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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 219

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 219 - Episode 219 Part A & B

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.


Hello darlings!  I hope I got this week's in on time!!  I recorded it on the road, so it sounds a little rough..hehe...sorry about that.  Big hugs to everyone!
Juuno  =D

What We've Been Doing:


Took Epril & Tiiaa out to Grizzly Hills to get Tiiaa more Horde Expedition rep, brought in Astarå and died a couple of times because of lack of practice. Epril resurrected Astarå using Raise Ally and then Tiiaa resurrected Astarå using her gnomish Jumper cables.

I feel a little bit silly for having Deepril to DE stuff. I should be sending them to Astarå because of the BBB

Tiiaa maxed out Engineering making
Took 5 toons to see Thrall

Epril loves it when she puts down a Death and Decay while fighting mobs and critters get caught upl

Quint boxed Argent Tournament. Did Kraken and all three toons got tooth.
Had over 150 Dal cooking awards, used them to buy all the recipes and a hat

Epril Picked up Broken Boar Figurine in Deepholm starts a JC quest that led to my first Cata trinket Figurine - King of Boars

Multi boxed BRD Detention quarter. Flying down in a rocket skips chains.  Loved running around gathering mobs.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Thunder Bluff Dailies are hard.

Deepholm was fun with Epril Viryna and Auruk. But then we brought in 

Arva & ? 


The Summit of Storm Peaks

500 Daily quests completed

New Death Knight Vrishanya

Virinya learned to fish and went through the same long dreary time trying to get the damn guards arm !

Leesa & Breesa in Winterhoof. Accidentally got Going Down. There is a quest where you board a balloon and rescue some goblins and bomb some pirates. At the end of the quest, the ballon returns you to the dock next to Gadgetztan. It disappears in mid air and drops you down to the ground ! And voila ! Going Down ! 


Created a shaman to play in CoD
Molly bought me Winged Guardians all round! Cant redeem by default

- Made Kaldorei Wind Chimes
- 415 : Made Headdress of the First Shaman - epic shaman level 61

Pinnacle with Elodar, Tedrah, Molly
Stonecore with Elodar, Tedrah, Molly and Vampp

Asheal - Levelled Tailoring

- Strand of the Ancients, Arathi Basin, all loses



More updates for all of you and contest if you are still doing

Hello to all the wonderfull host of Ctrl Alt Wow,
    Kona here with quite a long over due update. To start with I have been grinding rep with my Hunter Konjack and doing many randoms when possible, which is not many due to being a dps class. I have yet to finish either ZA or ZG, but i have gained a couple of upgrades while in there, MAN are these HARD. As I write this I am just 3 TOl barad tokens from getting the Reins of the Drake of the west wind, woot that is one nice looking Mount. I think that Jack will retire from Tol Barad after this, running Tol barad dallies 3-4 times a day is quite boring after a while. I have maxed out My cooking and First aid and am looking forward to a long grid on maxing his fishing.
     I have Transfered my Night elf warrior from Proudmoore to Dawbringer and changed his name from Konadark to KonaJace. I have been gearing up his Dps and tank sets doing randoms Rep and crafted Items, this is quite time consuming and quite pricey an the crafted items, I had both the  epic Tank and Dps chest pices made, the tanking shield and the epic tanking belt. I ground out engineering from 1-525 in a day and crafted myself the Epic helm after running a few Heroics to get the choas orb. During all this time i have gain exaulted staus with Hyjal and the Wildhammer and will be working on the Cat people next.  Konajace is sitting at an Ilevel of 352 with both the dps and tank sets, but I still have yet to do any random tanking, it is still that brutal with PUGS. I still need to get into Deepholm and get my Therazane rep up but Im just not feeling to doing that zone yet with either Toon.
     On Proudmoore I have taken my Druid KonaJohn from level 76 to 81, so no more help with heirlooms now, that being said I had to do quite a few quests to get enough gear to run the first 2 Cata instances. My ilevel was not high enough to get into them, Heck I was still using 3 pieces Of Sunwell gear at level 80, the staff was the hardest to replace. It also took a bit of time to get my action bars and healbot set up so both of my druid were the same. I have been spending time on KonaJoe also and healing was all out of wack since they were not the same, made a couple of those instaces hairraising. I'm thinking of moving another toon and not sure which one to move, so many choices. As for my other Toons, KonaJobe runs the Tol barad dalies every so often and mines and herbs while there. KonaJim, Konadark, and Robusta are all taking a rest and will be in action sometime in the near future.
     I have been doing the cooking dalies on most of my toons and here is something that I have seen that may be of help. When doing the daily that asks you to get the sugar that is found in the inns, if you go to the Cooking tades person they will sometimes have that item as a limited quanity for sale. Also if doing the fishing daily that has you getting the wal eye and the cooking one that has you stealing the fish from around the city, by fishing for the Waleye you can also get the Catfish needed for the cooking daily, so you need not steal them from all those poor fishermen from around the city.
     Well this has been quite the wall of text, I will have much more at a later time.
For the Love of the Game and all those that enjoy it as much as I
Kona and his many alts

