dominance : 23 spell (30 stonekeeper shards)

Added over 700 bonus healing (Went from around 1000 to over 1700)

4th July bear run


- Faction Change? I'll just level my toons the old-fashioned way.
- I could play a female Tauren.



- Finally duel-specced AND purchased epic flight. Next stop, 77.

Bladed Edge


Email #A from

Aqui Esta

Como estas CtrlAltWow? Pues esta semena fue tan feliz . Yo y mis amigos fuimos al Naxxramas, era mucho trabajo.... because it was there first time. So I had to teach them all the fights but there quick learners. The run isn't finished we still need to down sapphirion and kel'thuzad. The healers are having trouble getting behind the ice blocks, but I will have no doubt we will down it on Monday. Btw glanthur I think you did a great job at reading my email. Well I hope you guys have a great week. Great podcast and keep it up.
For the horde


My friend sent me this.. It's playing wow on a different level
Check out this video on YouTube:

Emaill #1 from Prancelot

Well I am definitely an altaholic. Much like Aprillian it's going to take me years to reach level 80. I just love playing all my characters and love the old world content as much as the new stuff. I've listed my alts below to give you an idea of how bad my addiction really is. My Alliance toons are on Sentinels and my Horde toons are on Wyrmrest Accord. One of these days I may try multi-boxing.

Love the show. All you Glanthur haters are just jealous that he's an Alliance pwner!

For the Alliance/Horde!


Alliance Characters
Character Class Level
Archard Priest 72
Chronostat Rogue 69
Chromaton Death Knight 70
Damnum Druid 70
Erbag Mage 61
Gladiator Warrior 77
Oakish Hunter 27
Pentapolis Warlock 71
Verus Paladin 73
Horde Characters
Character Class Level
Archie Hunter 76
Chrysos Priest 72
Devian Death Knight 59
Prancelot Paladin 77
Sindoman Warlock 26

Email #2 from Keegan the straight

hey still loving your show and Aprillian, i have never heard you say bad language before until i listened to BOE! i loved it! just thought i'd point out, if the BOE guys have alliance listeners that play on dubai'thas, wont they be expecting thewm to come and raid the cities? :(

Email #3 from Makiling

hey guys, Makiling here

thanks for talking about your loot system on episode 120, i was surprised and glad to hear about more loot systems out there. i was wondering if you can post a link in your show notes where you got them, or describing them so i can read up more about them.

in the last 2 weeks i killed 3 dragons for the first time. the first was malygos on a 10 man pug. i had only seen the youtube fight videos, but did not realize that the 3rd phaze was quite disorienting and we wiped a couple of times but eventually finished her. the next dragon was sapphiron on 10 man naxx. it was in another pug with the last 2 bosses remaining, and we one shotted both saph and kt, and i got the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title!

the 3rd dragon was Oyxia, we 5 manned him with a couple of 80 dks and druids and a 74 hunter. this leads me to my interesting discovery/tip: since bosses like onyxia have become quite easy, you might want to go and farm them for gear since the boss drops some boe stuff. i gave my lvl48 priest some pants that dropped from onyxia, and i would imagine that other alts would also benefit form her other drops.

of course this would all be invalidated if you went up the levels quick enough to get gear from outland and northrend, but since i dont play on my alt until i get all the stuff i want done on my main, it would be nice to get my alt some nice stuff to use.

finally i'd like to give a shoutout to Cannibal Brigade guild for inviting me to their 10 man ulduar run. i got in from the iron council to mimiron, and it was great considering it was my first time with the keepers!

for the horde!

Ashayo says: Check out Suicide Kings here:

Email #4 from Aleara

Hey Aprillian!

Seeing as how you are the multi-boxing maven *grin* I've been trying to find a decent add-on, or set of add-ons, for multi-boxing.

I thought I had heard of one, but for the life of me I can't remember the name.

As you may remember, I have two accounts/characters. I have trouble with the secondary toon loosing follow, quest acceptance, etc.

I appreciate your gentle patience with this funny old Hobbit. Hope to talk with you soon!

Your faithful Hobbit and Twitter buddy,
Aleara Jackley
Email #5 from Falkork

Hello the Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo.

My name is falkork I am a level 72 resto Druid on the Quel'Thals EU server. I have been absent from the PoH guild for A bit as I have had the itch to raid. I hit my deathknight who was 76 and 2 days of "Jeppy like" pure grinding and questing I hit the magic level of 80!!
Before I knew I was not only congratulated on my ding but my guildies had pulled together and got me a set of boe epic dps gear. The next day I was invited to a guild EoE (Maligos) and I am now hooked on raiding.

