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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 331 - The Burdens of Shaohao

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno & Pixiegirl

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Darlings!  I had a terrible thing happen this past week...I went to find my audio from last Friday night's raid so that I could edit it (including the CAW that we did at the end of it) only to discover that...IT WASN'T THERE!!!!  For some reason it didn't record when it said it was recording!  It was just heartbreaking as we had had such a blast that night with such a great bunch of people and it's just all gone.... /sad.  But Pixiegirl quickly compiled an email for us for this week and saved the day (thanks Mom!) so here it is...

"Hiya Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy, Tedra, and all of our wonderful, awesome, amazing guildies & listener's :)
Well I hope it's been an awesome week for all of you, it has for me, it's been busy but fun. The weather has been a little chilly which is fine, it's only going to get colder soon so for now I'll enjoy this weather :)
Didn't know I was going to wind up doing an email this week, some how Juuno's recording went out the window from last Friday! Dang it, we had fun and it's was a pretty good recording if I say so my self, even with a few of us sipping on rum!
(Me not included in that statement just so you know lol)
Plus we had a couple of surprises along the way.... and by that I mean that Lisa, Donnie & Grand Nagus joined in on the fun :)
Always nice to see Grand Nagus, and wow I love Lisa, she is one beautiful spirit, and yes Donnie... you're not so bad your self! hehehe
We backed up a little this time because we had a few 80s with us but that's what we're all about, the way I look at it we'll get to higher level raids when we get there. But it's more fun hanging with our amazing friends and having lots of laughs... I'm happy with that!
So we did our normal two runs 25 man Obsidium Sanctum  no mount yet :(
                                                 25 man Onyxia
Then we did                             25 man Ruby Sanctum
                                              25 man Naxxramas
Juuno got Mumble for us... so far, so good, I think it's going to work better then Skype so if you don't have it, get it! That's, download the client and follow the directions. If you have trouble there is always someone that can help (Pontis! hehe) You will need the port number and password but one of us can give that to you in game on Earthen Ring :)  Speaking of Mumble, tonight I was on with Pontis, Dikar, Eric, & Jeppy, Mata, Big G tried but had some trouble and didn't stay :( Dikar & Pontis was doing pet battles, Jeppy leveling his mages, Mata was tired after working all night but wanted to set mumble up. Eric I'm not sure what he was up to and didn't get to find out, Big G either. Tomorrow, which I mean Friday (Aug 9) we'll see how it really works in our raids & let you know next week how it went. I love the fact that while I'm playing I get to chat with my awesome guildies, thanks Juuno... you did one heck of a nice job on that one! Quite a daughter I've got there even when she is sipping on rum! lol
 Anyway we're up to almost 50 of our guildie's on our group page in facebook it's really nice and Jeppy started a group page too. But I'm not going to tell you what that's all about, he has too, I will say I love it and think you will too. :) Funny I gave facebook up, but now I go right to our Clan of Darkness page first thing in the morning just to see what everyone is doing. Unlike Twitter, I get updates in my email letting me know there are posts (sorry twitter.) So anyway if any of you from our guild would like to join us in our COD group on facebook just let us know and it'll be done, anyone in the group can invite.
 And that's about my week not much game time but lots of family time, one son moved out, the other came home from his three day apartment. And the last one is now out of school for a couple more weeks so maybe a trip to the coast and a little fishing. Wonder if I can catch fish off the game... bet not! lol
I want to give shout outs too: Aprillian hope your doing okay glad you were on the game this week & hope maybe you can join us again sometime soon.
Sweet Leeta & Ashayo, thanks for putting up with this crazy bunch on Friday's... I know that's not an easy job & I'm sorry we can be such a handful at times. Like ALL the time! <=)
And thank you to all that have sent your alts list to me, the list is for Juuno & I so we know who it is that is running with us on our raid nights. This way we can make sure we say thank you & let you know we really, really appreciate your coming out with us :)
I have got to know some of you on a more personal note & all I can say we really have some awesome, amazing, wonderful people in our guild and in our lives really you're the best!
Hugs & Kisses
Hope your kicking butt in real life and on the game!"

I'm sorry I don't have an audio for you today...we'll have one next week for sure!  Last week (Aug 2) we got to raid with Mata, Pontis, Danarra, Melendria, Santhama, Dizinee, Malyssas, Kurly, Saulius (and he streamed some of it on his channel), Tedrah, Kezzee, Prikar, Rokwyn, Befriet, Readytogogo, Grand Nagus, Barchamil and Leeta!  It was wonderful!!  Befriet got the Reins of the Twilight Drake , we ran the Ruby Sanctum, Naxx, Gruul's Lair, and Magtheridon's Lair as well.... so much fun!!!!

Sorry for the long email...I hope Jeppy didn't have to read it... hehehe  ;)

/great big hugs & kisses!
We love you guys AND gals!
For the Horde, for the Alliance and for the Clan of Darkness!

