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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 220 - We Can Dance If We Want To

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.


Hello again Darlings!
I stayed up late to get this in for you...hehe...I shouldn't have had to, but I got completely distracted earlier today and didn't get my submission done in a timely manner like I'd planned too... oh well, at least I did the right thing and got it done in the end, right??  hehehee...I don't want to miss any more episodes, darn it!  Anywho, I hope you're all doing great!!
*big hugs*
Juuno  =D
p.s. Hope to see you in game! 

What We've Been Doing:


After running Shemain as a healer, I realized I loved being a Shaman healer. I
Went to run Shemain & Mi through ZF and got caught up doing Achy

Had some Cata gems in my bag that I made while levelling, Epril put them on the AH and they sold

Monday, ran BRD and Strat SE with Coaboi. So much fun. We went backwards and got attacked by the Ring of Law folks

Getting volatile earth from mining scrapped mobs

Aprillian got to 525 in Herbalism in Deepholm

Aprillian & Vrishna

Wed Quad boxed AT with Vrishna

TB Dailies with Wight and Dreams, great fun.


DK trio. Vrishanya and deul-icious. Accidental Going Down. The vehicle quest, flying  over New Avalon from Death's Breach.


Siiverlei with Dreams ran a random in Stockade 

Arva ran with Kabooey and Aprillian in Zul' Farrak, 5 dungeon quests completed, and level 50 !

Thanx to BrewDawg, Hardened Elementium Girdle. WOW


- Tragedy in Three Acts : made a bunch of Nelf artifacts
- Druid and Priest statue set
- Diggerer : 50 unique common artifacts
- First caponic jar - recipe for vial of the sands!
- Race changed a toon to buy mats only to find they fixed it so that goblin rep bonus doesn't stack with guild level bonus
- Learnt on Ashayo - get achievement [Vial of the sands]

- WSG - [That takes class], [Grim Reaper], [Capture the flag], [Warsong Gulch Victory], [Warsong Gulch Perfection]
- AB [Arathi Basin Victory]
- Queued for a dungeon, got called into Throne of Tides halfway through a boss fight - won a staff!


Loving PvP. The hunter makes all the difference, Feels so much like Call of Duty I sometimes yell out medic.
Been gearing up for resilience. 
Brew Dawg gave some excellent advice and I followed it and spent my 4000 honor on

         [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Chain Helm] and [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Chain Spaulders]     

Lots of PvP achievements - Lots of Tol Barads and one weird Wintergrasp.

Queued for a heroic (lord knows why!!) and it threw me into Throne of Tides. Totally out of my depth!! Died 3 times and group broke apart at Lady Naz'jar. Felt ill during the whole encounter.

Ran Molten Core with an OP group.

Logging started on 06/14/2011 at 21:19:39.
You joined channel.
22:06:27 [Wight]: Recount - Wight Damaged Who
22:06:27 [Wight]: 1. Baradin Fox  1307033 (5%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 2. Shipwrecked Sailor  1287704 (5%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 3. Gorged Gyreworm  904061 (4%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 4. Imprisoned Worker  742384 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 5. Darkwood Lurker  741905 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 6. Alliance Warrior Infantry  723801 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 7. Exiled Mage  722627 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 8. Baradin Crocolisk  643528 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 9. Darkwood Broodmother  557020 (2%)
22:06:37 [Wight]: 10. Fungalmancer Glop  547105 (2%)
22:08:04 [Aprillian]: what was that
22:08:44 [Wight]: epeen
22:10:04 [Aprillian]: ooooh


Jeppy Hunter

Do some leveling or improving the hunter some every day, but do do stuff on other toons to keep it fresh. Pretty much want Ashayo said, Playing some of the other toons can be used also to help out the hunter with gold and materials needed to make him better.

Hello from a long time listener and first time emailer

Greetings CAW crew … Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna

I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I’ve enjoyed listening to your pod casts. It makes my 1.5 hour commute each way to work just a little more bearable. I, like you, am an alta-holic with 6 to 8 toons on 4 or 5 servers. Probably, child’s play to keep up with for April and Jeppy. lol

I wanted to ask a question of the group about destro ‘locks … does anyone know of a good spell rotation? I think I’m ok on my talents and glyphs, suggestions for those are pretty easy to find on the web, but I’m having trouble finding good suggestions on spell rotation to maximize spell damage. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Have a great week.

