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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 326 - Post Nerdtacular 13 edition!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Darlings!  Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Tedra! And all our awesome guildies, contributors and listeners!  I hope you're all doing GREAT in and out of game this week...hehe.  Pixie and I are doing alright...unfortunately I don't have an audio for you this week (I'm sorry!) Mom is on "summer break" as my oldest brother and his family are up visiting her right now, so that's good.  No WoW for her for the next couple of weeks, she said... <=(  And I ended up taking last week off...didn't do any editing or playing...but I have a good reason also!  I'm working on my own little studio!  =D  Once I get it all done, I'll be able to shut the door to do my recording when I need to...yay!  It'll be fabulous!  So I hope you don't mind too much.  I know that Matahorn still carried on with our wonderful CoD Friday Night Guild Run, so that's awesome!  (thank you Mata!!!) I know Pontis was there (Hi Pontis!) but I'm not sure who else was able to join.  So...yeah....summer break has hit and messed up our schedule a little, but no worries, we'll be back soon!  Not this Friday, and possibly not even next Friday, but not too much longer.  Also, I should be able to get an episode of J&P out this week as well... <=D

Alright, off to catch some zzz's....

Great big hugs & kisses! *muah!*
We love you guys AND gals!
For the Horde, for the Alliance, and for summer break!!

Juuno & Pixiegirl of Korialstrasz and Earthen Ring

What We've Been Doing:


Dinged 86 doing pet battles with Prillian

Doing pet battles in Shadowmoon Valley
Staying online while away from computer by dropping in on level 69 mobs

I love the way the pets come out at the end as if they are taking a bow

XP on lower level toons


Got 15 pets to level 10 - [Pro Pet Group]
Immediately opened up Pro Pet Crew - 30 pets to 10! DoH!
Need Critter and Flying for [No Favorites]

Mage hit 88
Monk hit 60, still just doing dailies
Raiding - Got down Wind-Lord despite weird things happening with crowd control breaking.
Working on Amber-Shaper


Lots of collecting
Pet Battles Continue
Love a leaderboard
Behind the Avatar

This is the link for 1 to 25 in 9 fights.


Midsummer Questing

Hello to everyone at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!

Midsummer Fire Festival will have closed by the time of the podcast, and I had fun running toons of different levels through the quests. In the attached audio, the three "Volts," Voltandra, Voltessa and Voltantrum, talk about their Midsummer experiences. It's a little bit longer than Voltandra's usual submission, but I hope you'll just consider it as making up a little for missed episodes.

Enjoy yourselves, everyone - see you this week at the Darkmoon Faire!

-Voltandra's player

Hello CaW crew!

Just wanted to write in and give a short update on things. I played a very little amount of WoW this week as my attentions were on other games I hadn't been able to play with bad internet for the past year. The Lord of Hell in particular had his claws into me. I was playing a large amount of Diablo 3 this week and even managed to make some real money doing it. D3 has a Real Money Auction House, and you can send money you sell items for to paypal, or straight to your Blizzard account balance to buy in game items, real plushies, or even game time. So i've been working on making that a "part time job" in that I can make a few dollars while having a good time, and that's working out quite well.

I did manage a bit of progress on my Panda Monk, however. I managed to get Yeiro to level 50. I will probably manage a little bit of time on him this weekend as well. Although, I am headed to the wine trail in Michigan for a few tastings and a stop into Founder's Brewery in Grand Rapids on Saturday with some friends to refill my panda brew kegs (I won't be smashing any of these!) and have a few delicious cigars with a good friend. So not too much WoW is likely to happen.

Anyway, hope you're all doing well and having good summers. I'll be sure to try to make to a live show and be in the chat sometime soon.

- Dan

Dynamic Duo FTW!!

Helloooo Sweeties,
Here's my audio :) have an awesome show!
Huggles galore
Love Leeta xoxo

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, ElJeppy and Tedrah,

Here is my audio for the week, a little shorter then usual, i hope you can forgive me,
i promise to do better again in the future.

Grand Nagus.

P.S.: I really liked the interview Leeta did with our ElJeppy on ...... her show.
I hope this isn't a pattern to follow, all the contributers doing their own shows now,
i don't think the world is ready for a show by Big G or, god help us, ME!!!

Cya all.


Hello once again C.A.W crew

First of all i wanna say congrats to all my fellow Zookeepers. Kinda funny that now that WoW has its own version of Pokemon nobody in my guild thinks I'm the crazy pet guy. OK maybe they still do, but they kinda see a purpose in all my pet wrangling. Now that I've acquired 520 or so unique pets I'm just glad i no longer need to fill my bank slots with critters or explain why I'm not looting anything cuz my bags are full of "lucky" pets.

Anyways enough of the pet stuff. A couple of weeks ago I decided to start up a couple of horde characters since I've never had a chance to see the WoW story unfold from the horde point of view (at least not since pre-burning crusade). Boy have I missed out on a lot of cool lore just focusing on the alliance and I think I've found a new favorite race in the Trolls. My only real complaint is that even without heirlooms I think leveling is a little too fast. It's already time for me to set out through the dark portal and i didn't even get a chance to finish questing on Kalimdor. I am starting to get a little lonely since i couldn't convince my buds to join me on the dark side, but hey it's their loss right?

OK before I head back into SSC for the umpteenth time (stupid Coilfang Stalker) I just want to say that I really look forward to C.A.W. every week and you guys are awesome. Also mad props to Juuno and Leeta for their podcasts. They are excellent additions to the WoW podcast universe =)

Stay away from da voodoo


Clan of Darkness

Here you go gang! It was great seeing so many guildies on this 4th of July weekend.
Thanks to Pontis, Tedra, Melindraya, Matahorne. and Zikar for taking me and Lisa through AQ40 on Friday night!
It was a bit hectic for us because I didn't have a mic and Lisa couldn't hear me cause she had her headphones on with a mic. And we forgot to empty bags. Sheesh!
Lol Its all on me, I was totally unprepared. We will be next time so thanks gang for running us through!
Take Care!

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