Hi there CAW Crew,
I have had a good a good week, and I am still using the stuff I have learned from CTRLALTWOW, in real life.  This week I escaped the comic shop for lunch one day, and the “lost” Kithores  feature sent me in search of authentic Mexican food.
 When I arrived I found a young man with a very shiny car that seemed to be sitting on its frame.  I like shiny, a lot, so told the young what a great car he had.  He got in and made it jump and down.  Very cool indeed!  I had just one question, was it good in snow? He looked shocked, and began laughing, and as near as I could tell through the mirth, his car would never see rain let alone snow.  He offered to buy me a beer.  I assured him I cannot drink beer, but rum or tequila would be great, this got him laughing all over again.  Every so often we were joined by other young men who spoke rapid fire Spanish, began laughing, pointing, and buying rounds. My host assured me they were laughing with me, not at me, but with enough tequila, I think even snow gets pretty funny, apparently they did too.  A very nice group of fellows, even if I never found out how well their cars do in snow. Who says WOW is not educational!
Comix, that old Comic Guy

My smart Alt situation

Hey guys at Control Alt Wow!
I'm new to your podcast, after having listened alot to WoW Insider Show and eventually spread to other good podcasts and I find it especially interesting your focus on the areas of Alts! Before I get started i'll let you know I am a diehard Horde player who will only play the traditional faction which is the Orc faction! This being said I still have 3 characters and the way I have set it up, I have the ability to play what role I want as I have a Heroic Geared 85 Blood Death Knight tank, a Heroic Geared 85 Marksman Hunter DPS (almost able to enter Zandalari Dungeons!!) and my brand spankin' new Orc Shaman (currently level 16) who is destined to be a Healer! Once I have every Justice Point item for my hunter that I want/need, he will be drowning in JP Heirlooms as he already has both guild heirlooms!
I would be interested in knowing what you guys think of this sort of versatile alt setup where I can play whatever I feel like on the night! This being said, my DPS is being focused on because that was my first ever character but funnily enough, not my first 85!
Keep up the good work and the mega podcasts!!
Maximumforce (DPS), Nohopeleft (Tanks) and Akamagosh (New Healer)

55 exalteds

So i did a bit of checking on this achievement.  United Nations.   Where the guild needs 55 exalted reputations and as of 4.1 it only counts the one person with your highest number of reps.
I'm in PoH and we had the 55 covered by three toons but only Zoe's Reps actually counted.
Blizzard had commented they were going to fix it for 4.1 but they have not done so yet.

Love your show

Crilherin[85], Leseig[85], Bhandayd, Aannalien (Arygos Server)
Mattief[85], Bhandayd, Heghaka, Mieren, Caryatid (Jubei'Thos Server)

For the Alts!

Rigarmorty Audio EP 219

Hi Aprillia, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy!
I think I might have said "um" a few times in this audio but I ramble on a little longer than usual. I should do a Nevik outtakes, the number of times my mind went blank recording this must be some sort of record.
For the Horde, For the Alliance, For the dungeons!

Dear Control Alt WoW,

The chuckles from the Cntrl Alt WoW hosts, while reading my letter encouraged me to write again. Those laughs are how I feel when listening to the CAW podcasts.