For the Horde!
lvl 60 Destro Warlock
AIE Gravitas
P.S. If you can use another healer in Clan of Darkness I need a good home for Holystic my Blood Elf Priest

Ilvl for heroics


I wanted to write a quick note regarding ilvl required for heroics. Regular Grim Batol and Lost City both provide ilvl 333 blues, so it's much better to queue directly for those rather than do the random just for a pittance f justice. Also, they both reward tabard rep to grab a few pieces off of the vendors. Additionally Twilight Highlands and Uldum questing reward 333 gear as well. There's also some crafted blues (non-pvp) 333/325 items. You can always enter the heroic dungeons directly rather than through the dungeon finder. So while the 339 PvP gear is an option, there is a true PvE path available without splashing the cash on the AH.


Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Crew

Been a long time listener and would like to say thanks for all the great episodes, they really help me get thru those long work days. Unfortunately I hate to say that recently I have had to quit multi-boxing (insert screams here). My computer was having problems running 2 clients of Cata so I had to make the rough choice and cut back to mono boxing for right now. I also made the choice to move some of my 80-85's from my 2nd account to my first. Like you all I really hate the character limit on realms so I had to move some toons off their server to Earthen Ring and decided to go ahead with faction change as well to play the higher levels of the horde.

Glad to hear everyone is having fun in WoW again, I agree that sometimes you just have to try something new to bring back the fun of the game. Loved listening in the last episode about your runs in Naxx, after spending many weeks in that place it brought back memories. It sounds like you all are having a great time and I would love to help out Clan of Darkness with guild leveling, dungeon or raid runs, pvp whatever would come up.

With that being said keep up the good work with the podcast and hope to see you soon online.

Tootanka 85 Tauren Warrior

Aterol 82 Troll Druid

For The Horde

Hello all!!

Hey follks!  I know its been a while, and I apologize for that.  I am still unemployed and are frankly starting to be over with it.  The time off has been nice, but at the same time I am getting that "not a productive member of society" feeling...AND I think I have gained, um...a few....pounds.  All of that aside I joined a gym a few weeks ago and I hope to start a regular schedule there asap. 
The one good side to the whole thing is all the WOW time!  I transferred a level 80 (now level 81) Pally to COD.  She is a holy Pally name Hanumana which is the name of an Inidan goddess of hope.  I also rolled an Enhancemen Shammy named Coradoka.  My guild over on Norgannon, Rabid Kittens, has seen a lot of activity the last few weeks as we have been doing the 7 guild runs a week for guild exp and have been having a lot of fun!!
I have also been tanking on my Draenei Warrior Fellanona, and my Druid tank Mezzaneen, and have been enjoying it for the most part, which is odd cuz I have never liked tanking.  Part of it is that Rabid Kittens hit level 10 recently and we have access to the heirloom cloaks.  As a heavy pvper this makes it a little less easy for opposing players to whomp my grass in bg's.  If any of you do go into bg's a toon that is in all the heirlooms is virtually impossible to kill if you are not wearing any.
Past that all is well for the most part.  Wish me well in my continued job search.
Love you alls!!

Lvl 70 I hope

Audio from the Big G
Hope fully by the time you read this I am lvl 70 or pray I haven’t died yet or succumb to the work monster

First Audio Submission fellas! Text below!


Maximumforce has logged on.

hey guys!

Thanks for reading out my email submission last week on episode 219! Was good to hear your views on the subject!
Thinking of doing this on a weekly basis for you guys so you can get an insight on some of my goings-on over on the
Aussie dominated realm of Jubei'Thos!
This week I've been rather busy in real life with my work and the fact i'm moving soon out of where I live now and
getting into another place which allows me to keep the pet i've wanted for a while! A cute little hatchling Coastal
Carpet Python! Let's hope I can find someone to take on the lease I've got here though! Hmm, really should talk about
WoW stuff huh.

