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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 187 - Oops We Did It Again Again

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Gnomeragan retaken?

Did the Free At Last Quest on Epril from last year's Hallow's End

Ran my level 16 Dranei bank alt hunter around to try to get to 20. Dinged 17 doing candy

Putting all my toons in my secret channel, when they log in, you can see it.

Monday Morning got the Reins of the Headless Horseman on Aprillian

Tues morning = Maintenance and I totally forgot about the EU patch download. Tried to do it last week but it took so long. Says 5 hours for the download of the downloader

Rode around with level 1 RAF doing candy baskets for the exp

Aprillian & Vrishna

RAF again. Call the guys in the white coats

I got TWO rockets ! Ask Aprillian WHY ?!?


41 on the twins. Doing the southern end of Stranglethorn Vale now. In between a few instances with Aprillian.

Virinya got the "Reins" but I guess everyone else did as well. Can fly in most of Dalaran. Also got about 5 squashlings but can only use 1. (sniff sniff)

Bus commute to Hades ..... AAAAHHHHHHH !!!!! Public Wi-Fi Shmi-Fi.


Hallows End

Jekle got Sinister Squashling
Glaciuss got Sinister Squashling x 2
Ashariss got SS
Pud just needed Sinister Squashling - got it in a treat bag, but logged out.

Shadowthrone got helm, broom and REINS in one bag (Kind of fitting since he still has the laughing helm and pumpkin sword from last year equipped.)

Pud got broom and REINS in one bag

Pud finally got the SS and Long Strange Trip!
Ashariss got Hallowed achievement

Crazy Train

PP & Sindy down
Working on LK - a horrid night of disconnects and lag and horrible buggy behavior


Also working on LK and also having issues with disconnects and lockups and ending up in different instances. But perseverance paid off, and we killed him, getting a bunch of us new titles
Got the Undying achievement
- started with Saph & KT
- 4horseman easy
- Left 3 folks stay out with Safety Dance
- No hunter for Gluth, but killed before decimate
- nearly lost 2 people on Thadiuss that missed the jump - Redband and Blankenship


Glaciuss hit level 80. Only learn Mastery. Not even a talent point. Dinged picking a flower. Very anticlimatic!
Persisting with questing in Icecrown - intending to complete it one last time before Cata


Now THIS is a problem

Violated and not in a good way.

Ummed and Ahhed over BlizzCon stream kind of glad I saved the money (ish)

How fast can you login and out of 10 accounts?

No to extra slots.

Lots of self hating geeks and nerds out there.


Email #1 from Wingy

a big hi de ho to all of the caw caw crew.

I had a suggestion since all of you all are mad PVP'ers and love doing it live!!!
I think you should all do a random battleground and record it. I would love to hear your reactions at killing and get killed.
oh i can hear it now.
April takes in 4 dk's, Verishna takes in his duel pallies, jeppy brings in his chopper possee, and Ashayo brings in his druid.
April and Verishna run off together one way towards the hut of love. Jeppy rides off in search of herbs and mining nodes and Ashayo stealths off and finds a cnr to hide in so he doesnt get killed. hehe.

April, can i have a gumball.. thanks !!!!

I would love to tell you a story that happened whilst i was running SM with Berat some while back.
We que up for a random and got the Cathedral. The group is going well when out of the blue this player in group says 'Whats this ghost thing here, it seams to be following the mage?' As berat and me are vent we decide to have some fun. and we reply ' What ghost thing?We cant see any Ghost thing?' There is alot of laughing between us when i throw the haunted memento to berat. And we hear the player say 'and now it is following the preist'. Berat then throws it back to me. Laughter ensues between us as we chat to each other in party chat about this haunted ghost.. the ghost in the darkness... THE END.

and now for what ive been up to on winterhoof.
I am now level 65 on my mage. It seam like only yesterday Berat and i were questing in Exodar. I duel specd her as it was only 100g and went down the fire tree.. Im still prefer my tanking frost spec though. Im loving the portals and teleports i can create. picked up the shat teleport and waiting to hit 66 for the portal.

oh another story
Slave pens.
We qued for slave pens and it popped. Berat was stuck on the loading screen.. For some stupid reason the tank decides to pull and he wipes the group. I saw what was happening and zoned out. Berat finally got in, and I said to the tank perhaps it would be nice to wait for the healer before you pull.. all he can say to that is Rez !! we ignore him  as Berat is waiting for a plz. this goes on for atleast 5 minutes.. the rest of the group can see what we are doing so they are giving him heaps too. mean while i crack out the leather balls and we are all playing our own game within a game waiting for this tank to say please. the game was to make sure you are not the person holding all 5 balls.. we finally resed him when he said please and we went on to
Question: do you create games to play whilst playing?

well story time is over and i must go to bed..  night night


Email #2 from Moranith

Hi ctrlaltwow gang,
  Moranith here again.
  To answer your question you had about my emil in episode 184. I picked up the T10 paladin healing set.

Email #3 from Aleara

Audio from Aleara

Email #4 Blitzkriegg

Hello ctrl-alt-wow (plus Juno this week!)

