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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 322 - na na na na na na na na na Bat mount

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Darlings! So sorry, I've been super extra crazy busy this week and didn't have time to get an audio done!  (I'm getting ready for an amazing, big trip next week...going to the Midwest Haunters warned...creepy instagrams are sure to be coming to twitter & Facebook from me...hehehe <=D  OH, Jeppy, by the way, you sounded just wonderful on the last CAW!! I hope your'e doing better and honestly...I cannot believe you made a GNOME MONK!  Hehehee...that is just hilarious! I love it.  I'm so sorry I can't make the Saturday raid with you!  As it is, I'll probably end up missing Friday's as well...I still have so much to do....argh!  And Ashayo's story last week about the Holy Paladin in the dungeon...oh my gosh...I was giggling SO hard I had tears running down my face... at work!!  LOL! Thanks Ashayo! Okay, I've gotta go, but here's an email from Pixie!:

"Hiya Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah, & our Eljeppy!

It's so good to have you back with us, but you must rest and take it easy NO over doing. We want to keep you this time for ever!

Well last week we raid our ongoing Friday nights raids, this time we had 4 that skipped out on us. Two went on vacation & one had to work and the other fell a sleep! Okay not going to call names or point fingers you know who you are lol Guess there is a life outside of Wow, and yes it sometimes has to win over playing our game :)

But Tedrah & Kurly joined us this time, really surprised me that Tedrah didn't hand Kurly a bar of soap lol  No clean tag there, poor Leeta recorded it for Juuno but after hearing bits & peace's not so sure Juuno wanted to try edited it lol

Leeta is a awesome raid leader my hats off to her I'm sure were a hand full at times, but she takes her time very patience & understanding. Thanks to her we have gotten a lot more achievement's, I'm even up too 156 dungeons & raids!   

I also transferred my hunter over, her name is now Suling a Panda very cute Panda I must say. And now she is a level 90, Pontis helped me with that last five bars and they went a lot faster. I liked playing the Panda so much, started working on my baby Panda monk and she should be level 30 by the time you do the show. Can't believe how fast she is leveling and I'm out of the rested stage but thanks to Ashayo I'm doing the Panda daily & wow does it help!

Well for tonight it's Friday woot! So this is what Mata has planned for us:

Onyxia 25 man
Obsidium 25 man
Ulduar five bosses left
Lich King five bosses left

So if you can please come and join us, we would love to have you :)

And for Saturday start time is 12 noon eastern time, Black Temple, you can sign up in game on the calendar or just show up :)
Anyway I want to give a huge shout out too all of Clan of Darkness, wow you have been a very busy group!  Achievement's, achievements & more achievements way too & Congrats!

We also now have Big Steve yep he joined us, welcome Big Steve glad to have you. And can't wait to hear more audio's from you really enjoyed last week!

Love & hugs
PS Hope everyone is kicking butt in real life, like you've been kicking butt in the game :) "
p.p.s. Great big hugs & kisses from Juuno too!  
p.p.p.s. Love ya!!! xoxox!

What We've Been Doing:


Finally got Tina to like me.

Took Astara out to Mistfal Vill to do that leveling trick Reltar mentioned and got her to 87, lesser charms dropped
Took Astara digging and didn’t get any Archeology Fragments. Was it because we were in Jade Forest?

Two Brews of the month? And why am I even still getting it.
Saw PG new mount
Completing original August Celestial
Spirits of the Crane

Did Blood in the Snow Scenario:
Farming issues


Went a little overboard on the Northern Barrens event. Did the weekly quest on 5 toons this week! Bought a nice upgrade for most toons and a couple of the Gahz’rooki pets! Note that you get the title “Darkspear Revolutionary” by doing the prerequisites for the weekly.
Grinding the normal mobs is good for collecting lesser charms, and multiboxing is fine because all toons get the quest items. But the fastest way to do the weekly is to follow the groups to kill the commanders.
The other option is looting the Overturned Kor'kron shipment, but they are mostly hard to find, as they only sometimes appear on the map.
- Alliance priest now 44
- Monk now
Heart of Fear Raiding
- One shot first two bosses.
- Wiping on big bug. Damn annoying to heal - everyone is so spread out. Got him down on last go of night by a monk sacrificing himself.

Pet hunting - Tempest Keep. Mini Voidwalker
SSC - None!
Naxx - Fungal Abomination.
Finally got Mr. Bigglesworth!!