Wow, Verishna, one hour of fishing and 250 skill points, while waiting for the severed arm to drop. Hmmm, wouldn't an arm drop soon after being severed? You are a good candidate to catch Mr. Pinchy, I never had the patients. Yea that was a few episodes ago.


Cataclysm has recaptured some of my initial moments of awesome magic noobiness. During early Cataclysm I went to Auberdine after hearing about its destruction to check it out, and I was worried about flight paths. I left Auberdine and continued down Darkshore’s long main road. Our Friday Night, family group, was excitedly chatting on skype and reporting various cataclysmic changes when I spotted what appeared to be a tornado. I continued jogging down the road feverishly toward the new cataclysmic wonder. Suddenly, “PLOP”, I fell into a cold, swift moving stream, within a rocky crevice. Yup, Blizzard caught me by surprise. That long boring jaunt through Darkshore, which we all took for granted, was broken.





For the tornadoes, NOT, omg, even in New England.

Banks, Mailboxes and Auctions! Oh my!

Hello ctrl-alt-wow crew!

It has been several months since I have dropped you a line.  Sorry to
be so quiet out here.  I have been really busy in real life.  Nothing
serious mind you; just work, family etc.   I'm still listening though,
and starting to get back in-game some.

I just thought I would weigh in on the best place for your Horde
banker!  I find that any of race specific areas in Orgrimmar are the
best.  I currently have mine in the Goblin area.  The auction, bank
and mailbox are pretty close.  However, I think the Tauren area my
even be better for ease-of-use.  It just seems a bit more busy there.

Please stay well, and I will try to pop in more often.


question for Aprillian

Hi CAW crew,

Here is my question for Aprillian in an audio.


(worgen hunter in Ctrl Alt WoW)

"All hail the great Vrishna, Protector of bunnies and wabbits!." ~ Leralond of the Evil Wabbits

audio from Kadak

The Kithores!

Hola everybody,

I hope that everyone had a good week in the game, as well as out of the game. Here is our submission, hope you like!

Hasta la bye bye,

The Kithores!

Weekly G spot update

Sorry for the lack of chat room attendance and audio submission this week just been busy outside of game and only just had a couple of hours to play I like to thank Locwyn for the invite I think that’s how its spelt but don’t quote me just hope the show go’s well so for the alliance for the horde for the sandgrophers and for having more time to play.

G'day from Tinock

Howdy howdy Aprillian, Varishna, Ashayo, and El Jeppy.

I've been listening from around episode 160ish and I absolutely love Ctrl Alt Wow. I have been thinking about writing in for quite some time, but every time I get any spare time and sit at the computer to start writing....*sings* And then I played wow.

A bit of history about me. I have been playing wow for approx 6.5 years and my original toon was a night elf hunter. Something about the alliance didn't quite sit well with me so I have been playing horde ever since and never looked back. My main was originally a Tauren hunter that raided in vanilla and BC, but after that I made the shift to my Tauren Druid.
I'll skip a long a bit as to not bore you with ALL the details, I now have 6 lvl 85s in the Pants on Head guild on Jubei'thos. All I have to say is without that bunch of Aussies and you guys I would have quit wow quite some time ago. So since I play with those guys and have a blast, I would love to join in with the crazy bunny saving/loop hole finding antics on Earthen Ring.
My goal is to eventually have a max level of every class, but the big hitch in that plan is that I dont have that much time to play as my musical theatre takes up a lot of my spare time. That's right I sing and I dance (sort of)..... Ok I sing and get told where to move. But it is one of my passions and it really makes me so happy to bring joy to all our audiences.
Well because of that I haven't really dome much on wow, but at the end of the month all I have to do is plan for my wedding in April next year, oh and the other necessary evil.... *dramatic music plays* WORK. *scream heard in the background*. Oh. Sound like rigormorty is around =P

Hope you are all well and you really do brighten up my dull work days.

All the best,
Tinock (tea-nock) lvl 85 Druid
Tinnok (tea-nock) lvl 85 mage
Tinnokk (tea-nock) lvl 85 shaman
Tinokk (tea-nock) lvl 85 hunter
Teenok (tea-nock) lvl 85 warrior
Tinokkers (tea-nock-ers) lvl 85 palladin
Tinok (tea-nock) lvl 69 rogue
Teanok (tea-nock) lvl 55 death knight
Duldian (dull-de-an) lvl 54 priest

Sent from Aprillian's iPhone

Quick Note from BrewDawg,

Pally dinged 85 that makes 4.  Trying to decide if I want to level up a new toon or get my hunter geared up for raids & BG's.

