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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 345 - I Don’t Want to Raid I Just Want to Pet Battle All Day

Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Pixiegirl and Juuno

Hiya Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah and all of our awesome guildies & friends!
Hope everyone is kicking butt on the game and in real life :)
You know sometimes when I say that I'm thinking that really as we play wow with each other it's real enough
Anyway just a short email this time, tell you the truth I'm tired but a good tired. We did our Friday night run and it was a blast!
Death Wing Decent, our leader last night was the awesome Leeta and she knows her stuff! Even Aprillian joined us this time,
I love it when she decides to come along and Ashayo came along too. Awesome tanks Rokwyn & Juuno, was really proud of my
girl she did an amazing job even with not being geared up yet :) Amazing heals and the hunter's in our group rocked!
Anyway after our raid run, a few of us decided to head to the Timeless Isles for some more fun. Took Juuno up to the top Ordon Sancuary, Juuno got her first Burden, and some awesome gear, left all this up to Kzeah he knows his way around :) Ashayo beat us up there by way of the
golden kite and found a couple of rares which I proceeded on dying quite a few times lol  It was 2:30am when I finely logged off and climbed into bed, just to be woken back up by the logger's working across the road at 6!
Anyway my son Terry and my buddy Moe are loving playing with all of our COD guildes, thanks for making them feel at home :)
Thanks to the help Terry got from Ron, Willopelt, Tirefire and the support he gets from all of you, he is back into doing dungeons and
having a great time. Willopelt said Terry could heal for a dungeon last week, and I could see fear on Terry's face but he did great and when Donnie & Willopelt told him after it was all done that he did a awesome job his face lit right up! Willopelt gives you the courage to try and that's
what Terry needed :)
Love & Kisses
for the Horde &
Earthen Ring
Okay maybe not so short can't help it I just love you gals & guys!
Our email from Wolfbrother was missing a 1 in his battletag:
BattleTag is: Wolfbrother#1188

--Eranth / Wolfbrother

What We've Been Doing:


Defeated Major Payne Finally
Got an undead battlestone, yeah!!

Got a RAF reward

And a Lil Bling from Grand Nagus
Dinged 90 on Darshi and got the Double Agent ach
Swapped out Darshi for Auruk, can’t pet battle if I’m not getting xp
Leveled a Marionette to 25 for the COD contest


1/ Clan of Darkness Donnie Birthday Bash/Raid -Did Onyxia and Obsidiam Sanctum 3D- Grats to Big Steve on the Twilight Drake
Then we went to Blackwing Descent - had alot of fun! Big grats to everyone on their achievements and huge shout out to both Lokwyn and Juuno for the awesome tanking!
Great job everyone!

2/ TNAK Guild hit Level 22 - Mage hit Lvl 50
This week we are heading for another 5 levels to 55!
Doing alot of guild dungeon runs - Razorfen Downs, Zul Farrak, King of the Dire Maul
3/ Dual boxing Warlocks - 1 from Aerie Peak and other from Winterhoof
Got some great advice and tips from both Jeppy and Cloggie
Trying a new way to play - set up Jamba (which is now available through Curse) and got myself Keyclone


Pet Battles, or A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Flowers (screenshot)
Wil of the Week: Tiavara, Alliance Druid on Zangarmarsh
Five 100-year-old-soy sauce = 289g
Memories - Rogueslayer name, gnome duel


Audio From Jackzz

Hey Ctrl alt Wow! Im Jackzz! And here is my story about one of my coolest moments in the game.
Hope you like it!

Catching up!

