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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 216 - Rapture's Coming, You Mean Those Little Tiny Dinosaurs?

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Cute Beaste wearing the BOA Cloth Helm:

So focused on Argent Crusade.

Sat ran Hellfire Ramparts twice, with Epril, 2 63's and a 61. Trying to get them to 70 to raid with CoD
Loving the banter in gchat

Sun Another day of working on the 60's.
    Found out how to show critters, now listing the Critter Kill Squad as an objective

Mon Epril back in Zul'Drak, sucking up to Argent Crusade. Just wish I had started these dailies sooner. Worse part, they count as 5 dailies
    Saw someone doing the serum dail
    Haven't done AT in a while.

Leveled Tailoring on Aprillian

Aprillian & Vrishna

HellFire Ramparts switching between Virinya and Epril Tanking

Running Mana Tombs with Epril and the twins. Dinged 66 and 65. Running in purple. AAAAHHHH !!!!  Bug killing as a distraction.


Ran several randoms with the guild for the guild achievement. Still can't say enough about the cooperative nature of all our new friends ! However, there was a funny story about a tank and a quest !

Also got a dragonhawk hatchling from Tedrah, I hope I mentioned it before, but just in case I didn't. Thank you !. And just to play it safe, thank you Forge ! I love the Mechanical Squirrel !

Thrusting Hodir's Spear. No numbered control on vehicle.

V control glitch. Thank goodness it was just a glitch.

Ashayo (or Kimmi)

Thanks to Tedrah for the dragonhawk hatchling! from both of us

Been playing a ton on my Clan of Darkness toon - Kimolly

Started out level 21 on Friday and now I am lvl 54.  The levels are screaming by!

I love the new quests in the old zones too.  They have really revamped them and made them very interesting

Thousand Needles you get a boat

and in Searing Gorge they have my most favorite quest now! Lunk no Kill - A big orge. killing spiders, Lunk appears, you weaken the spiders so he can ride them around and get poison on his belly.

In Badlands, The quest - The day deathwing came - So funny - You actually get to tell the story of the

Now my leveling on my flower picking is stopped until I hit lvl 55, I hate when that happens

Question for the Vrisha on the killing bunny rule in the guild - Save the Wee Animals quest - Mt. Hyjal

Questing on Mollyshot with Ashield - he is still doing NO damage until I come along and help him.  It's been a blast because I pull out my rocket and that is the way we get around.  I wish I had a rocket on every toon!  We are in Deepholm now


Mining on Wight got to 450
Orgrimmar Fishing Daily bag had [Strand Crawler] (
Did Dalaran Fishing/Cooking Dailies

13:00 Back on Wight to complete Mining 498

More mining! and some questing in Hyjal. Want to complete the area before moving onto Deepholm.
Liked 'The Strength of Tortolla' really want a pet turtle!
Every chance I get I choose Gnomes to kill. Got another chance during 'Signed in Blood' enjoyed bashing a wee fella in the head.
19:42 Earned Coming Down The Mountain for 115 quests in Hyjal
20:53 83!
Helped some guys take down Ragnaros.
21:45 Hyjal complete
TEDRA is AWESOME!! (Sent me a Red Dragonhawk pet)

Entered Uldum in style but not on a camel.

Starting to pay attention to Achievements.

Hit 525 Mining [Professional Illustrious Grand Master] 

More mining down in Uldum this time for XP and gold.
Stayed up into the early hours chatting with the CoD. Very cool.

A wee bit more mining. Then headed down into Deepholm for some questing. The one on the out of control airship made me nauseous!

Some cool quests in Deepholm and I think it is quite pretty.
Interrogating Mok'norrok was fun. Hanging him over the airship spinning rotors. Felt like Jack Bauer!  
19:20 Wight Friendly With CoD Woot!
19:49 Level 84!

Zomg 9165100 XP to 85! and running out of rested.

Fishing / Cooking dailies in Dalaran then Orgrimmar

Started the Twilight Highlands pre-quests and rode with the air fleet.
'Hey, does this red shirt make me look expendable' Horde Negotiator.'
Kidnapped by the Dragonmaw.

Fishing in Dalaran sewers still want the rat pet.
Inside a turtle.
12:20 525 Fishing
Twilight Highlands Questing
'Everything but the sink' shooting down Wildhammer Grithons great fun.
'Off the wall' Also great shooting dwarves from an airship


I would like to start this email by thanking CTR-alt-Wow team for making my wow time so much more enjoyable, from the time i discovered your wonderful podcast! 
How rude, i did not Introduce my self! My Earthen Ring main is Vampp a protection warrior i have only been on the realm the last three months, and am loving the atmosphere there. I started listening your podcast from the first month of its release on iTunes, a few years back now. What made me continue to listen, was the enjoyment your team broght  to my hard core raiding experience from what non raiders in wow did on a weekly basis! When i started listening all i had in my wow toon arsenal was a top lvl hunter ilikad that i was raid leading Naxx-25 man raids on in my guild at the time. Fast forward to now and i have 11 lvl85 and 5 lvl80s plus, i attribute lvl so many high lvl toons to Aprilian and her love for multi boxing. Thanks so much for making this game sound and feel so much more enjoyable, then i thought it was as top lvl raider. I hope this podcast continues to entertain me and others for many years to come!