Clan of Darkness raiding

ty Kittyfox - Lil' Bad Wolf




Neconomicon (audio)

42 Tim Tams baked in a pie?

Hello delightful friends of CaW, Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Tedra (and this weeks special guest if we have one)

It has been a fantastic week for the Nekrobobs because we got to meet one of our fantastic guild friends in the flesh. None other than the intrepid Mr. 42
We met with him in Hong Kong for dinner and drinks at one of our favorite Irish pubs. He is an awesome guy, quick to smile, very kind and full of super fun energy. He's an excellent example of the wonderful people we have in our guild.
We talked and laughed for about four hours discussing wow and work, family and friends. The drinks were cold and the burgers were hot and tasty. For dessert We ordered apple pie with custard. We were very excited about the pie as non of us had had apple pie in a good long wile. However, just as we were about to dig in to the delicious pie my wife, Suzy, noticed that it was moldy. In fact all three slices of pie were heavily spotted with green mold. I shudder to think how sick we might have gotten from eating that terrible moldy pie. I mean really, who's gonna eat moldy pie, yuck! Luckily the waitress was a friend of ours so she was able to get us a 50% discount on the bill :)

After dinner we walked 42 back to his hotel to bid him goodnight. He gave us some souvenirs from his home and a delicious packet of Tim Tams. (Mmmmmmm Tim Tams)
It was such a pleasure meeting him. He's really is an awesome person. We look forward to seeing him in game soon after he arrives home as he hasn't been able to play wow for almost three months. (wow withdrawal anyone?)

As members of the enormously massive WoW community people of like minds and hearts tend to gravitate together into little groups called guilds. We communicate in guild chat, with skype and vent, through podcasts and websites. Our guild is spread all over the planet and the game of WoW is the

Aside from meeting Mr. 42 its been a slow week in game just pet battles, farming, doing dailies and working on getting my Rogue, Lastkiss to level 90. You know, the usual fun stuff we all love to do.

Much love and many thanks for your delightful podcast you guys and gals are truly the best.

and remember undead love is forever…

Here are a few screenshots… er I mean pictures of the Nekros and 42

I've also included an audio submission for this weeks show :)

Say cheese...

Waiting for pie :D

Mmmmmm… Yummy Tim Tams

Big Steve (audio)
Hey there, most intelligent, gracious and all-inclusive CAW crew!

I've been so busy this week I haven't had much time to be in-game.  In fact, I barely had time to finish this week's audio.  Hopefully I'll be able to slot enough free time to join in on one of the COD guild runs very soonly.

Much Love,
Big Steve

P.S.  Jeppy, I know you're still recuperating, so I'll just be patient and wait as long as I have to for WoWcast episode #3.

Hallo, all!
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hi. *grin*
It's been a rough week (we lost our 16 year old kitty and one of my friends this week - cancer sucks!), so I've not been on as much as I'd like... and I didn't have the time to put together an audio. So, this'll have to do.

I think the only thing I've really accomplished this week is getting my monk, Maggrathea, into Outlands. I've hit level 62 as of this morning... YAY FOR FLYING!

Oh! My hunter, Meistara, joined in on the fun with Pixiegirl, Leeta, Mata, Big G, Kittyfox, Pontis, and the rest of the gang on some raiding tonight. FUN FUN FUN! There were sooo many of us, it was AWESOME!  There may have been some recording, but I don't know how much of it can be used.... there was a lot of "clean tag" reminders!  Anyway, thanks to you all for all the achievements!!

Well, I'm off... gotta get some rest before we hit Black Temple tomorrow morning!

Greetings CAW crew, guests, and CoD members,

I did a bit of running the last couple weeks, but none of it was in game.  Instead we took a family vacation to see family in other towns. Between the travel and the modern day early '90s tech, I had no access to the internet other than sporadically on my phone. I will say that it did increase my Twitter usage, though!

I was hoping to raid tonight, but the weather rained on my parade. I was blown away by the multitude of folks who joined in and who got the "I Choose You Something Something Something" achievement (I may be paraphrasing a bit there). Thankfully I was not blown away by the weather!

I just wanted to take a moment to encourage those who haven't yet raided with us--whether they are hard-core or total noobs--to come out and join us for the fun!

We've got a great raid "Leeta" to direct us.

The tank is pretty awesome too, if "Juuno" what I mean!

With all the 90s, we're rarely in "Jeppy"dy of dying.

I don't know if you "Kit-ty-fox" pet to drop, but some pet might.

Every now and Phenelope we wipe, but we always have a good time. And G, isn't that what really Matahorns!

Come and see what's Pontap for our raid next week, our even later today if you are listening live.

So quit watching reruns of  "Legend of the Zikar" and come laugh so much it makes you Dizinee!

You may not be hard core, but you can be a Mooknightau as a raider!

Gotta run!

For the Horde! For the Alliance! For the family! For no more tornados!

Liteharted and his many alts

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Crew!!!

Too many kids hanging around to record today, but I wanted to send you a quick 'hello!'

Love hearing of your exploits in the raids - maybe I'll have to come along one day!

I'm afraid I'm pet battle mad. Trying to fish up carp, even seem to have to head into Zul-Gurub heroic to get my little dinosaur from questing in Stranglethorn long ago.

But this new PVP pet battle weekly has me stumped.  I guess I do not have the correct pets leveled to 25 to beat others at this game. Or I just suck as much at pet PVP as I do at normal PVP.

Any tips any of you other brave collectors and champions have would be much much appreciated!

