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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 138 - The Couple That Plays Together Stays Together

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Couples Interview #2 Arezzo & Gufoni/Jon & David

Wonderful talk with Jon & David

What We've Been Doing:


Running around getting xp from candy buckets. Parked a couple of alts in Brill

Primall got a whole level and hit 60

Going to Outland, had to check each toon to figure out if they were Aldor or Scryer

Sunken Temple, back 3 times. Did the Hunter's quest the 3rd time. All the homework paid off. It was the first time I've completely fini

Exclamation in Dalaran in the Alliance Inn, but there is a 2nd inn in Ledgermain and a 3rd in the sewers


Hallow's End
- Started a shaman to see how many levels could be gained with candy buckets. (Chose a shaman because EVERY instance we run, pretty much all that drops is shaman gear)
- 40 exp @ level 1, 84 @ 2, 130 @ 3, 180 @ 4, 230 @ 5, 270 @ 6, 320 @ 7, 350 @ 8, 390 @ 9. - [Tricks and Treats of Azeroth]
- Shadowthrone doing HH. Just need squashling

10 man ToC with Asheal
- Cleared easily. Talk of starting heroic mode, but the leap is quite significant
- Nice healing trinket

Onyxia with Asheal
- Nice offheand that summons a skeleton for 1 minute

VoA with Asheal
- Black War Mammoth dropped in VoA

10 man Ulduar with Ashayo
- Won tier gloves on Freya
- Finally got down General Vezax - won underworld mantle

25 man Ulduar with Asheal
- Freya down - eventually! woot! First time
- Tried Mimiron a couple of times - got well into 4th phase, but couldn't finish him off.

25 man Onyxia with Ashayo
- Guppers hits Onyxia 25. Had to leave before we got her down, but was doing better and better every try and getting well into 3rd phase

Pants on Head
- Pudendal tanked Drak'Tharon Keep - more shaman!
- Tried tanking Violet Hold, but got the boss that shoots everyone with shadow damage balls, and only one person can attack them. Blurg! Went off and did Azjol'Nerub instead.
- Pants on Head first foray into 10 man naxx. Got down first two bosses in Spider wing, wiped a couple of times on the last boss, and Blizzard pulled it's usual stunt and shutdown instance servers in Australian prime time.

Crazy Train wandered into Serpentshrine Cavern
- Got down first boss after a couple of tries.
- One shot Lurker Below


Lore Topics: Eonar and the Dun Morogh Airfield
Next Week: The Dragon Aspects

Glanthur hit Loremaster of Outland - FINALLY!


Email #A from Kurly

I hope that you are all well and that your quivers are always full!!
So you may recall in my last email I said that I had been playing Aion, well, I am for the most part back to WOW. My two level 80 toons have been relaxing in Dalaran (participating in an occasional Wintergrasp) and I have been living life through two of my alts. Dordanka, my level 42 Dwarf Female (yes...a dwarf female) Hunter, and my level 31 Draeni Female Warrior. My best wow buds (a couple in Seattle) and I have been leveling together in battle grounds, powering through lower levels (such as 30-35), and then hitting level appropriate instances using one of our higher levels toons as a tank, so that we can gear up! Fun Fun Fun!
My hunter is spec'd into Beast Mastery and even at lower levels I was always in the top five damage do'ers!
My warrior is another story. All of my toons are primarily casters and melee is a lot different. Its taken me a year to get my bg legs on my casters and starting from scratch on my warrior is going to be a great challenge and I look forward to figuring it out.
Any who...thank you for the great podcast, and you all have a great day!!
Yer Bud,

Email #1 from Sofialorena and Matadora

Hi you wonderful wow players,

I know you joke when people say you are their favorite podcast, but you guys rock. It is so refreshing to here people play for the love of the game. Being a queer woman of color with tattoos, I feel lost in a sea of vanilla at times, lol. I loved on the addicted when Aprillian brought up the absence of black vampires... I also enjoyed hearing Glanthur talk about dealing with homophobia in Wow.

My domestic partner and I have been playing Wow together for over a year now and had a laugh when our alliance guild figured out we were two women who were gay. We have many groups of toons we play together: a female draenei hunter and female draenei paladin, a female night elf rogue with a male night elf druid, a female blood elf warlock with a male blood elf priest...with other ones we play on our own. We have fun learning how to level different combinations together, and although it is mostly fun...it does bring out the evil child inside at times, lol. We have been together over 5 years and rarely argue..unless it's "what are you doing? I'm dying!" We know you guys were looking for couples to interview..We were on an episode of Spouse Aggro "double date" once, and we are in the Epic Dolls guild on perenolde as well as the blades of azeroth on gilneas (alliance)...We really love your podcast..thank you for being so real!

