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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 188 - It's Elemental My Dear Watson

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Preload Cata:CATA Presale

New Quests:

 [Prophecies Of Doom]

What We've Been Doing:


Did another RAF for another account. This time didn't do the V-wow/2 months to get rocket..yet. Just using purely for triple xp & summoning. Want to get Ally bank alt on ER to 20 for mount.

Auruk the Hallowed

Got my ER ally bank alt to 20 by only doing Holiday events, never quested with him.

Auruk  [The Horseman's Horrific Helm] and it's plate!!!!

New Holiday/Quest line, same principle except RAF low level has to be 5 or higher. Got 2 levels or more on most toons.
Toon to click on device determines Elemental level

Got a new imac

Aprillian & Vrishna



New toons on Jubbly Bubbly and Winterhoof.


Crazy Train
- Getting LK into last phase; just need to dodge the spirits now. 18% Thursday night
- Monday night - KINGSLAYER
- Sarth 3D

- Doing Icecrown quests on mage, got 5 of the soulbound 16 slot pumpkin bags in one session
- Thanks to Keissak and Deathtotem for helping with group quests. Gratz to Keissak for getting Loremaster as part of it

- Twilight Cult chain out of Org
- Rifts opening around the world

- Ulduar hard modes
- Flame Leviathan 4 towers up
- XT-002
- Iron Council
- Kolagarn ; but didn't get ach for killing him and arms in 12 sec

Faction transferred a toon - got all northrend flight points.

Inscriptionists asking crazy prices for vellums. Shoutout to Cleophus/Cranston for hooking me up with several stacks. And for Rubb for making a bunch more from my lowbie herbs


No reigns - sob sob but a thousand freaking squashlings.


Email #1 from Tazzdrekk

Hey CAW Crew! Been listening to the show for a long time now and figured it was finally time to send you guys an email. I've been playing WoW for about a year and a half now, off and on, and I actually just got my first 80 like 2 days before the big patch dropped! I am so excited! Unfortunately, I've hit some hard times lately, and my subscription time ran out and I haven't been able to do anything with my fresh 80 :( On the up side though, as you guys know Blizzcon just passed, and while my girlfriend and I were unable to attend, we did get tickets to The Raid documentary premier and Blizzcon after party, and it was so much fun! I even got to hang out for a while with the Wych and Stompalina after the party, it was so cool! If you guys get the chance to check out the film, do it! It was awesome, a big Grats to Kevin Micheal Johnson for putting out an amazing film about the game we all love. Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling, so I'll let you guys go. Thanks for the amazing show, don't ever stop!

Thanks and Lok'tar,
Tazzdrekk - Dawnbringer US

Sent from my iPod

Email #2 from MCWild
Hi all at ctrl alt wow grizli here or mcwild as you keep calling me. An update on our wow house of fun.
Not only have I been running heroics I have started another alt with refer a friend. My wife got the new account as I wanted the rocket. This make it her 3rd account now,I have 2 myself then our 2 sons have one each and daughter in law as just got her own through refer a friend too.  Yep that’s 8 accounts in the family. And apart from 1 son all in one house/room when we play. I have started using a prot pally for tanking son using a rogue for dps wife as a hunter and daughter in law a pally healer. When we can catch our other son online he has a hunter too. We are all lvl 30 ish. Not sure tanking is for me I like my 80 hunter but still getting used to new patch etc so seem to play my many alts more than my 80. not getting chance to play much at the moment due to work. But you keep me entertained while I am there listening to your podcast along with the boe folks too. Took my 80 shamen out for some heroic goodness before patch hit and got the drake mount drop. Only problem with that is 5000g for the flying skill after selling my bank stash of everything I managed to get it and now can fly around on a dragon. Duel spec for healing and elemental. Not tried healing a dungeon yet but trying it out in pvp and doing ok. If I can keep them alive,dungeons should be easier.
So with tanking and healing I am trying different things which all make the game new and challenging. Have played my lvl 52 rogue in pvp too and all I can say is very very broken and he is not very well off gear wise.
Having fun too levelling my boomkin who is now lvl 62 flying around on his rocket. At least if my passenger complains I can go into flight form and watch them hurtle to the ground.
Well keep up the podcasts loving the show reminds me of my own house when we are all playing together.
Grizli lvl 80 orc hunter(he was a dwarf)
Grotsnik lvl 80 orc shaman (not only was he a she but a drenai too)
For the horde I have found my home

Ps Raphael our grandson plays too at 4 yrs old he loves running around and swimming. He has just found out about flying on dragons too. Much to our sons demise and armour bills when he dismounts in the air.

Thanks martin aka grizli

Email #3 from Nephrit

Hey guys.  Just started listening about a month ago on stitcher. Just wanted to talk about how I play wow.
My 14 year old son and I both play and we both have issues with alts. Kinda funny, he dinged 80 yesterday on his dk and within a min he is like should I start working on my mage or my rogue. haha.
I have had to make an agreement with my wife that I will only play when she and my girls are in bed. So I get small amounts of sleep now. But I am having fun with ny 3 80s and working on a 56 rogue and ny new favorite my 69 pally. Just noticed the contest and could really use an authenticator. My wife gets very pissy when I talk about wow so even to come up with an extra ten bucks for one is a hassle. Ty guys and I am really enjoying the show.
From Wildhammer server
80 priest Nephrit
80 warrior gruumpsh
80 dk hardflipt
And all the alts not quite there

Email #A from our favorite WoW Couple

Hi CAW aka JAVA,

Iceflow and Caoboi here for your weekly tandem update.

