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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 213 - I Want My Stinkin' Heirlooms

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Had a ball doing Episode 212.
Did Chillmaw with Vrishna
More Arch with Epril, then decided to do Nogg's ring redo, since I got silver while doing arch

The question mark is where they say Nogg is but he is actually where the arrow is.

Sat morning:
Still reeling from last night's run at Vortex Pennacle
Quint boxing AT, stressful but doable. Auruk was less than one

Leveling cooking on Epril, went to make Darkbrew Lager and found the ingredients were taken out of the game. But Aprillian had sent some to Mi to sell on the AH, but he still had some in his mail. Hmm, maybe I should sell it.

Went to Silvermoon to do the eggs. Still the best place to do it.
Aprillian & Vrishna
Ran Gundrak again. Got a great bow and staff.

Doing a random with Ashayo and Mollysaint ! YEAH ! Holy Cata, Batman ! We got Vortex Pinnacle.

Why didn't we use mass rez ?

By the by, Aprillian and I wenct back to Vortex Pinnacle, it did NOT turn out well !
I HATE getting Sparksprocket's tools. But glad to be questing in Northrend. Broke down and bought fast flying. (Artisan ?) Just dinged 80 in Crystalweb Cavern.
5 honorable kills in Blue Sky Logging. Did you know that it counts as 3 alliance crusaders?

Went thru my daily routine and went to turn in my last 3 quests, 2 in the Hodir area and one in Argent. Had already turned in 25, AAAHHHH ! The sad part was that all the quests in Blu Sky and Venture Bay are only about 8000 xp and the Storm Peaks and Argent are close to 30000 xp. I robbed myself.

Brishna and Treilana in Scarlet Monastery. Dinged SEVEN times in one sitting. Trying to make the most of my last 24 hrs of RAF !

ANOTHER sad RAF story. Jeppy would be so ashamed. The ONLY UPSIDE IS THAT I'LL HAVE TO DO ANOTHER ONE JUST TO GET IT RIGHT ! I had purposefully checked, several times. It very clearly said that I had until 8:24 pm. It's just that it was 8:24 pm GMT. Missed giving levels again !

Can't mail or trade my acct. bound items ! WAHHHHHH ! I opened a ticket yesterday and and it said approx. time remaining 17hr 54. 1 hr later it said the same thing, 17 hr. 54 min. I got annoyed, Aprillian took blizzard's side. This morning it said, approx. time remaining 17 hr 54 min. This is why I'm annoyed. 17:51
- 83/82 in Vash'jr
- Was 2 quests short of achievement - a guildy mentioned QuestHubber. Pretty cool - puts a ! on the map where you missed them.
- Questing in Hyjal - found the quest that you take the mole machine to BRD for the first time. He's near Baron Geddon. Tempted not to hand in for quick cross-continent travel
- Amazed at some of the quest names - "In the rear with the gear"
- Asheal dings 83
- Finished Hyjal - Ashayo 84.
- Hit revered with Hyjal - no cloth rewards at all!

- Lost City heroic - dps worse than Blank as tank!
- Finally enough Hellscream Reach commendation to buy the exalted dps trinket.
- Vortex Pinnacle with Molly/April/Vrishna
- Cho'gall attempts
- Post patch Raid ; Magmaw down. ODS seems bugged. Headed to BoT instead ; downed Halfus easy enough. Headed off to Baradin Hold and downed Argaloth in record time. (Bear tank dps through the roof!)
- Bought new ring with valor points [Twinemd Band of Flowers]
- Bought valor boots (BOE) [Fading Violet Sandals] for 8000g
- Quest line in STV for ZG - got panther cub

- Doing Tol Barad dailies. Horde got control during the day opening up 2 more dailies, which was all I needed to get exalted. Couldn't hand the 2nd one because I'd already done 25.
- Exalted! Now to get 105 tokens :/

Stopped just blindly DE'ing green BOE's - they are i278 and usable at level 77-78 ; which is going to be a massive upgrade for just about any alt I'm levelling.

- Questing with Mollyshot in Hyjal
- Mined and didn't get skill up - hadn't trained. Neither had Molly - we hearthed - I ended up in Dalaran :/
- VERY few holy pally quest rewards

Noble Garden
- 3 tux pants, dress, 2 x rabbits foot, 3 x blossoming branch
- Have group, will travel by any AIE in ungoro
- Got Tux Shirt and [Sunday's Finest] in what was supposed to be the last egg
- Can't find a female dwarf. Got most others in Tol Barad. Finally!