Substitute Tanked for <Esprit de Corps> raid team and moved my personal progression to 8 of 12.

Started with a new team <Fear our Whimsy> got 2 bosses down on our first night.

Tanked a bunch of Cata randoms for InMyOwnDreams and other Clan of Darkness Guildies including Stonecore on Heroic, InMyOwnDreams' first Cata heroic!

Tanked a ton ZG/ZA runs with my DK trying to get a helm and shoulders to drop.  Saw the helm drop once but a Ret Pally snagged it.

I'll do my best to make the Naxx Raid on Saturday, Safety Dance Time!  It would also be good to start running OS3D with guild groups to get folks drakes.  And I still want to organize ICC runs.

See y'all in game.


Update for Iceflow and Caoboi

Hey everybody!

Darn it!  Iceflow procrastinated again and sent in the email late.  But they do say better late than never right?

So we have been having such a great time in CoD.  We can't wait to get up in level so we can do some dungeons with everybody. Pugs are ok but there's nothing like running with some guildies.  Speaking of randoming, I think we need a change of pace in the dungeon area.  Running Black Rock and Sunken Temple over and over can get to you.  But Caoboi is level 56 and I'm level 55 so it will soon be Outlands for us!  

We've been helping out in the critter area.  We've killed bugs, squirrels and even the little piggies.  I even saw some skunks dressed up for Easter!  They had bunny ears on and were pretending to be rabbits by hopping around.  I knew they were skunks though so I took care of that little pest problem.

We still have fun on Iceflow and Caoboi.  As much as I love all my other alts, they are the ones we will keep coming back to.  Caoboi got the Got My Mind on My Money achievement, accumulating 25,000 gold.  He said he should have got it sooner!

And of course we got the Winged Guardian or as I've heard the internet call it, Sunshine Kitty.  It is undoubtedly the most beautiful mount in the game.  My Headless Horseman's reins have been replaced, I'm afraid.

Just wanted to tell everybody what we've been up to.  Nerdtacular is coming up and I can't wait to meet all the CAW fans there.

For the Horde and CoD,

Iceflow and Caoboi

Part B Begins Here:

Clan of Darkness


Guild Raid, sort of

We Made Quick Werk Of Him ! Patchwerk in Naxxramas in 3 mins. or less. We also completed the Arachnid Quarter. Less success in the other quarters but plan to finish up this Sunday !

Guild Lottery, thanks MikeWillow and Inmyowndreams

Critter 38,826


My Week in WoW

Hey CAW Crew, Claypidgin here with my latest WoW update. So far this
week I have gotten my DK to level 71. I am hoping to gain at least a
couple more levels so if we do battlegrounds I can not feel so weak.
Also the higher my level the more I can mine and pick herbs for gold.
Right now I am spending a lot of time in Sholazar Basin gathering
herbs and nodes and running away from mobs who are a lot higher in
level than me. Not so fun but worth the gold.

On my warlock Graylas I have been able to run heroics with guild
members which has been a lot of fun. I was also able to do part of
Karazan and finish Magtherion with the guild which was also a blast.
Finally we got to run Naxx with a bunch of level 80 plus toons. I
found it a lot of fun considering I never finished it and really
wanted to actually see the content. Just don't tell Aprillian it was a
raid. But in all seriousness I thought we did well. We cleared the
Arachnid quarter our only hang-up being half the group being stuck on
the wrong side of the door when the fight started. We all had a laugh
though. Isn't that what really matters? We also ran part of the plague
quarter and got an achievement in there as well.

Other than that, not much as been going on. Although I found out that
a new WoW movie is coming out. I have attached the audio trailer to
this email. Enjoy!

