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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 225 - Rested XP For As Far As The Eye Can See

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 225 - Rested XP For As Far As The Eye Can See
Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


AstarĂ¥ dinged 84 in Vashir
Heirlooms don't take damage?
Went over to Nevikhoof and changed the permission
Reforged AstarĂ¥ new gear. Removed Crit for Haste & Mastery.
I also leveled her enchanting up to 500 and got her Alch up to 525. She can now transmute Truegold - Yay?

Leveled Epril’s Cooking up to 500 so she can use th
e Crosolisk tails from TB
Kingslayer Title, Kingslayer Title, wherefore art thou
Did TB Inside with the Triplets. Died a lot. The outside is pretty cool
Obsessed with Kraken

Aprillian & Vrishna

Worked on Vashir with
Twilight Highland quest - Garrosh on ship on jumped to help. Delayed again ! How can I be mad when she was REALLY trying to save the War-chief !
Did AT together.


Ding-a-ling-a-ling ! Who says Argent Tournament is a waste of time ! Pics below !
Vrishna got 500 fish, Scarlet Monastery and lvl 85 ! While I was doing AT, I was about to kill the cultist next to Kul when this troll ninja-ed him, got the key and released Kul. Then went to get Chillmaw when this stupid DK deathgripped him away JUST before I could tag him , oh, wait, that’s Aprillian !
Trishna got Scarlet Monastery and leveled herbalism to 200 or so.
Took the new hunter twins to Scarlet Monastery. Got the dog whistle for both of them. And it’s true, I accidentally killed a bunny. I am so ashamed. I didn’t have to admit it but I thought I should.



Jeppy hates me ! Alexander is so cool. I’m so glad I had him as my son. He is the best thing I’ve ever did in my whole life.


Hey guys, time for this weeks audio submission! It will be a little longer this time as I'll explain some things
you guys had questions about last week and answer what my music peices are! I'll be swapping the songs every 2
submissions so look forward to every 2nd! I've added a new bunny + me with new bow and gears too!
Without further ado...!!

Hey there you zany altaholics!

This week has been a step in an exciting direction, which is not what I expected as my girlfriend tried to rope me
into a full week at hers (with no net possibilities at all!!) while her parents were on a cruise but something
came up and they couldn't go so I'm hardcore into WoW this week! I'm kind of focusing solely on my hunter right now
which is rather innappropriate considering you feature altaholics on here, but oh well!

As I mentioned last week, I've become kind of hooked on watching my ilvl slowly rise higher and higher! My hunter
has hopped in the driver's seat of my play at the moment and has climbed to an impressive 355 currently which is
the ilevel bar for Firelands raiding!! Currently attempting to replace my 333 polearm with a 378 which will boost
that level to at least 357-358. This week he has been very busy, having completed a successful run of Blackwing
Descent 25 man, with us changing to 10 man due to wipes in 25 on Nefarian the last boss. It was on this run I
got myself a sexy new 359 purple bow named Themios the Darkbringer and having also been doing Firelands trash runs
I have managed to get myself halfway to honored with the Avengers of Hyjal which are an amazing rep group that
award 378 epics at EVERY level of rep. Friendly awarded me a 378 cloak and honored will net me a 378 belt!!

2 submissions so tune in for each new change! I try to get the coolest ones I can find. My basic songlist so far is:

1st submission: Skrillex - Library Remix
2nd submission: Unknown - Mercury Rising
3rd submission: Globus - Europa.

As questioned last week, my Bane of the Fallen King title is from successfully downing 10 man Lich King on Heroic
difficulty and my companion isn't a wolpertinger, but a cute little Spring Rabbit awarded as a reward from cashing
in 100 eggs from Nobelgarden! And yes, it's still out!!

In regards to ilvl, the higher, the better. Each peice of gear has its own seperate value which influences your
average ilvl which is a big factor in your applications for PUG raids/groups. The maximum ilvl for purples in 4.1
was 359 with heroic upgrades of some of the vendor epics at 372. The new patch has introduced a maximum of 391
heroic versions with "regular" epics at 378. To give you an example of the differences between these I compared my
old 346 gun to the new 378 xbow.

My old gun: ilvl 346 had 552 dps, 95 agi and 143 stam
FL trash xbow: ilvl 378 has 744dps, 128 agi and 192 stam

Well i'm off now to get some raiding on the go to raise my power just that little more! It's stupidly addictive!
Before I go though, I have to ask my question of the week: Do you guys always think you'll be altaholics and play
whatever you feel like at the time or do you think, like me, you will one day take a foray into the territory of
mega weapons and suchlike in raid environments?? Let me know!

If theres any other things you would like me to clarify on during my submissions, or even if you want me to explain
some things like I have with the ilevels, just ask, I'm more than willing!