This week when i've had the time I've been focusing on my new Shaman "Akamagosh" who was, at the time of writing
in last week, a measly level 16 but now have powered him up to 23 and still going strong! The totems are going to
get a little hard to get used to but it's not so bad as I just think of it as my Hunter's Mark that I'm very much
used to from my DPS! I had my brother take for a run too of wailing caverns and we got the achievement and a stack
of blues but it took us quite a while cause' the last time I ran that dungeon was back in Wrath on my hunter when he
was a baby!

On other news, I haven't really hopped on my tank since doing several heroics and not being quite up to speed. Maybe
I'm lazy or something but I like being in the background on my DPS and not having to worry about being killed and
having the group go off at me. On the tank there's alot of responsibility on my shoulders and it feels like work
which isn't what the game is to me.

On the DPS side of things I ran Zul'Aman the other day and the first boss I was faced with I got my 353 ilvl
Pauldrons of Nalorakk! This is real cool because just the day before I'd been looking at the Valor Point ilvl 359
shoulders and didn't really like the look of them compared to the Bear Heads! Funny enough, I really don't like the
troll themes of the 353 gear, especially the helms! Too tribal for me personally!
Apart from that, I cashed in some Justice Points for a new set of 346 legs and am saving hard for my first Valor
Point Trinket "Fluid Death"! Only 670 to go! I got kinda burnt out after a couple of wipes on ZG earlier in the
week though which is why when i've been on, it's been my shaman getting all the attention!
Not a real long submission but what can you expect from my first audio submission ever! It's real cold here and my
girlfriend's 20th birthday so apparently that means we are going bowling in a couple of hours. Kinda wanted a relaxing
weekend so I can get hard into selling some more Cars when I get back to work! Being a car salesman 6 days a week
is kinda hard so I'm glad for the public holiday!

Thought I'd also add that my girlfriend is a bunny FREAK and whenever I'm on WoW (even though she doesn't like the
game! SHOCK HORROR!!), she always shouts and points when a bunny hops past! Let's just say she told me to log on and
show her when Noblegarden was around!

Anyway, enough of the dribble!

This has been Maximumforce for the Horde! For the death of the Alliance! And my girlfriend will want me to say
For the Bunnies!

World of warcraft Fan

Hi guys.
Blasje here.

Been a fan of your podcast for quite a while so decided to write in for once.
I always lissen to your Podcast on Itunes.
Have like 6-7 Alts 2 are 85 one is 81 and a 70 others are really low.
I have been wanting to level a Druid for quite a while but cant get my self to it becaus i always get bored of them after 5-8 levels.
Do you guys maybe know a good idea to make leveling a druid more fun?

Greetings Blasje.
have a good day and Lok'tar Og'ar

First time submission


I am not sure when I started listening to CAW, but have looked forward to it each week.  It is really enjoyable and fun to listen to.

You could probably call me an altoholic.  I only have 6 level 85s, and various other alts.  I am almost out of room on my two accounts on my home realm.  Yes 2 accounts, so I am sort of a dual boxer, but a horrible one.  I started the second account for the RAF mount at the time, and promptly forgot to pick up the mount till just before they completely changed it to the rocket, so I held out for the rocket.  I transferred a mage over to my second account, so that I could have quick portals to major cities.  This way I can advertise in trade that I can go to any major cities for my Engineering skills. 

My main is a rogue, and I really like playing him, but I also like healing.  I have a druid, but have been interested in the other healing classes, so I currently have a shaman and priest leveling through dungeons.  I am enjoying this immensely, and have only had a few bad groups.  It is a breather from leveling, as I have not seen a lot of the lower level dungeons.  I usually quest to level and skip dungeons till I am capped.  This is all new content to me, and I like the quest givers being in the dungeons.  Not sure what I will do when I hit Outlands, and the leveling slows down.

I am currently guild master of a guild on my home server, and have been enjoying hearing about how Clan of Darkness is doing.  Sounds like you are having a lot of fun, and that is the most important part.  I thought of CoD when I read a ptr update about a new engineering item:

·  D.E.H.T.A. has recently placed a great number of critters under their protection, especially rabbits and squirrels. Because of this, Flintlocke's Woodchucker has been re-fitted to use wild chickens until an "agreement" can be reached.

So bunnies are once again saved. 