Vampp of Earthen Ring

Greetings JAVA

For countless years the lore and legends of the fellowship of the CAW
have been chronicled and retold across the lands of Azeroth and
beyond. Tales of heroism, passed on around a crackling bonfire by a
captain to inspire courage and valor in his company on the eve of
battle. Tales of honor, spoken by a father to his youngest son to
ready him for the challenges to come. Tales of companionship,
cheerfully embraced by the revellers enjoying a pint of ale at the
local tavern. Mournful ballads sung in the town square by the bard
commemorating those who have fallen into darkness.

From the highest mountain to the deepest dungeon, though marshes,
barren wasteland and across rough, unforgiving seas have I traveled,
gathering the tales of these four companions. Now, in a distand land,
far from comfort of my hearth and home, our paths have at last
crossed. My tale in the realm of Earthen Ring has only just begun, but
I offer you my sword to aid your party and fellow companions, the Clan
of Darkness guild, in your noble cause. Shields will be broken and
steel will glow hot from battle. Together, let us forge the legends of

Paladin of the 12th season
Earthen Ring

Maybe a little bit too much content for you guys...i tried

Hey CAW crew,

I have been wanting to join Clan of Darkness for a while now, I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with some content for you :-).
I thought I'd tell you and and the listeners about an awesome site i came across that could help you guys ( mainly Ashayo ) out. is the site, it allows you to optimize your gear: 
  • What gear is the best in slot,
  • What enchants you should have,
  • What gems,
  • How you should reforge your items. 
Just pick a character.  It will load all your armor from the WoW Armory.  You'll most likely see some red triangles in the left column and some red boxes in the right.  The triangles mean that there is an gear upgrade. If you click on the triangle a list of  gear upgrades should appear and their locations.  The red boxes mean that you have the wrong enchant, or that you have reforged the item wrong.  Click Optimize.  The boxes should turn green. It should show you the appropriate enchants etc you should have.  Just go in game and transfer what it says in the boxes onto your gear and bobs your uncle!

Here's a link to Jekle -

I'm pretty sure this only works for level 85 characters

I use it on all my characters and it's worked wonders!!!!!

P.S. Ive been listening to the podcast for about 2 years now. It wasn't until i started writing this that i figured out why you guys kept saying CAW all the time.... LOL i don't know how i missed that one.

Onondaga - Lvl 85 Resto Shaman - Wyrmrest Accord
Onondaga - Lvl 57 Death Knight - Earthen Ring


Becoming a new fan

Hello everyone,
         Let me start by saying i am a major WoW gamer. I have been playing since  Vanilla (for those who don't understand this) Out-land expansion patch. I currently play on a couple realms. I have  12 level 85's that are heroic / Raid geared from tanks, to healers and yes a few dps horde and alliance. I was introduced to you all by Inmyowndreams. Let me say; I think you guys are great, I love the Pod-cast never laughed so hard listening to so many people just having fun. After speaking with Inmyowndreams I had come over to Earthen-ring realm and play. I started the server with a DK named (Yursoulismine) horde currently a 59 and growing to make some funds for further alt creations. I was on the realm for about 24 hours and have accumulated over 5k gold. I am enjoying the realm so much that i made an alt Priest named (Rocyurworld) horde also currently a 22 and growing. I never thought i would say this but leveling is a little bit more fun not having all the Boa gear which makes us a little OP for questing. I could normally ramble on about all my experiences in the game but the show is only so long, so ill keep this short. This is my second MMOrpg game and ever since it was introduced to me i have not really looked at another game, so i guess i am truly a dedicated WoW player. Looking forward to listening to more shows and I hope you all enjoy the game as much as i do. For the Horde and For the Alliance which ever faction alt you might be playing.
P.S. My wife says I enjoy WoW so much that to have more time with me she plays also, BUT THAT'S ANOTHER STORY!! : )
Thanks again
aka (mike)

MOB - No drawing for me please

Hello Podcasting Super Stars,

I think that MOB stands for "Monster or Beast".

I could be wrong. It happens many times a day.

I keep meaning to stop in and start a toon in your new guild, but keeping up with all my alts is tough these days. Perhaps I will just transfer a toon or two.