Hail and well met, Ladies (and Gentlemen) of Ctrl-Alt-WoW!
It feels like such a long, long time since I sent a missive to the podcast.  I know it’s probably not been that long, but just feels that way.  I suspect because RL’s felt pretty crushing on me for the last month plus with family medical issues.  They’re stable now, but there will be surgery in the middle of December, so I’m just waiting for my first grey hairs to start sprouting. Ugh.
Well, at any rate, here are some random thoughts that I’ve been trying to keep gathered up to share, since I’ve tried to listen to several of the last prodcasts that have come out since All Hallow’s End.
Auction House Closed – It struck me that the reason that the AH may be closed after a restart/rolling-restart, is because with connected realms now, they may close them until all the connected realms have fully restarted, so no one has an advantage in the market place because one side is down while the other is up.  If the realm isn’t a connected realm, it may be a piece of code in there that’s causing the closing in case of a future them when/if the realm is connected to another.
Marionette Pet – I’m afraid I too had the same problem with getting the new pet this year as Aprillian ran into late on some of her alt’s…I knew it went through Sunday, but when I logged in, went to Thunderbluff, had my flowers and was ready…I couldn’t activate the quest line.  I thought, ‘Wow, this is weird.’  So I looked at the calendar and saw that it ended at 2PM server time.  It was 2:40PM server. Double-Ugh!  So, I did not get a Marionette on either of my main characters or any other alts. /pout
What was I looking forward to with BlizzCon: Cosplay is always keen. Expansion news is always good too. I was really looking forward to getting to see the AIE Guild Hall Live Stream, but due to bandwidth issues, that didn’t happen.  That was the biggest bummer. [Insert more cute-Tauren-pouting here.] I didn’t get the Virtual Ticket, so I just had to follow various social medial updates.  It was, meh, okay.
Timeless Isle Casino: Just a little note, I once pulled something out of one of the chest that was “x300 Timeless Coins”  It didn’t click at the time, but after I left, I looked my coins afterwards and wished, in retrospect, I’d waited until I had more coins before I got the multiplier.  I only had a few hundred coins at the time, which turned into sever tens of thousands.  Generally, I’ve done okay with the Casino.  Several Burdens of Eternity, lots of armor pieces.  One of the things about the Isle that troubles me is that you get repeated pieces, even if you have them in your bag.  I’d like to see that limited so I don’t have 5 sets of mail/plate shoulders in my bag at once.
What to do with Justice Points: When you’ve got all the gear upgrades you can with Justice Points, and you’re just interested in Valor Points, those pesky JP keep piling up, when you’ve got them topped out, head back to Orgimmar and trade your Justice Points in for Honor Points. 500 JP will get you 250 Honor Points.  Then you tote those Honor Points over where you can buy PvP mounts for 2,000 Honor Points each.
While I’m thinking about Mounts: There’s been all this discussion about the Tundra Mounts in Dalaran… I’ve only gotten the base mount up there.  I didn’t want to spend the extra cash on the other mounts with vendors.  However, it’s not because I didn’t have the cash…I’m just a little conservative when it comes to buying stuff, if it’s not a upgraded enchant or gem for a new armor/weapon upgrade for raiding.  However, with all this recent discussion …I might be tempted to stop by Dalaran and see about that Tundra Mount with the regular vendors.  We’ll see.
Pet Battling:  My in-game time feels too limited to spend doing pet battles, though I’ve tried a couple of times to do it and gotten pets up to around level 8.  So, as a result, I’m waiting for the mobile app for Pet Battling.  I didn’t hear anything about that from the snippets I heard from BlizzCon.  I presume I didn’t miss anything, because surely you’d have discussed something like that if it had been mentioned, yes?  Did anyone even ask a question about that and it just hasn’t gotten much coverage, or was it simply not asked about?
Story Time –
        It seems like so long ago. With all the things I’ve done, all the places I’ve been.  The world seemed so big, so vast, so expansive in the beginning.  Now …now it seems so much smaller.  But, my people have always known that the world was smaller than we felt it was.  We’ve roamed the plains for such a long while, being close to the Earthmother in all that we are, all that we do.  For me, there always seems to be a hint of darkness hiding behind every corner, though I know it’s merely a shadow, that disappears quickly when the Light is cast towards it.
        Long ago, when I was young, my clan settled in the Bitterroot Valley.  There we lived in peace.  Just beyond the confines of the valley, a small family of humans settled and began to farm.  My young kin and I would spend hours watching from hiding, practicing our skills as we remained unseen in the tree line.  The man, his mate and their children built a small home and cared for the soil.  They were gentle folk, never overworking the land, never taking more than just what they needed.  Eventually, the Elders discovered our spying upon our neighbors and chose to introduce themselves.  There were many moments of deep concern in that first meeting.  We could not speak their words, they not ours.  But there was still common ground, our love of the Earthmother, for the land and crops she gives us.
        My cousins and I would come to the farm when we had finished our chores, and would help them work the land, show them our ways.  I recount many days trading the meeting of words with their eldest son.  This and that, piece by piece, until we could understand one another with more than pointing and repeating our words.  Our tribe’s friendship with this family grew, and as the fall festival came, we invited them to join our feasts.  It was a grand time.  Then …the band of Orcs came.
        [Sigh]  When it was over …only the eldest son lived. Their farm was burned to the ground.  We placed their bodies among our dead, placing them below the soil as the sole survivor requested.  The bodies of the Orcs ..we returned to the earth as well.  The deepest, coldest part of winter set in much earlier that year than it had ever done.  The Elders took it as a sign.  The tribe packed up and left the Bitterroot Valley that had been our home for so many generations.  We had a secret now.  War was upon the Horde.  It would strain the relationship with the Orcs if our secret were exposed.  The Bitterroot clan dispersed and we scattered upon the wind.  Many of my cousins I have not seen in many seasons.  Some I see from time to time.  Each time we greet, and still I see that secret in their eyes.  It weighs on each of us.
        I traveled with the human who survived as he made is way towards the human capitol.  I could not make the last leg, but followed him as far as I dared.  It’s this time of year that I think of him.  When we can, I join one of my kin and we try to meet with our old friend.  He has grown now, as have we.  He stands among the rank and file of Holy Men, serving the Light.  Something I understand, as I’ve joined the Sunwalkers, my cousin still a Hunter and Brave, though neither of us utter our clan name any more.
        It was several fall seasons past, I met with an elder from our clan, a smith.  He had something to give me, a set of armor I cherish still to this day, for it has served me well.  Though, when he give it to me, it was much brighter, worked by wise hands with care and thought and prayer I’m certain.  Now, it has been dulled, carrying a red hue these days from the many, many foes who have fallen against me, their lasts breathes uttering words they …don’t think I understand, their eyes gazing into mine as the light slips from them.  I can’t get much of it out any more.  It’s merely another sort of thing to remind me of the blood that was spilled so long ago.
        With recent events with the Warchief, I ..imagine our past could be more reason to consider us traitors.  But, many seasons ago, Cairne gave his word that we would support the Horde.  We honor that word each day.  Even when we are uncertain that Garrosh is fit to lead us.  There will be one, someday, who is more worthy.  I will wear my red.  It will be a reminder of what has passed  It will be a hope for what will come to pass.  It will be there so we do not repeat mistakes we have once made, and we honor that which is worthy of honor.
I’m not sure if that classifies as a story from the ‘beginning’ of our characters, because it has been so long, long ago.  But, I hope this was something interesting nonetheless.
So, for now, I think I’ll wrap this up, and give my apologies to the person who had to slog through my email.  I hope it’s been easy to read this.
“Be well…”
Eranth / Wolfbrother
AIE Earthen Ring
PS – BattleTag for those who might be interested: Wolfbrother#188

