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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 242 - This is Not the MMO You Are Looking For

Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.
Juuno's Corner
Hello Darlings!!!  Long time, no hear from....I'm sorry!  This audio is longer than usual...but I hope you like Mom sent me a note to read to you!  =D

/great big hugs!

Juuno  =D  xoxoxox!

What We've Been Doing:


Riding Darshi & Nevahoof around Western Plagueland discovered that I had forgotten Darshi was a miner. Darshi sent her herbs to Elyte, who is an Inscriptionist. Milling seems faster.
Thur, got caught in a loop in Western Plaguelands, kept finding gold dots.

Moved on to Burning Steppes and guess what happened? Darshi & Nevahoof Stood in the Fire!
Distracted by SWTOR, more on that later. After testing, deciding to do another RAF
Did the trial for awhile.
Tues, spent time looking through toons on expiring RAF, found beaucoup Heirlooms!
The toons with heirloom also had money and bags. I'm so glad I checked I managed to send mail stuff to other toons. there was also quite a bit of ore and some herbs. I was glad because I didn't want to level something in Matt Smith blacksmithing.
Wasn't quite sure if I wanted to really do an RAF again so soon.
STARTED LOOKING AROUND AND SEEING WHAT I HAD AVAILABLE TO PLAY WITH. Came across a goblin shaman the cutest heirloom headband ever. Decided I would play her. Had to look around to find the other toon that I was running her with. It was a goblin warlock. I forgot how much fun probably starting area was. We got to save the Thrall!

I am planning on transferring Nevahoof to the new R a F account. I feel little bit guilty, because I do have another to April that I will be meeting on that account. She's a level LXV death knight that I transferred to that account in order to make death knight. The question is do I really need another refer a friend account? I suppose I could transfer her to one of my existing accounts and just run the two together. It would save me a lot of hassle and money. With heirlooms, and I found a bunch, I could get really good exp. especially with the upcoming Pilgrims bounty Festival.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Did TB Wed night. Tiiaa Skinned!
Tried to do Thrones but actually did well in Blackrock Cavern


While doing Dailies Sons of Hodir, ran into a Troll hunter who asked politely if he could skin my drops. His name was Tynchal and he said thanks, it's for the AIE Craft Fair

Been grinding dailies in the Storm Peaks and AT.  Got to 80 on the pally twins. 2




real life stinks..........

Greetings CAW crew, and  /sigh ....Virshna.

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock here

Just wanted to say it would be a dream come true to be a stand in on the podcast  just to annoy the fluff out of Virshna.  But unfortunately, real life gets in the way and my schedule is not regular enough to even consider trying out for it.  Man would it be fun though!

I wanted to give thanks for the shout out from 
Kadak, having been a fan of your submissions it meant a lot.

I also wanted to personally thank Virshna for the funniest thing he has come out with since he started being on the podcast.  There I was teaching the orphans to crack open rabbits in search of rare Easter eggs drops, when I hear Mr Bunny Lover say " I am thinking of banning the Creepy Crate".  Now that is priceless.. Just so I am clear on this, you want to ban a non-combat pet because it may accidentally kill a critter, WTF (work time fun.. for your pg rating).  Now, following that logic we would have to ban Consecration/Thunderstomp/Rain of fire.... and any other AOE spells that may send a bunny prematurely to Wabbit Valhalla.  Then you must get rid of buffs that may cause damage say Thorns or Retribution Aura, because everyone knows if you mess with enough of them, they will eventually try and fight back.  If you have gone this far, don't forget to get rid of those nasty shield spikes and NEVER eat storm chops (I always eat these when going AFK to see how many smoking bunnie corpses are there when I get back). Since you have gone this far, those nasty swords and sharp pointy arrows must go as well.
Congrats! you now have made the bunnies safe! But how long do you think it will be fun running around in yourElegant Dress -hitting mobs with your spring flowers - and wearing bunny ears?  Admit it Girly Man, you should be playing Hello Kitty Adventure Island.....

P.S.  This letter was sent with intentions of annoying Virshna, not to make him cry, but of course lots of bunnies were killed, very slowly and painfully in the process.

P.S.S.  Do not even think of letting my evil twin into the guild. That critter hugging Happy Hunter D.D. is a tool.  I mean seriously, who would respect a "Hunter" that loves animals........... Just wrong wrong wrong.  Virshna you would get along great with him.

...sent from my Apple IIe...........  C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock!