Clan of Darkness
Earthern Ring

Hi all

Hi CAW crew,
So I've answered the WinterHoof call and created a worgen DK,Bytecha(pronounced Bite-Cha), and joined the CtrlAltWow guild.  So far I've had the pleasure of running some randoms with 2 guildies, Toto and Minkstole.  Both times the runs were successful and we were able to get the guild bonus xp for the guild challenges.  I'm interested in trying to tank with my DK and will be willing to give it a go but so far we haven't had any guildie healers to run with.  I may have to just give it a shot in a random and see how I do but I was hoping to have a guildie healer who might be alittle more forgiving as I learn the ropes of DK tanking.  I would love to see nights designated as guild run nights for CaW or CoD, so that on certain days of week if you are looking to run something you could log onto the perspective realm for a guild run.
Also, might I suggest putting the guild website link on the CAW podcast site or more importantly in the guild info tab in both guilds.  I don't remember what the address is to it and I couldn't find it last night.
Thanks and have fun.
Bytecha & Tuft on Winterfoof
Shamwoow, Dryde and Qwisp on Earthen Ring.

podcast submission for a guild invite

Hey CAW crew,
      I finally decided to get off my butt and write in. First off a little about myself. I'm ju wingsfan on twitter and have talked to many of you using that method. I have found you all to be very friendly and welcoming to me and i decided to make a toon on earthen ring to play with you all. I am married with one kid and we all play, well, sorta. my wife has not played for a few months and all my kid really does is level my fishing and go around killing critters. I have informed him that he cannot kill any cute critters anymore so he said as long as he can kill snakes he's ok with it. Hes 7 years old.
     I have been playing wow since just before bc came out. i have had up to 3 active accounts in the past but really only play on one at the moment. I have 3 level 85's ( rogue, resto shammy, prot/holy pally) on this account as well as several various level alts. On my second account i have 6 level 85's but do not have that account active anymore. My third account really doesn't have anything special on it as its only a vanilla copy. I have raided in bc and WoLK so i have some experience in that but have only gotten up to farming heroics currently as i have gotten burnt out being the GM of a  guild. I play wow now to have a good time, I don't need a second job anymore. I have been the GM of several guilds so it will be nice to just play the game once more and not have to deal with the other stuff a gm is responsible for.
     I  have been listening to the podcast for about 5 months now since i got a ipod touch and once i heard an episode i went back and listened to them all. I get to listen to podcasts at work all day so i listen to many of them. I think i have every one that  has been talked about on the show as an itunes subscription. I did put a toon in caw on winter hoof but did not play him a lot. nevik actually invited me and told me he was doing The Overlores. this was back at episode 2 so that tells you about how long i have been listening to the podcast. I think my caw toons name is upullukill not sure though.
     Basically all i've been doing recently in game is playing the AH trying to make some gold by doing the obsidian shuffle and buying low priced items and flipping them. I xfered a 69 mage to earthen ring because i didn't like the idea of starting out fresh, the only problem was when i xfered him i forgot to bring gold so i'm working the ah to get some. I have leveled him up to 72 the past couple days so he's ready for kara or bc stuff if you need a mage. Keep up the good work and sorry for rambling so long. This is certainly not an eljeppy size email.
    varishna i have a question for you about the bunny killing criteria. If we were to duel and you beat me would you have to gkick yourself?
peterrabbit 72 mage
kobybeef    12 pally

email for episode 219

Hello CAW crew,
This is Lokwyn, I am writing in to bring up four things: a question, a known bug, a thank you, and a notice.  First, the question.  As many
of us recently did, I bought myself the winged guardian and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I play a lot of tauren and I that means that at the
risk of looking silly I have to choose mounts based on how well they scale to the character, so I love the mammoth mounts and now the winged guardian.
I have noticed some people however, are selling possibly legitimate codes for gold.  The question is about the in game sale of this mount
or other in game items with real life monetary values.  I wouldn't do it, but what do you all think about paying gold for the codes for these items? Better yet,
what do you think Blizzard thinks about this?