- Character sheet changed - slightly different equipment set manager
- Rez using raid frames, rather than finding corpse for someone who released - YAY
- Interrupts now always hit - yay for mind freeze
- DK's can now battle rez - Raise Ally
- Druid - changed Efflorescence spell effect
- Hunters pets now come up to their level when taming, not 3 below
- No need to feed pets for happiness ; feeding now heals them
- Pets summon with 100 focus, not 0 - great for mount/dismount constantly
- Warlocks have battlerez - soulstone
- Dungeon finder attempts to avoid putting same dps armor classes together
- Optimize network for speed - uses more bandwidth




Aprillian, you have been naggin... i mean asking for voicemails lately so i thought i make one.....
You never told me it was so hard!

it took me 7 takes and im still not satisfied.

Please dont mind my dutch accent.
English is not my native language.
Ive been making fun of the addictedcast and BoE with dutch words like Gorinchem and Roelofsarendsveen, but i kinda suck at your language too.

anyway, before this becomes an el jeppy sized email, here is the audio.

guildleader of the Evil Wabbits
lvl 85 Tauren druid
altwoweu on twitter

Hello CAW Crew
Dearest CAW Crew,
Hello my name is Leeta Lvl 85 Undead Warlock - and I am a Altaholic!
It feels so good to say that :) but truth be told im a WoWaholic.
I have been listening to your podcast for quite some time now and felt
the need to send you some mail to say your podcast always makes me
smile, makes me laugh and brightens my day :) so thank you.
Just catching up on some episodes while traveling to work. Today is a
beautiful sunny Queensland day and seems a shame to have to go to work
- mind you if I was at home I'd be playin WoW inside haha.
Just a lil about me - my lock is my main toon however I have various
alts including a priest, hunter, death knight, rogue, paladin & more.
My newest toon is a lil Goblin warrior who hit Lvl 60 last nite. I'm
having so much fun with her as I'm Prot spec & I'm tanking. My guild -
Dark Shadow Elites - is currently doin Gobby Alts & everyone is really
getting into it & we're having so much fun doing dungeons & some PVP.
Anyway just wanted to drop you all a line & say again I love listening
to you guys & I look forward to listening to many many more :)
Take care
Hugs Leeta
Dark Shadow Elites - Dreadmaul
Hi CoD,

I would like to get an invite to the Clan of Darkness for my level 80 DK, Dryde. And possibly another toon that I haven't made yet. I currently only have my DK and my Goblin priest, Qwisp on Earthen Ring and currently Qwisp is in AIE. I think I would like to keep Qwisp there for now but I'm interested in levelling my DK to 85 and it would be nice to run with you guys as well.

Is there a channel that I should join on Earthen Ring to get an invite.



Kithores court submission April 27
We hope everyone has had a good week, in game and out. Sorry for some of the audio, but kithore is still trying to get used to Audacity. That, and he keeps trying to find a way to hang fuzzy dice on his microphone!

kithore and inmyowndreams
Dragonblight and Earthen Ring

In case there is a question on the cast of characters...

Willing participants are as follows:
Kithore as the Judge
Claypidgin as the Prosecutor and Mastermind/Author of the trial submission (Brilliant!)
Junno as the Bailiff
InMyOwnDreams as the Defense Lawyer

Unwilling participants are:

Aprillian as a witness for the Prosecution in exchange for immunity
Vrishna as the Defendant

We hope you all enjoyed it, and huge Kudos to Claypidgin for dreaming up this farce.

Item enhancements

Hey CAW crew,

As always thanks for all you do for the community. It is great to have such a fun and friendly group of people to share my favorite game. I wanted to get your thoughts on a topic that has crossed my mind recently.

My main has collected several items that greatly aid in travel (Argent Tabard, Kririn Tor ring, Stormwind cape, etc.) and since the portals in Dalaran and Shat are gone these items are getting more and more use. However, it is fairly tedious to constantly switch them out whenever I need to travel and I always fear I may forget to change them with my main gear.

I have thought about making a macro but an unsure how I could do it or if it is even possible. Do you think blizzard would ever consider making these on use functions additions to the item slot rather than on a specific item? Or maybe included in future item enhancements like spellthread or leg armor.



Derkdiggler, lvl 85 Human Rogue
The Darkness calls

Greetings all!

I've just gotten back to playing in the last week or so, and I'm just catching up on my podcasts, after taking a bit of time off.

