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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 224 - You Can't Do That While Moving

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 224 - You Can't Do That While Moving

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Hello darlings!  I hope I got this in on time...hehehe...I hope you all have a great day too!  Love ya!!

/big hugs

Juuno  =D

What We've Been Doing:


Drame dinged 62 auto flying through Outland

Did TB dailies with Aprillian, Epril and Auruk.

Sold Whelpling for 2300

Did TB dailies on Sun. Got to do the "inside ones" as well.

Tried to do Deepholm with Tiiaa and Astarå  but it was too hard, I had to bring in Epril. Epril got stuck between the floor boards on the ship.

Monday night I took Tiiaa and Astarå to Vashir

Killed Kraken while another party was shooting at him and got the tooth

Aprillian & Vrishna

Ran Gnomer & SM

Vashj'ir & TB. 

Frozen Throne, Kingslayer & bunnies


Trishna achieved lvl 30, Gnomeregan and Professional Journeyman. Actually stopped at lvl 33 because one can only stand so much purple in one's life !




Listener email from Reefberry

Fire Festival

Letter 4   ---  July 6
From Reefberry

Dear Control Alt WoW,

Ten days of mid summer fire hunting, and in a changed world. What a great way to start the summer. What could be more fun? Maybe if GravinAU had read my letter on the podcast while reading it into Rigamorte’s sound machine. Maybe its just more fun in my head.

The Midsummer Fire Festival was always a great way to explore and get experience, but with Cataclysm we had a new world to explore. A few surprises were in store too. Running from Hammer Falls into the Wetlands then through the tunnels into Loch Modan my level 52 Druid suddenly got “one shotted” running past the Algaz Station. I could have sworn those guards were only level 29. I didn’t see any Alliance characters. I ran my cursor over those Mountaineers again. Sure enough one guard with a gun, had the skeleton head in the level indicator, and he looked just like the regular level 29 guards. This happened several times. Not at the fires or near the towns, but usually at small camps stationed along the roadside. My poor little 36 warrior was ambushed near a camp along side a major intersection in Duskwood. I accepted the resurrection down an embankment on the far side of the road. I ran the cursor over the guards again and found the “??” level. I sat and watched for a bit and he disappeared. Jeepers, they were being summoned on demand. Even at a horde festival tent my level 24 goblin shaman got ambushed by stealthy NPC rogues, and that was just outside the Mulgore Gates. Our own backyard isn’t safe anymore!

Returning from the Lor’Danel fire, my level 30 hunter got chased by a flying alliance and he killed me with two shots. I resurrected, continued south, jumping and swimming through the stream now interrupting the road. I stopped for some forgotten reason just for a moment and WHAM; I got ambushed and killed again. I had stopped right next to another roadside camp just outside the Ruins of Auberdine. Again, a high level guard that looked similar to the Sentinals of Darkshore’s zone, had instantly appeared and killed me. I’m not sure of the radius or trigger and I never actually saw them “instantly” appear, but its fast. Maybe this is just for the holiday event. However, I don’t remember any such incidences on my Alliance characters. Does anyone else recall similar occurrences during the Midsummer Fire Festival or any other time?

Each of my non-eightyfive toons gained on average 3 levels and a new pet. Well, the shaman didn’t get the pet, she was too low to reach many of the tents and fires, but she did get drunk on fire brew. The fire brew, wow, after three drinks my screen was so blurry I could barely make out the puke stream. The dangers, pitfalls, and unknowns made my Midsummer Fire Festival fun again.

For the Horde, CAWs, CoDs, Contributors and Listeners


Guild invitation

Good Morrow Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Vrishna,

I have listened to you all on and off, mostly when I can sneak my computer into the room while my daughters are sleeping. So firstly, I would like to say thank you for having one of the most amusing podcasts that I have had the pleasure of listening to. Secondly, I would like to submit my application to join the guild on the Earthen Ring server. I am a good friend of dreams, well she is more like my big but much shorter sister, and she is the one that tuned me into your podcast as well as the guild.

