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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 321 - Thaaaaanks Leeta!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno and Pixiegirl

Hello Darlings! I'm heading out of town in just a few hours but made sure I got my CAW done first!  hehehehe!  We had SO much fun last Friday, OMG!  Here are a couple of screenshots and our audio is in the dropbox...

Love ya!!

/great big hugs & kisses!

Juuno & Pixiegir

What We've Been Doing:


So I have to suck up to Tina Mudclaw

Logged into Auruk and she was 8,699,999 and dinged 86
Green Fire Quest



Pandas / Pet Battles / Alliance / /PvP / Noooooooooooooo!



Leeta (audio)
Helloooooo Sweeties,
I know... 2 weeks in a row for an audio :D
Have a fabulous show!
Love Leeta xoxo

PS - Shout out to Juuno - hope you are having a fantastic time away :)
PPS - Group huggles :D coz we can NEVER have enough hehe
Byeeee xoxo

Big G (audio)
Sorry not much to report this week hopefully Jeppy is feeling better and I got to talk to his son the other day told him to spend all Jeppys money but he said he couldn’t as Jeppy had him doing herb runs

Kurly (audio)

Hey guys and gals!

First off, just want to say how much I love the show!  I have been listening for a while now.  The most memorable show is probably the new years… "it was funnier in my head"!    I think that is what made me continue to listen… you guys (and girls!) make me smile.  So when I am listening to your show on my hidden headphone at work and i'm smiling to myself?  I am just dying to tell people "it was funnier in my head".  But if I did that?  I would probably be sent home, on the basis that I may be a little crazy.  Hmmm… thinking about it… that could mean more WOW time!? - I may consider it ;)  But seriously… kudos on the show, I love it.  I am a little bit of an 'altoholic' myself.  3 EU accounts and 1 US account.  I spend most of my time on the EU servers, and right now I am a exactly half way to getting my Horde toon to 90.  (normally  play Ally (do not hate, lol), so gonna get the achievement for both sides… woo!) I am sure I logged on today and my toon had automatically gained 3 bars, without me playing!   I had one kill left to hit 89, and I wouldn't just leave it like that, so I am sure I didn't just leave it like that.  Strange.  Not that I am not complaining at all.  Maybe I am playing in my sleep or something!?  Aaaanywhoooo!  I digress.  Love the show!  WOW entertainment at its best!  Please don't stop ;)


Maggrathea (audio)

Hello, all!
I made another audio this week for your enjoyment. Well, I hope you enjoy it anyway... If not, pretend you do to make me feel better, right?

Aprillian, I would be happy to do an interview. I don't know how interesting I'd be, but what the heck, boring people play many alts too. *wink*

I do hope that Mister Jeppy is taking it easy and not pushing himself too hard. Glad you're home, sir, now just mellow. We miss you, but we want you to recuperate safely and fully.


Hi CAW kids!

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to the Friday night raid crew for the fun night last week in Ulduar & the other 25-man raids. Was so cool to revisit older content and also see more of Ulduar, which I've never been through before.

I've been tagging along on my DK, and since I don't play her outside of the Darkmoon dailies, her dps leaves a LOT to be desired! I'm very happy to be included, despite my suckage. :) Hopefully I'll get my mage leveled by next week, since I didn't get enough playtime this week to make it happen. It'll be fun to know what I'm doing instead of poking a button and being surprised like I do on the DK. Ha! At least she's pretty to look at - lol.

Anyhoo, you're all wonderful and it's been fun to hang out and see the content. Leeta, you give such wonderful, clear instructions! The awesome accent is an added bonus - love it! Juuno and her mom are a hoot, and everyone is really helpful and fun. I stay quiet, which as Befreit will tell you, is much better for everyone. :) (Oh - it's pronounced "be-FRIGHT" - German word meaning 'freed') Also, I have NO clue how Aprillian manages two toons in those dungeons...even above-level I have a hard enough time keeping track of just one. Kinda amazeballs. :)

Looking forward to ICC - I've been through the first 10 bosses but then tired of raiding and never went back to finish. It'll be great to see it through, even this late in the game.  

I guess this note isn't so quick - sorry! Sending positive thoughts and healing prayers to Jeppy - hope to hear him again soon. He has such a great attitude - it's really inspiring.

Take care!

Restlys the DK
Kezzee the mage

Hey guys,

I won't be playing much this weekend as we're off on a little road trip in the morning to visit friends in Tennessee. I've been splitting WoW time with SWTOR anyway, but since 5.3 I've felt like getting more up to speed on my mains and doing current stuff again. I had been trying to level my CAW hunter Marskothar; I'll pick up with him again in the upcoming weeks.

I think Summer will be a SWTOR summer. I like the Jedi I've been leveling with the Ootini gang. I might finally subscribe in the next month. The only problem is  that SWTOR must be played on my desktop and there is a bit of a territory battle with the old lady over the desktop. We'll see. I laid off playing League of Legends for that reason.

