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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 265 - The Bittersweet Loremaster

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner
Hello Darlings!  Audio attached...hope you like it!  

/great big hugs!

Juuno  =)

ps. these videos are cute...well, the first one especially... "Video: British nerds bond over World of Warcraft"  http://www.americablog.com/2012/04/video-british-nerds-bond-over-world-of.html

("mount stupid" does not refer the game, just fyi ;)  http://www.gamespot.com/features/escape-from-mount-stupid-world-of-warcraft-6371712/

What We've Been Doing:


The Trial of Fire Hard to figure out, but then I did. Trying to do my LM toons. Finally figured it out, but boy was it hard.

Started doing instances I like for fun. Did ZF using Astara, 85 pally to clear for Bruizilla. Then got focused on getting an heirloom had for her.
Mailbox outside of Garrosh's place new?



- Ended with 26857g = 1447G 

- ventured into the yeti cave near Tarren Mill. Quite heartstopping, since there were ones that patrolled right through the cave. Plus I dropped down rather than fight my way in, since they were respawning behind me.
- A fighting chance - Hill Fawn "saved". They explode! Don't stand near them!! 
- 100% into level 26 and Captain Iceheart did me in.

Twilight Highlands
- Got [The Bread Winner] (make 10,000 from quest rewards) 4 quests into the zone.
- Enoying the completely different quest line here, nice way to finish off.
- The barrels in thundermarr behave differently than I recall. Pretty sure on the horde side they explode and you click while in combat. On the alliance side, they give you a buff and get you drunk, but you can't use in combat. Of course, this time the Dragonmaw are the enemy, and you're helping the Wildhammer clan.




Another submission!

Hello again CAW crew! I sent my first submission last week and had fun doing it, so I’m subjecting you to more ramblings. =) I haven’t yet been on my toons to get the guild invite, and it’s Noblegarden’s fault.
I’ve recently become addicted to achievements, and am determined to earn “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been” this year. After breezing through The Lunar Festival and Love Is InThe Air, I was happy that the timing of Noblegarden hit right when I had some downtime. Now that it’s done, I swear if I never, EVER see another cartoon colored egg for the rest of my existence, I will die a happy lady.
I started with the easy parts first – eating chocolates and planting flowers in the desert. I got myself into bunny form and was ready go lay my egg in Un’Goro Crater when I realized I couldn’t get there without breaking the bunny effect. I was not about to hop my way across two continents, though I saw on a forum that someone actually hopped from Goldshire and it took 53 minutes. WHOA. That’s far too much of my life I can’t get back, so I set my hearth to Marshal’s Stand and waited until I turned into a bunny the next time. I simply hearthed home, hopped past a few mobs and laid my egg. Easy peasy.
I then purchased a flower wand thingy and began stalking females over 18. And yes, I realize how wrong that sentence sounds. Some races were easy, the only trick being cooldown management. Five minutes can feel painfully long when you’re lurking in the shadows, eyeing your prey.
Uldum’s a great place to hunt Horde as they rez in – can slap the bunny ears on ‘em before they even know what happened. One Tauren male – an accidental wanding victim – seemed annoyed and came over to stare threateningly at me. I gotta say…as intimidating as those enormous Taurens are, they’re nuttin’ with some pink fuzzy bunny ears on their giant bovine heads. =) I did a little dance and he moved on without murdering me.
The female Tauren is much more elusive, and after 4 days of hunting, I decided I’d better make one on my starter account and level it to 18, just in case. I got her to level 11, which was actually pretty fun since I haven’t created a Tauren since Cata and everything’s different. Now I might have to pay for that account. Sigh.
I gave Uldum one last shot, and as I lay in wait for the final victim on my list, a Tauren in flight form rezzed in. I debated wasting a precious cooldown in case it was a male, but I’d still never seen a female, so I decided it was safe and tossed my flowers at the bird. No achievement. It was a stupid boy. 
About a minute later, a smaller, more elegant-looking cow-person rezzed in. By George, I’d found my female Tauren at last! I leapt to my feet and poised with my flowers ready to toss, when I realized there were still 2 and a half minutes left on the blasted cooldown. Curses!!
I followed her inside the temple building, hoping she’d lag or afk for a few minutes, but no such luck. She took flight and got nearly out of sight before I could mount my dragon and fly after her. I hung back and continued to follow as she went about her business. Finally the cooldown expired and I threw the goofy flowers on her to get the Shake Your Bunny Maker achievement, happy that I didn’t have to “cheat” and use my own toon.
My friend was kind enough to don a dress and let me smooch him for the Blushing Bride achievement, and at last I was a Noble Gardener. The one thing I hadn’t managed to do was find a tuxedo shirt in the eggs, which wasn’t necessary for the meta achievement, but I hated seeing that one thing left unaccomplished for the holiday.
There were 2 days left of Noblegarden, so I spent a couple of extremely boring hours hopping around Azure Watch, gathering eggs. After about 230 of the dang things, I FINALLY got the shirt – then got it again in the next two eggs. A bit of a smack in my adorable bunny face, but I finally had the holiday completed. I also had almost 400 eggs. I poured myself a stiff drink and resumed the hunt – might as well get the chicken mount, which I managed about an hour later. Whew! Another holiday checked off the list!
I’m already worried about Children’s Week, as it contains PVP elements and I’m soooo not a PVP’er. I sense a lot of frustrating hours coming on that one. Such pressure to know if you miss one element you have to wait an entire YEAR to try again - ARGH!
Well, whether you wanted it or not, that was my week in WoW. Hopefully I’ll catch you online for the invite and can relax on my little mage awhile.
For the longest, most stressful, most annoying and yet really fun achievement in the world,
Kezzee / Restlys of Earthen Ring
Elloraa the achiever of Arthas

