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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 302 - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Hello CAW Darlings!

Here's our little audio...I hope everyone's doing great in and out of game this week... we love ya!!

/great big hugs & kisses!

Juuno & Pixiegirl  


Reltar ran us through OSD3 - Shhmaya has title

ran Stonecore,

Silken fields
Shhamaya hit 85, we went to Pandaria
Epril and Aprillian hit 86


  • Joined the Brawlers Guild. But Druids dps is crappy, so only won first 2 fights.
  • Trying to get quest item for alchemy trinket to drop - unsuccessfully
  • Raiding
    • Jekle - MV ; nothing. Vault of Mysteries. Tank died twice in first minute of fight. Wiped, dropped group. Requeued on Monday night and suprisingly, had a flawless run. Even won a neck piece, but sadly, one I already had. (grrr)
    • Asharmin - Tier headpeice off Sha of Fear in Terrace of Endless Springs! i482
  • Galleon - alliance hassling by flagging and standing in AoE to flag us all. Made it suspenseful and fun!
  • Dungeons
    • Did a random on my priest and made out like a bandit
      • - Neck (have to hit 88)
      • - Cloak (have to hit 88)
      • - Pants
      • - Wrist
  • Pet battles
    • Team to 9
    • Got the Rare Catch ach - an Alpine Chipmunk in Stonetalon.
    • And a Mountain Skunk and a bunch of other rares same night!
  • Hints:
    • Daily hint: Golden Lotus - Acts of Cruelty (free torture victims) - just fly into the torterers to aggro them, then fly off - freeing done!
    • Question: Where to do Test Your Strength?
  • Reps
    • Exalted with Cloud Serpents ; got my mount at last ; on both accounts , doesn't take long after revered with commendation
  • Gear
    • Jekle - enough justice to get honored ring from Golden Lotus - 467
    • Trying to get revered with Klaxxi for next upgrade - remember Wheeeeeee buff




Good Day, CAW crew!

Nothing too exciting this week. Grizzleflotz finally hit 88 and hopefully will be 89 by the time you record the show (with the help of the Darkmoon Faire merry go round).
I know that Ashayo has been in search of a mote farming spot for lowbies, and I think I have found just the place if in fact he still has lowbies. In the northwestern corner of Krasarang Wilds there is a quest hub called "Zhu's Watch". It's the place where you have to kick the npc back into town. If you complete Zhu's quests, you will eventually be given one called "Zhu's Despair". Take this quest and, if you're interested in farming, never turn it in. There are three groups of mobs nearby that spawn quickly and endlessly. They are easy to aoe down at low levels and are great for collecting motes, greens, recipes, a few blues and other stuff. I've heard of people walking away with over 100 motes after a few hours of farming. Oh, and don't tell anyone else... lawl

On a more somber note: I rolled a baby Tauren just for the purposes of joining the Clan of Darkness community. While that's not particularly sad in itself, I was very distressed to find that the tauren starting area is a sprawling mess. The questgivers are all five miles from the objective, and once I've completed it I have to slog all the way back to Clive Dunghoof, fighting stuff that respawned while I was back soothing rock elementals or pissing on campfires or whatever I was doing. It's been so long I don't even remember. I'm in Org now and hopefully things will be better in Feralas or Badlands.
I did not see Clan of Darkness in guild finder and the few times I have whispered a guild member to inquire about admission into the guild, they logged immediately even though I identified myself as somebody not unfamiliar with CAW. As a slightly socially awkward person in real life, and as a person who respects the right of other such persons to be left alone to quest, I'm not going to pester and pursue and make a general nuisance of myself.

I am left with three possibilities:

A. There is a racial bias against Tauren, even among the Horde.
B. There is some process or ritual I have to go through to join COD
C. My parole officer has contacted Tiiaa (jk)

So if anybody with the ability to "invite" is ever out and about and sees a lonely Tauren druid named "Sharavanga", he would love to become a member of the community and someday grow up to defeat the Sha of Anger.

Cheers and have a great week!

Big Steve

But I have an email!!!

Hello Ctrl Alt WoW beauties!

I don't think you want to hear my stuffy nose, so an email will do, and someone will have to read a little! It's good practice!

Now that my initial frenzy in Pandaria has subsided slightly, I have finally decided to take the Pandaren's advice and slow down a little. So, I am currently letting my farm grow a little taller. Well, it's farms at this stage.

And if I don't make an Imperial silk everyday, the world will not end. Instead, I'm taking time to play another Mass Effect 3 playthrough with the current DLC. No danger of quitting WoW, just taking a breather from frenzied activity!

Hope you are all well!


Hi Everyone

Happy New Year to you all!
I really enjoyed the 300th show. The best bit was the huge surprise when I won the World Destroyer and I would like to say thank you.
He / She (what DO you call a machine ?) has been out ever since - exploring the world as I take on World bosses, high level raids and PVPing in winning Arena teams .
Well that might be a slight exaggeration but a more down to earth answer is that we have seen a few LFRs together and done oh so many dailies.
In game Mel and I have been busy having a good time. Mel has discovered Pet battles and is battling away (no pun intended) to Max level with this wonderful giggle and squeal whenever she gets a new blue .
I am busy leveling a toon from 85 to 90 just using archaeology. I am at 87. Oh the pain of it all and now after Leeta's wonderful singing all I can think of is the Rocky Horror Show. Talk about getting a song stuck in your head. Try a movie.



PS I see you have a tweet from Zarhym . Woot

Hello to everyone at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!

I've had a busy week outside of game, but not so much inside. Did a little here and a little there on a number of toons, but nothing major. Everthorn is now level 54 and rapidly approaching Outlands, but not there yet.