Caoboi is feverishly playing his shaman that I mentioned last week.  When I said he started at 25, I meant he started at 25 at the beginning of that particular day.  No refer a friend for him.  Last time I wrote, he was level 37 and he is now level 52.  He did the Cataclysm phase 1 quests that are in Orgrimmar.  Those quests give you 55% of your level (without RAF) and that includes having heirloom gear.  So he encourages any alts you have that are not at full level to do those.

Speaking of the phase 1 quests, I was so excited that it was starting.  We rushed on our mains Caoboi and Iceflow to do the quests.  It all seemed to very exciting...until we got to the end.  I figure I'm not spoiling anything to say it ended abruptly at Garrosh of all people.  Big let down but I know that the next phase of quests should be more exciting.  I just thought the build up was awesome, and then the end was blah.

I've also been playing my shaman in Northrend and even though I am dual specced resto and enhancement, I find myself playing enhancement the most.  I LOVE that spec!  I wonder if I will ever heal on her again.  She's level 72 and I am enjoying questing in Borean Tundra at a leisurely rate.

We have been thinking about RAF'ing our toons on JubJub and Winterhoof.  RAF is just so much fun but then again, Cataclysm is coming so I know I won't be RAFing on other servers when I could be playing my main.

I hope everyone is just as excited about Cataclysm as I am.  I am itching to raid the new content and as much as I enjoy the journey to the end, I'm excited about raiding.  Caoboi is excited about the expansion but not as much as I am yet.  He has to have the box in hand before the full excitement kicks in.

I can't wait to get my Cataclysm CE in hand.  We're both taking naps that night to prepare for the 3am server turn on.  Well talk to you all soon.  Have an awesome week.

Iceflow and Caoboi

Email #B from Jeannine

Hello, Everyone!

I am loving the show, as always. Thanks for the laughs and good information every week.

I have an old MacBook Pro, and my play experience has been sad since the patch. Time for an upgrade! I'm not sure whether to get another Macbook Pro, or get a PC laptop. I would prefer MacBook, but only if the gaming experience is as good or better. I'm not proficient with hardware at all and would appreciate advice. I'm probably not the only listener interested in upgrading before Cata.

What do you each of you use and recommend? I know Aprillian just got a new MacBook. Please tell us about it. What specs did you get? How is it working with the patch? Any lag or issues? Anything you wish you got but didn't? I checked out the MacBook Pro 17 inch, and the base price is okay at about $2,300, but when you start adding on the extras like better memory and speed, the price shoots up to $5,000 and above. Yikes! I'm not sure which extras will enhance gameplay and which do not matter. This will be a huge purchase for me, and I want to get the best I can without wasting money.

XOXOXOX, Jeannine

For the Alliance!

P.S., I do not need a prize. Your great show is prize enough!

Email #C from Nevik

Guess what JAVA?

My daughter's hunter hit level 17 tonight and I've fully embraced tanking with my Death Knight. I am absolutely LOVING being a tank. It took a little bit of time to get over the anxiety of fail-boating and being kicked, but I overcame those worries after successfully tanking Halls of Reflection, twice.

Man that's a test of a tank's mettle ...

Other than tanking things with my face, I haven't had any luck on the mount front. No headless horseman mount for any of my toons this year, the Raven Lord still eludes my rogue and my DK's attempts for a Swift zulian Tiger are more desperate than ever.

Once I get my DK fully geared out I promise to spend more time on Winterhoof. For really reals. I'll be turning my DK on Winterhoof into a full-time tank for folks in the CAW CAW CAW *slaps himself* guild. 

Until then, for the coffee spillage!


Email #4 from Matt Diox

Hello there CAW crew.

Remember me? I supposed you probably don't

Well because I have been away so long I thought I would allow your listeners the opportunity to hear me rather than you guys reading for me. Hope my voice isn't too annoying.

Love Matt
That strange kid from England.
For the British!

P.S I missed doing this.
P.P.S Did I tell you I missed doing this?
P.P.P.S Since I have been gone, would you welcome me back by al saying JubJub?

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well.
I missed emailing last week and I am sorry about that.  I am glad you are back to Sunday recording this week.
Since I wrote to you last I have been to Blizzcon and some other wow things to report to you.