Jason Rainwater (@nevikjames)
4/18/12 2:23 PM
Looks like the @ctrlaltwow guild on Nevikhoof is "safe" from my "tyranny" w/ the hotfixes yesterday. GM has to be inactive for 90 days now.

listener email

 April 20, 2012 

From Reefberry

Dear CAW,

I found this incomplete letter started back in late January. It may seem slightly outdated and disjointed.

So many alts and so little time, holidays can be rough for the multi-alted. Even so, I do enjoy the world traveling events. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, Reefberry of CoD had already completed his Azeroth Lunar Festival tour. My many lower level alts had already made their rounds and I enjoyed the cataclysmic changes and new elder locations immensely as I traveled about. Having noticed a new Lunar Festival pet I took my companion collecting mage out for a gambol.

Completing the northern reaches of Eastern Kingdoms, I hopped off the taxi bat and ran toward the elder in the new walled-in Light Hope Chapel. There was a rocket hovering on the ground near the wall but I paid it no attention thinking it to be another player carting around an alt or a friend. Heading back to the taxi bat I realized I hadn’t seen anybody else in the area so I halted and turned back to the rocket. It was an NPC and he had a low level quest sending me to Fuselight on a goblin errand. Since I was done with the northern region, a free ride to Badlands sounded good. Better yet the quest would actually pay me to ride and I would have time to refill my real glass of grape cordial while on the taxi. The rocket flew me to Fuselight-by-the-Sea where I enjoyed coconut rum while watching sheep explode. The dancing goblin in a top hat convinced me to have a few more coconut rums however the screen kept getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Not willing to venture through the town of exploding sheep with a fuzzy vision I wobbled to the pier and did some fishing. You just never know what you might fish up.

From Badlands I flew toward the Dwarven regions of Loch Modan and Dun Monrogh visiting more elders. Somewhere on top of IronForge Mountain I spotted a lone dwarf sentry marching up the hill. He looked like an easy honor kill so I landed on the peak and picked him off. I trudged around in the snow looking for another. I found what appeared to be groups of sledders. Aye, groups of dwarves and gnomes sledding down the side of the mountain. I also noticed how high this mountain seemed.  Being a mage with feather fall I enjoy high places. I know the spell is really “slow fall” but I always call it “feather fall”, I don’t know why.

I climbed to the highest point and scouted for the deepest depression. Backing up from the edge and facing what I believed to be the greatest depth a ran a few steps hurled myself out over the edge and popped feather fall. Sometimes you need a little forward motion to clear any lower secondary lips. This jump took me down into Baradin Bay just outside Menethil Harbor for a whopping 116 seconds of feather falling. That jump was my personal feather fall record. Previously, I recorded 104 and 108 seconds off Blackrock Mountain and 90 seconds off Grim Batol. For the longest time I couldn’t find a spot to break the 4 feather fall cast barrier; 120 seconds. Just recently, I smashed the barrier with a huge 147 second jump, just shy of 5 feather fall casts. From the “Rim of the World”, in Mount Hyjal, I floated down into Felwood. The spot is above Leyara’s Sorrow and then point toward the Scattered Vale in Felwood. I almost landed on Kroshius’s head.

The secret to feather falling isn’t just the highest peak. One must consider the floor. Falling into a deeper hollow can add a substantial number of seconds to the fall. Additionally, forward momentum is a substantial factor. Most jumps are not straight down. In the non-physics hint section miss-stepping and miss-clicking can be expensive so practice on smaller cliffs first. Don’t wear or keep expensive gear in your bags. If you must resurrect at the angel the financial penalty can be steep. Winterspring’s ocean side cliffs and the Azshara/Winterspring waterfall taught me well about the possibility of needing the angel’s resurrection. My dead body was on the cliff face of Winterspring, but my graveyard location was in Azshara. In lower character level areas, like Azshara, dead people do not get flying mounts regardless of there avatar’s level. The prospect of running by foot from the far corner of Azshara to the cliff tops in Winterspring was not appealing.

