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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 271 - Brought to you by Juuno and Pixiegirl

Aprillian, Wren, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Darlings!  Omg, I had a long day today...hehe...but stayed up late to get this in for you!  I hope everyone's doing GREAT!  

/great big hugs!

Juuno (and Pixiegirl!!!)  

What We've Been Doing:






Heres a few of my transmog outfits, dawnblade and Malmuria our both my Paladins and my respectively best geared toons alliance and horde side. Love their outfits. Was going for a bloof knight theme for him, and a argent crusader theme for her.


Playing alts in WOW

Hello I really enjoy your show and listening to everyone’s adventures in Azeroth. I came back to WOW about 8 or 9 months ago after leaving during WOTLK.  I got burnt out on raiding. I was in a hardcore raiding guild and my life revolved around my raiding schedule. I had started out as a horde lock in BC and switched to a rogue in WOTLK. I played one character exclusively and had no desire to play an alt. When I came back I started out as a Human warrior and levelled to 85. I tried tanking but was terrible at it and couldn’t seem to do much dps as an arms or fury warrior. I had fun playing solo but wasn’t up to par for dungeons. Shortly after hitting 85 I switched to a tauren warrior. I had started out playing ally, when i came back,  as my son wanted to play alliance but my heart has always been horde. I then levelled a dk, mage, hunter, pally and druid to 85. I have done lfr with some of them and normal ds on my mage but other than the dk my dps was kinda low. I started playing my rogue again and seem to do well with him. I know that not all of you raid but I was wondering how you guys and girls are with your toons. Do you play all of them well or is there one or two that you excel at? Not that I’m looking for an answer but should I content myself with playing one character well and just using my alts for professions and solo play? Because I think that levelling a toon to 85 and then trying to do heroics and raiding with them and not doing well with them is kinda making me like the game less and not have as much fun. What do you guys do? and what do you think? Keep up with the great show hope Jeppy’s feeling better. Oh and by the way I’m 43.


Hi Jeppy, my name is Ttsavo from Earthen Ring, my question is if it's possible for me to receive a scroll of resurrection if I've never paid for an expansion but have paid for time on WOW.
Thanks in advance, Ttsavo.
-Its me.

Note to Asayo re Hiide


Is your hunter "Hiide" the L85 Hiide on Earthen Ring?  If not, delete this message.  If yes, you'll have less trouble with your pets holding aggro if you spend some pet talent points LoL!  Now that your hunter has two specs, your pets do too.  When you switched to Survival, your pets switched to nada, a blank sheet.


MacBurnie, 47 BM hunter, Ice Crown

WoW Guild

  I"m a friend of Wrens who just started back into WoW again and he told me to send you an email about getting into the guild.  I decided to start playing again because of Wren. I used to play WoW a lot a few years ago but stopped due to the end game grind. Since then I've come to enjoy the PvP side of various end-games and decided to get back into WoW. I also started listening to Ctrl Alt Wows podcast because of Wren and have started going through your older shows and listening to them.

I hope to start gaming with you guys in WoW soon.

Good morning and good evening to all the fun folks of ctrlalt wow, Aprillian, Jeppy, Ashayo, Tedrah and who ever might be this weeks special guest.

Its been a very busy week in wow for the Nekrobobs, Mrs. Nekrobobs Loremaster toon Skylla, finished three zones this week. Yes thats right, three zones. Blades Edge Mountains, Netherstorm and finally Shadowmoon Valley. Upon completing the last of the quests in Shadowmoon Valley on Sunday evening she became Loremaster of Outland. She has now moved on to Howling Fjord and has dinged level 78 as I wright these very words. Big grats to my wonderful wife (at the rate she's going she'll be done with Northrend before I finish this email)

Mr. Nekrobob has been leveling his Rogue toon Lastkiss, using the random dungeon finder.
On Saturday night Lastkiss started running dungeons and as luck might have it, found a great bunch of peeps who kept re-sartring the dungeon finder with the same group. This had never happened to me before and I actually didn't notice it till I realized the tank and the healer had been the same people for the last four dungeon runs. The group must have run at least seven randoms. Is this normal in your experience? Was I doing such a good job that I was invited back time after time? (LoL, yeh right) When I stopped to look at my justice points they had topped out at 1078. Needless to say I was very disappointed because I thought the cap was 4000.
When Lastkiss is level 85 I hope to have her geared for heroics and eventually get her the "Fangs of the Father" legendary dagger set while its still current content.
Can someone (cough.. Ashayo) shed some light on how the justice point system works. I'd also like to know how the justice gear works. I know you buy it using the points but its very confusing as some pieces cost points and other pieces cost points and additional items. I'm specifically looking get the Rogue Dark Phoenix set. Is there a high level craftable set that I can use in the meantime?

