Monday, August 6, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 280 - Gnomescout Interpretive Dance Team

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Darlings!  I hope everyone's doing GREAT!  Here is our audio. =)  No screenshots this time...I guess Pixie didn't find anything photo-worthy this week (what's up with that, Mom??  hehehee ;)

/great big hugs!!!

Juuno & Pixiegirl

p.s.  Links!,2817,2408074,00.asp

What We've Been Doing:


I have 2 Uldum sites and 2 others, decided to get all others out of the way until I have 4 Uldum. Should be editing podcast, instead I’m digging and buying matsl.

It’s been madness. I haven’t gotten a jar in the last 12 solves!
But thanks to Jeppy, I have all the mats. I’m even carrying them on Astara
It’s Thursday night and I feel lucky

Friday morning LFR - 10k



Had a brain fart and sent mail to a toon I was just about to tranfer from a frozen account! DOH! Wait 30 days or pay a month just to send back the mail.



Hey Aprillian,

It's completely my pleasure to donate to CAW. And THANK YOU for all of the work you put into the production of getting the podcast out for all of us to enjoy. I want you to know, it is a testament to you and your co-host's good nature that you have such a range of wonderful and talented people contributing submissions into your show and the fact that they are SPECIFIC to your show. (not something they create and pass around to other podcasts) :-).  You and the gang make me laugh out loud each and every week. It's like when you go to a comedy club and you try to tell your friends the next day all the jokes that made you laugh hysterically and you can't remember them.  A couple of recent Jeppy took Rigamorty with the knocked out teeth and referenced where he was to vacation as the bad thing instead.....or your bit about Tedrah having just ONE job...or pretty much anything relating to Big G....all those things and so much more too countless to list, crack me up! So, I'll donate when I can cause the way I see it, I would have to spend a fortune hitting the comedy clubs to get the laughs and sheer enjoyment I get when listening to Cntrl Alt WoW. Take care. See you in Azeroth! D.

Hello CAW crew

I have been listening to the podcast for about a year, but have not previously written.  I am an altoholic, but only monobox.  I have just recently tried the waters of Earthen Ring, with two new new trolls, a hunter (Tashelle), and a druid (Chemier).  Both are now in their 40's.  Having enjoyed Earthen Ring, I moved my main, an 85 belf hunter named Duvessa.  With only a small name change to Duvessae, I am now looking for a guild home for her on Earthen Ring, and would love to join you all in Clan of Darkness.  Hope to see you all in game.


Voltandra goes questing

Hello Ctrl-Alt-WoW!  

I've been working through a summer cold for the past week.  While it wreaked havoc on my voice, it did provide some time off from work.  Of course that meant more WoW time!  I gave in to Voltandra's request, and split my time between her and Everrose.  Voltandra will provide her own update in the audio, but Everrose has now reached level 74 and is working through Grizzly Hills.  

I hope everyone's having a great week.  For the Clan of Darkness!

-Voltandra's player

Submission: August 6th, 2012

Hey CAW crew,
It's been a super busy week, as we open with our theater show in under 4 days. eeek! However we did manage to squeeze a tiny bit of WoW playtime in somewhere in there.
Morgaine squeeked out 2 levels on her undead Warlock so now she is finally level 58 and in Hellfire Pennisula (yay!). She also cranked out some Darkmoon Faire time and played her disc priest a tiny bit with Wren's Death Knight. Boy is it nice to have instant ques when you have a tank/heal team. Wren also successfully flipped a Swift Lovebird on the auction house, bought for 1400 gold and sold for 7000 gold. Other than the same old, same old WoW stuff, not a whole lot new with us crew. Maybe once the show is over, we will finally have more WoW time and more parody-making time. ;)
For the Horde, for the Alliance, for the "What is free time again?" players,
Wren and Morgaine

Submission for Ep 280

Hiya CAW Sweeties,

I hope this finds you all well and having a great week!

Sorry no audio for you tonight - have been busy building cupboards all afternoon /flex

Just a quick email to say have a wonderful show and hopefully will catch the live recording later tonight.

Promise will be better organised for audio next week :D

Attached picture for you Aprillian of my Iron Man Toon - she is so cute hehe

Everyone take care

Huggles Leeta xoxo

PS - Archaeology is horrible!!! Not just horrible but evil and nasty as well!! Last count I was at 567 solves with 97 being Tol'vir - no pet, no mount :(
I swear they do not exist!!!

PPS - Evil!! Nasty!!! I cannot stress it enough!!! Do not do Archaeology!! It's giving me nightmares!! But for everyone else good luck with it!! lol
Laters xoxo

better late than never

Hello all lets see it's been another busy week filled with skylanders,simcity social and babysitting my nieces and trust me I perfer the first tweo to the later got to watch both the new spider-man and batman movies over the weekend both where quite good. Bane was a awesome successor to the joker also went to my nanan's 80th and watch as a woman have a major stroke then watch as others tried not to notice her while others called the para medic and she was wheeled out I felt bringing near death to a party was in bad taste but each to their own. Got a phone call from mummy last night asking if i was at work as she heard fighting down the street and wanted to make sure I wasn't hurting anyone she knows me to well. Got to listen to a Jeppy less omgnap this week and it was awesome I am worried about a up coming epsiode as Juuno's mum will be exposed to apprilian.