My next lift would be my beloved Druid and maybe one of my other 20 alts above 30 across 4 servers (I'm a altaholic but my attention span can't hanndle duel-boxing )-: )

Anyway miss hanging out with you guys (and lady) and hope to see you In /boe soon.


P.S. Love the show

Shout Outs & thank you's

Thank you #1 From Kurly

So how about this New England weather? Is it not awful!! I am thrilled that I won the draw and again I would like to donate 1 month of free WOW back to the show! Maybe you could use it to help refer a friend!!

I had four days off from work this past week and I was able to get my Druid, Viranelda, up to level 69 from 62. It was an interesting few days. I was able to level my skinning over 400, went from 50 gold to over 900 (I am not sure how that happened but yay!!!), and a kind donation from one of my buds allowed my to dual spec, and I chose resto (my primary spec is feral). I healed a few instances in the Outlands and I liked it a lot. Its very different from Priest heals, but, I think I have it worked out.

She is in Northrend now and has just started questing.

The other night 9 people from my guild went into various BG's and what a great time we had. We owned Warsong Gulch. It was great!

Thanks so much for the great Podcast!!


Thank you #2 from Karen

Woot! I'd love the sandbox tiger if you still have it, it would be perfect for my main on Alliance side, Bast. As she's named after the Egyptian goddess of cats (and other things), she's collecting all things cats.

Just a quick note: my pet collector, Elsa, got her 75th pet with the scorchling and now has her little fawn. A big thanks to my guildie, Anodda, who gave me a cobra hatchling (my egg just refused to hatch into that). Elsa now has 77 pets, since she got her last Argent Tournament pet, the Mulgore Hatchling.

She may not be the most leet hunter out there, but she has a little fawn bounding after her.



Hello CtrlAltWow folks, Aprillian, Glanthur, and Ashayo.
Thank you once again for your wonderful work.

I am writing this email on a Monday, a day after I had yet another horrible experience on my priest healing heroics.
Well as Aprillian has stated previously, I too am not a big fan of Raiding but would not mind experiencing it.
I try my best to experience it when I have a chance and hope it is a good experience.
Heroics is, well kind of the same thing, I know to raiders (laughing cackling at me now) Heroics is a joke but for me they are pretty hard.
Also, if I can plug Xandarr's blog again: The Experienced Noob at
I bring that up because I wrote for him a while back about knowing your limits.
Well of course you cant expect me to listen to myself so I do try to help out guildies when ever I can and forget about the noober gear and skills.
Last night, Sunday night, I was asked by a guildy to heal H CoS: Heroic Culling of Stratholme, very interesting, at times fun instance, which I hate doing on Heroics!
We had good dps, and a DK tank (first time tanking he/she told us after the instance) and tank did pretty well I think.

Long story short we started and after a few waves, I was doing ok but when (don't ask me the mini-bosses name because I don't know what it is) one of the mini-bosses comes out after a wave of mobs we downed, I was low in mana (one of my many problems) so tanked died = WIPE!!!

Repeat step 1. a couple of times, after I was told kindly by the group not to let the tank die, which I did not reply back because I think that is the point of a healer right? not sure I could be wrong!

Well one of the dps ers was a shadow priest, main spec being disc. healing with Naxx gear, WAY more heals than I had. This person, hope they don't mind me mentioning them, Zerroth switched to his disc spec to heal.
I switched to my shadow spec and we started again.
Things were ok, one or 2 semi wipes but the heals came through.
AND the dreaded post of recount was posted!!!
I wanted to ask my guildy what the FRAK (can you say this on your cast?) doing post that because I was last in dps with about 10% of total dps.
Yes I know, cant rely too much on recount but after the dps post, the healer, Zerroth, :)
asked in party chat: MO
I replied: Yes
At this point I am laughing and thinking what will be said, will I be kicked out of group, how I hate instancing, and thinking FM WOW L (you can use your imagination what that means and if you dont know I can email the BOE gang and let them know.

So I am expecting Zerroth to just let me have it and be all mean
This fine Chap was very helpful, he/she let me know what spells to use, what not to to raise my dps up to about 13-14% of dps, yes that still sucks but with greens/blues/and purple gear it was a great improvement and because of him I said I will check out discipline spec again for healing.

So Aprillian, there is hope for us as there are good people in wow and I don't think Zerroth listens to Ctrl Alt Wow but if I am able to get a roll for a prize this week, I would like Zerroth to get a chance; if not well I still appreciate the good/nice people of wow.

And I hope everyone is still awake and will say good day.

Thank you and happy wowing!

Shoutout No #1

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