Many thanks to all our favorite pod casters,

from the Nekrobobs

and remember Undead love is forever
Blades Edge Mountains

Shadowmoon Valley

Rigarmorty Update for episode 271

HI Caw Crew!

Apologies, it's another week without an audio, I've got the week off work but not the time to record this morning. Been a busy week without much time playing Wow. I did manage to get onto my Undead Warlock Mortagony who dinged 35 and I ran a few battle grounds with my priest Holymortiny who dinged 21. I've been working on getting a soundboard to work by running a mini-disc via a mixer and then using the USB condenser mic but audacity not picking both up so I may have to try and see what the quality difference is between my Direct Mic and my condenser one. Anyway, not much else from me this week!

Shout out to Leeta and Tedra :)



Submission for 4-6-2012

Hello CAW Crew.

Wren here, So my week in WoW. Ill keep it pants.
I played some with my friend i recruited back into the game, went with BrewDog and company on his ulduaar drake run, and we succeeded, yay 10 man drake. Been enjoying my lowbie alts again, and collecting mounts is always fun. I love Jeppy

Now for Morgaine's portion of the email:
Decided to play some of my super low (like level 9 low) alts- a rogue and a druid. Also decided to get all of my alts on Earthen Ring's professions up, so basically spent an entire evening getting all of my toons as far up in each of their professions from crafting as I could. Now, all but one of my toons has both of each of their major professions above level 100 skill level right now. :D

Other than that, I did a lot of teaming with Wren. We played our blood elf team- the Paladin (me) and Priest (him) and got them to level 15, so we can start running some dungeons on them and training me to be a pally tank. We also played our goblins, his tanking warrior and my mage, and got them to 37/38 through Scarlet Monastery runs. It was great fun and hopefully we'll have more time to get the pairs more levels later.

Anyways, enjoy the song all!

Wren and Morgaine

For the Horde, For The Alliance for the "Oh my god I got a new mount, its so pretty."

PS: Heres our submission,a  tribute song so to say. Wish we could have found a good guitar track to go with it, but thats life.

P.P. S. Welcome back Jeppy! WE LOVE HIM

Submission for Episode 271

Hello CAW Sweeties!

Hope you all have had a great week - both in and out of game!

My weeks been abit topsy-turvy. Have had a few net issues the last 4 days :( it made doing LFR impossible but it did give me a good laugh as I haven't had that many disconnects in a very long time lol.
I struggled doing alot this week so spent alot of time hunting Poseidus, a rare spawn in Vashj'ir. It drops the Reins of Poseidus mount and I want to add this to my collection. Been going round and round in circles scanning the areas but alas no luck so far.  
Darkmoon Faire started for me Sunday so was able to get the final pet for Leeta - yay! However there is a few Transmog Sets I'm keen to get so ... here I go again!! lol
**Note when doing DMF - make sure you take 5 simple flour, coarse thread, red and blue dyes OR put them in your guild bank so you can access them once you get there.

Haven't played alot of Diablo 3 this week. I'm struggling with it - mostly I have problems with chat and really wish they would hurry up and let mods be used . Also I'm bored with it - I mean I killed Diablo at like Level 27!!! And now they make it harder but I'm doing the exact same thing!!! I don't know, I find once again I'm spending less time playing it and more time playing WoW - as it offers me alot more. At this stage I'm not giving up on D3 just not that into it!

Anyway that is about it for me - I had better get this sent as I'm cutting it very fine this week :D hehe

Huggles all round to you wonderful people - have a great week!

Hugs Leeta xoxo

PS - Totally off topic but I need some rocking Gym music - so if anyone has any good tunes they can recommend then please hit me up on twitter - Leetawow or email

PPS - Long story short - have started at a gym doing a rehab program to help my shoulder!!! So need rocking tunes to keep my pumped lol
Take care and huggles xoxo

Sorry no audio this week as diablo has claimed my soul but leeta still has my heart and mind if you see her can you ask her to give them back.

For the horde

For the alianice

For the sandgrophers

And for Diablo just letting me slay him already just die at 10% already

Sent from my iPhone
Big G

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