Keep up the good work, and maybe someday I can stop by Earthen Ring and say Hi.

Shadow Council

Hello Control Alt Wowers

    Like to say that I love your show. Your show is like no other, and I mean that in a good way.

Now the point of this e-mail. Do you think that we should stop Deathwing? What's the worst that could happen if the old gods return?
I'm thinking that we'd get lost spells and abilities once they return. We already turned off the Titan device that was holding them at bay. I say we kill Deathwing and let the old gods return.

I would also like to join your guild. I'm going to create a new toon and level them up. At this point I don't have a name yet. But I'm sure it I will by the time you read this letter. I currently have 2 level 85s and 12 toons between 60 and 76.

Analona (85 Hunter Shadowsong Server)

Beware of Open Microphones

Greetings JAVA,

How do I, *ahem* broach this subject? Well at the very least this audio submission will further explain why I can never join Clan of Darkness. Yah, I'll leave it at that. Enjoy!

Your bud, 


June 14 submission

Hola everybody!

I hope everyone has had a good week. Here is our submission with guests Xchronos and Cosmos. Enjoy, and hasta la vista!

The Kithores
Earthen Ring, Dragonblight, and Winterhoof

Rigarmorty Audio for EP 220

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy!

Attached is my audio for this week. I'll be in the chat room at some point for the live show if your recording at the usual time. I will be trying to do another CAW Guilds song at some point. If I get a minute I'll do one and send it through when I'm on during the show.

For the Horde, For the Alliance, for the Chocolate triangles!



more updating

Good morning to all the wonderful hosts of Ctrl Alt Wow,
Jeppy, Ashayo, Virishna, and Aprillian :)  Kona here with more updates

     First off I would like to give a BIG shout out to all of those that contribute to this podcast, and make it what it is.
From Nevik to The Kithores and Rigarmorty to Juuno and many others that I seem to be missing, but I will give a shout out when I remember.
All of them add so much to the feel of what a fun community this is to be a part of.
     So Konajoe my druid hit 85 and with that i have been slowly getting His gear upgraded, this included lots of time making out my leather working and crafting some better gear.
It is still not the best but all the materials needed to buy the Recipes has been quite a task to get. I'm a couple of chos orbs from crafting the Epic belt, so who nows when that will happen, at least running heroics can get me some upgrades and Justice points to.  I have also gotten beack in to running the BGs, It is so fun to do as a healer, at least till you become the target and are killed very quickly. Having some craftted PvP gear has help some with that. I expect to hit 25k Honor kills with in the month, im about 6k away from that.

     Robusta has just hit LVL 83 and Konajoe was able to help out his gear to, in return for farming the leather that he needs. He is mainly staying in Deepholm where the mining is good and there is lotts to kill and skin. Robusta is slowing replacing Icc 25man gear, but it was hard to see Zod's Repeating bow being replaced, I am not sorry to see the UGLY tier10 shoulders being replaced though.   So I expect with in a couple weeks I should be moving my druid or Maybe my warlock to Winterhoof. I am looking forward to helping out the CTrl ALT Wow guild there. Sadly time and/or money would prevent me from joining the Clan on Earthen ring, maybee some time way down the road.
Well back to the RL for now.
For the love of the game and this wonderful community 
Kona and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Sunday 11:45pm

Shemain tried to heal Dire Maul


From Nephrite
Hey caw crew. This is Nephrite again. 85 disc priest on wildhammer. Think that I might be transferring thus char to earthen ring to be in COD. If I am accepted. Been enjoying the show so much. I listen on stitcher and so I have never been in live chat. I really need to get to that as I think it would be awesome. Well off to work for me. Catch you later I hope

COD Invite?

Hey CAW and COD crew!

Wow! after months of silence, I find myself writing to you twice in as
many weeks!