Second, the known bug.  As far as I can tell there are some escort quest NPCs that become attached to players after the quest is turned
in. I came across this with the quest for DEHTA in Borean Tundra called "Khu'nok Will Know,"  where you escort the orphaned
mammoth calf to the giant mammoth down the road.  After finishing the quest and many others, I logged out and back in only to find that
the little calf spawned right beside me.  It followed me for about 5 to 10 minutes and then let out a trumpet sound and KEELED OVER
DEAD!  It was tragic!  This happened every time I logged in or teleported anywhere for days.  I took that cute little bugger to countless
PUGs, Dalaran, Orgrimmar, and all across the southern Northrend.  If anyone else gets this bug you just have to summon any companion
pet and poof, no more bug.

The thank you mentioned earlier in this wall of text goes out to the whole guild for being awesome.  In particular it goes out to Mike Willow for his
mechanical contribution to the guild.  Congratulations to Mo, I know he loves the hog since I think he tried to kill Vrishna and Jeppy in
the side car immediately upon getting it.

The notice is about my wonderful girlfriend.  Her name is Kat (mine is Sean by the way) and she is moving in with me in a couple weeks,
which I am very excited about. The only downside is that I might see a slight decline in WoW time.  The good news is that she has
decided to give WoW a shot some time!

Also, can I get a shout out to my brother Ryan, who has played almost every class if not all to 85.  He needs encouragement to come
over to Earthen Ring. 

For the HORDE!
Lokwyn, 75 Tauren Pali in Clan of Darkness

(Also, I attached two screenshots: the calf with Garrosh, and motorcycle Mo)


Hope everyone is well as I have worn out my MOtorcycle tires!

Thank you to Mike Willow and Vrishna and Aprillian and everyone! I really cannot believe I won the raffle for the mohog! I mean the mechano hog in the ER guild raffle. So cool! the coolest thing I have, in game of course, out of game I think I have a few other cool things. :)

I will for a second come back down from cloud motorcycle or cloud 9 as they say that I have been on :) to tell you about my game time the last few weeks.
On my druid morfin I was able to get to revered with the fine guild of Clan of Darkness :) and also exalted with Org. I am not sure how many exalted reps I have on him but I know I have plenty to go to get the 25 achievement.
I have been trying to keep up dailies on many of my characters, cooking and fishing at least.  They are pretty easy and good xp in the level 80s.
My druid is almost heroic ready and hope I can run a few more dungeons with the guild so we can soon run a heroic here and there.  I am still enjoying playing on as many characters as possible so it makes it hard to gear up.
I saw that we have a guild Naxx run coming up.  I hope to bring 1 to 2 of my characters, I am just not sure what we are doing this weekend.  It should be fun and I look forward in doing other dungeons.
I know it will be nice to get the 3 million rep for a guild run but I think we should do other runs when we have enough people, at level or not.  Its fun to go run older dungeons or raids as level 85 or 80.

For my shamman and pally combo, moshaman and molypolly, it has been harder and harder for me to dual box.  I am not sure if it is operator error on my part or the graphic strains or a combination and it has been hard to dual box instance with them too.  If I keep having issues I may have to do the unthinkable and play them by themselves!!! (play dramatic music here in your head!)

I was able to briefly log into the winterspring...oops I mean winterhoof server a few times but I have to say and dont say anything to Nevik as he may be hurt from the inside, for the years I have played horde I am just used to the horde side, cities, everything horde! I was having such a hard time in that stinking city of stormwind! I mean what kind of a name is it anyways?! stormwind?! it sounds like something I shall not say, something related to the wind you can imagine.
I was dual boxing a druid and pally and the follower kept getting stuck around corners.  It was so frustrating and I was having such a hard time finding things, places, trainers, and getting to them was hard too!
It does not help when both characters cannot fly in kalimdor so maybe when they can fly it will be better.
I will have to check my raffle tickets on the alliance side too, never know...lightning may strike twice.

On my lonely priest on feathermoon, moheal, from time to time I do the cooking and fishing dailies but this week I did a few heroics with some old guildies.  It was fun nerve racking, nervous, good time! all in one!  It has been a few months I think since I have healed on him, especially heroics.  We were able to get 3 done in one night and will try to get some done each week if we are all available.  So much to do so little time, always the case with wow.

I still cannot believe I have a virtual motorcycle as I know I will not have one in real life haha

Thank you again so much and as they say in Waynes World: Im not worthy, Im not worthy!!!!

Thank you as always and for the Mike Willow!!!!!


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