My Mother had passed away January 11, and between all that brought up for me, and the job of getting her apartment cleaned out, January and February were a total write-off. My apartment now resembles that show about Hoarders. Insanity!

I had moved back to the same city as my Mom about 6 1/2 years ago, and got to spend that time helping her out (her health was in decline for a long time.) With some time, I've realized just how grateful I am for having had the chance to do some things for her, as she had certainly done enough for me over the years. I even got to cook Christmas dinner for her (my first ever turkey dinner, even though I'm 54!) :)

Sorry about your loss Aprillian and Vrishna. I look forward to finding you on ER! I've rolled a couple of new toons there- if you stick it out, maybe I'll transfer some over as well!

Love the show (as always)!

Madhenry- new DK on ER
And more other alts than I can remember!

the ramblings of a sleepy bit of fluff


hey all,

as promised after breaking my audio submission cherry with metatalks i've
worked on my mic skills and recorded a lil submission for you.

its recorded at 3.30am which in retrospect (a whole 7 minutes of
retrospect) probably wasn't the greatest idea, but hopefully ive managed
to string together the odd complete sentence. enjoy!


Greetings from BrewDawg

Greeting from Brew Dawg, I hope all are well.

It's been a rough couple of weeks in game. My raid team has imploded but we hope to pull together the core members and rebuild.

While re-grouping we took a break and ran Ulduar hard modes to get everyone drakes. What a beautiful instance. It shows what Blizzard can do and how much ToC and Icecrown were major steps backwards. I think it's why so many "hard core" players have left and/or got bored with WoW. You go from the amazing raid that is Ulduar to grinding through ToC and Icecrown for over a year.

My Paladin hit 82 and I got my DK up to 81. I've finally got my head around DK tanking and I like it. The DK will probably hit 85 before the Pally as I only play the Pally with a set group of friends. If I ever get around to leveling my warrior I'll have a tank of each class.

"Shh we're Hunting Wabbits" is the name of my Paladin's the instance leveling group, apologies to Virshna. We were one short last week but we managed to 4-man the ICC 5-mans. The Lich King was on right on our heels but we managed to escape with seconds to spare. Our toons were level 78 to 80 at the time. This week we cleared Black Rock Caverns and Thrown of Tides.

In general I don't RP in game but I have back stories for all my toons. For example my DK Dureau (Du-roe) is a disgraced paladin who participated in the destruction on his family home and is now working to atone for the sins committed while serving the Lich King. It may fit his story better to be a member of a Clan of Darkness.....

I saw Ms. Aprillian's toons at the Argent Tournament over the weekend while doing the starting quest on Dureau & whispered a quick hello.

I'll end my wall of text. When y'all are ready to venture into the Cata 5-mans I'll be happy to tank a few to help you learn them.


Ep213 Submission

I might just have to purposely not put together a submission for a week or two otherwise you might come to expect something from me every week! Okay, I'm kidding of course. Time permitting I'll try to record something for you guys ... annnnnd Aprillian. Enjoy!


Easter audio

Gravenua Audio
Sorry for the poor quality of the recording in my defense I am doing a 120 km/h at the time turns out driving and recording is hard

Shout Outs & Thank You


We decided to copy those fine folks at BOE and ask: How do you feel about gchat on the Mobile Armory? Would you use it?


Hello everyone,
hope everyone is doing well and awake when you do your early midweek podcast :)

For my wow time the past week, well I have actually had some decent wow playing time. Just a couple of days ago I did take Monday off from work and pretty much played all the wow I could. I know I probably could have squeezed a few more minutes but you know what Blizz says, everything in moderation. I was able to level my druid Morfin on the ER server in THE CoD guild, the official unofficial Horde guild of the CAW crew (even if Nevik doesnt want to believe it).
I was able to level him from level 82 to 84 by questing and trying to get some instances completed. I say trying because I queued up for dungeons as healer and dps and waited a good 15 min on average to get in. Dungeons get you great xp especially if you have rested xp however I do like the mix of questing mixed in there. I was able to level my pally Molypolly professions and some other characters professions too.

I have been having a hard time leveling cooking on a few characters, especially from 250 to 300. Some of the items needed have low drop rates or I just cant find them.

I have not had a chance to play the couple days after Monday but I will get in and get my druid to 85 and hopefully get a few guild runs in on whatever level possible. We will get some great guild leveling once we can do some guild instance runs.

I need to get to bed now, so I will say goodbye and thank you for your podcasting and to everyone else for their work.

Take care,

For the sleep,


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