I'm a big fan of the show - please please don't scare me anymore by talking about what you could do if you weren't 'keeping it clean'.  I think the show is more impressive by how much you make me laugh without an explicit tag.  Just sayin'.......

So, I am a huge altoholic, and after listening to you all talk about dual-boxing, I want to give it a try.  First thing I did was go to your show website, figuring you had some FAQs or links or guides or....something.  But I couldn't find anything.  So I checked out wow-wiki, and an internet search, all of which made my head hurt. 

Do you have a list of addons/software/websites/tips&tricks that you could put on your show website to help a dual-boxing wanna-be?


For the Alliance!
Majrpayne, Blackwater Raiders

For the Horde!
Blitzkriegg, AIE Guild, Earthen Ring

and all those alts thanks you as well.... 


Email #5 Warpoet from Warpoet

Greetings Ctrl Alt WoW Crew,

First, let me thank you for continuing your podcast during the recent lack of content. Everyone's love of the game never seemed to waiver. 

Second, Aprillian, no need to drain souls, out of combat you can do Soul Harvest and get all your shards back.

Third, on my iTunes review. Experience and Inexperience may have been the wrong words to use. Was not my intent to insult anyone. Vrishna brings a fresh set of eyes to the game and the podcast.

Finally, Juno's Bumpers Great!!! Love The Show, Keep Up The Great Work

/roar Warpoet  For The Alliance!!!

Email #A Kurly

Hello all!
Part 1
So.....what shall we talk about....hmmm??  The patch from hell?  Maybe, perhaps, a little?  After finally learning how to play my priest...and play her very well I might add.....along comes 4.0.1.  I wont mention the other know....disconnecting every time you click on a soul well, or an item or anything else....never mind getting stuck in the loading screen to and from battle grounds and instances....never mind "line of sight" not working correctly in Warsong Gulch to the point of being killed by an arcane blast in the Alliance grave yard from someone hugging the cliff....never mind that Mages have become the new original DK's because they can kill you in .05 seconds....and rogues are back to being the most hated character in the game if you are in a bg under level 39.  So all of that not being mentioned I logged on the few days following the patch, only to find myself logging out after 20 minutes and for the first time in two years seriously considering canceling my account.  I knew that changes were coming and I knew that they were going to be big changes, but I didn't not expect the utter demolishing of the way I know how to play.  The amount of bugs that continue to happen (sound being totally out of sync, having to wait through 4 or 5 res cycles in a bg before you actually res, and being penned in our grave yards in battle grounds) finally got to me. 
Part 2
Shortly after I started wow I was asked to sign a guild charter after I had just created my Paladin.  I had no idea what a guild charter was, but I was offered two gold and said yes, than immediately whipped out my manual (yes, I used to reference the manual) to see what I had just done.  The Guild was Mana is a Myth started by a young couple in Seattle.  It was primarily a leveling guild, but a large number of the members had hit level 70 and they were doing raids that I was not able to participate in as I was much to low.  That guild disbanded but I stayed in touch with that young couple over the years until we created Rabid Kittens, which now houses all of our wow buds.  I went to Seattle last week, met them and their four year old daughter and had one of the most wonderful vacations I have had in a long time.  We met another one of our guildees and we all had a great night out.   We also played some WOW and were it not for them, I could very well still be contemplating canceling my account.  Big Shout to Whillen, Bella and their little chip monster, and Mount Rainer is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen.
I am now starting to get back into a groove and my WOW is back to being fun! It has been a trial by fire, but after the initial scorching things started to fall back into place AND me and some people in my guild have decided to go to Blizzcon next year.......another WOW vacation??? ....Werks fer me!
Peace out all of you hot messes!!

Email #B from Acaldraa

Hello Ctrl Alt Wowers,

Acaldra here writing in for the first time in a very long time. My last month or two has been amazing busy and I just haven't been able to find the time to write in. Of course, Ctrl Alt Wow still stays as one of my number ones when listening to my iPod. 
To quickly summarize what I have been up to as of late, I spent the week and a half before the patch frantically buying out any herbs I could get my hands on and making them into inks and then promptly into glyphs. Once the patch hit, I was selling glyphs for insanely high prices! 150g a glyph? Sure why not! My only regret is that I had more time to prepare and was able to post sooner after the patch dropped. I ended up coming out a little over 14k richer for only a few hours of work on my end, not bad! On a completely different note, I have been raid leading "Cloudy with a Chance of Purples" in ICC 25. We have been having lots of fun as a of late, clearing 10/12 in two nights. Now we are extending to try and finish off Sindragosa and Lich King before the expansion drops. 
As a wrap this up, I have a question for you guys, do you have plans on raiding come Cata? If so, what are they? I know I will be doing 10 man in the form of harder core progression. 

All the bests,
Acaldraa and Acaldro

Paladin/Dk of AIE

Email # C from Iceflow and Caoboi

Hello CAW Crew and Happy Hallow's End!  Sorry for the Jeppy size email.  