Even though sky falling and cliff jumping are both recognized Extreme Olympic Sports by the Warcraft Olympic Committee, I personally prefer cliff jumping. First, the adventure in finding high peaks is more fun than just flying straight up on your mount anywhere anytime. I understand the convenience for you overweight Taurens and short-legged Dwarves, but come-on, hop on the health wagon! Get out there and live! Second, it takes more skill to judge the need of forward motion and timing the jump with the spell ignition. Sky fallers simply dismount, where’s the skill?

      Well, I finally honored all the elders I could find and retrieved the new Lunar Festival Lantern companion. I ran into Durdles on the bridge just before Taurenville in Orgrimmar. He was jumping up and down and mentioned something about trying to get balloons. I dared not ask for clarification, but instead asked Durdles over Skype, “What do you think of my new pet?”
      After about 30 seconds he replies “What’s the new pet, that pink lamp shade?”

      I chuckled and simply said “Yup.”

      I hear a disapproving snort then Durdles mutters, “Lamp shades, broomsticks, what’s next doorknobs?”

      Honeythunder pitches his happy quip with “Doorknobs? That would be good for my rogue.”

Five Years, High Five!

Audio Mambo Number 5

WARNING WARNING audio content may contain a lot of talking.

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah, special guest and the listeners.
(hope Jeppy gets better soon)

How's everyone doing? I hope you are all having a great week of wowness downing enemies and taking loot.

I hope everyone who has signed up for the beta is on the beta and discovering the world of pandaria and killing everything they can see on the island.

It's been a while since I have sent in a audio submission, so i may have made up for the lost time I do apologize....

I hope you all have a great week in and out of game

For the alliance

Cadwgan / Codwagon

It's not another audio submission

I know this week you will once again strive to keep my listening live to leeta or chatting live to her again in the chat room by finishing before I knock off work again tonight don’t you think I know it’s a massive conspiracy to keep me away. And I would like to say sorry to teedra next time I break into your house I will try to be more stealthy as to not wake you up that being your dream house and all. Thumbs up to whoever you get to guest host tonight I am hoping for a dreams or Juuno or maybe be still my raging heart a leeta but whoever you get should be awesome.
Big G

Getting over the gaming blahs

Hey CAW crew,

As I will probably be asleep when you're recording, since my sleep schedule is weird due to night shift work. I decided we should go a little more "fun" with the song this week, and take a break from the slower songs. Wren insisted it sounded better acapella, so no fun drum beats this week.
And Aprillian, don't worry, we haven't forgotten your request. We plan to do "The Climb/Grind" soon. :D
Anyways, Enjoy and sending some love to my hubs today!

Rigarmorty CAW 265

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy & Tedrah!

Attached is m audio update this week...



Rogue crazy

Hello CaW crew, Aprillian,  Ashayo, Tedrah, and Jeppy. Things are well with the Nekros, Mrs. Nekro is recovering nicely from surgery and sends big thanks and hugs to all her guildies for their kind words and get well wishes. Mr.Nekro has been playing some wow this week and after seeing the "Legendary Rouge" video and how amazing the quest chain looked, he went a little Rogue crazy.
First he assess his current Rogue toons and their level. Finding them well named but lacking any level much above 30 he decided to bring in his big gun from the Velen server "Shadowjax" a level 60 subtly Rogue with a truly messiness reputation. Jumping immediately into Outland Shadowjax met up with his old friend Maggotshot (who had miraculously level himself from one to sixty in less than a week, props to you Maggotshot). Together they completed several of the harder quest chains in Hellfire peninsula. Shadowjax then raced to Zango Marsh and on to Nagrand where he reached level 68 and we all know where you go at level 68… thats right, Northrend!
Beautiful Northrend, where the air is cool and clear the quests make sense, the Lich King rules and all the gear matches and no one has to dress like a clown (unless they just choose to mog that way)
Shadowjax is now level 70 and geared up rather nicely in blues and greens.
Playing a Rogue again was so much fun I decided to start another only this time I made my very first female toon, a Bloodelf Rogue named Lastkiss. She is currently leveling through ghost lands and looking very fine in her Warped Leather armor.

Cheers and much love from the Nekros

and remember undead love is forever

guys please don't concern yourselves with the length of your segments. As far as I'm concerned "the longer the better"  I find you show wonderfully witty, articulate, informative and very listener friendly. If people want to listen to short segments there are plenty of wow podcasts out there that have a half-hour format that are designed to fit the limited attention spans of the unwashed masses.
Keep it long and strong.


Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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