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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 244 - I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Aprillian, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner

Hello Darlings!!!  I'm back in Vegas, back with my computer and recording equipment...yay!!  Sorry I didn't manage to send you any audio for last week <=)  I WAS thinking about you, but didn't bring my recording stuff, etc etc...anywho, I hope you're all doing well and that Jeppy's better this week!  This audio is a little longish...but its cause of all the WoW I got to play on my WoWcation!  hehehehe...

/big hugs & kisses

Juuno =D

What We've Been Doing:


Running around not doing Pilgrim's Bounty.

I feel so stupid. I was using my RAF trial soon to hunt wild turkey. And she can't trade them! and I have 60 turkeys on a toon that I can't do anything with. she's not capable of making the turkey dinner and she doesn't have enough money to train. Logged in to emptyUC
as much as I love pilgrims bounty I haven't done a lot of cooking.Got to make a decision. Nevahoof and Ă…pril stuck on expired RAF.

SWtOR - 

loading circle

Aprillian & Vrishna

Tol Barad



Decided that I wanted to experience the other half - so started a loremaster toon on alliance side! No guild perks!
Still doing cat. Gets much easier once you have talent points to retain energy.

Did Darkshore and hit level 25. 
Needed gold, so took up mining and herbalism to start with. Herbalism was weird - mostly higher level stuff, and ended up having to go back to Dolonar to level it a bit.

Went back and did Westfall  ;only 35 quests there, didn't take long and didn't get much exp at all (all grey). Though the story line of Vanessa VanCleef was good. Same with Loch Modan (45 quests) 

Headed off to Bloodmyst Isle and really found myself just rushing through the quests, since they were all grey. Starts off easy enough, pick up 20 quests and run out and do them all. But toward the end, there is so much running back and forth from Blood Watch to the far side of the island, it's clearly just a big time sink. Hit 53/60 and had no more quests. Research showed that I had to go back to Azuremist Isle and do "A small start" to open some more. This causes the quest "Urgent Delivery" to become available from a wandering messenger at Blood watch. Which in turns causes a quest to be in your mailbox - The Bloodcurse Legacy
Additionally hard because some of the end quests are Draenei only!
Finally figured out a quest that required me to know Furbolg - which is a chain in Azuremist Isle as well. Finally completed 65% into 27!

Off to Redridge Mountain. Quite a different story line there nowadays, and some fun quests, including one of the last where you ride a tank - quite gory for WoW I thought. Easy to find 40 quests to complete this zone in quick time, finishing 60% into level 28

Asharmin did hit 84 during Hallows End and got the healing/dps rings. Didn't get any more mounts.
Also levelling LW
Hit 85 and ran first heroic - Throne of the Tides. Only a couple of deaths, and won the chaos orb.

- Heroic Majordomo - 5% and enrage timer on first attempt, 1% on second. Interwebs not nice and D/C'ed 2 members. Slaughter on normal
- Rags one shot
- Heroic Shannox ; no idea what was gonig on with the dogs. lol
- Normal Beth'tilac - new gloves
- Firelands! achievement
- Extra night and got down Heroic Majordomo as a first for the group. Gratz to Blank on finally getting the staff

Pilgrims Bounty
- All my 85's had 350 cooking , except for my shaman, so did PB on him, mainly for the cooking. Can level more even when grey on the turkeys - into the 400's

- Experience points needed in Outlands reduced by 33% !! That's going to make Loremaster more challenging! Flip side, they have made group quests soloable.
- They finally changed the icon of enchant scrolls so they look different to expired AH mail. woot!

Healed heroic End Time instance. Not too bad, Got a nice headpiece (378 to replace 346 blue!) and boots




My entry to COD

Hello CTRL ALT WOWers Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna
I am a long time listener and really enjoy your podcast.  Your perspectives on WOW and your delivery are unlike any of the other podcasts I listen to regularly - also the length of your casts ;)
I have an Enhancement shaman on earthen ring and would very much like to join your COD guild. My shaman's name is Totemtotaler and is a level 34 Goblin.
Hopefully this quick email will meet your rigourous entry requirements and I can get an invite in the near future.
thanks for your time and efforts!
Washington, PA

A truly WoW first week

Hey Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and El Jeppy, what can I say but WoW! Earlier this week the Necronomicon's rolled up some brand new toon's on a brand new realm. It was a little scary wondering off into parts unknown with our lil Warlock and Mage but we had great fun in Deathknell killing drooling zombies, hairy spiders and collecting pelts and bat wings. As we left the zone we contacted the guild channel and in no time at all we were proudly flying the colors of the mighty Clan of Darkness (with a little extra gold in our pockets to boot, thanks Petrah). 
We ran, huffing and puffing, all over Brill killing mobs, mining and herbing. Once we reached the magnificent Undercity we joined in the pilgrims bounty celebration, flying back and forth to all the major cities for the various quests. We even had dinner with Goblynn in Thunder Bluff (though we threw way more food than we actually ate). 
We managed to complete all the low level bits and acquire several achievements including the hard to get "Terkinator". 
We enjoyed the guild chat where we met Fortheheals who generously donated some more gold to our fledgling toons (thanks FTH). On the first day we made it to level 16 and level 22 the next. On day three a fellow guildy named Xcronose, asked if we'd like to accompany him to the Scarlet Monastery wile he did some rep grinding. So the Necro's trundled after the kindly giant Troll DK and tried not to get killed by the mad monks, evil magicians and big mean dogs. We looted our way to level 27 in a matter of a few hours (Thanks Xcronose). 
The last thing I did was travel to the barrens to find a leaping hatchling for my lovely wife. She has one on almost every toon and she always calls him Baby David. (from the british TV series Royale Family)
All in all our first week with CoD was awesome and we can't wait to dive into patch 4.3. 

Big thanks to everyone from Nekronomicon and Nekromantik the Undead newly weds
Undead love is forever


We included some pix from our spooky fun Halloween wedding that we mentioned in our last email enjoy :)

Far to much Skyrim!

Better late than never! Keep up the great work guys!

Nov. 30 submission from the Kithores

Hola CAW Crew, and Special Guest!
We hope that everyone is having a good week, in and out of the game. Here is our weekly submission, we hope you like it! By the way, sorry for having one last week, Dreams was trying to figure out how to stuff the turkey with was a bit of an epic fail moment! Everyone knows that the beans are stuffed AFTER the turkey gets cooked! Anyway, you all take care and have a great week!

The Kithores,
Earthen Ring, CoD, and Dragonblight

Rigarmorty CAW 244 Update

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Eljeppy & this weeks special guest host!

Attached is my update this week though it has minimal Wow content.

Each of you is amazing and I'm always see Aprillian playing sims in facebook. Just wanted to say how awsome you all are and I really appreciate what you do each week!



Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

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