Physician, heal thyself

Well here’s some audio for a change and did I miss hear last week or did you want WoW toon stories if so I have tried my hand at one sorry for any spelling or grammar errors but hey we all know how well me and that sort of stuff get on so with out further audue here is my story hope it’s ok if you didn’t want a story feel free to leave this out and just play the audio.
Caradre was a young night elf rouge her brother had left home 4 summers before to seek fame and fortune as a hunter and he sent many letters home detailing his adventures in such magical sounding places as nargrand she craved to adventure like her brother but her parents claimed she was to young and couldn’t understand why she took no notice of the many suitors that came calling. Her parents also claimed the fling she had had with a worgan warlock was a phase that she had just gone through making her mind up at the recent day of the dead festivals she had hide away upon a ship and ran from home. Her lover had taken up residents within stormwind’s dwarven district she had picked pocketed her way all the way to iron forge facing many challengers on her way she was down to her last few coppers when she snuck upon the tram from iron forge to stormwind soon she would be back in her lovers arms. Slinking past the guards of stormwind she slipped into a nearby shadowy ally way to catch her breath and get her bearings she didn’t hear her assailant approach the first she knew of him was his breath on the back of her neck and the blade at her ribs. In a rough voice he demanded her purse her hand slowly slipped to a hidden dagger at her waist holding up her purse she waited as his hand closed on it she thrust the dagger at his groin it glanced off his armour putting a gash into his thigh. He grunted and told her that was going to cost her before she could react she felt the blade slip between her ribs she stumbled from him only to be knocked to the ground by a blow to her head she laid dazed and bleeding on the ground as his rough hands checked her over she tried to speak to call out but all that came out was blood and spittle darkness soon closed in. A single tear lanced down her blood stained lips as she realized she was dieing her thoughts went to her brother her parents and her lover then no more thoughts she let out a sigh as the life slipped from her frail form. She felt her self becoming light and slowly rising up from her still form before she could get to far from her body a warm purple glow enveloped her she was thrust back into her form with force her back arched as she sucked in a breath her eyes flying open without focus. She blurry saw something deep blue hovering near by pinning something to the wall that whimpered and moaned as she roller her head away from the sight she saw a figure above her one hand outstretched towards the pinned target a beam of bright green seemed to be lancing from her palm as a ball of green formed in her other palm. She hurt all over and was cold as something green and glowing was thrust at her and she heard Nierthelia’s voice urging her to take it as her clumsy hands closed around the glowing sphere she felt even more life surge back into her causing her to gasp once again. Metarions deep un earthly voiced washed over her as he asked his mistress if she still needed the cut purse anymore a wolfish smile spread across Nierthelia face as she slowly shakes her head the whimpering from the man redoubles and is cut short as what sounds like a melon popping fills the ally way and the Voidlord retakes his mistress side. Helping her to her feet Nierthelia holds her close as Caradre buries her face into her furry bosom and weeps as he lover leads her away from her closest brush with the spirit healer yet.       
P.S not sent from my Ipad air

Big G

Addon Spotlight:

with Grand Nagus

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Hello Ctrlaltwow Crew
It has never happened that I write to you 2 weeks in a row but I come bearing a gift.
I won the top 25 in Guild activity competition we had last week in the game. I won an Armored Bloodwing and I thank Donnie for the gift. I already have this mount so I thought I would give it to you Ladies to give away.
You might be able to have a competition of your own and get somebody to make you a new Email bumper.
Anyway I love the new line up. You Ladies are awesome. Have a great week.
Sincerely Matahorn
Ps I must thank Donnie for letting me give away my prize.

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