Much love,


Hello CaW folks,
I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and making great progress in WoW. I have been quite busy in and out of game lately. I managed to get online a few times since last week’s submission and made a lot of progress despite playing a new race, class, and after missing so many changes. My Pandaren Monk, Yeiro, is now level 24, and possibly close to 30 if I get to play at all tonight.  I am shocked at how fast you level through the lower levels, and the bonus XP available to Monks, and particularly panda monks, is incredible! The only problem is that I can’t quite keep any professions up with my level as I’m leaving zones before I have enough opportunities to herb or skin, so I’m leaving those on the backburner from here out, until possibly 85.
I was also shocked by the inflation in the economy. It was amazing to me to see level 25ish helms going for well over 200G and herbs and cloth seem to have actually dropped in price a bit from what I remember.  That being said, I did manage to do enough skinning and herbing to bring in about 150-200 gold by level 24 from selling what I gathered while questing.
I’ve been doing a wee bit of pet battling, but not too much as I’ve been really focused on actually leveling my Monk in the limited play time I have available. I’ve really changed a lot and I think I’ve kicked my alta-holism a bit. I’m currently on the final week of a 12 week bodybuilding program, and it’s really helped me in my commitment to completing things I start, and sticking to my schedule Over the course of the past 12 weeks, I’ve dropped 45 pounds and gained a ton of endurance. This is a link to the workout program I’ve been following, and I’d encourage everyone to take a look, and give it a try. It’s amazing how much better I feel, and I noticed the results even after just 1 week. . Based on that, I’m going to use a similar program with WoW. I’m going to be getting on at least 5 days a week and playing for 1-2 hours depending on my schedule, and not quit until I hit max level on my Monk. If you don't see me online for a couple days, feel free to tweet at me and bug me to keep me motivated. I would very much appreciate that!
Finally, I’m really excited to get this monk max leveled and start doing some endgame content with all of you. Until then, I’m probably going to be doing a lot of dungeon queuing and possibly even some PVP. If anyone is interested and has a character around my level when you see me online, let me know if you’d like to join me for some dungeons!  
Have a great week, and I hope to see you all in Azeroth!

Rogueslayer (audio)

Hello to all the hosts and listeners of Ctrl-Alt-WoW!

I've mentioned before that when I hit 90 on a toon, I then go into a haphazard style of play for a while. Since Narendra reached 90 a couple of weeks ago, I've been all over the map.  Voltandra's not even speaking to me at this point, it's been so long since I've taken her anywhere interesting. The distraction's been so great, I totally missed last week's recording! What's a girl to do?

Since I couldn't coax Voltandra to the mic this week, I've attached an audio of my own. I hope you enjoy it!

See you all in game,

-Voltandra's player

Big G (audio)

Lets see this has been a real up down week for me I have more time to play but less hours of works so here’s my audio

Grand Nagus (audio)

Hello CAW Crew,

Here is my Audio for this week,

i got a mistake to clear up i was saying in the Audio, that you only get skill points until 525 for digging,
but that's not true, you get digging-skill-points all the way through to 600,  only the skillpoints for solving
stop at 525, just wanted to make that clear., sorry for the mistake.

Have a great show.

Grand Nagus

Leeta (audio)
Dearest CAW Sweeties,
You all know what time it is? Yes... It's group huggles time! /squeeeeeee :D
Sending everyone big huggles - may there always be sparkly goodness for everyone!
Have sent in a little audio of today's Clan of Darkness raiders! Spent over 2 hours editing to get 6 mins worth of fun audio for you AND I've only covered us doing Onyxia and Sarth 3D - oh boy editing is FUN!! NOT!! lol
Anyway I hope you all enjoy as this is my very first attempt at trying to do a proper edit!
Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love Leeta xoxo
PS - I did have a busy WoW week but I will tell you about it next time :)
Byeee xoxo

Shout Outs & Thank You

Leralond donation

Clan of Darkness

Donnie (audio)
Hey Gang! I will be sending a list of the classy portion of this segment from work later on to put in the show notes.
I failed to send it to my home e-mail so look for it separately ok. Take care.
You all are awesome!!
Stay Classy list:
Orc Rogue:
Valkwin 81
Deepril 77
Monkeyfist 27
Rango 20
Sweatness 17
Surprise 13
Orc Monk:
Spyka 32
Urumaz 9
Troll Shaman:
Prillian 83
Kithleen 46
Merrychristy 32
Shangofon 20
Shamwow 15
Spearit 85*
Troll Monk:
Rastabob 28
Jelan 15
Bloodelf Warrior:
Conflicted 50
Voltessa 44
Trufflepuff 34
Thetrudevil 33
Lortherian 30
Shelun 27
Nosslew 9
Diamondog 3
Bloodelf Monk:
Elviray 18
Kali 17
Brassmonkey 14
Dhuriel 1
Undead Monk:
Vanali 59
Maggrathea 58
Panda Mage:
Panda Warrior:
Matanorria 42
Flufflepaw 22
Maysian 13
Aagnes 12
Panda Rogue:
Lunna 13

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