Outside of game, however, I've collected two unique companion pets - sibling black 3-month-old kittens named Starbuck and Ziggy Stardust. Since they came from a group that works with feral cats in Maine, this involved a 5 hour drive to my sister's, the weekend there and then a 5 hour return trip. Much of the non-travel time has been in kitten acclimation and socialization mode. This morning I felt like I should be seeing an achievement banner pop up when each of them "asked" to be held, then purred away as I did so. I've attached a photo - Ziggy is the one with his eyes open.

During all that travel, I did have time to think of a new audio project. Not enough time actually to do it for this week, but I'll work on it for the next show. Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

Have a great week everyone - Ziggy and Starbuck send snuggles and purrs to anyone in need!

-Voltandra's player

Hello CAW-Crew,

first of all i must say thanks to you, Aprillian, for the invite into CoD my Rogue "Ekkhae" got last week.
She has reached 40 just as i write this E-Mail. (finally riding at 100%).

As i am kind of ill these last few days, i haven't gotten as much done ingame as
i woud have liked to.

My DK finished "Pandaria dungeon hero" (surprisingly that is) i thought she was done
with that some time ago, but thats where the altoholism sets in, cause i finished
Mogu'Shan Palace, the one instance she needed for the achievement, with my Disc-
Priest and it and my litlle DK never saw the heroic version until 3 days ago.
Also she finally finished the Golden Lotos Quest-line to get the Achievement there,
everything has to be in order you know. and we can't have unfilled reputation-bars
floating around everywhere.

On another note, i can't remember who had problems with the Sunsong Ranch, with the preparing
the last 4 plots last week and the Mushan that where to brake the big stone, but here is the way it works,
at least the way it works for me every time:
When you have the farmer telll you to meet him/her at the farm to get the work done to get the respective
plots freed up, you go over, then the event starts of preparing the new plots and a BUFF/DEBUFF whatever
you want to call it is started on your character that is 15 mins long. Once that is done, go back to the farm
and the plots are freed up. What i have found out is that you have to go get the "countdown" started that starts
once the NPC starts working on your farm Weed-kiling, Cart-repair or Stone-braking respectively.

As for the professions Shhamaya should do - IMHO!! -- i would let her do proffessions that loose the most value
over the corse of the expantion-cycle. Let me explain: If you want to do do something you can use the longest time
over the corse of the expantion with the least loss of value, i would do Jewelcarfting for once and then if you want
to do it with the same toon do mining too to support that. If not, you could do Enchanting, because you do not need
any gathering profession to support it, that is, once you have it at max lvl. though it would not be such a hard time
to get it done with all the low-lvl stuff you and Aprillian get on your lower toons :). You should give it a thought
because, again IMHO, the other professions, incl. leatherworking, you need to craft new gear every Tier-level!!
With the JC-profession you do not need to learn new gems, until the epics get added and if you don't get those its
not as bad as if you are 2 gear-tiers behind when you raid or come up against the last tier-lvl mobs that are to be
fought in Pandaria.

Enough from me for now, have a nice week all of you and i'l see you in game.

Grand Nagus

P.S.: The commendations you guys talked about in one of the last shows , the once you buy with the vendors of the
rep-factions, they are ACCOUNT-BOUND not battlenet-account-bound!! read the tool tip and it tells you that:
"Unlocks 100% bonus reputation gain with <faction> for all characters on this account."

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy and Tedra,

Hope your Christmas and new year went well!

I've had a fair bit of Wow time in over the holidays mainly doing dailies and I started up two Warriors an Undead and an Orc which are proving to be a lot of fun! Both are around level 20. I'd like to be dual boxing but perhaps when I eventually upgrade my old clunky system.

Not much else to report, just busy back at work and putting things together for my first Blight Night of 2013 which'll be out in a week or two.


Rigarmorty x

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all doing well in and out of game.
I am sending an email because I actually was able to get some playing time! I know amazing :)
I played a few times with my priest Moheal and warrior Motauren. Just the initial pandaria quests. I cant believe it takes 13 million to level up! I dont want to think of how much it takes to level up to max level, which I seriously forgot what that is, are we up to 90 no?
I smelled a patch coming but know nothing about it. Hope you all talk about it :) as I do not want to go read about it.
I love how I can play every once in a while and the game is still fun even a few hours at a time. At this pace Aprillian will have many max level characters than I will ever have and that is ok, I think :)

Hope everyone has fun and until next time!

For the Newb but not newb!

Hey CAW crew!
Morgaine here. Wren is upstairs sleeping already (he has to work super early, while I work night shift tomorrow). This week in WoW we've been busy doing dailies together, getting our reps up and enjoying slaughtering Hozen and other baddies in the WoW world.
Wren was so happy today to finally reach 100,000 gold on a single toon by making some super sales on the auction house- mostly via Darkmoon Faire cards.
I (Morgaine) have been tirelessly trying to level up my skills on my main to hopefully get the achievement without going crazy- even fishing (I'm up to 507 fishing on her...almost there! Only 93 more skill ups!) I'm maxed Alchemy and Herbalism, super close to max cooking and First Aid. So once I crank out those fishing skills I'm gonna go back to the lowbie zones to actually get around to doing Archaeology (which I have only done 25 skill ups on another toon- doh!).
The two of us also have been enjoying doing scenarios and getting some slight upgrades in gear. It has been a busy week, so hopefully this week will be more calm and allow for more WoW time. ;)
For the Horde, for the Alliance, for the "die you evil punting mountain monkey!"
Morgaine and Wren

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness
Hey gang! Heres this weeks audio. Take care.

Encore Presentation of Wren and Morgaine's Rolling Through the Keep!

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