I have been playing wow off and on since it's creation, and love it to death, but I am a single father so my time to play is restricted a little. But do enjoy playing with a good group of friends and she says that your fan guild has that in abundance. Please and thank you.

Aka Brandon

Nín hǎo from Melindreya and Fortetwo

I know I am a terrible typist, but i actually DID mean to type Nín hǎo ( it's said Knee how Aprillian), and it means " Hello - I am missing playing WOW terribly at the moment".
Currently Fortewo and I are in Beijing , along with our two childrren.Although we have aunthenticators, we REALLy did not want to risk  our accountr security while staying overseas, so since the dyay Patch 4.2 dropped we have been wowless.
We only had a chance to rearrange our toons on the log on screen  before we took off, and we certaintly haven't had a chance to RAF (YET !!!!!). I have managed to stretch out listening to episode 222 in five minute snippets over 10 days and have lived vicariously in Azeroth through that. One of the problems with doing that is leaving my new kindle's playback on pause. In the middle of a chinease accrobatic show at a critical moment in the performance when all was quiet i jostled my bag and an entire section of the audience could loudly hear "Rub ya Tummy Govna." Fortunately most people could not understand what was being said butIi spent a panic filled moment trying to find some way of muffling Jeppy's sultry tones.
So bad was our family's withdrawal from wow that we all were excited when my son spotted a gold farmer with a shirt proudly stating " Home is where the hearthstone is at." In the end it didnt really help us with our wow withdrawal it only made the pain worse :( .
We are looking forward to episodes 223 + 224 on masse while starting to set up our RAF accounts next week
Xièxiè ( Shee-ah Shee-ah) , 
That is  thank you for keeping our Wow  fix going
Melindreya and 42

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It is harder than it looks!

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It is harder than it looks!

Hello CAW crew,
I have learned a lot from your podcast. One thing I have learned is that on Earthen Ring if I put something up for sale it just might sell. On my old server when I put something up for sale I would see it 48 hours later in my Mail box.  Earthen Ring is not like that. I have been selling so much stuff it's great.
 I thought I would like a paladin healer, so I thought what would Vrishna recommend? I decided the only possible paladin healer would be a blood elf female. When I rolled the new tune called Nearmint I was surprised how quickly I progressed. Even more surprising was just how many people wanted me to join their guild. It seemed like I was getting another request every 5 minutes. I am sure it was because she is pretty hot looking. Finally, I gave in and called on the mighty CAW crew, and asked for an invite. What a relief no more guild requests. I am always amazed how the Clan of Darkness officers are able to help out at a moment’s notice, especially how I am sure you are all quad boxing or tanking, healing, and doing DPS all at once in the some heroic dungeon and still have time to help out those of us who are lost and confused.
I quickly hit level 15, and tried my first dungeon as a healer.  It was a disaster. I got lost, and then I died. After I died, I was able to scroll back through the party chat, and see how hard they tried to help guide me. It is funny how I missed reading the chat when I was panicking, running, and dying.  Maybe nobody will remember this crash and burn. Still the exp was fabulous; I am now level 17 and am now in Ogremar. Who needs portals?  Just die in dungeons.  
I tried a few dungeons as DPS with Comix, and it was pretty easy, just stand behind the healer and burn down anything the tank was hitting.  That was cool until they said I was pulling agro.  It would have been more useful if they said what they wanted changed. But we all died over and over again, after about 5 deaths I got so depressed,  I quit and went to fish and cook.
Sometimes the green guild chat is the only happy thing going on in the game, and I thank the whole Clan of Darkness for it.
For the Clan of Darkness and the Horde!
Comix, and now Nearmint

I'm on FIRE!

Good Morning JAVA!

So a funny thing happened this week, but rather than lose the inflection in my voice with the written word I have once again found enough time to record (and edit) an audio submission for you! Enjoy!

Your bud,


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Kadak Audio July 13

No Voice Submission (sad face)

Hola CAW crew! Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Kithore's homeboy... Vrishna! (Did you read it with his voice? Come on now, did you? Awww... ok.)

