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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 283 - Retro Raiding

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Darlings!!  Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedra and ELLLLLL JEPPY!!!  And my fellow listeners!  Hello!  So...I....ummm.....well, I was..very "busy" this weekend...and...I MAY have, possibly, got..incredibly distracted...and...forgot to do an audio...  (someone please insert a Guild Wars 2 sneeze for me here, will ya?  heheheheheehe  )  No, it wasn't JUST that, but also I was working on getting the latest episode of Juuno's Corner out and some other stuff.  (I know, I'm a terrible person...I'm sorry!!)

BUT, Pixiegirl sent me something to share, so here it is!:

Hiya Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedra, Jeppy and of course all of our awesome guildies!  I hope everyone had awesome adventures in life as well as on the game

Not much happened this week it's been a little quiet & a little boring, but that's okay, can't always always live on the edge right?

Pixiegirl is maxed, now the only 85 left to finish is Mourtisha... fishing, yuck!!!
The nice thing is she only has maybe 20 points to go and she'll be done, hoping to get Phenelope done too before Mop comes out. Having a hard time with cooking for some reason guess I'll have to spend a little time farming, which I don't want to do cause that takes away from questing   That was my week in wow, Pixiegirl got all of the attention not sure she liked it though lol And I did find another daily in Uldum, Bombs Away, so in a couple of days she'll have her camel Woot!

I log onto the beta take my copy of Pixie out, try to figure out the new spells and setup, this is going to take some getting use too. Doesn't seem like much has changed with the hunter or mage, but the lock is really different! Wondering if it's just me... am I so spoiled after all this time playing her that maybe I just don't want a new setup?

I bought Junno the Mists of Pandaria Collector's Edition for her birthday, I know how much she loves doing the starting zones lol And what she has suggested is that she will do nothing but dungeons... hahahahaha! Only that would mean she would have to play once in a while, we'll see. But that would be fun... something I don't do much of so if it gets her to play so be it

And off the game news this week, well I got a call from my husband's brother.......and he told me he is planning on coming up next month. This will be an extended visit........a whole month! Don't know how many of you listened too the Life in Maine podcast that Junno & I did (back in November) but this is the same brother in-law I wanted to push from my pickup!! He came out to Nevada to help us move up here, okay I know that sounds like he was being nice right? But the move was suppose to have been an easy going trip, you know stop when we wanted (after all I hate driving all day & night anymore.) Instead he was in a hurry, and I made the wrong move by letting him in the lead (driving) with my pickup, and my son was driving a U-haul that was towing a car. My brother in-law kept running off and leaving him behind, so I fixed that by putting my son in front. Then my brother in-law got upset with me when I wanted to stop for the night, but... hey we were tired, and let me tell you driving a U-haul that doesn't want to climb steep grades wears you out. After 2,500 miles when we finely got to his town all I wanted to do was open his door and push him out! So I'm not really too happy about a months stay... thought maybe the boy's could take him out on the lake, you know fishing in the canoe! But he is my husband's brother and out of love and respect for my husband, I'll behave (well at least as much as possible

I hope everyone is kicking butt on the game and in real life

Best wishes

P.S. Shout out to Mrs Necrobob... Happy belated birthday!
And Tedra, I hope you're feeling better, and you do a awesome job with your "one job"... the chat room is a very important job!

And SO...Pixiegirl is buying me the Mists of Pandaria for my birthday (Yay! Thanks Mom!!!) and, like she said, we were discussing what we will do when it comes out.  I think we're going to start pandas on Earthen Ring with the Clan of Darkness, of course, and get them through the starting area at least, I'm dying to see all the gorgeous scenery.  After that, however, we'll probably ditch the pandas (no offense, panda lovers!) and go back to leveling up our worgen.  Our plan is to level them alllll the way up to 90.  I want to tank, and Pixie will probably make another warlock, that way she can get used to all of the warlock changes coming in the easy way, from the beginning.  We're both super excited!!  We may even do some live-streaming so...get's gonna be awesome!  Woohoo!!!

I am SO sorry I didn't get my audio done this weekend!
I really do love you guys and gals!!!
Big hugs and kisses *muah*!  
For the Alliance, for the Horde, and for wicked, naughty, distracted contributors...

Juuno of  Earthen Ring, GW2 and Rift!

p.s. Is it bad to be a game-aholic?  Like an alt-aholic, only with games?  /sigh

p.p.s. Curly, it was awesome hearing your voice last week!

p.p.p.s. I'm having sinus surgery on Wednesday...I don't think that it'll impede my ability to get my audio done for #284 though... /crossing fingers!  Love ya!!