I often wonder if you ever hear from Glanther. I am still using his authenticator. He was nice enough to send it to me when Bliz was out of stock. Just curious to know if he pops in to Wow now and again. Maybe you could shout out and get him to guest star, though I wouldn't want to get him in trouble at home. ;-)

Thanks for the show!

Ginsue aka Inacan

Bunny killing

On the subject of bunny killing I have a mage and was wondering if you sheep them first is its ok then ?


The Big G spot

Hey all this is my audio for this week
Graven au

Rigarmorty Audio For Ep 216

Hey Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy!

Another Jeppy sized email to accompany my audio segment.

Hopefully I've been able to pop on for a hour probably half way through the show, you're all brilliant!

The attached is my audio, as usual :P



joining guild

Hey all, Ive been on scarlet crusade for 4 yrs and my guild all but quit on me. :( I listen to your show alot and was thinking about transfering a toon over to your server.
Background on myself  Ive been playing for over 6 yrs i have about 10 toons (i forget how many i have lol) four lvl 85's. I raid MC BWL Ony back in the good old days raided in BC exp I quit raiding in wftlk
just played pvp 5 mans was about all. I know about all the classes except i think hunter (only class i dont have).
You guys sound like a fun bunch would really like to join your guild. Im not sure what toon i would transfer over. I was thinking my lvl 80 priest but not sure yet.
Im not sure what im going to do in game maybe PVP, 5mans and maybe raid alittle if i fit in.
If i could join your guild please email me back with info how i go about joining once i get transfered or any questions you might have about me.
Ill leave my RL name so instead of toon name (not sure which toon ill be transfering if you guys will invite)
Looking forward to hearing from you  
Tom R

Glad to have found a bunny safe podcast

Hello CAW, this is Pricklypear from the Shu'halo server. I just got done listening to my first encounter with your podcast (215) and I am hooked. I would consider myself a altaholic as I have 40 toons spread across 6 servers ranging from my 6 85s to the few single digit alts out there. I have 9 toons on Earthen Ring and am wondering how you get an invite to the bunny safe zone or Clan of Darkness. I is wonderful to find a podcast with people that sound like they enjoy WoW as much as I do but do take things to serious. Thanks for an amazing podcast.
Pricklypear (current toon play)
and to many alts to name

Audio submission

Hey Caw crew,

Deimus again. I decided to try out an audio submission. Didn't even know what to use to record when I sat down to start on it, but hope you like my noob recording skills that I developed in an hour. Also, I'm sorry if the song in the background annoys you at all, but I just couldn't stand hearing silence in the background of the recording.


jeremy (@juwingsfan)
5/17/11 17:25
@Aprillian @Ashayo @Vrishna137 just heard last caw. Save jc tokens till 4.2 get a jump on new epic patterns and rake in gold early.

My Week in WoW

Hey CAW Crew,

Claypidgin here. I just wanted to tell everyone that I am enjoying
being in the Clan of Darkness. I did my first heroic this week with my
warlock and it didn't suck. In fact, the group I was in actually did
pretty well. Now granted the second heroic of the week didn't go so
well. The tank decided it was his job to tell us why we are bad
players. His advice went from telling me I should be ashamed of my
DPS. He told the Death Knight that they should learn to play their
class and watch You Tube to learn. Then he finally told the Shaman he
did well but if he were on his own Shaman he would have done better.
So my experience was 50/50 good and bad.

I've been tanking on my level 69 Death Knight for the guild. Vrishna
seems to like my style he just doesn't know my secret agenda. Someday
when he leasts suspects it the gauntlet will be thrown and I will ask demand that we all move faster and that there is no excuse
to run out of mana!! (insert evil laugh here). In the words of
Kithore...anyway this is getting kinda long. Conejo Matador is now at
level 26 with one good kill to get to level 27. This is now officially
the highest druid I ever roll. Yay me.

Finally, I have some disturbing news. Aprillian's iPhone was stolen
and the contents of her WOW playlist have been made public. I think
Vrishna may want to block his ears for this one. Now I present to you.
Aprillian's WOW playlist.

Episode Neeeenjaaa ... er *cough* I mean episode 216 submission.

Greetings JAVA!

How are you? How is Clan of Darkness? /tear ... er right ... I promised myself I wouldn't shed any tears. *cough*cough*

Hope you enjoy this week's Winterhoof update, it's a looonnng one [insert dramatic pause for Jeppy to make an inappropriate comment] ...