We apologize for the lack of an audio submission this week. Kithore is still recovering from the unbelievable awesomeness of meeting Juuno, and was unable to participate this week. I'll tell you a bit of what I've been doing, however, just to keep things rolling so you don't miss us too overly much. I'm not going to talk for Kithore, I'll let him fill you in when he is fully recovered. He does, however, say hello, and he hopes you all are having a wonderful week in and out of game.

There has been so much going on this week, it's been completely awesome. Between running dailies, creating some RAF toons, and trying to gear up so my 85 is worth a bit more in a heroic dungeon, running cata regular dungeons, and leveling some of my smaller toons, I've never found myself short of something to do and good company to have. 

I've also been working on my level 40 priest, who now has tailoring up to 300. It's a bit of a bummer that I can't get the next level in tailoring until I'm level 50. I have some great gear I can make, though, and that should help me out as I make my way up. I have to give a huge thank you to Jehus, who sent me about seventeen to twenty stacks of cloth for my tailor to work with. He totally rocks, and it's going to be awesome using all that cloth in the future! All I could do with it, right now, was make some bolts, but it'll be rockin' awesome when I can get it higher and use it for more things. Tiger and JuJu also sent me some things - our guild is totally awesome and supportive. I'm very disappointed, however, that only tailors can use flying carpets! Mechano-hogs can be sold to other people for them to use, why  not flying carpets? :-(

I'm working on my enchanting on that same toon - much thanks to Jeppy for the strange dust, and Brandon for all of the things sent to me so I can disenchant.

I have to say, RAF is the coolest thing ever. Oh my goodness, the speed of leveling! That, out of anything else, is what surprised me with it. And it will last all the way through until October, which is totally sweet. (No, I didn't make a RAF account with myself - I don't think I have enough concentration to dual box at all. My RAF account was made with ElJeppy.) I am looking forward to the eventual acquisition of a rocket, as it will greatly help when wandering around and helping other toons level or running with someone.

I've run lots of dungeons with Xcronose, Annastazja, and Kobybeef this week, and of course there was the KINGSLAYER incident (oh so cool. It felt much better this time! Everyone did such an amazing job. Thank you SO MUCH, Brew Dawg, for taking us along) I won't speak too much for Kithore, but he's really happy about that title, too!... and the Shadowfang Keep Heroic incident. I don't want to talk about it - but I do want to thank Tedrah, Alex, Allton, and Kobybeef (Upullukill) for running that with me. Over and over. And over. And... yeah.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, "Hey Dreams - I remember that poem you submitted last week, and my  name wasn't in there!" I do know that I missed some people, and I just wanted those to know that it's entirely unintentional. We have so, so many wonderful people in the guild, getting them all down on paper while running around on vacation (and meeting Juuno!) was very difficult. (And I could barely log in - my laptop did NOT like WoW.) I have a few that I left out who will be featured in some of the upcoming audio submissions, and hubby and I already have a few ideas on how to add them in. But I want everyone to realize... that there is not a single person in the guild that I don't like. Some I don't know yet! But none that I don't like. You are all absolutely awesome, and I believe, hands down, that we have the best guild out there. I don't care what other people think - numbers don't make a great guild, great people make a great guild. And we have great people.

Anyway, this is getting kinda long. (I'm sorry! I'm used to audio submissions, and we can speak pretty quickly sometimes! Read this... REALLY fast, and it'll work.)

You guys are wonderful! Thanks everyone, and have a great week. Hugs and loves.

From Inmyowndreams, and the Awe-struck Kithore

Rigarmorty Audio for CAW 224

Hi Aprillian, Eljeppy, Vrishna & Ashayo!
Attached is this weeks audio message! Work has now blocked Twitter, Facebook & Ustream, damn them! lol... If I get enough time I'll nip home at lunch and pop into the chatroom for a little bit.
P.S. One, random question relating to this morning's tweets about 2nd Life. Is it still a free thing or do you need to spend some to get anywhere with it?
For the Horde, For the Clan Of Darkness, For winged guardians!

Better late than never

Sorry for the non happening week but as co worker is still behind bars it sort of cuts down my play time hope your all well

Big G

Shout Outs & Thank You

Momoments - MOFAIL!!!

Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well.

I have played some wow the past week, not my usual hours of play time which is the result of some mofail!
Before I become debbiedowner let me tell you some good stuff.

I did finally get an invite to google+ and learning more about it and connecting with some of our wow people, I mean wow circles. 
In game I am slowly but shirly leveling my cooking and fishing on my druid Morfin and his leatherworking.  I did start the new quest line however was not able to finish the dailies.  That area is so busy as you can imagine so I will need to find a slower time to finish the dailies.  It may work as Im on the west coast; maybe late at night my time, we shall see.
I did get on my priest as well, Moheal on the Feathermoon server and did the new quest line on him as well.  On Moheal I was also not able to finish all the dailies as that new area is just so busy.  For some reason I did join the random dungeon queue for a heroic random.  I really was not looking for some punishment but that is what I was handed as I zoned in heroic ZG, which I have not done before; I have not done the level 60 ZG in a long time either.  As I zone in i say my usual hi to the group and tell them I am new to that instance and to be kind to me which they were.  We did lose the tank and some dps, I want to believe it wasnt all my fault as we did wipe a few times before the 2nd tank and dps people joined the group.   We treked on and wiped a few times on trash and another boss.   I really lost count on how many times we wiped as it had to be at least 5 times.
Finally before one of the bosses that requires a lot of aoe healing and the tank and dps say this in party chat.  I apologized and packed my troll tail and tusks and left the group so they could find a better healer.  I know I have consider everything: tank, dps, what everyone is doing and not doing,
however this time it was all my fault and my gear was not up to the level as it should be.  I also did not do my homework in learning about the instance and really did not learn anything while I was there.  Needless to say I felt like CRAP afterwards and went to the comfort of my couch and tv.

I hope you all had a much better week than I did and I hope to make the next guild meeting and raid runs if I am able to.

OHHH I almost forgot!   Isnt Blizzard shameless in taunting us with their RAF advertisements!?  for a week now the wow launcher has had the new RAF promo about it going up to 80.  Well they had me at hello along time ago and will do a new RAF soon.  I want to level a warrior and another class to 80 and level dk's to 80...that is the moplan :)

Thank you again for the great podcast and thank you to everyone in the clan of darkness guild.  I did think about logging on the winterspring server than I lost that thought.  A FINALLY welcome to Nevikhoof to the COD guild! about time man! I knew you would cave in :) we are have breaking points.

A shout out to The Addicted podcast for their upcoming 100th episode.  Check them out if you have not already, they are cool dudes.

oh one other thing, last week in my email I was attempting to take a scene from dumb and dumber and failed!!! (thats is my theme lately! mofail)
when I said: yeah! bird! yeah!
It was the car scene where they were yelling yeah to anything they said.  Home someone gets it now or else Ill have to cry ;)

Until next time, take care, for the not failing and feeling like crap!!!


Clan of Darkness

Dinged level 11

Ran MC with Tedrah, she is so precious. I got a corehound.



Hey Caw Crew

well this week my download has finally finished, I can finally play on the US servers, yay, so I would like to join the COD, I wasn’t jeppy'd in honest :p.

will give a proper update soon its way to late to be writing

Hads Outs
of way too many servers now

New window

Nexbardus of Earthen Ring & Winterhoof

Hello CAW crew,

Thanks again for another great show. I had intended to try and get in the chat room for the live show but unfortunately the RNG was not on my side and a lightning strike hit my house or at least very near it Tuesday night. It killed my cable modem and many other electronics. Of course getting back on the internet was of the utmost importance so I waited in a long line at my cable company for a new cable modem on Wednesday but ended up getting sent home with a defective one. Had to return it Thursday and was finally back on my precious WOW by that afternoon. Will see how it goes getting in the chat room this week but not sure exactly what time you start or if I will be awake early enough.

Anyway, what have I been up to this week? On Winterhoof I only played my Hunter Nexbardus a little bit. Leveled him from 45 to 48 in Eastern Plaguelands and then some in Felwood. I like what they have done to Light's Hope Chapel and the Tyr's Hand area. Actually had a Crusader Enchantment randomly drop while questing in Tyr's Hand, not sure if I will just sell it on the AH or give it too my enchanter. I dont see myself taking the time to make Scrolls to sell so will probably just sell it on the AH.

