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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 217- Winterhoof! Winterhoof! Winterhoof!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

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What We've Been Doing:


Felt so badly about the Kithores submission
Doing  [Blood of the Chosen] Realized I should have checked the Dal JC daily.
Happy CoD dinged 4 on Thurs, then that night Epril got exalted with Argent Crusade and got the Crusader title
Bought a bunch of heirlooms, sent them to lower toons and then felt aimless.
Fri morn did AT with Aprillian, Epril, Tiiaa and AstarĂ¥
Then did island with my 3 Crusaders
Made Dreamcloth for skillup, should I be making these?

Deepril dinged 68 in Auchid. She had a tome of Cold Weather Flying in the bank. Went flying around Northrend getting xp and fp. 2050 xp a pop

Stopped in on Winterhoof and added 2 guild bank tabs
Ran Auchenai Crypts Heroic

Loving the instant mailing between
Wasted money and time trying to get a gnomish army knife. There were none on ah

Aprillian & Vrishna

Ran Auchidoon, had so much fun. Beaste finally din  ged 65 so we could start Shadow Labs, one of my favorites.
Did Mana tomb Sun night on Heroic
Monday night did Auchindoon with cool guildies


Vrishna became exalted with Orgrimar and the Sunreavers. Also got 5 exalted reps achievement.

Guild news. mikewillow and Boombass. All I can say is THANK YOU so much. We are overawed by their generosity.



Level 85

Epic battle against Deathwing in Twilight Highlands
Honored with guild


I am an Altaholic, but it is not a problem, I can handle it!

Hi there CAW crew,
I just want to thank you for the great podcast. 
I have been sampling WoW podcasts for the last year or so, and yours is by far my favorite.  
So far I have found the podcasts seem to fall into just a few categories. They are, “the juvenile male productions”, “the Evening News casts”, “the elite players only podcasts”, “the we are cool people and this is what we are doing podcasts”, and “the we are all doing something fun by playing, and if you are having fun you are one of us! podcast”.  Ctrlaltwow is the best I have found in this final category. 
I have a couple of Earthen Ring characters named, Comix and Minenow. I would like to try a guild where success is less important than having a good time, and if I mess up, how great the story it makes, will be more important than how much time is lost due to my error.
I have soloed for years and I think of myself a forever beginner. For example, just what is an Honor point, and what are they good for?
Thanks again, and Keep up the Good Work, FOR THE HORDE! (‘til I wander away again)
Comix, that Old Comic Guy

A bit of everything and quite long :D sorry

Hi CAW nabboo/tribalh here again sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, the last email I sent was back in November I think and my partner was just getting into wow for the first time we was also over 2 months pregnant which was awesome then it all went wrong :*( we sadly had a misscarrage and I pushed wow aside for a couple of months but with a lil hard work and no WoW we are now 3months pregnant again life is great and listening to this show through the hard times cheered me up so thank you x the kiss then was for aprillian u guys cn have a hug (manly hug that is) right then what have I been up to in WoW after maxing all my professions i went for the vial of the sands recipe and I'm still trying after 7 Canopic jars :( in the end I just bought 2 one for me and one for my guildie as it was his birthday he loved it :D
Next I've been tanking alot on my warrior tribalh a guildie called damo kept calling me a noob tank so the next day when I logged in he w/ me wanna tank a dungeon which i replied sorry I cant I've sold my tank gear you was right I cnt tank he then apologised alot maybe I should of told him I was joking before he gquit and left the game I felt really bad but managed to get hold of him out of the game and drag him back in :D
Also my dual boxing has ended now got 6 toons to level from 60 to 85 :D do you think the will ever raise the RaF level past 60???
Right then this is the last thing I wanna ask as this email is huge already how comes there is no EU Ctrl Alt WoW guild could I lure any of you with the promise of choppers???
Keep up the good work guys love the show nabboo/tribalh of Hellfire EU
P.S aprilliand voice is still the hottest ;) byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love ya byyyyyyeeeeeee

Sent from my iPhone

Defending the Bunnies

Hello CAW Crew,

Mikewillow here, lvl 85, frosty, sometimes fiery, mage in AIE, checking in with a Jeppy sized email.

In the past month or so, I've moved a ton of my toons over to earthen ring to escape the madness of most of the realms.
And, I must say, aahhhhhh. It's better.
Been enjoying a load of pvp on my mage and hunter, running 5-mans on those and other toons, and have started leveling new alts on E.R. as well.

I look forward to leveling and having a blast with you guys in the "Official" <Clan of Darkness>.

I've donated a motorbike for the winner of some yet as to be determined contest for Clan guilldies. I'm going to leave the details up to the creative proffesionals such as yourselves.

and the alliance.

Mikewillow, shattering gnomes with much glee

P.S.  Juuno if you're listening, we miss you.

audio submission

Hi all, here is my first try at an audio submission....oooo and I do love blood elf chicks...I was just razzing...Hugs... ooo I already one the free month when I wrote in as Sofialorena... bye again.....Mel chez a dek

1st message, to join guild.