For the horde

For the Alliance

For the sandgrophers

and for the lack of sleep this week as I had to cut wood with my father for four hours today and i have another night shift tonight.
Big G
Selfy with new iPhone cover as old CAW one finally broke apart I got a good 12 months out of it and still think it rocks

Rigarmorty Update Email for Episode 280

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy and Tedra!

Unforunately, no audio from me this week. I had a busy morning trying to sort out the home network so my missus could work from home on her work's laptop and it took up every spare minute I had.

It's been a busy week as usual and I got a fair bit more time on my Pally who is half a level away from 40. I've been trying to work out what I'll do once MOP hits. Thankfully, it's payday the day before the release but I'm planning to try and pre-order it. Part of me thinks I should really get my main levelled up to 90 first and then work on alts or a possible Panda. I know a lot of people will probably come back to playing some more so I'm just not sure.

Anyway, I've not got much time and you probably just started recording so until next time!




Hey Caw crew, heres this weeks audio submission from the Nekrobob's. Just two screen shots this week.

Love you all and love the show and a special happy birthday shout out to the amazing and intrepid Leeta!!!!  Yay!!!! BIG birthday hugs from Mr.and Mrs. Nekrobob

Super Loremaster

dang not another ugly tabard…. poop

Good evening Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Tedrah!

Today is a good day!

I got home from like the WORST day of work and then I saw it. On the top of the stairs. A package. Roughly the size of a widescreen LCD monitor. I blinked. Then I blinked again. Rubbed my eyes a little. Then blinked one more time. I pinched myself, not believing it to be true. Then... I fell over it! IT..... HAS........ ARRIVED!!!!!! My new laptop was here! I picked it up. I hugged it a little.... ok a lot. Then I took it and slowly unwrapped it, savouring the moment, my eyes full of excitement, or was it the tears of joy that I mistook excitement for. Either way I am having the bestest day now.

So probably while I'm listening to you guys live, I'll be frantically installing WoW and Diablo III. Hopefully it won't slow down my internet speed too much!

But now that I have my excited rant of goodness out of the way. *takes a deep breath to regain some composure* My week in WoW.

I haven't really had too much direction in what I've been doing, apart from I know I want to do something! So I'm like a kid with ADHD with a bucket full of candy! I went from Archaeology, to pet farming, to fishing, to cooking, to more archaeology, to retro raiding etc!

I guess I can give a few more details about each of those events.

So with Archaeology I've been trying to beat Leeta to getting the creeping claw pet, and I had a few 3 or 4 digsites in Uldum times, but alas, no success yet. But knowing Leeta, I still have like FOREVER to get it... so I'm not worried! Just kidding Leeta, I know you'll get it soon *stiffles a maniacle laughter*

With the pet farming, I've managed to bring my total up to 82, and it is still climbing! I have yet to get ANY of the Argent Tournament pets for either faction. And I have a wishlist the size of ... well lets just say it's very long ;o) This is one of the ones I'm not really in any rush to do before Mists of Panderia is released. Which also reminds me, I have also upgraded my account to include a copy of the Digital Deluxe for MoP. Yay me!

Next Leeta was kind enough to send me some cooking recipes. Now normally I'd just be like "Thanks" and that would be it. But of course my cooking wasn't high enough to use all of these recipes! So I started out at 100 cooking and as of yesterday I now have 525 =D I have included a screenshot of me hitting 525! Along with cooking I was leveling fishing, cause it is a efficient way of leveling cooking as well. Now my fishing is sitting just above 400 and then I got sick of it and leveling cooking by itself all the way to max!

But probably the funnest thing I did this week was some Retro raiding with Ashayo, Molly and Leeta! We managed to clear all the way through Molten Core and Black Wing Lair and it was so much fun. I was running through and going "oh I remember when...." ALL the way through. Retro raiding is good for that as well as collecting transmogging gear! I picked up 3 pieces of Giantstalker and 2 pieces of Dragon stalker. I also managed to tame Chronomagus which was amusing. We were cruising through BWL when we got to just before Chronomagus. Then Ashayo was like "let me pull the lever" and I was like "only if you get there first" as I put on my aspect of the cheetah. Then the boss comes out and I attempt to tame. The message "You cannot tame this beast" popped up on my screen. I then heard Ashayo say "Don't you need to be Beast Master to tame him?"... I then facepalmed. I was still running around in Survival spec. We then attempted to wipe, which took a while considering all our levels. Then Molly says "I've turned into a monster", and after thinking "weren't you already.... no wait that's really mean" I then saw her running down to where I was looking like a Draconoid. She didn't die, but was doing some really cool dance moves all over the floor. Kind of wishing I recorded it. but yeah, my feign death almost wore out when she returned to her beautiful troll self and I jumped back up and changed into BM spec.
Good times... good times.

I think there was some other stuff I did... but I forget what it was.

So I'll leave it here.


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