Juuno & Pixie of Korialstrasz & Earthen Ring


The Burdens of Shaohao (Sho-ow how) The story of how Pandaria became what it is in current times.

What We've Been Doing:


Don’t Die, please don’t die!!

Pet battle quests, using stones
pets that heal

Twilight highland


Legendary Quest Chain:
  • Disappointed to reach 3000 valor and not complete "A Test of Valor" ... it's actually an achievement that starts counting when you pick up the quest, and I must've already had a few hundred valor. D'OH.
  • Also, once you hit 3000, it stops counting, even if you earn more and haven't hit the weekly cap
  • On the bright side, bought 522 trinket
  • Started doing Heroic Scenario on Jekle - 516 chest from quest to do first one.
  • Molly’s pet was dying alot; found out it had no talents when we decided it should tank later on!
  • Completed Test of Valor
  • Next phase required winning two battlegrounds I’d never done:
    • Temple of Kotmogu - grab 4 orbs and take to centre to cap. Fast runs; FUN
    • Silvershard Mines - control and protect mine carts.
  • Group quest 'A Change of Command' to kill Winbraid in Krasarang. CoD helped me out!
  • Completed "Chapter II: Wrathion's War" - get to add a prismatic socket to a sha-touched weapon or armament of the thunder king.
  • Now need to get exalted with the Prince and 20 mogu thingies from ToT.

  • Hit level 90 in Kun Lai about 2/3rd way through quests. Hearthed, learnt flying.
  • Forgot to turn off XP!
  • Level 90, Quintessential Quintet, Double Agent
  • Started Townlong with 31,000g
  • One Steppe Forward, Two Steppes Back ; 31,557g + gear to auction + flights and repairs

Another month, another lack of DMF pets. Here’s the team I use. Only even lost one from extreme bad luck on misses. Is it just me that hoards the battle stones because I can’t decide what to use them on?

Pet Quick levelling (assumes you have safari hat)




Big G
Still on the lap top this week and another week has flown by with out me getting any Wow time hope to do some this week went out with nikki again last week and she made a wreck of herself which lead to a lovely chat with the local law enforcement guys on the way home as I half dragged half carried the struggling and complaining she had to go potty Nicki home. She wasn’t saying potty but the whole clean tag thing so yer I have to end the tale here because the rest is really not clean tag surfice to say she passed out before any special hugs were made. I got to listrn to some of the raid today and had a great chat with Juuno and Pixie Girl after the raid had to hang up on Juuno because she was using me as a reason not to send a email and go to bed sleepy Juuno is not a productive Juuno.
For the Horde
For the Alliance
For the sand Gophers
And for catching up with me daddy next week and hopefully having enough money to cover my bills and feed myself this week later all.   

Helloooo CAW Sweeties,

You all know what time it is... Come on - everyone in... It's group huggles time!!! /squee :)
Well just a quick email from me this week as I am lounging up in Mackay at my brothers place hanging with the family. It's a struggle to wake up and see the beautiful beach and enjoy the gorgeous weather! :P lol
My week outside WoW has been one mixed with both good and bad.
The bad - on Monday my lovely little puppy Bailey passed away and as you can imagine it has been heartwrenching for my family. Thank you muchly for all the love and support - it is truly appreciated! *hugs to you all*
The good - enjoyed a nice birthday with my family. Got spoilt :D
In game I have been busy pet battling and working on the Pro Pet Crew Achievement - Raise 30 pets to Level 25 as well as the Rookie Pet Mob - Raise 75 pets to Level 10. Slowly but surely am making progress.
Also something truly wonderful happened a few days ago - Attumen dropped my mount!! Yes I finally got my Fiery Warhorse! Nearly fell off my chair when I realised I got it! :D Attached a picture for you - Leeta is looking damn fine sitting on that mount :) Now let's hope Hallows Eve will be kind this year and drop me the Headless Horseman's Mount! hehe
Ok lovelies I have to go. Have a wonderful show and everyone have an awesome week!
Love you all greatly
Leeta  xoxo
PS - Jeppy loving reading the blog posts and the pictures are great :D Look forward to reading much more from you!
PPS - Big shout out to you all - every single one of you for being just being awesome :D
PPPS - Huge thank you to Ashayo and Kimolly for all the fun we had on Ep10 of Behind the Avatar. And to everyone who supports the show - Thank you so much!
Talk soon
Love and huggles
Leeta xoxo

Hello CAW crew,

this is my submission for CAW 331, i hope you guys like the new "format". I started on my battle with Audacity, and i can tell you it's gonna be a lengthy one:)

As for the link to the addon i talk about in "Add-On Spotlight"  here it is:

I can't be in the chatroom today, because i'm going to the 50th wedding anniversary of my aunt and uncle today, man, couldn't they have had a evening event?? Well, it looks like i have to go.

Have a nice week.

Grand Nagus

Shout Outs & Thank You

Linda Blair
Susan Olsen

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