Hello,  I'm Elmo Fudd.  I have been roaming the cosmos in search of the bunnies.   Your transmissions have been received, and I understand you may be able to help me find them.  I've landed on your planet, and have contacted your high empress Tiiaa but she has refused my admittance into your inner sanctum.   She may be harbouring the dreaded bunnies.  If only you will invite me into your guild, I will do my best to rid the planet of those vile creatures. 
Elmo Fudd
Level 2 Goblin Hunter
Earthern Ring

how about me

Hello all of you fun people at ctrl alt wow,
 I have started 3 toons here in the earthen ring.  They are Ziffiegal
who is presently a level 13 goblin hunter, Fufufugly who is a level 26
tauren warrior, and Trollofdeath a level 58 troll death knight.
 Have been running with some of the guildies and have thoroughly
enjoyed the fun and podcasts and the great people in your group.
 It has been really fun driving dunebuggies around in the goblin area
and doing the quests in a new world with new challanges.
 Now being a tauren has been really funny to run cause she does not
fit everywhere never realized she was going to be too big to do her
job making dungeons a challange cause have to figure out how to get
out of places without getting stuck.  Have been running with Wyly thru
dungeons and he is a wonderful tank.
 As for Trollofdeath I have gotten her started but not sure whether
she will be my favorite character maybe I need to run with lots of
your wonderful guildies.
 I have been able to talk to many of you on Skype with the help of my
wonderful Inmyowndreams who is in this guild.  It is fun to enjoy the
banter and talk that goes on while running dungeons and getting to
know all of you.  Hope I will be able to be a part of your wonderful
group.   Thank you for being there!

Sarahsmom  also known as Mary Underwood

What I have been doing in WoW...

This week I discovered your Pod-Cast and I have learned that I enjoy questing
and listening to your conversations...

I am a definite alt-o-holic.  I currently play on two other servers.  Since
vanilla WoW I play Alliance on Twisting Nether... but don't hold that against
me.  A year ago I started playing Horde on Garrosh.  Having experienced
both factions I much prefer Horde.  FOR THE HORDE!

On both servers I have max'd out my characters.  My lowest char on TN is 55 and
on Garrosh is 37.  I very much want to play the new Cata starter content so I
decided to start alts on a new server.  Then I heard your Pod-Cast.  I would
really like to join your guild.  I like the idea of getting involved early.  I
am a big fan of the The Instance too but AIE is way big.

I am mature, pretty social guy and fairly active WoW player.

The naming convention I use for my chars is musicians I enjoy.  So I just
created a Gobbo Shammie named Entwistle on Earthen Ring.    He is only level 3
and has already had his first Deathwing encounter.

Hope to see you online!


Time is money friends...

The Clan of Darkness

Hello CtrlAltWow crew,

I am a new listener and would like to apply to be a member of The Clan of Darkness.

I recently did a transfer over to Earthen Ring with Inacan (a clan of darkness paladin) and would like to help with the building of your new guild. I was able to run several dungeons with a Clan of Darkness members and they were a great group.

I look forward to getting to know all the COD members.



Level 85 Druid

Hello CAW Crew

Hello CAW Crew,

I was very glad to find your podcast.  I'm a casual player and have been playing since 2005.  However I only have one 85, a Dranei hunter on Staghelm US.  In fact, the only reason she's even at 85 is because of my boyfriend who also plays. He rolled a paladin, caught up to my hunter, and then we leveled them together.  Without a regular questing buddy, I tend to get sidetracked by other alts that I'm playing. Lately I've been doing dailies, questing, and playing with my boyfriend and his 8 year old daughter.   It has been really nice to listen to people who enjoy the game but aren't only concerned with getting to end game content quickly, or think that there's any one true way to play.  Your show makes me laugh out loud often when listening, which gets me funny looks when I listen at work. :) I've a handful of alts on Earthen Ring, and would love to join your guild if you'd have me.  I promise not to kill any bunnies. :)

Thanks for the great podcast,


@jazzchica on twitter
Siovale, 85 Dranei hunter on Staghelm
Kelsin, 61Blood Elf hunter on Earthen Ring
Anguissette, 42 Worgen warlock on Staghelm
Jehane, 29 Undead warlock on Earthen Ring
Tebbli, 28 Goblin mage on Earthen Ring


> Hi.. My name is Miztake and I have a confession to make.. I am an altaholic.
> I have tried multiboxing but failed badly at it, so I I just play using very basic macros (follow assist) and 2 monitors and the game client on each.
> I love listening to your podcast each week, as you all seem to enjoy the game as much as I do. There are too many players who don't realize that some of us play for fun and enjoyment.
> I would really like to be able to join your guild on Earthern Ring and play and learn with and from you all.
> Have fun and hope to see you in game.
> Miztake & Mizfortune
> (Tauren Paladins)
> Level 8
> Sent from my iPhone

A new email 

Greetings CAW gang

The other day I was in Tanaris doing some quests and waiting in the queue for a dungeon. I had completed  a quest and was just outside the  gate of Gadgetzan  when my screen went pink.
My first reaction was “Damn!! the monitor is going” and so I was  not a happy camper.