What We've Been Doing:


Decided to use the Vial of Sands on Deepril. Astara sent it to her only to find that she needs to be 80 to use, she’s 73. Power leveled her to 75 in VH, thanks Lokwyn for looting. Once she reached 75, we went to Halls of Stone. I had a hard time finding the entrance. Then Deepril ran out of rested xp. And that made me sad!

Took Epril into BG

Mobile ah


Retro Raidin’
Mobile AH  




Leeta (audio)

Hi Sweeties,

Hope this finds you all well and having a great week both in and out of game :)

Still having problems with microphone being abit staticy or I need to adjust it as it seems abit close lol - hope it comes through ok for you.

Have attached some pics for you :-

1/ My new Pallys

2/ My Druids Lvl 60

3/ ICC run fun

4/ Me and my bug :D

Have a great show!

Huggles Leeta xoxo

PS - There will be no singing by me of the Dig Song in an audio format!! Fair too scary lol

PPS - However YMCA works really well as a tempo for the Dig Song / Trogg Song / Herbing Song / Mining Song

PPS - As you can see the Dig Song is turning out some great variants hehe
Byeeee xoxo

Hi CAW Crew,

Tarngarth here, Moonkin ordinaire, filling in for Aussieblossom. He mentioned something about his name being 'too long', and 'hard to say'.

Hopefully, Tarngarth is easier for you to pronounce. If not, feel free to shorten it to Tarn, or if that's too hard, just T. Not 'The T' I stress to add. There's a world of trouble from a certain gnome paladin if I go around calling myself that!

So, what have I been up to? Well, thanks again to Leeta, and Brudawg, I went into the Ice Cream Citadel on Friday and grabbed a whole host of achievements. I'm really enjoying the retro raid nights. Hanging out with awesome people, and clearing content. Missed out on the Twilight Drake in OS3D, but I was really pleased it went to Brudawg, for the efforts he puts in taking is through some of this older content. That drake will be mine. One day.

I've been leveling alts during the week. Totemtarn has healed his first Cata instances. Boy is it a real step up from healing in Northrend. It's no longer a case of casting Earthen Shield and then reading my Twitter feed. People actually get hurt and need healing! What's the go with that?

Guild Wars 2 dropped over the week-end, and true to form, I already have four characters. I'll be back in Azeroth on Wednesday to check out all the changes, and re-learn how to play.

Finally, I checked out the Remote Auction House today. How awesome is that! Cleared out a heap of mats from the banks of numerous characters. It all goes towards my Vial fund.

Slash moo,


Hey intrepid CaW crew, Apprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Tedra. All is well with the Nekro's. Its been a very slow week for us in game not much to report. Just a new Blood Elf hunter named Shadowhawk. Work in the props shop has been very busy and Mrs. Nekro has been under the weather so she and I have hardly played at all. Hopefully we'll have more to report next week. In lieu of a wow report please accept this pictorial real life work report  :-)

Thanks for your splendiferous podcast love you all,

the Nekrobobs
Here's some pictures of whats been keeping us busy for the last few weeks. I had to build a set of  faux marble pedestals
to match the marble decor in the Paradise Garden at the Sands Cotai Central Hotel and Casino.

We start by cutting semi circular plywood shapes that match the curve of the garden ornamentation

Big G (audio)
Not much to say this week so here’s my audio oh and I forgot to thank Leeta for her help and info on the recruit a friend front.

Greetings to all at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!  

I've been having a splendid time in and out of game this week, as I've been on staycation.  While I did spend quite a bit of time in game, I also got a lot done in the yard - including acquiring an impressive poison ivy rash.  I knew I should have leveled Herbalism.  Are there any alchemists in the chat room who could whip up a potion for me?

I've attached an audio submission from a special guest who would like to join the guild.  Voltandra may have thoughts on this, however.

Have a great week everyone, and continual thanks for a fantabulous podcast!

-Voltandra's player

Hey gang! I can't talk right now! Got 32 levels to do in 32 days to get to 85 before MOP hits! If you've seen me play you'd understand! See you in game!
Donnie (Dizinee)

Hi guys, I want to start off by saying how much I love and enjoy your podcast. I started playing WOW about 5 weeks ago after I grew tired of playing runes of magic the last 3 years.
So far I am completely in love with WOW it’s a great game.
  In the last 5 weeks iv managed to get a Pali to 46 as well as trying out different toons to see what I would like to be my main. Im currently only playing on Silvermoon but intend to switch to earthen ring so I can join your guild clan of darkness “if youll have me.”  Ive been listening to your podcast since day one I came onto wow and have recently been listening to the archived shows. After 5 weeks you guys almost seem like family to me. I have started a new toon on earthen ring named Kithrong If you guys will have me I would love to join.