Your bud,


May 18th submission


Helloooo CAW Crew

Hello CAW Crew,
Leeta here again :) hope this finds you all well and busy WoWing :)
Surgery went well & I am slowly getting better - thank you for the kind words last time.
Firstly to reply to Virshna regarding my name - I'm afraid it is nothing as exciting as what you may think. I liked the name Lita & when I made a toon on my very first server that name was already taken so I played round and came up with this spelling which I had not seen before. Now I will admit I have various toons - some have completely different names e.g. my Hunter is Keelah, but most of my alts are all different ways of spelling Leeta e.g. my Gobby Warrior is Leitta and my Priest is called Atil (spell it backwards hehe).
Naming new toons can certainly be a interesting experience as I'm running out of ways to spell it - lol.
I hope that clears it up :)
My week in WoW - last night got my Warrior to Lvl 70 while doing UK with the guild - was a good fun run as always. Also been doing alot of Archaeology on Leeta - busy trying to get the Crawling Claw, Voodoo Figurine & Pterrordax Hatchling pets.
So another that that haven't been doin alot mostly due to trying to play onehanded which can be completely funny at times haha.
Since I love the pets so much thought I would share another one with you that you can go purchase - It is called Withers and is sold by a Vendor in Darkshore called Apothecary Furrows. He is in a little cave within Cliffspring Falls (co-ords are 57, 33). They are BOP and cost 30s - however this is only for Horde as Alliance have to do a quest chain to get it. Enjoy :)
And for Virshna - there are 5 rabbit pets you can get in game - Brown Rabbit Crate, Snowshoe Rabbit Crate, Spring Rabbit (Noblegarden), Wolpertinger (Brewfest) & De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion :)
Well that is it for me for this week. Hope you all have a wonderful week & may epics fall at your feet.
Hugs Leeta
P.S. I am @leetawow on twitter - am still gettin used to this whole new concept of communication & admittedly not very good at it, may need Aprillian to give me lessons :)
Hugs all and bye for now.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Momoments - "Everybody is working for the Clan of Darkness!"

hope everyone is doing well.
I am sorry I missed emailing last week but it may be for the best as I will have more content to email you this week.

I have been on a nice routine of getting dalies done on several characters, mainly the cooking and fishing daily.  The fishing ones are nice as it helps to sloooooooowwwwwllyyyy level up fishing without fishing at times.  I am still having a hard time to level cooking on some characters from the level 250-300 so far.  Even using wowhead to see where some of the items I need have not been helpful.  I still wish I could do the dailies in each of the cities; am I correct in that we can only do one cooking daily? (in the major cities)

On my druid Morfin in the CoD guild I have been also working on other Cataclysm dailies: Therazene I am about a week away from being revered and for dragmaw are them called? the clan in the Twilight Highlands, I just start so I have a few weeks before I am revered with them.   After I conquer that I want to get revered on the other groups so I am able to improve my gear a bit.  I have been shying away from doing instances unless it is a guild run.  I just dont have any sanity left to deal with pug groups, which is sad.  I was telling Mata in guild chat the other night, I wish we could run dungeons with the AI.  How it could work is we queue up and mark AI only so if I am a healer they rest will be AI controlled and we basically move along.  Yes wishful thinking but we can dream cant we :)

I also became Honored with the guild on my druid and looking forward to the other perks we can get as we level.  It is great to see the guild level as we all are working for the Clan of Darkness.  I am still looking to the day that Nevik will come join us, again I can dream you know.

In addition to my druid I have slowly been working on my shammy pally pair as they hit 70 this past week.  I joined the LFD as tank and healer and surprisingly after a few minutes was in Utgaurd Keep.  I had my shammy Moshaman following Molypolly and I starting on the first 2 mobs.  I was so overwhelmed for some reason! I had an epic dual boxing fail as I was struggling to heal myself and others. No one dies but I was freaking out as everyones health was going down.  Of course I couldnt keep aggro so I know that didnt help but I did what I hate, what we all hate to see or happen to us!...I left the group! :(
yes I was a group deserter not cool, I know I know!
I felt terrible for a second but it was for the best.  Now not to scare my fellow guildies, I think I can tank and heal for us if we have a guild run as I think you all will allow me to go as slow as I can or need to go.  oh well we shall see.  I have been trying to keep up with their professions but it is hard.  It is so easy to level now that leveling professions lag behind.

I still have not really worked on archeology, any of you our there like that? I dont know why, for me its not like fishing but just have not work on leveling it much on any character.

Ill leave you be at this point and thank you for an awesome podcast, guild and for being cool people.

Oh I want to apologize to the person (you know who you are) as this person messaged me in game right after I got spammed by gold sellers asking questions about the guild.  I am sorry if I was short in my answers as I was trying to figure out if you are/were a gold spammer lol also for anyone that messages in the CAW channel or any channel for that fact, I know its common knowledge but please remember if I dont reply back right away I am either away because of wife aggro or Im on another screen.

For the Altaholic in you!


Aprillian (@Aprillian)
5/13/11 8:41
@psynister: the dog whistle from SM:Lib is now a trinket with a 10 min cooldown instead of 3 charges”-Awesome!

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