Itunes review

Hey Guys and Aprillian, I just wrote an ITunes review and would love to join your guild Clan of Darkness. I think your guild would be great fun to be part of. I enjoy leveling alts and running instances. I hate it when people forget its a game. I play to have fun and enjoy playing around people that don’t take the game to seriously. I have many alts on different servers but mostly on Caelestrasz . I have never levelled a Horde to 85 and think it would be great fun trying. Not sure if this is content enough to allow me into your guild but here is hoping. Thanks Smile

Submission 242


Firelands on Farm

Howdy hope all are well.
My raid team is clearing Firelands in about 2hrs now and have Heroic Shannox on farm. Currently we are working on Heroic Majordomo.  Normal Domo finally dropped boots to complete Brewdawg's t12 set.  We are ready and waiting for 4.3.
Speaking of 4.3, with the Arena season ending on 11/28 it will probably drop December 6th or 13th.  I suggest not spending any Justice points until the patch unless you are close to hitting the 4000 point cap.  Currently Justice points buy 359 gear after 4.3 you will be able to purchase 378 gear with those same justice points.
AIE, that other guild on Earthen Ring, ran a "For the Horde" attack on all the Alliance leaders on Saturday.  Brewdawg helped with the tanking duties.  We had three raid groups, almost 150 toons.  Our Guild Master was in vent with us supplying toons while we pownd the Alliance leaders making it even more special. Because of his new job he is not in-game much it was great to have him with us.
Y'all have a good week.

Bangobingo Update #7

Hey CAW/COD Crew!

I hope all is well with everyone on and off the show, in and out of game. I lament the fact I did not get this in before Veteran's Day as I wanted to send a special shout out to all of our past and present military servicemembers around the globe. As a service member myself I can truly appreciate the dedication and commitment and am thankful to serve alongside my brothers and sisters in arms. I know of at least one other guild member that is a veteran but am hesitant to say Dream's dad without his permission ;P Thus concludes my special thanks to those who serve the people of the United States! (Sorry Jeppy)

In terms of WoW I have been busily farming and crafting a mechano-hog to replenish the coffers on my bank alt, BA Barakus, a Tauren Druid on ER. I was successful in selling my wares and now sit comfortably at approximately 45k gold across all of my toons on this server. I do have a tip for anyone interested in entering the mechano-hog market. I was having trouble getting all of the titanium I needed to craft the 12 titansteel bars for the motorcycle so I enlisted the support of my alchemist, Jimdangle, level 65 belf DK. He was able to transmute the abundant saronite ore I gathered in Icecrown and I was quickly able to create the required titanium for the titansteel. The ore requirement is roughly 580 pieces which seems daunting but is completely manageable as the jagged mountains of Icecrown are all but abandoned these days. Moreover, there are a fair amount of titanium ore nodes that spawn that reduce the amount of saronite required by roughly 16-32 ore per node. so throw on some good wow podcasts and get to farming the saronite until you have the required amount to transumte the titanium you need for the titansteel. You will almost certainly acquire most of the required eternals during your mining and the arctic furs are relatively inexpensive on the AH. So with a total cost to me of approximately 10-12K I was able to sell my mechano-hog for 14K earning a wopping 2-4K profit. It is a quick way to earn some extra cash for flying on my alts and have some fun playing the profession portion of the game.

I have taken a brief heiatus from my Warrior, Bangobingo, in order to run my Alliance Rogue, Derkdiggler, through the molten offensive questline. He was my original main on my old server so I felt I owed it to him to keep him as current with the content as I can. he is through the first 150 Mark turn in but still has a long way to go. Hopefully I can finish up the questline and be prepared for the new content in patch 4.3 and beyond.

My mage, Readytogogo, has been steadily leveling as well and currently sits at level 68, complete with a portal to Shattrath if anyone needs it.

well, I have rambled on enough for today. Thanks for all you do and I look forward to our next encounter in game.

Take care!

v/r (Very Respectfully, I know, its been a while)


P.S. Thanks for the clearification on JAVA, I had always wondered what people were taking about when they used that to address the group.

The Kithores actually submit!

Hola CAW crew!

We hope everyone is having a great week, in game and out. After quite some time away, we are back to our old recording ways. We hope you all enjoy our first submission back!

The Kithores,
Earthen Ring, Clan of Darkness, and Dragonblight

London calling!

Another week another submission! I ended up leaving out a lot of stuff I wanted to talk about! I guess it will give me something to talk about next week. I feel like maybe I should have gotten some sleep before recording but I ended waiting till last minute again and I really wanted to send something in.

The Shamus video I mentioned can be found on my shiney new blog here or on YouTube here.


Rigarmorty Audio for CAW 242

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo & Eljeppy!

Attached is my short audio for this week!



Opps I did it again

I am a old man and I need my sleep so sorry its so late but I would like to say to Kadack that I am right their with him on the grandma love all he has to do is name the time and place and I shall bring the lube and tissues.
Big G

Shout Outs & Thank You

How you play WOW

I wanted to say a Huge thank you for the game time I did not know the contest was going to be over so soon and did not think we would stand a chance for the prizes but had to try anyways. My wife is thoroughly happy she was having a wow withdrawal today saying she was really missing her game. As I stated in the email entry she is currently under going radiation treatments for the breast cancer which all signs are showing good that they have it taken care of, she only has until the end of this month to go for the radiation and then she will be just having to go for the normal check ups from time to time.

She sends a hearty hello and big smile as she is entering a BG to level yet another alt :D

Her main on Grizzly Hills is a 85 Pally name Coleletta of the guild Coven Of Light. 


Clan of Darkness


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