This has been Maximumforce for the Horde, for the Alliance who annoy me at raid gateways, and for my sexy new 359 bow!!

Bangobingo Update 2

Hey CAW Crew,

Once again I greet you with warm wishes and blessings for your time in and out of game. I wanted to take the time to let you know what I have been up to since my last update. My play time has again been limited by the OPTEMPO (Operational Tempo, military term for being busy) in my work and home lives. I did however, have the opportunity to pop in here and there to work on my engineering and mining. I am currently 523 in mining and 491 in engineering so not too much further to go on those. I have also been doing my Argent Tournament dailies and got the exalted champion of the undercity.  I would like to do the full bit for the crusader title but am not sure if I am up for the long grind again.

Fortunately, for a brief moment the stars aligned and both of my kids (ages 3 years and 5 months) went down for a nap at the same time and my wife was occupied with a craft of her own which allowed me to get a solid couple hours online this past Sunday.  I used the time to get my warrior, Bangobingo, from the tail end of 79 to a couple bubbles into 81. It is nice to get back to the cata content and I am loving the questing in Hyjal and look forward to pushing through to get my first 85 on this server. I will continue to try to make the Molten Core runs but for the moment it appears the timing of the raid and the unpredictability of my home life will continue to preclude my involvement with the guild.

That leads me to the question I will pose for this edition of my drabbling banter.  For those who have children (in particular younger ones), how do you prioritize your time in game? Do you have a list of goals to pick from each time you log on or do you have another metric to guide your time in game?

Thanks again for all you do for the community and I look forward to joining in on more guild activities in roughly 18 years when my son finally leaves the house. Cheers!

v/r (Very Respectfully)

Bangobingo, Lvl 81 Undead Warrior

altoholism and me

Good morning control alt wow crew!

Long time listener 1st time writer. (Please skip to TL;DR now if you'd like)

I've been playing since the launch of BC back in January '07 starting a Night Elf Hunter and racing her to 70 to start Karazhan with friends. Raiding, running heroics and grinding reps were a blast, but I didn't stop there. Next I leveled a Draenei Shadow Priest to 70 just in time for patch 2.4 to hit bringing all the raid nerfs and allowing her to jump right into The Battle for Mt Hyjal and Black Temple, while all the people I used to play with drifted away.

With the launch of WotLK it was time to leave the Hunter behind, and she still sits in Borean Tundra waiting for her chance to quest again. My Shadow Priest quickly hit 80 followed by a Human Unholy DK and a Draenei Resto Shaman which became my main throughout the expansion, hitting every raid of every patch, though never really finishing anything. As the expansion wound down and the Lich King was being farmed by the server I saw my chance to level a Draenei Frost Mage and a Dwarven Ret Pally, these two were so much fun face rolling heroics and PuGing the weekly raids.

Alas Northrend was soon forgotten as Deathwing emerged and tore the world asunder. Now my T10 Resto Shaman felt much too intimidated to try the new heroics let alone the Raids and was soon forgotten standing by the Jewel Crafting Daily quest giver in Stormwind. My Priest, DK and Pally stood close by, by the Cooking Daily. My Mage thought it best to abandon Stormwind for the safety of Orgrimmar and a new start as a cute little Goblin terrorizing the Alliance in Tol Barad. A new Worgen Balance Druid would soon join the others at 85 sitting in Stormwind (now reduced to dailies and the occasional Holiday boss) and a Goblin Demo Lock is just reaching the shores of Northrend to lay waste to the inhabitants of the icy north.

This brings my total to 6 max level toons, a 69 Lock and a 70 Hunter, hmm 2 slots left.. Guess a Warrior and a Rogue are in my future.

I wish I could play with my friends again, but WoW no longer holds their attention. I've been meaning to start a toon on Earthen Ring for quite some time now, transfer fees are really not an option for me :(
If I did I would love to be able to join your Clan and share in your wonderful adventures.

Thank you for the amazing podcast and keeping your enthusiasm for the game. Thank you for inspiring your listeners to contribute and add to your show, and thank you for keeping me so entertained for so long!

For the Dailies!

Alicedelarge 70 NE Hunter
Ashdelarge 85 Draenei Shaman
Bruus 85 Goblin Mage
Bruuce 85 Worgen Druid
Bruusdelarge 85 Human DK
Elandora 85 Dreanei Priest
Johnlafoot 85 Dwarf Pally
Tleilaxu 69 Goblin Warlock of Farstriders


Been playing 4-1/2 years, lots of toons, friends all gone, would love to join you on Earthen Ring, would that be OK? Love the show, c-ya's!

P.S. I would love to be in your drawing. ;)

Last Minute NINJA Submission

Yikes! A Sunday night Ctrl Alt Wow? Well at least I managed something to submit to you silly ninjas. Enjoy!