Email # B from Makling

hello fellas,

first of all, i want to commend the lore part of the last episode. but if i can make a topic suggestion, i would like to hear more about the dragonflight or the different dragons in game. i have a feeling it will tie up with the topic about the titans and their involvement with the world of warcraft.

to tell you about my WoW week, my priest had dinged 80! i was surprised to get an in game mail of potions and freworks. since when has blizzard been doing that? but the other cool thing that happened is that she got The Halowed title before she dinged! i was able to get into a Headless horseman group that was kind enough to let me join when she was just 76. she got the achievement of killing the HH, and that drove me to get the other achievements. had already gotten the toothpick and the squashling pet from last year, so there wasnt much left for her to do. i did experience the bug where i couldnt click on the candy basket, but after a gm ticket and a day i got the achievement and the title!

my original plan of playing my priest holy and discipline didnt pan out very well for me. im having a hard time doing dailies in disc spec, so im sticking to holy and shadow. within 2 days of hitting 80, i was able to get the Superior achievement. this is in contrast to my mage, wherein it took her 3 months to get that achievement! times surely have changed.. but then again, it helps to have a few thousand glad to gear her up quickly (it was money i didnt have when my mage hit 80).

my co-worker really appreciated he free month of wow from you guys. but the cool thing about it is that since our accounts are linked, i also get a free month! so thanks again guys =)

my co worker shares his account with his younger brother and they alternate with the playing time. but earl, aarons younger brother has more play time and was able to level his toon faster. and you know what that means? more bonus levels for me! the druid i made is now lvl 60 thanks to the bonus levels from the toons they made.

so now i have 2 level 80's and a now lvl 61 druid. i found myself switching between toons to look at who had which profession and gear. this is where an addon i remembered you guys were using came in. altaholic is a really awesome addon for people with alts. and now i recommend it even if you dont have alts that are at max level. the amount of information it provides is astonishing, and really useful.

thats if for now from me. keep up the good work!


Shout Outs & Thank You

Hi April, etc.
I just listened to the podcast and was delighted to hear I won. Since I already have an Authenticator, I'd love to claim the free month of Wow. All the best,


We sent him a month of wow.


Happy Halloween!!!!
Yes it is almost our favorite holiday in game and out!
Well ok for me at least :)
Of course in game we have Hallows end event with the Headless Horseman in the Scarlet Monastery and all the achievements to boot!
And candy and more candy! And costumes, tricks! Oh my!
For me in game surprisingly I have not done the HH yet, but perhaps I will get it done this week.

On my Druid level 18 I am trying to visit all the inns for the tricks of the different zones. He is getting about 800 experience for each one done and getting experience discovering the zones.
That is always good.
I had asked on a blog post and will ask you all this,
How many players do you think are still or just starting to go after the for the meta achievement?
I know many people are tying to get the quest achievements done before the next expansion.

On my hunter on feathermoon I have been working, when I feel like it, on some exploring achievements and with Hallow's end and trying to visit all the different inn's, I spent some time exploring. In my travels, I found many areas that I never remember seeing either on the map or with any character. One area that was very interesting and would like others to visit is in Arathi Highlands. This area may have been part of the game since the beginning but I do not remember it and do not recall ever being there. South of Stormgrade Keep, outside of the south walls are some mountains which you should travel around towards the ocean. You will find a little cave which is really a passage way to Faldir's cove, huh!?
What is that!? Well perhaps Glanthur would like to do some home work for us since we don't :) eh Glanthur, huh huh what you think!?
Well as you come out of the passage way you will see a cove to the left, just go into it and you will see a very cool (same as all the other pirate ships in wow, but I like them!) pirate ship. There are quests there too. Land Ho! which you get from an Ogre Lolo the look out (love the names, lol) which leads you to Shakes O'breen, the captain it looks like from his hat) and Deep Sea Salvage (the goblin called First mate Nilzlix). There are some other quests too, level 40 quests. Oh this does increase your Ratchet rep and decrease Bloodsail rep.

Well it is football sunday for me!!! GO BEARS!

Have fun all and hope you get the Leper Gnome costume as I think they have the best laugh and train sound in game!

Happy Trick and Treating!

Shout out to Kyle

Twitter Stuff

AhigaBG: @Aprillian I am probably too late but my wife plays WoW she is a hunter Saelnis-blackhand server she is very good. Sorry still catching up on podcast.
AhigaBG: @Aprillian Sorry my tweet seemed vague. I was responding to your question on episode 136 asking "Do u play wth a spouse or partner"
AhigaBG: @Aprillian absolutely! She is now more obsessed with the game than I am. She has even started her own raiding guild "no I have not joined"

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