I hope everyone is doing well and I hope you all are having a ton of fun playing WoW.  Hallow's End crept up on Caoboi and I this year.  Well actually all of the events seem to creep up on us since our mains already have the purple drake and we aren't worried too much on getting them on our alts at this point.  But I've jumped into Hallow's End with a slight bit of gusto this year. 

There is an achievement I still need.  The one where I get all the masks.  I figured this will take me another couple of years since I'm not camping out at my computer and trick or treating every single hour.  I do it when I can and I still need seven masks.  Caoboi needs the same.

We have been running the Headless Horseman every day on all of our 80s and....Cabooi got the reins the other day!  He's super excited and this has been his primary mount ever since he got it.  I was feeling slightly guilty for having the reins for years but now all of the guilt is gone!  

Since Iceflow already has the Headless Horseman Reins and she's capped out on justice points, I'm doing it for the gold and the possible masks that I can get out of the pumpkin bag.  And by the way, that is new this year.  Last year, you couldn't get the masks from the Headless Horseman so that should help out with that quest.  This is my favorite holiday so I'm actually doing it on my alts as well.  I'm taking it easy though so I'm not stressing about getting all of them.

I too miss the PvP fights outside the Scarlet Monastery Dungeon.  I remember I got my Make Love Not Warcraft Achievement on a dead alliance last year.  Ahhhh memories.

There is are temporary bug fixes for the cog mouseover bug. 

There is a macro to turn your tooltips off and a macro to turn them back on.

Turn Off Tooltips
/script GameTooltip.Temphide = function() GameTooltip:Hide() end; GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", GameTooltip.Temphide);

Turn On Tooltips
/script GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", GameTooltip.Show);

But there are mods for this as well but the macros are a quick lightweight way for me to deal with it.

Iceflow finally obtained her Ravasuar mount and Iceflare is a couple days away.  I guess I'll do it on two more toons.  I heard a reliable rumor that it will not be able to be acquired after the land changes in Catclysm.

I worked it out and Iceflow needs 1,325 more Crusader's Seals before being done with the Argent Tournament Dailies.  Getting 13 seals a day, that will take me 102 days.  Obviously this will get done way after cataclysm but it will get done.

Caoboi has started another shaman, this time enhancement, named Shibboleet.  His Shaman started at level 25 and got to level 37 all in one day.  He urges everyone to start alts if you want an easily leveling process before Cata comes.  Afterwards, all the mobs will be adjusted for the increased power.

I have been leveling my shaman who is now 69 and is questing in Northrend.  I'm having a ball in Borean Tundra and level 80 is getting close.  I will be sad that the journey will be over for her.

Well you all take care and we hope you all have as much fun in WoW that we have.

Iceflow and Caoboi

Email #6 from helmar

Howdy CAW!

Just listened to your latest episode and wanted to follow it up. Changing the EQ does work, thanks for the suggestion. I want to make it clear though, I love the Juno segments. Also, I'm not British, I type with my iPhone cause I listen to the show at work and don't want to forget to email you guys. Which is why I said me ears instead of my... Not sure how it happened though.

Anyway! I also want to tell you why I joined the Scryers realm instead of the realm y'all suggested. I stopped play WoW for a while but wanted to get back in. I'm much more of a social player and a friend told me to join her server and the Excessus guild. I soon understood why she likes the guild. They're very friendly and active. They even have things for lower level toons to do.

Oh! I'm also trying to make The mad dash to 80 before Cata. I've actually never gotten past 60, so to just hit 70 would be fine with me. Yesterday I leveled from 51 to 54 just doing Call to Arms for two hours. I'm a bit worried that I'm missing stuff like tanking gear by not going into dungeons, but I hate not going without guildies. What do you think?

Helmar from Excessus on Scryers

Email #D from Nevik
Greetings JAVA!

You know, I think I'm really starting to like this "the world is coming to an end" thing. Quartermasters everywhere are having fire sales of their best gear regardless of stature.

"Here want some tier 10? Whatcha got? Justice points? Sure, I take that. Here you go, it's yours. Now scram!"

Maybe I'm missing something in regards to these justice points, but I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. Perhaps they're just stockpiling all these points for trade on some tummy rubs or something, who knows?

Anyhoo ...

As you can imagine with the great fire sale of 4.0.1 I've been able to find amazing deals on gear to kit out my rogue. It's like a dream come true and the dps he's able to pump out now in heroics is crazy. Maybe not caster dps pre-nerf crazy, but crazy nonetheless.

There is a downside to all of this though, my poor baby rogues and mage over on Winterhoof have sorely been neglected. But at least that neglect will come to an end soon ... at least if my daughter doesn't nag me to play her blood elf hunter ^^;

Yes, that's right. My daughter is now playing WoW. I control the mouse and movement and read out all the quest text for her, but she controls the killing and has gotten quite good at it.

We've only hit one snag, she wants a black n white tiger and doesn't want to be a night elf. So it'll be awhile until we can tame King Bangalash in Stranglethorn.

At least she's FOR THE HORDE!


Sent from my iPod

Shout Outs & Thank You

From WhoFirst

Ty so much for the pet! I can't tell you ty enough for the time and energy you put into your show.

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