Clan of Darkness

Sat ran MC with Tedrah. Brought Drame, my Druid, got the achievment.
Kudos to Tedrah for running it, and McStabbity for letting Drame follow while Epril fought. It was relatively easy, although we had a couple of deaths. LOL. At the end Drames got thrown into the lava by Raggy, Umbrela had to jump into rez, then Drame & Um couldn’t get out. Alton, the goblin kept jumping in and out but we couldn’t.
Brew Dawg is going to run Epril through the Lich King and I want to know if Vrishna can get an invite as she is now ...

Almost lvl 13. 98% as 0f 10:30 pm.


Audio Submission and Contest gift

Greeting CAW!
Don’t know if this will make the 13 July show or the 20 July show, but I thought I’d go ahead and send it in today, just in case.  I haven’t had much time to play since I’m currently in the midst of moving from Germany to the US.  I’m glad to be back stateside, though I’ll miss a lot about Germany.  I think I may even miss my longer lag times since I now don’t have much of an excuse for not playing as well. J
Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the game soon.  I did at least get to complete the Thrall quests on 2-3 alts and to start on the world tree marks, though just barely.
Anyway, if I can figure it out, attached you should find an amateurish first attempt at an audio submission.  I decided to try it in one draft with no notes.  I forgot a bit of what I wanted to say, but I decided to stick with the original intent, so here it is.
Also, here is a cenarion hatchling code as a prize for a Winterhoof person. Since I made the podcast I thought of a possible contest: 100 quests completed on Winterhoof to qualify.  In honor of altoholics, allow one entry for every toon that completes 100 quests.  Give people a four weeks and start the count with where they currently are on quests.  We'll do honor system based on using what the achievement for quests completed says from the start to the finish.
Have fun!
Liteharted and his many alts!
Oh, yeah, I guess I should include the code! Don’t read this out loud!

Hello to my new Horde Family.
I hope this mailing of the electronic kind sees you all well.  As of the mailing my Priest Bloodfalcon and my just made DK Biggz have had fun immersing myself in the CoD love.  As I had hoped CoD will be a great environment to absorb the horde side of the lore. Lots of friendly and helpful people have been making my stay enjoyable.

Thank you Dreams for the add-on tip.  So sad that an alt-aholic like myself never had the add-on: Identity. And Anna for making me feel at-home my first night in.  I'd like to also say thanks to Tedrah and Jeppy for the invites for my two toons.

Well not much going on in game for me since I've been on a low toon, Falcon finished the two BE questing zones. WTF mate?! I left there at level 22. Has that always been a fast xp area? I mean he has no heirlooms. All I can say is dang man. This is going to be some crazy leveling on him.

Well Biggz has literally just been created so I haven't done jack on him but I plan on using him to try and catch up with some of you folks to run stuff.

Here's something I just learned about from WoW less Traveled. I can personally say I took the time to see this. It took me two and a half hours to see the event happen. Up in Trisfal there is an area only flyers can reach. There is a circle of mushrooms to the south and west of the big lake on the west side of that zone's map. The area with the shrooms will be named the Whispering Woods. If you have patience or don't wanna watch it on Youtube, if you wait there for like 2 hours or more (less if you catch it mid event) there is a great little: "What the!" moment involving fey hatchlings and music that you won't hear anywhere else in the game.  Yea it's on you tube like I said, so the people who don't want to wait go check it out. Supposedly the event has only been occurring since caty dropped.  No one know why it's there or what significance it has, but here is another instance of:

"Hey Blizz! You can make this random stuff in game. Stuff that no one may ever see or know about it. BUT... you can't make that dance studio? What's up wit dat?!"

Not that I really care about more dances, but really come on now. Oh well.  That's all I got for now. I guess I burned maybe 4 minutes of the show for you so I'll give who ever you gave the sad duty of reading this a moments respite.  Later peeps. See you all in game.


P.S. I'm still trying to get my recording setup straight, but soon you may hear my dulcet tones instead of dodging these horrendous typos. (Be glad I had spell-check or it would have been worse.)

Valentine Submission and CoD Anthem

Hey CAW Crew,

Here's our submission for this week sorry we missed last week. We also saw the request for Anthem submissions. We've included one from the Valentine's! The music is provided by the folks at Pretty Lights Music ( they allow me to use music for my show as long as I give them props. Hope you enjoy it!

Iceflow and Caoboi (Renee and J from the @Valentine Podcast :))

Sunday night is alright

Sorry for the poor sound as I am at work as I record this week I will try for more input next week. Hope your all doing well hi to the chat room hopefully I can duck in for a listen at some stage and yer IPhones for the win
Big G

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