You have heard a lot about Blizzcon already so I wont repeat the same things.  I will just briefly explain my experience there.
First of all, if you are able to go to Blizzcon or comicon, or anycon, please do so; it is an experience to have. To contradict myself, after going once to each con I would be fine not going to another one (well maybe Blizzcon).
It is fun and at the same time such a pain; so crowded, long lines.  Those are a few cons of the cons. After waiting 2 hours to get into Blizzcon, the open event started out pretty tame and ended with a nice big bang of Geeky goodness and Mr Metzon man (I know I have butchered his name so just excuse me please).  My friends and I, who are also my guildies and one is our fearless guild leader, we started with the Diablo III panel and the AWESOME Demon Hunter!  She truly looks just unbelievable.  I so wish we could have a hero class in wow named Demon Hunter, now tell me that would not be epic.  How can you go wrong with dual wielding crossbows!  The game (Diablo III) just looks unbelievable. I cannot wait to play it if im still alive since they never tell us when it may come out.
Still on day one of Blizzcon we stayed in the main hall for some wow panels ( I think it was the cinematic and Dungeon), which were also great.  If I may give out some pointers, always make sure you have water bottles with you and some snacks.  The prices are crazy price but the lines are the issue.  The food lines were a minimum 30-55 min, the Blizz store line was a min hour and half, the bathroom lines OMG! For men it was at least 30 guys in line, just utter crazy! I am not sure if Blizzard realizes but the people that play their games are majority of the male version.  I cant say they failed if the bathroom accommodation because I just should have gone to the female bathrooms; so remember that next time you go just go to the open bathroom no matter the gender :)
I wont give any spoilers because it is fun to just be hit with the expansion when it comes out in 1 month! WOW in 1 month I will be sick from work! oops 
Ok on we go to day 2 and before I go on I need to mention a few other things.  Prior to the wonderful con, I had somehow messed up my left knee and the entire con weekend it was just so painful to walk or stand around and of course that is all we did!! Also, no matter what phone you have or device, make sure you have back up power sources and back up to the back up.  My phone ran out of battery even though I charged it there a few times ( I was just using it none stop). My camera also ran out.  They do have battery powered devices you can use to charge any device you have so if you can I would say invest in that, I wish I would have.
Day 2 was the QQ day I call it.  There were some normal panels we went to but the memorable ones were the 2 QQ events; no there were not called the Q&A it was the QQ or let me complain about the wonderful games you make and I pay to play it! I think Blizz could have managed the QQ sessions a little bit better and of course as I always say and believe it is a 2 way street; people need to stop being selfish! Why cant people go up there and ask one question!? You know even if it is a bad question ok ask your stupid non game related question.  It was just unbelievable how people go up there and make it their own personal soap box to complain or comment about something that in my opinion only pertains to them or maybe 1% of the wow players!!! CRAZY TALK!
Ok I will get off my own soap box and you know I never understood that term, "soap box". I have never seen a soap box so how can I stand on it!? 
Onto the costume and dance events, and wow were they fun! I wish I was able to do what they do or make the time to make awesome costumes!  If you are able to, what costume and dance would you do?  I, hmmm it is hard to answer this questions, so may choices.  Just to pick one which is so hard to do, I would not mind Illidan or the Litch King I guess for the costume and the dance, I am partial to all the horde ones :) what can I say they are fun.
The closing ceremony was fun but to tell you I was really just ready to go home as it was so hard to hobble on my bum knee; the day after the con I did not get off my couch!
Hope you enjoyed that bit of mocon of blizzcon.

About my wow the last 2 weeks; our guild raid group has moved onto the King of the Litch kind!! Wow it is an awesome fight.  We are only through phase 2 and working to take him down! as soon as we are able to. If you have not already check out the fight videos on wowiki or you tube, it is really awesome.  Blizzard deos their job if you did not know.  The mechanics, strategy, what to do, not to do, jump, move, ahhh!!!! Good times!!!
For my Druid and Mage dualbox pair, they are at 74 still and just quest grinding away in the Grizzley Hills.  For some crazy reason I queued up for random dungeon while I was questing last week and as always in the low 70 levels I got the dreaded Azrol Anoob, ok what ever it is called, the AN dungeon.  I dont like that because it is just annoying for me.  Ok back to zoning in, I quickly said in party chat to give me a few seconds as I needed to switch my Druid to resto spec. Ill give you one guess on what the tank did!? Yes, as I switched specs the tank has already pulled with one dps.  I have no idea why!  So of course the snide comments start; I say just wait a few seconds so the healer is ready and the tank is talking about how I am a noob, learn how to play, and my favorite: "when you learn how to rez rez me, in the mean time ill be back".
I just left the group because it is not worth the 33000 xp and the loot to play with idiots.  For me it really isnt. If it means for me to just quest or grind by just killing mobs I will do that.  As we have all said over and over, it would be nice if we were all human beings and would think of others playing this wonderful game however I know tht is impossible in some cases.

Wow I have emailed you another book! I will end it soon dont worry.
One quick non wow comment, if you play civ v, they have a map of Azeroth you can download now which is pretty cool!
The Walking Dead started on AMC if you like the comic you want to check this show out.

Oh and on another momoment :) we are going to go see Pink Floyd (well ok just Roger Waters) Friday after Thanksgiving in Vegas at the MGM, which will be AWESOME!!!!

I thank you as always for your podcast, we do greatly appreciate it and you do make our listening time that much more enjoyable.

Have a great time in and out of game and please remember to treat others as they treat you, so yes, kick that !@#$!@#% tank out of the group if he is complaining or just leave the group.

For the CAW!!! CAW! CAWWW I say! :)



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