Thanks Kithrong

Say no (Submission #1)
Hello there ctrl alt wow and fellow listeners,  this is Say no from Runetotem-US.  I myself am a casually serious player which enjoys raiding with my guild and getting every achievement I possibly can, including guild ones.  

I would like for you all to know how much I enjoy your show and why.  When raiding I'm a very serious player and want to experience all of the content.  I find your show to be the eye within my hurricane, in which I can enter and let down my guard before returning to the grind.  You help remind me of the casual fun side of wow that allot of times goes over looked in the raiding community.  Your view on the game provides me with new ideas of things to do for present and future gaming in WOW.

Thank you, laters

P.S. I've considered maybe starting my own podcast(that airs on stitcher) or applying to cohost on an existing show.  Any tips to get started?


MO mo momoments!

Hello everyone,
hope everyone is doing well and you remember me!
You would not forget Mo would you?!
Well I hope not.
I am sorry for not emailing in for so long, I cant even remember when I last emailed in.  I have been busy with life, life changes and of course work; work is always getting in the way of wow for me. I am also moving this week which makes things even more hectic.
I was able to log into wow for the first time in a month or so, nothing too exciting just some usual dailies on my first character motauren.  I did see some old old guildies that I used to play with over 3 years ago online which was nice to chat with them.  Wow does connect people still in my opinion in many ways.
I will not take too much of your time this week as I dont have much to write about but I do want to play more especially with the patch and expansion coming so soon.
Thank you for your great work as always and miss chatting with everyone in game and hope to be on so we can do some of our wow shinanigans.

Take care everyone,

For the pandaexpress!

Hi there,

I just started listening to WoW podcasts and am all caught up on The Instance, so I wanted to find a couple/few others.  I came across your page, but I can't find where I actually click to hear the podcast.  Do I have to have iTunes?  I'm an Android guy because I can't stand iTunes, so is there an MP3 of your broadcasts I can just download and play offline?

Many thanks,

Hi Mike!
Thanks for writing. I usually wait to reply to emails on the show but I did want to give the feed link:



G'day CAW crew,

I apologise for being so lazy the last couple of weeks and not sending in emails, but you know.... I had that thing, where stuff happens, and what's their name was there???? you know that thing!!!.... ok there wasn't a thing I was just lazy.

My week/weeks in wow.

Lately I've been practising my wizarding ways, and leveling my mage. She started out at lvl 60, and as I'm writing this email, she is 52.4% of the way through lvl 82. I have been pretty much staying in the queue and questing in between. Also I've been having ADD about which spec I should be using... so I've been using them all. Doing some leveling in frost, which I have found really effective. Especially if you get a frost fingers proc (the one that treats the enemy as frozen so your ice lance does a heap more damage). I would be getting a crit with frostbolt, then the frost fingers would proc and then my ice lance would crit and the mob would be dead within 2 seconds of starting combat. Pretty nice. Also the fact that you can use your pets ranged frost nova to get a guarenteed 2 frost finger procs. Ahh... Frost... the ultimate solo questing build.

But then I got impatient and then went fire.... and there is one rule that is absolute.... *in a deep voice* EVERYTHING BURNS!!!!!! And when you stack crit gear, you can get rolling ignites (a dot that is applied on a fire spell critical). There was one fight that I managed to break 25k single target dps... at level 74. I must have had the best rolls in the world. I'm looking forward to the Well of Eternity instance where you get a buff that increases your crit chance by 100%. <insert evil grin here>. I'm really really looking forward to seeing those numbers!!!!

And lastly I went Arcane, after I bought a whole lot of cata greens at lvl 78, and I was able to spam the one button... and get over 20k dps on boss fights and never run out of mana. Good times good times.

So yeah... that's my mage... what else have I been doing you ask? I ask myself that all the time.... cause my memory is terrible... I really should make notes but that requires effort... and as you heard from the start of my email... I'm lazy =P

THAT's right... I went on the ICC run with my hunter and we blitzed our way all the way to the lich king... and we didn't have the heals... cause the only healer was duel boxing.... Ashayo... I mean really... why can't you keep everyone alive? and decurse everyone? and do really awesome dps? and and and .... ok I can't think of anything else you need to do... but that's only 3 things... easy right? Since Ashayo wasn't quite up to outgearing mechanics, I decided to "help" out with my resto druid... I say "help" cause I think I died really early in the piece and had to get combat rezzed. but then I managed to stay alive through the rest of it and throw little heals over the raid and then we all died! The voice of reason, aka Brew Dawg, said don't release. So I didn't, and then an achievement popped up. We cleared ICC.

Well you just started broadcasting... so I should actually submit this...



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