Anyway, much love to everyone. Long days and pleasant nights.


Grand Nagus (audio)


Beware the Fel Reamer...

Hello friends of CaW, Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Tedra (and of course this weeks special guest)

Just a short note this week to say all is well here at the house on the hill. Professor Nekronomicon is finally exalted with the Black Prince. Strangely there was no fanfare or achievement notice like there is when one becomes exalted with other factions. Has anyone else noticed this?
We were hoping to hang with the raid group this Friday night but we have to go to Hong Kong on Saturday so we will be out of town. Perhaps we can participate next week :(

Hellsangel has been pet battling her way through Outland and dodging the Fel Reavers, well... most of the Fel Reavers. They tend to faze in just after a tough pet battle and stomp all over you. She's only level 75 so the big noisy buggers are still quite a threat as indicated by the screenshots below.

Big hugs to all our incredibly fun, generous and talented guildies. Heaps and heaps of thanks to our favorite podcasters for producing such a wonderful show. It gives us all a home where we can play together, chat, contribute informative or whimsical content and enjoy a good listen every week to people who love what we love, playing WoW.

And remember undead love is forever...

OOps.. Death by Fel Reaver can be a little embarrassing

However, Revenge always gives me a good chuckle

Big Steve (audio)

Hi there, oh wondrous, talented and well-groomed CAW crew!  I haven't submitted an audio in a while, and while I was putting this one together I remembered why:  I tend to be extremely long-winded.  I cut four minutes from this one and it's STILL too long.  I hope that you'll find it at least mildly informative and amusing.  It was fun to put together.

Clan of Darkness FTW!

Big Steve

Good morning, Aprillian, Jeppy, Ashayo, and Tedrah
Feel free to read the audience the abridged version, it’s a bit of a long email.
It’s been a good long while since I last sent anything in to you guys. There’s a reason for that. I’ve been living in the boondocks of Indiana taking care of my wife’s grandparents since January of 2012. I’ve recently started a new job and finally have bought a house closer in to the city. This means I will be upgrading from 512k satellite internet to 50mb Comcast service within a month. I can play games online again!
That being said, I’ve also been playing a lot of other games, and tried most of the other mainstream MMO’s available, and came to the realization that WoW was the only game that could hold my attention for more than a week, after all, I played for over 6 years non-stop, so I uninstalled all the others and am going to only be playing WoW as far as MMO's go. I'm a big FPS (shooter) fan and play some Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, and Borderlands 2 as well. I know you all have a lot of alts, and I have a terrible case of altaholism, having hit the toon cap on my account about three times, but I had managed to get my original Undead Rogue to 85 shortly after Cata launched and around 40 days played before hitting any level cap ever, and quit playing about 4 months before Pandaria released, and actually just upgraded to panda land last night (5/23). My client was still downloading last night after about 27 hours and was at 66% so it should finish today (512k internet). I did manage to hop into Earthen Ring and create my Panda Monk, Yeiro however. I’ll be sure to find you guys once I leave the starting zone.
Oh! And i've been getting some Monk inspiration from watching this YouTube series of a guy playing his monk 1-85 in a montage style format with commentary. It's worth a look.
And finally, Pet battles! Wow! I had missed a ton since I’ve been gone. There appears to pokemon in my WoW, and I love it! I’m thrilled to see the plethora of pets put to use after having them traipse along by me uselessly for so many years. And that new UI? Wow. A lot has changed. I can’t wait to get into the game and spend some time with all of you! Have a great show and a great week! Talk to you again in a week!
-     Acefisher1
o   Twitter - @eG_Acefisher1

Well hello there CtrlAltWow peeps. Arn't you sounding dapper today. My name is Reprint (aka SYCP) and I hail from the far off relm of silvermoon. And after careful consideration and deep thought I would like to confess the following: (Ah Hem *clears throat) I am an Altohalic...I know what you are all thinking (how can this be) well I am new to wow my main just dinged 53 my highest lvl so far. Sound normal for a noob right. Well the truth is I have 11 other toons I like to play on and have deleted a few I did not like. They range from lvl 1 about 5 level 10 and 3 in there 20's and a level 41. As you can see I love making alts. Experimenting with races and classes. Now that you know about me, I'd like to say thank you for the awesome podcast it helps to fill the void I have in my soul when I am forced to take those 8-9 hr breaks in between wow (aka work) I listen to a plethora of pod cast and you (CtrlAltWow) are by far my favorite. Thank you so much for letting me cyber stalk you all :) you guys are amazing...
With love and respect
@sycp on Twitter
Reprint from legacy of the fallen on us server silvermoon
Ps does this qualify me for COD? Lol
Pps sorry for any or all typos :)

Clan of Darkness
Donnie (audio)
Hey Gang!!!! Three day weekend for us Yanks! Hope everyone is enjoying 5.3!!
You all are awesome!!!

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