Then I died .

Was I  ganked?  - No I am  not on a PVP realm
So I rezzed instantly  as I am a druid with totems and promptly died again .

Not happy Janet .   (Ashayo should know this expression  )

At my second death I promptly got into the dungeon but could not enter as I was dead. So with a short run back to my body I rezzed again and entered the instance.  

Then I noticed the pink had gone and I was getting congratulated by my fellow bunny protectors.  
What  had I done ?

So I scrolled back and read

“ You have been killed by Deathwing “    

Woot! and   did I feel like an idiot  - but the nice thing is COD ( Clan of Darkness) is the most forgiving guild if you make an idiot of yourself .

Has  this happened to your toons and where?

For the Horde

For the Alliance

For all the wonderful people in “Clan of Darkness”

42  and my new toon Aunt Pol a mage

PS Anyone for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster?

Greetings CAW from Brew Dawg

Greetings CAW from Brew Dawg,

Hope all are well.

Been working on gearing up my DK, Dureau (Du-roe) for tanking.  His gear is ready for raiding. Now I have two raid geared tanks one better suited for AoE threat and the other better for single target (Druid).

I've successfully tanked both troll instances now with both tanks.  They are long and difficult but I like them.  In general they are easier to tank with the DK than the Druid.  But I think the Druid is easier on the healers.

Started with a new raid team but we are encountering a problem finding healers.  We have three but if one has to miss we do not have a back-up.

Talked briefly to El Jeppy in game.  Invited him to a Heroic Lick King fight but it was too late in the day for him.  Just as well several folks were having connection and lag issues so we were not able to get him down.  Heroic Lich King It's not an easy fight even at 85 there are several mechanics that will cause a wipe if they are not managed correctly

If there is enough interest I'd like to organize a normal ICC run for Clan of Darkness members level 80 or higher.  No Recount allowed!  Normal mode ICC is not too difficult even in green Cata gear.  Maybe make a monthly guild event running older content eventually growing into a raid team ready to take on Cata content.

Of course it would be easier to do this if I had a toon in the guild.  I'll try to get an "invite" for my paladin, Boileau (Bwallow).  I was going to bring in my DK in but he may start raiding with an AIE team.

Hope y'all have a good week.

Brew Dawg

lets hope this works

Well here is my attempt at recording. I have to say - I tip my hat to all who send in voice submissions. It is harder than it sounds. 


Never say never!

Another week, another Winterhoof update! This time I decided for some brevity and kept my submission under 5 minutes! Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I had putting it together!

Your bud,


The Big G Audio
I really should be in bed but I decided to record a segment for your wonderful show and a shout out to Juuno and her equally awesome show so hi to the chat room and hi to who ever you have on this week.

Update for Iceflow and Caoboi

Hey everybody!

We're not sending in our update at the last minute this week.  Yay!

I hope all of you all are doing well and pumped for this week's recording.  Caoboi and I played a lot of WoW in Clan of Darkness these past couple of weeks.  We are both level 50!  Him on his priest and me on my druid.  We are healing and tanking machines!  I had to deal with a few stupid pugs but I hope I won't have to for long since we should be able to do 5 mans with guildies.  Then maybe hunters won't be taking all my loots!

Druid tanking is deceptively simple and sometimes I really wish I had more AOE abilities but I suppose I'm not doing too bad.  Caoboi always has full mana.  He's dope.  Caoboi said disc healing is new for him but it's really awesome.  He likes the fact that he can by doing damage.  Smite heal for the win!  FYI, it's the Atonement talent in the priest disc tree.

We still haven't touched any quests.  We might do that when we first get to Outland.  Maybe.  

Want to give thanks to Melyndria for sending us some enchants.  She is awesome and guildiness at it's best.  I look forward to seeing you all more this weekend and hope to get to at least 55.  Maybe 60 if we are crazy.

Much love from the Horde and Clan of Darkness,

Iceflow and Caoboi
The @Valentine Podcast

Rigarmorty Audio 217

Hello the awsome Ctrl Alt Wow Crew!

Attached is my audio update for this week!


Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello everyone!

hope everyone is doing well.

I will be keeping in real and real short this week and will need to email in 2 weeks with some good content as we are going on vacation!

Yes and we cannot wait!  We are going to San Francisco for the next few days through the Memorial day holiday (in the states that is).

Thank you all in the clan of darkness and I hope to play with you all again in a week or so.

Thank you for the podcast as always.

Take care,


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