I am having a lot more fun leveling my Goblin Shaman Nexbardus on Earthen Ring. I leveled her from 19 to 40, this is the highest I have actually leveled a shaman and it is a lot of fun leveling as Enhancement. Also nice to get the faster riding skill. Finished Azshara and Ashenvale which has really been changed alot with its battles between the horde and alliance. Then I completed the Hinterlands which has changed some, think they made it easier to go from quest to quest and from one area to another there. Also completed most of Western Plaguelands, I like what they did to this area as well but I miss the cauldron quests that you used to do. Got the horde balloon last week but forgot to mention it, it can be annoying at times as it can float into your view.

Got a guild invite for my level 80 Druid Nexverto from Sarajean (Dreams) so thanks to her for that. Haven't played him at all yet, did get him repecced to Balance but will have to remember how to actually play a Druid since it has been awhile. Also created a bank alt, a beautiful female Orc named Sweatness, wanted Sweetness but it wasn't available and Sweatness seemed appropriate. Played the Orc starting area and it hasn't changed much at all, so pretty boring. About the only thing they did was put the boars in a pen so they are easier to kill. Also, for a lot of quests Blizz made it so you dont have to run back to the quest giver to complete, a box just pops up so you can continue on to the next quest. But not in the Orc starting area, you still have to run back and forth from the cave to the starting area multiple times. Fortunately they already give you flight paths in Senjin Village, Razor Hill, Org and Thunder Bluff so was able to head to Org to start banking.

Everybody have fun, see you in game, Nexbardus

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Ding Dong the Lich is Dead!

Hey CAW Crew!

Oak here... someday I'll get around do giving you an audio submission,
but for now you're just going to have to read this!

As you may recall I was out of town for a bit of last week on holiday,
but a lot has happened just the same!

First, I want to give a shout out to Brew Dawg and the rest of the
Clan of Darkness who so graciously allowed me to join them in downing
the Lich King!  It was a wonderful time, and just great fun all
around.  It was really interesting to experince all of the game
mechanics involved in end-game rading.  It was a real eye opener.

I also want to thank Brew Dawg for taking the time to show us the Fire
Lands.  It was an amazing place to see, and if you get the chance,
everyone should step inside just to see the place.

I have started a new project dungeon leveling a little holy Goblin
Priest named Oakshade.  If anyone sees me on him that's what I'm
likely doing, and you're welcome to join me in the qeue if you like.
I have him geared in heirlooms, so he levels pretty quick.  I have
only done a couple dungeons so far, but it has been really fun.

I did find it curious that the cloth heirloom gear has no spirit.  It
hasn't seemed to have any negative effects at low level, but it will
be interesting to see what happens as I get higher up.

That's all for now!  Have a great week!

For the Horde, and the Clan of Darkness!

Hail Kingslayers

Hail Kingslayers! and Aprillian

CoD returned to the Frozen Throne Friday night. After a few disorderly attempts it all started to come together. On our second solid attempt we made it into the second transition in good order & I knew we had it. As we all scrambled to stay alive in phase 3 Arthas' health continued to drop and we got him down!

The hardest part of the night for me was not being able to bring more guildies. I gave invite priority to the people that had been on the previous run and did a random roll to select the last few.

I will schedule another run soon hopefully at a time that Aprillian can make. Toons without the title will be given priority.

I made the mistake of trying to zerg 25 man OS3D with only 15 after the ICC run. This is hard for a geared group. We just didn't have the DPS. I should have split us into two teams & done it on 10 man.

BrewDawg ventured into the Firelands raid on Sunday. It took us an hour to clear the trash and we got several good attempts at the hunter boss. We know the trash pulls now and should be able to get to the boss much quicker next time.

Been running the new dailies on a couple of toons. I'm behind because I was AFK for almost a week after the patch. I'm not a big fan of them but it's probably because I'm always so rushed to get them done every day.

Hope y'all have a great week,


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