Having gotten back in game more, I have been wandering around my many
alts, etc.  I had been leveling a human Pally on Aggramar, and having
a pretty good time.  However, I know nobody there.  My old guild on
Cho'gall has dissipated, so I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

I went ahead and rolled a belf Pally on Earthen Ring with the hope of
joining your fine crew.  I have been having so much fun with him that
I even decided to transfer a mule toon with heirlooms and a little

Anyway, I am writing this as my official (insert virtual salute here)
request to join the Clan of Darkness.  Oh! and my Pally's name is

Stay well!


guild member request

We have a friend (Kadak) who intro'ed us to your podcast and loved it (can't go very wrong with british accent). We would very much like to join the guilds on both Earthen Ring and Winterhoof.   We have followed our best friend (we know him in person, live in the same town, my husband and he work at the same place, they used to work together, known him for close to 15 yrs) to these two servers and are starting new toons.  We have never incountered a guild as yours, we have always had many bad expieriences with guilds (won't go into it, very bad stinky can of worms) however to be a part of a guild that is all about fun and not dog eat dog to get to the top is exactly what we would like to be a part of.  I even met another guild member just last night every bit as helpful and great to talk to! Oh and I don't like killing the bunnies either ;) or the gazells. Our toons are tigertalez and zurker on earthen ring and creegor and tigerwolfjr on winterhoof.  we have lots of other alts however these are the ones best to get our foot in the door :)

Clan of Darkness... .please....please...please

Greetings CAW and COD crew

I've been listening to CAW for well over a year and have to tell you I think it's one of the most entertaining shows out there, it's a lot of fun to listed to. I use to have a toon in the Ctr Alt Trek (Traden) and I have a couple of toons on Earthen Ring that would love to join COD and slay those pesky rabb.... err, I mean, keep those loveable rabbits safe.

I currently have six lvl 85 toons. most of them in AIE, about five in the mid 80's and a few 60's.

I spent a few months duel boxing back when your could get the Unicorn mount and I'm thinking about starting another account so I can get the rocket mount.

Anyways, it would be great if I could get a guild invite for my lvl 62 Undead Priest (Bonespur).

Thanks and keep up the good work on the show.


ShieldMedic : Redemption

 Hey Hey (as Kadak would say)
 This is ShieldMedic and these are my pics for redemption. I hope the Bunny Protector finds them worthy.

ps. it was only one hug from that dwarf

Guild application

From Zach
Hello! I just recently came back to wow..and I just recently started listening to the podcast again..I have made a new toon on winterhoof and would like an invite to the guild! Thanks for taking the time reading the email! hopefully see you guys in wow!

Momomoments - WE HAZ RAIDZ - More dots!

Hello all!
Hope everyone is doing well.

What a week in game we all have had. I do have to back track to the wonderful night last week, the momomotorcycle night :) thank you again to Mike Willow.  In my winning haste I failed to mention the mofailure I almost had!  Once I met up with Vrishna in front of the main Org bank he asked for my ticket.  I of course had my bag open and was moving the ticket over Vrishna's character to open trade however it keeps saying he is busy.  I was also afraid I was going to lose the ticket or delete it.  After several attempts on opening trade Vrishna asked for the ticket again. I tried, yes tried is the key word to trade him the ticket however! it was grayed out!!!! OMG as you can imagine I did have a moheart attack, and did not know what to do for a second.  Only thing I could thing of us to relog, which I did and was able to pass the ticket.  Phew!!! that was a MOment I dont want to experience again.

In game some of us were able to run Naxx and that was fun! Looking forward to running more raids, dungeons when I am able to.  I do click tentative on the guild calendar as I really dont know what we do every weekend and just in case I am not able to make the raid I feel better if I select tentative over accepted in my status.  We all I hope had fun, at least I did.

On my druid Morfin I have been doing the usual dailies along with dragonmaw which hopefully by next week I can hit exalted so than I can work on the next rep.  For some reason I have not taken him to Uldum, so I did! That zone is so great! Indiana Jones and the Mummy or Mommy if you like to say rolled into a wonderful zone. It will be fun to do all the quests there and I still have my mage to run through there too.

As you can imagine I am having fun with all my characters and Thank you to all the guildies that make time to run dungeons.  Please ask if you ever want to run something and please dont feel back if I or anyone else doesnt respond.  I truly dont think we are ignoring you just tuning you out if we cannot run a dungeon :) Hope that didnt sound bad, I did mean to say it with good intentions. 

I will leave you now as I am tired and have along hump day coming up.

Have a great week in and out of game everyone!

For the Clan of Darkness!


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